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Operator Record
Mission Report Filing Guide
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You'll never understand what goes on inside her head.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Myrtle to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Myrtle.
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HR Operator
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Operator Hoger
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Operator Susan
Bandit Boss
Caravan Leader
Wilderness Dusk
RI Cafeteria
RI Corridor
RI Command Center
Don’t worry if you forgot to submit a report for your first field mission. Myrtle has her own way of filling them out.
<Background 1>
[An explosion occurs.]
Operator Hoger Susan? Susan! Do you hear me? The enemy has heavy weapons not mentioned in the intel. We need fire support!
Susan! Where are you—damn.
[Another explosion occurs.]
Caravan Leader We shouldn't have chased them here. How could they have a weapon like that... I knew nothing good would come of getting on their bad side!
We can still make it out of here! F-Forget the goods! Run!
Operator Hoger Get down, you idiot! Stay in cover!
Panicking won't do any good. Stay put while I think of something...
Myrtle Stick close to me, guys! I'll provide support!
Don't give up! We've come this far! Take back the goods, and we'll make it back in time to book dinner at the fanciest restaurant!
Caravan Leader We won't live to see dinner if this goes poorly!
Myrtle Mom always told me that running away is the surest way to lose! There aren't that many of them! We can beat 'em if we work together!
I'll cheer you guys on!
Operator Hoger Now's not the time for that! Their supply station is over there. We might be able to hit it if we changed position...
The enemy bombardment is easing up? Now's our chance! Get the others, Myrtle... Myrtle? Where are you?
What... what are you doing?
Bandit Boss What? Why'd you stop?
Bandit Boss, look over there... something's not right...
<Background 2>
Myrtle Susan... are you full yet?
Operator Susan Yeah, I'm full. Oh... you can have this roasted leg.
Myrtle Thanks!
Operator Susan Just don't choke on it...
Operator Hoger We got five days off after completing that mission. You can eat here every day.
Myrtle And I'm not gonna waste a single one—Oh yeah!
So I found this on my desk this morning. It says... er... 'Field Operator Mission Report Form'...
Do you know what it is?
Operator Susan You didn't submit your mission report? It's your first mission. Didn't anyone tell you?
Myrtle Mission report... I think I saw something like that, but I didn't know where to fill it out, and then I just forgot about it.
So this is where I write my report? I just fill it in and submit it, right?
Operator Susan Yup.
Myrtle Easy-peasy! I'll do it right now.
Operator Susan Here, napkin. Wipe your hands first.}
Let's get the dishes, Hoger.
Myrtle Susan! I'm done!
Operator Susan Wow, that was quick!
Myrtle Piece of cake!
Operator Susan Let's see... 'mission complete'... wait, that's it?
Myrtle 'Report—Mission complete.' Is there a problem?
Operator Hoger ...Myrtle, are you sure you know what a mission report is?
Myrtle Of course do. When I was helping out at the mead store back home, I would write 'All checked' after I'd received and checked all the goods.
But it was such a bother to write that every time, so I replaced it with a tick whenever I checked off an item.
Wasn't that smart?
Operator Hoger ...Let me explain.
You have to write down what you did during the mission and your thoughts on it. Otherwise, it's just a piece of paper.
The mission report is submitted to HR, and then to your supervisor. It's a very important part of our work. You need to take it seriously.
Myrtle What? That's such a pain!
Fine, I'll fill in all the blanks.
Code name: Myrtle... Combat experience... When I was five, I beat up a drunkard causing trouble on First Avenue...
Operator Hoger You don't need to go that far back... I just sent you a template, okay? You can follow it and fill out the first few sections.
Myrtle Great! That makes it so much easier!
Operator Susan Hey, Hoger, wasn't the mission report due yesterday?
Operator Hoger Oh...
You're right! I remember I got it in just before the deadline!
Myrtle Okay, Susan, I'm done. Can you check for me—oh!
Do you mean... it's too late to submit it?
Operator Susan Let me think... I think the reports are still being processed at HR.
Myrtle I missed something so important on my first mission... Will I fail my trial period?
Operator Susan Calm down, Myrtle.
Myrtle Is there any other way? Can I sneak into HR?
Operator Susan S-Sneak in? Er... Hoger, you know a bunch of folks in HR. Do you know how long it usually takes for them to process this stuff?
Operator Hoger Two or three days, I think. They're probably still... Hey, you don't mean—
Operator Susan Just slip it into the pile and no one's the wiser.
Myrtle So I can sneak in then?
Operator Hoger But that's against the rules...
Myrtle I remember now! The operator's manual says you have to submit a mission report, but it doesn't say when!
Operator Hoger We wouldn't have had to deal with this if you'd just remembered that earlier.
Myrtle Whew... Now I don't feel so anxious.
Operator Susan It's too soon to relax. You need to fill it out ASAP and sneak it into the pile before they're all taken away!
We'll help you recall what happened on the mission and finish the report, okay?
Myrtle O-Okay. I guess it's pretty serious.
Operator Susan Let's start from the beginning. Do you still remember?
Myrtle Of course! We went into the barrens with that caravan. Our mission was to escort it to the destination.
Operator Susan Good. Write that down. Next?
Myrtle Well... the sun was hot and the air was dry. I was thinking I should put on more sunscreen the next time—
Operator Susan You don't need to put in anything that doesn't have to do with the mission!
Operator Hoger Alright, how about this? Just write down what I say.
There was nothing out of the ordinary during the first half of the escort mission, aside from a few wild animal attacks.
Myrtle Got it.
Operator Hoger At 1604 hours... don't forget the zero.
At 1604 hours, we encountered bandits in the wilderness. I was responsible for protecting the caravan and providing combat support.
During the fighting, I made the decision to unload the goods from the trucks, which helped repel a wave of enemies.
Done? Let me see.
Myrtle Here you go.
Operator Hoger 'And then I accidentally chased the enemy away...' That's totally different from what I said!
Myrtle Nice and simple, isn't it? Exactly as it happened.
Operator Hoger Just that? But I saw you...
Myrtle Yeah, I was protecting those guys.
While you were fighting over there, I saw a bunch of people coming from the other side.
A good generalissimo knows when to fight and when to retreat, so I called for them to get onto the trucks so that they could get out of there.
Operator Hoger Then you unloaded the goods...
Myrtle Less weight means more speed, right?
Operator Hoger ...So it was just an accident?
Should we put it in like she said, Susan?
Operator Susan I guess we could, but...
You should think about how the accident had the effect it did. That's why we write reports, after all.
Myrtle I have to put that in even if I didn't think about it?
Operator Susan Reports aren't just to let others know how we do things, or for command personnel to reference. They're for self-reflection too.
In cases like this, we should consider the situation, weigh the pros and cons, find a solution, and put it into action. Mission reports are about writing down what you were thinking at the time.
And if you weren't thinking, you should organize your thoughts now, in the report.
Myrtle I see. So since there's a thought behind every action, and I should think about it now if I wasn't thinking during the mission?
Operator Susan Correct.
Myrtle Can I try to fill out the rest myself?
Operator Hoger Sure. I'll look over it once you're done.
Operator Susan Hoger, there's something I need to check with you.
The part where we chased the bandits back to their hideout and took the goods back... I was acting separately from you two at the time.
You were fighting the bandits at close range while I provided fire support from above.
We'd better cross-check the parts that I'm not entirely sure about, so that we can keep Myrtle... focused.
Myrtle I remember that! We started fighting at the entrance of their base!
I wanted to lead the charge, but it was my first time seeing a battlefield like that, so all I could do was get the others to cover.
Operator Hoger That was more than enough.
Myrtle We had the advantage until they brought out some big thing, like, THIS big, that blew up a truck with one shot!
We would've been blown up too, if you hadn't pull us into cover!
Operator Hoger There was no intel about any heavy weapons. It might have been a recent acquisition.
Operator Susan I heard you talking about it over the comms. There was a lot of smoke and I was busy calibrating the distance, so I didn't really see what was happening.
I was wondering, though... How did the two of you charge into the fray under that kind of firepower?
What did you do, Hoger?
Operator Hoger I-It wasn't me. It was Myrtle...
Myrtle It was all thanks to Hoger! He was amazing!
Operator Hoger Huh?
Operator Susan What?!
Myrtle I saw it with my own eyes!
Hoger leapt out of cover and charged forward with a war cry, and everyone else followed!
The bandits must've been shocked, because they just stood there motionless! It was like they were under a spell!
So Hoger just punched the guy, and down he went!
Operator Hoger ......
Myrtle Hey, why are you guys so quiet?
I remember it all so clearly! I'm gonna write it down now.
Operator Susan Hoger...
Operator Hoger Myrtle, don't you remember what you did?
Myrtle Me? I just did what you asked, keeping everyone safe and supporting them as much as I can. Last but not least—
I gave everyone a morale boost, like a generalissimo should!
It may have been my first mission, but I'm really good at that!
Operator Hoger I-Is that all?
Myrtle Yeah!
Operator Hoger ...That's not how it went. Wasn't it all thanks to you that we won?
Myrtle Oh, stop teasing me, Hoger. Mom always told me not to take credit for something I didn't do.
Operator Hoger This is how it happened, Susan:
Myrtle ran up to the front and jumped up on the ATV we were using for cover. Then...
...She raised her white flag high and waved it. Everybody could see it clearly.
I was freaking out and trying to pull her down when I realized... it wasn't just us. The enemy was dumbfounded too.
So I took the opportunity to charge in while they weren't shooting. The rest went as she described.
Myrtle Oh yeah, I was waving my flag! Haha, forgot about that.
Well, it was nothing. It's the generalissimo's job to keep up morale!
People always feel energized whenever they look at me! It always worked when I did it at home, anyway!}
Operator Hoger That's it?
Myrtle Yeah. To get something done, we all have to come together. We can do it if we work together!
Operator Hoger And there I was, wondering how you came up with the idea of waving a white flag...
Myrtle Sounds like it had an unexpected effect again. I think I know what to put in the report now...
Operator Susan What are you going to write?
Myrtle My reflections, of course.
'Sometimes my actions have effects that I don't expect, but my teammates always take the opportunity to defeat the enemy.
Therefore, I need to trust the people behind me and do everything I can to support them...'
How's that?
Operator Susan Myrtle...
What do you think, Hoger? It does make sense, but I feel like it could lead to the wrong conclusions.
Operator Hoger ...Let's see the rest of it first.
Myrtle My hand hurts... is this good enough?
Operator Susan Yeah, I guess it's presentable.
Myrtle Well, that was exhausting, but now I understand how you guys work! Very productive!
Operator Susan Are you sure you really understand?
Myrtle Of course! Now comes the exciting part!
Operator Susan Did you take a look, Hoger?
Operator Hoger Yeah, all of HR is in a meeting right now.
Operator Susan I know the layout of their office. I think I can slip it in... My only concern is that someone might suddenly come back.
Myrtle, how about you wait for us with the report at the door to HR? We'll scout out the meeting room.
Don't let anyone from HR see you with it! The operation will fail if we're discovered.
Myrtle No problem, I got this.
Operator Susan Here we go.
<Background 3>
30 minutes later...
Operator Susan She's not back yet...
Operator Hoger Could she have gone in already?
Operator Susan Impossible. You didn't even tell her where to put it... She couldn't have found another way, could she?
Operator Hoger Shh, the HR folks are coming back.
Hey, Susan, look at what that guy's holding—
Operator Susan It's Myrtle's report!
HR Operator Good evening, Susan! Did you need something?
Operator Susan Hey, just got a question... how did you get Myrtle's report?
HR Operator Hm? Why do you ask?
Operator Susan Oh, well, er... we were on the same mission, and we submitted our reports a while ago, right?
So seeing you guys take out Myrtle's report in particular makes me concerned that there might be a problem... yeah, a problem.
HR Operator Oh, there's no problem. But honestly, I was wondering that myself, because the Doctor handed this to me just now.
Operator Susan The Doctor?!
HR Operator The Doctor said something to the effect of, 'Next time, give the new recruits a little more time to submit their reports.'
Even though the submission deadline for the new folks hasn't passed yet...
Operator Susan Huh? So we spent half a day on that for—oh!
Thanks for your time—let's go find her, Hoger!
[Hoger and Susan search the area for Myrtle.]
Myrtle Hey guys! I'm over here!
I was looking for you. Where are you going?
Operator Susan Myrtle? Where did you go?
Myrtle I came back from the Doctor's office... Sorry to keep you waiting.
Operator Susan Why did you go there? And how'd you wind up giving them your report?
Myrtle That's why I was looking for you! I ran into the Doctor on my way here.
They asked how I was getting on, and I talked about how I hadn't handed my report in yet.
That was okay because the Doctor isn't in the HR department, right?
Operator Susan ......
Myrtle So they offered to take it for me, and I accepted. Since they're the boss, they'd get it in the end anyway, right?
But then I remembered that I had kept you waiting here...
And the Doctor let me grab some candies from the office!
So here's the candy. Don't be mad at me, okay?
Operator Susan *Sigh*... Give me one.
<Background 4>
One month later
HR Operator Thanks for coming over today. I wanted to talk to you about Myrtle's performance.
Don't worry, it's not that there's a problem. All the missions she's performed with you have gone smoothly. We just want to know more.
Operator Susan ...I'd still like to know the reason you're asking.
HR Operator Very well. There are some... discrepancies between her mission reports and yours.
Frankly, they don't even sound like they're from the same mission.
Operator Susan ...Didn't she said she understood?
Operator Hoger It's our fault for taking her word for it.
HR Operator Also... she submitted a few hand-drawn pictures along with her last report. Take a look.
Operator Susan ...Generalissimo Myrtle's Tactics Manual?
HR Operator She seems to believe that operators who work with her should understand her tactical thinking. So she put this together so other operators could review it.
You two have spend a lot of time with her. Do you have any, er... questions about her?
Operator Susan ...Hoger?
Operator Hoger Of course I do. Who doesn't?
I don't think it matters, though. She has a knack for making things simple.
Operator Susan As far as I'm concerned, it's easier to just charge forward with her than try to understand her through those pictures. We can put our trust in an outstanding operator like Myrtle.
HR Operator Understood. I have no further questions. Thank you for your time.
Operator Susan (Whisper) That was the right conclusion to reach, right?
Operator Hoger (Whisper) I... guess?
Operator Susan Excuse me... could we borrow Myrtle's Tactics Manual for a couple of days?