Field Support Drone

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The Field Support Drone is a Directional EC Unit in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights, introduced in the third Dispatch Cycle, "Southern", and can only be used in the The Abandoned Lighthouse.

The Field Support Drone passively increases the ASPD of Operators deployed on ranged tiles by 8 for every Operator within their attack range (including themselves).

When the Field Support Drone is deployed, it will lose 8% of its maximum HP and restore the HP of friendly units within its range and removes the Elemental Damage on them equal to 1.5× of the aforementioned HP loss every second; the HP loss cannot reduce the Field Support Drone's HP to 0 and will leave it with at least 1 HP. Unlike all other Directional EC Units, the Field Support Drone can be healed by friendly units, allowing it to provide healing support for longer periods. The Field Support Drone will also be returned to the Deployment Waiting Zone after being retreated, allowing it to be redeployed elsewhere.

Directional EC Components

Field Support Drone upgrade A.png
Branch A: Targeted Repair Formulation
Now also restores 2 SP to Operators each time the Field Support Drone removes Elemental Damage on them.
Field Support Drone upgrade B.png
Branch B: Receptor Stimulation Formulation
Now also increases the ATK of Operators deployed on ranged tiles by 8% for every Operator within their attack range (including themselves).


Can be deployed in high or low areas
HP 8000
Aggression level 0
DP cost 15
Redeployment time 30 seconds
Block count 0
Attack interval N/A
Additional information
The Field Support Drone is invulnerable but can be healed through active and passive healing.


Field Support
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
Periodically loses 8% of Max HP (but will not retreat as a result of this effect) to evenly restore HP and Elemental Damage to all units within range; the total healing amount is equal to 1.5 times missing HP 0 0