Indra: The Guide to Mutual Learning

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Operator Record
The Guide to Mutual Learning
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To go from a street thug to an excellent Operator takes a decent few deep breaths.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Indra to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Indra.
RI Training Compound
RI Room
For her liege, and for her companions aboard the ship and back home, Indra strives to learn when she should raise her fists, and when to let things go.
<Background 1>
8:27 A.M. \ Clear
Rhodes Island Landship, Training Grounds
[Jackie is seen sparring with Indra.]
Jackie You ready? Here I go!
[Jackie lands a hit on Indra.]
Indra Nice try, mate!
Who says good morning before they knock ya sideways? You're being daft!
Jackie Why don't you try me!
[Indra lands a hit on Jackie.]
Indra Tch.
Your fist's hard as pillows, all floppy. I could bludgeon better with brown bread gone two days in the freezer.
Jackie Huff... you're clearly not as fast as me!
[Jackie strikes at Indra, but she guarded it.]
Jackie ...Why can't I hit you?!
Indra Keep trying! No use, mate!
Who taught you how to fight like this?
[Indra counters Jackie's strike.]
Jackie My dad taught me... wrestling techniques... my dad's a really amazing policeman!
Indra Eh? Dad this and dad that? Ya still a little kid then?
Jackie Hah!
Okay, eyes on the prize! I'll find an opening!
[Jackie lands a clean hit on Indra.]
Indra 'Ey, that one was gettin' somewhere!
Keep goin'! C'mon, let's go again!
[Indra lands several blows at Jackie.]
Jackie (I can't–I can't get away...)
You attack with... such a crazy angle! What kind of style is that?
Indra Eh? Style? I don't think about any style when I fight, mate!
If you can harp on about your fighting, show some skill instead, why don't you! I wanna work up a sweat here, come on!
[Indra hits Jackie several times...]
Jackie Getting faster–
Indra Too slow! Pick it up!
[...before hitting her close to the face...]
Jackie (Ack, my eyes! That was an inch away! Too close!)
Huff... huff... hah...
[...and continues hitting her in the gut.]
Jackie (I don't even have the chance to hit back... and I took one right in the stomach...)
Indra Weak! Flip me, this is weak!
Hey. Oi, time out, you. You lookin' down on me or somethin'?
I'm hittin' you serious here. Come on, my eye tells me you've got skills, but everything you do comes out all dawdlin'.
Listen, alright, you little tyke? Get your fist, from just now, and smash my nose in, alright? My nose, right here! See it? Just bump it, 'n rose-red'll come flyin' out!
Jackie I... ahhah...
My dad said... my fist should only make enemies bleed...
Indra Aaaauugh, you do my head in! Mate, that is ALL pointless right now!
It could be so bleedin' simple! A fight's just a fight! Why've ya gotta think so much?
[Indra lands a blow to Jackie, who narrowly guarded it.]
Jackie ...Hah!
Indra Well, alright. You stand up pretty good to a thumpin'.
You know if I smacked any normal tosser around a couple times, they'd have been cryin', beggin' me to forgive 'em by now?
Jackie I... I'm not gonna beg.
You're insanely strong, but you can't... underestimate me.
Indra Ey-hey, I like that. Gettin' interesting again.
Seein' as you ain't run, I'm gonna hurry up and let you–
[Before Indra could strike Jackie again, her hand is suddenly "lassoed" by a whip who turned out to be Dobermann's.]
Dobermann Stop!
Indra ...block my fist?
What's this? Whip? Hey, not bad, you.
Jackie Instructor Dobermann...
Dobermann Jackie, head down. Get Lancet-2 to dress your wounds as a holdover, and then report to Medical.
Jackie But training's still...
Dobermann The morning training course will permit your absence. Extenuating circumstances. Don't expect this again.
Furthermore, remember this. Rhodes Island or no, training grounds are a battlefield, and you only face opponents, not friends. In front of the enemy, your lenience will be a weakness.
Next time you're beaten like this, I'll have to consider giving you supplementary courses.
Jackie Got it, Instructor!
Uh... Operator Indra, thank you for training with me today! Next time I'll put on a even better show!
[Jackie rushes off to the sick bay.]
Indra Tch. Flippin' weak.
Dobermann Hold it there.
Indra Oi, you wanna go too? You look bang-up, I'd reckon.
Dobermann I'm not going to play about with you.
Indra Play? You sayin' fightin's play? Oi, can I check a sec, yeah? Do you know how I got here?
Dobermann ...Operator Indra, your current conduct is very juvenile, in my opinion.
You're no longer a student. You don't need me setting courses for you. But I'd still like to give you some suggestions.
Then first off–before you're properly prepared, you are not to step one foot on the training grounds again.
Indra Huh? Why? That little rabbit told me if I wanted a fight, I could come here and all.
Dobermann I am not going to waste time pointing out how many incorrect assumptions you've made in that one sentence.
Briefly, the training grounds are not a place to vent your private moods. Operators do not learn from one another with the goal of causing permanent harm to the other party.
Once you've gotten things straight, you can come back again. The new recruits very much need the genuine combat guidance your experience provides.
But for now, I would like you to leave.
<Background 2>
[Indra returned to her quarter.]
Indra Hmph. The whole lot here's just people who go on and on. Each one's more boring than the last.
Stuck in here every day without a fight's seriously killing me.
What's the point of the food here? Meat 'n' potatoes are enough. Why d'you need all this variety? What's all the seasoning about? Gettin' sick of chewin' it, it's making my mouth go rotten!
And this room! Metal plates cold as a fridge, and you've gotta squash to get in! Is this somewhere people should stay? It's like jail!
[Indra punches the wall to vent her frustration...]
Indra Aarrrrgh!
[...and again.]
Indra (Thump–)
??? Haha.
Indra Who is it?
??? Carry on. Bit more force, and you'll give this wall a new cubby-hole.
Indra God, I couldn't have asked for anyone more dull to show up. Morgan, stop standin' out there if you can help it. Come in here and give us a scrap. Lemme get some relief.
Morgan Don't feel like it. Couldn't hit me if you wanted, but who knows how long it'd be before you're too worked up not to punch a wall again.
And anyway, I'm not like you. Got plenty to do.
Indra Tch. You and your sodding business. You couldn't pay me to figure it out. I know you just run around completely out of sight, anyway, exactly like you used to.
Morgan Ay-yi-yi. I'm not gonna forget about you no matter how busy I am, Hannah, love~
Heard you made a huge fuss at the training grounds. Got shooed out right after?
[Annoyed, Indra punches a wall next to Morgan, her Glasgow gangmate.]
Indra ...You just came here to laugh at me, didn't ya?
Morgan Tsk, tsk. You'll hurt me, talking like that.
You'd never believe if I was worried for you, so just treat it as me here on Vina's behalf, checking if you haven't made a right mess for her.
Indra Her Majesty knows?!
Morgan Don't work yourself up. I didn't tell on you.
But. We're aboard someone else's ship right now. Could you imagine whatever you do not reaching her ears somehow? Who do you think she is?
Indra ......
Tch, is it not enough to admit it's my fault this time?! I'll go find our Majesty myself.
Morgan Good, no rush. Been here a while now, anyway, so we know just how the people are at Rhodes, right? Vina's in an alright spot. None of us need to lose much sleep at night.
Indra ...Yeah, you're right, I get it.
People here are fine, even. Not like the lot we used to see... too rotten, or too bloody weak.
But that doesn't mean I've gotta like living like this. Hmph.
Morgan You say you don't like it. Still not used to it yet, are you?
Indra I... tch. How'm I gonna get used to this?
Just, all of a sudden, don't need to play hide and seek every day. Won't be out of a place to sleep for nights on end. Don't need to worry when I sleep if anyone'll come to do us in.
Morgan Do miss those days a little. Even if you were dead asleep, eyes'd snap open the moment you heard something. Even throw a couple fists at the air.
Indra ...And who's the bastard who kept sneaking up? You see how generous I was, not giving you a black eye. Pulled my punches.
Morgan Haha, hahaha.
Indra I mean, it's not just a good night's rest. You can always get something warm to eat here, and you don't need to worry if the bastard across you's gonna pull somethin' out an' mug you while you're chewing.
We left Londinium ages ago. When've we ever had it like this?
One, two, three... I haven't seen any blood for a whole fortnight. Tell me somethin', Morgan, show me the light. How'm I gonna get used to this?
Morgan Listen to what comes out of your mouth. It's all proof Vina was right to bring us to Rhodes Island.
Rhodes Island can give us everything we need. And I don't just mean a bed and some food. And you've never had an interest in me talking about it, but you know it yourself, don't you?
Indra Yeah. Don't need to know who my enemy is, just gotta know they're the enemy. I can tell who my real friends are, and who can be of use to Vina.
And I still haven't forgotten what I came here with her for. I wanna see her draw her sword. For that day, I, Indra, will do whatever it takes.
But... Morgan, in my dreams recently, I've been seeing all those kiddies we left behind.
Morgan I get it. You're actually worried about those bunch, aren't you?
Indra Who'd worry for 'em?! You think I'm the bleedin' heart sort?
Morgan Honest?
Indra ......
I dunno...
That's the thing! I don't know anything!
I don't know how they're doing, if they got hurt, if they got sick, if... someone else's givin' 'em trouble. Especially all that lot.
I lie on this comfy, clean mattress, and I can't help but think, what about them? How are they doing, right now?
Morgan You understand those girls better than anyone. All these years we've gotten to know each other, like the backs of our own hands.
Like you could forget. We know better than anyone, living in Londinium since we were kids, how to make it out of each fight alive, don't we?
Indra I believe in 'em.
–Just like they always believed in me. Morgan, you remember too, right? Each one of them kept up with us, right behind our arses while they were still little.
Morgan Ha, of course I remember. Right, and you kept behind my arse.
Indra Hey, no interruptions, yeah? Me behind you was 'cause you ran too fast. I was lookin' to kick you up there with the right opportunity.
Either way, back then... we swore an oath. Never mind if our days would ever be sunny–at the very least, no matter what, each person would have a share.
And now... now... *sigh*.
Morgan Don't go sighing. We've followed Vina so far. Do you really regret it now?
Indra ......
<Background fades out>
[Indra meets with her boss, Vina aka. Siege.]
Siege Indra.
Indra Here.
Siege Do you understand the battle plans I just laid out?
Indra First half I'm clear as day, but the last bit... Vina, you didn't say where I head to after I'm done.
Siege For that part, I want you to choose for yourself.
You can come to this position, and meet up with me.
You can also head for that position. They'll be waiting for you there around then.
And then you need to get moving with them quickly. Do whatever you need to after that. Don't come back here, and don't find me again.
Indra Vina... do you...?
Siege Yeah, I need to leave now.
Indra Is it the bunch from outside?
Siege The dark clouds are getting closer. Surely you've sensed it too.
Indra Tch. That bunch of bastards are sticky as the snot in my nose! I'll send 'em packing whether they're one or the lot.
Siege This isn't as simple as brawling for territory anymore. More and more are getting wounded. It won't be long before the situation's beyond what we can handle with our current strength.
We can't sit and wait to get killed. Before that... I need to seize the initiative.
Indra Fine. Morgan said as much anyway.
But–I'm not like her. I don't think about all that much rubbish. I just need you to tell me. Has this day come?
Siege Yeah. This day has come.
You're all in danger if I stay here. None of you would want to be cowards, and neither would I. But needless sacrifices disgust me more than that.
And besides, the struggle's never going to end, whether in Londinium or beyond. We'll always have things to do.
Indra Then I'll follow you! Wherever you are, I'll be. Long as there's a day you need my fist, I'll be with you!
Siege Indra, you're my most trusted friend. I enjoy every battle we have side by side. But today, I want you to understand I'm not ordering you to go with me.
Because I'm not certain myself when I'll be able to return here. If you decide to come with me, you won't be either. From here on, we'll be wandering somewhere different than before every day.
You can imagine all we'll face in future. You don't need me saying it.
And besides... you're the first person I'd ask. After all, before I joined Glasgow, you were the head. I was thinking, maybe you'd be more willing to stay here for them.
Indra ......
I told you, this isn't anything I even need to think about.
The moment I recognized you as my Master, my Majesty, I decided every day of mine right there.
Where you need to go, that's where I need to go. For you, my two hands will deal with your enemies, and hug your friends.
Today, if you want me to stay behind, I won't say a single word back. I'll stay behind for you.
But if you're asking me–then you don't need to ask more than once.
I've only got one answer.
I believe in you, Vina, you're my liege!
<Background fades in>
Indra Regrets... never. Not for all eternity.
Following Her Majesty's the most correct decision I've ever made in my life!
Morgan Ay-yi-yi, you're gonna wake Vina up from the other end of the corridor, raising your voice that high.
Indra Hey, don't give me lip. Yesterday night she was thinking things over so late, she must be sleeping like a baby right now.
Morgan Alright, alright, you're alive enough that I don't need to keep chatting with you now.
Keep punching a hole in that wall. Make your way through, you can escape whenever you want, nah?
[Morgan leaves the room quickly enough that Indra fails to catch up with her as she closes the door.]
Indra I bloody well... I...
You bastard, Morgan. They didn't write the word "escape" in my dictionary!
Forget it. Tch.
Rhodes Island. My liege chose Rhodes Island.
Then so do I.
...Doesn't change how crap of an eyesore being stuck in this room is!
Does my head in! Does my flippin' head in!
[Someone knocks the door.]
Indra Oi, who is it? You're not Morgan. Idiot would never learn how to knock.
[Indra opens the door to see Jackie outside.]
Jackie It's–it's me, Operator Indra.
Indra ...Eh?
Pounded up like that and you can still stand straight? You're pretty good, tyke.
Jackie Oh, you mean these wounds? Haha, I'm alright. The misses at Medical all helped treat them for me. When my dad used to take me training, sometimes I'd mess myself up just as bad too.
Indra So you're not here to get one over?
Jackie Uh, revenge? No, it's okay, these injuries you left were all from helping me train, right?
Indra ......
You little tyke. I think I might like you.
Jackie Heheh, is that a compliment, Operator Indra? Then can I ask you to train with me next time too?
Indra You still wanna get whupped?
Jackie Just now in the medbay, I was thinking, your style–uh, not style, your fighting! Yeah, your fighting! Your fighting's really awesome, Operator Indra!
I could tell there was so much I'd never learned before, and I wanna learn it properly from you! Pleaaase!
Indra ...You wanna learn from me?
Hey. You sure? I just beat you black and blue and you've still got the guts to hang around me?
Jackie Part of why I got beat's because I wasn't strong enough. That's not your fault.
Indra ......
Hah. People here really are nothin' like the ones outside.
That Perro with the whip...
Jackie Mm-hm, that's Miss Dobermann! She's our Instructor.
Indra Don't matter what she's called! ...Tch, what's that look on your face for? Fine, I get it, Dobermann, okay.
That Dobermann? She said if I was prepared properly, I could go back.
So let's give it a whirl and see.
Jackie Woah! You're really gonna do it? This rules!
Indra Hah, too early to get happy. I don't do manners with my fists up.
But... heh, learnin' from one another, eh. Just puttin' on some restraint, ain't it? Nothin' hard about that.
Givin' a rascal like you some pointers, that's all. Never been a problem for me!