Adaptive Supply Component

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The Adaptive Supply Component is a Directional EC Unit in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights, introduced in the first Dispatch Cycle, "Far West", following the mode's second rework.

The Adaptive Supply Component passively increases the initial SP of Operators by 15. In addition, the Component will always be in the Deployment Waiting Zone at the start of operations.

When the Adaptive Supply Component is deployed, the player will receive Transfer Permits equal to the amount of Operators in the squad whenever its skill is charged (e.g. having 28 Operators give 28 Permits).

Directional EC Components

Adaptive Supply Component upgrade A.png
Branch A: Weapon Supply System
Now doubles the ATK of Casters and Snipers for 15 seconds after they are deployed.
Adaptive Supply Component upgrade B.png
Branch B: Orientation Deployment Support System
Defenders and Specialists now cost no DP to deploy. Whenever an Operator is relieved, a unit will be transferred as well; this effect can only be triggered up to three times in an operation.


Always appears in the waiting zone at start of battle
HP 100
Aggression level 0
DP cost 5
Redeployment time 5 seconds
Block count 0
Attack interval N/A


Draw a card when an Operator calls for assistance (triggers up to 3 times per battle).
Additional information
This talent is used when the Adaptive Supply Component is upgraded with Orientation Deployment Support System.


Adaptive Supply
Auto Recovery
Effect Initial SP SP cost Duration
When this skill takes effect, grants Transfer Permits equal to the total number of Operators in your squad. 0 60