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Future Coming
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Time shall judge me.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Vigil to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Vigil.
Civilian Juror
Famiglia Juror
Government Observer
Siracusa Courtroom
Siracusa Manor
Leontuzzo seeks to stand trial.
<Background 1>
[On a Siracusan courthouse before a session starts...]
Keen Famiglia Juror Tsk, tsk. The courtroom sure is lively today.
Composed Famiglia Juror Today's trial will be open to the general public, and broadcasted live. Far too many people will be joining in on the fun.
Keen Famiglia Juror Heh, this is the first time I've seen jurors representing so many different famiglie arrive in such an orderly fashion. This almost seems more like a press conference than a trial.
Composed Famiglia Juror After all, the man on trial today is none other than Leontuzzo Bellone.
Signora Sicilia gave the order that "the famiglie are not to interfere with the new city" but didn't elaborate on her plans beyond that. Everybody's scratching their heads.
Finally, the court representing Signora Sicilia's will is about to make its move, so of course it has everyone's undivided attention.
Keen Famiglia Juror But, the woman adjudicating the trial is that Judge Lavinia, and everybody knows she's tied up with the Bellones.
Composed Famiglia Juror There's no Bellones anymore, they're stricken from the books. What kind of connections could she have?
If you ask me, she's taking the initiative to convict Leontuzzo, exactly because she wants to show everybody she's done with the Bellones.
Keen Famiglia Juror And besides, Signora Sicilia's made it pretty clear what she's up to here. She's gonna make an example of him.
She's playing her cards well.
Composed Famiglia Juror Who knows.
Anyways, since Bernardo was the mastermind behind everything, his son's obviously involved. Today's trial should give us the closure we're looking for.
Keen Famiglia Juror Fair enough.
Composed Famiglia Juror Look, the judge is here.
[Lavinia enters the courtroom...]
Lavinia Order in the court.
[...and sits on her seat.]
Lavinia Presumably, many of you are perplexed about today's hearing.
That is to be expected, because while you may know the man on trial today, you do not know the contents of the case.
I ask that you all remain patient.
I trust that nobody has forgotten that day, one week ago.
So much happened. Minister Rubio's broadcast, and the ensuing chaos that engulfed the city.
Many people died during that turmoil, and many others had their lives turned upside-down.
Fortunately, it was all eventually smoothed over.
Many people know now that Bernardo Bellone, the man who instigated this chaos, lost his life to it as well.
Yet his objectives, as well as his motives, remain mysterious.
During that incident, another man played an important role. He is none other than Bernardo Bellone's son, Leontuzzo Bellone.
Bring him forward.
[Leontuzzo was brought into the room as the audience murmurs, and Lavinia strikes her gavel to silence them.]
Lavinia Order, order.
[Leontuzzo stands before the audience.]
Leontuzzo For some of you, this may be your first time seeing me. For others, you might've known me for a long time.
But first, allow me to introduce myself. I am Leontuzzo Bellone, and I am just an ordinary civilian now.
Juror Ordinary civilian? Aren't you the heir to Famiglia Bellone?
Leontuzzo I was. But now, I do not belong to any famiglia.
I know you all have many questions, and I will answer them one by one. First and foremost, however, I must explain what my father did, and how it came to this.
All of this most likely began with the death of Carracci, Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici.[note 1]
Leontuzzo, standing at the center of the courtroom under the watchful eyes of the entire crowd, shows no signs of nerves at all.
He methodically lays out the backdrop to this entire incident, starting from the assassination.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Lavinia The other famiglie seem to have already received the news about the ownership of the new city.
Leontuzzo I know. "The famiglie are not to interfere with the new city."
That she's willing to hold down the other famiglie is proof she wasn't lying when we talked.
Lavinia But as far as I know, she neither said who would manage the new nomadic city, nor did she explain her rationale.
Leontuzzo That's how Grey Hall has always worked.
Signora Sicilia doesn't need to explain everything. Her orders are absolute.
Lavinia But, we need her explanation.
Right now, everything about the new city is shrouded in uncertainty, and we owe the people an explanation.
Leontuzzo That's right, which also brings us to our first dilemma.
Everything happened so suddenly. Am I supposed to get up on stage and announce to everyone, "hey, we're going to build a city without famiglie?"
That would only scare everyone away.
If the only ones who end up there are you, me, Cellinia, and Rubio's followers, we've already failed at the very first step.
I'm guessing Signora Sicilia wants to see how we handle this.
Lavinia Looks like you have something in mind.
Leontuzzo I do.
I want you to arrest me, Lavinia.
Lavinia Come again?
Leontuzzo My father's actions, no matter his motivations and intentions, put us in this mess.
Someone must be held accountable, in the eyes of the people.
Lavinia But...
Leontuzzo Besides, I'm doing the same thing, aren't I?
Lavinia ......
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
The assassination of Carracci, the alliance with the Saluzzos, the assassination of Donna Rossati, and finally, the separation of the secondary core area.
Though some of these events were not secret, when people learned that Bernardo was the driving force behind them, a commotion still broke out in the courtroom.
Leontuzzo lays out his father's plan as objectively as possible using the information he has.
Finally, after an hour-long exposition, the story comes to an end.
Leontuzzo I know that many of you are here on behalf of various famiglie, and I assume you've all heard a number of rumors.
That one rumor is correct.
Everything was my father's doing, and the reason why he did it was––
"For a Siracusa without famiglie."
[Leontuzzo's revelation surprised the audience.]
Confused Government Observer How is it possible that the don of a famiglia would want to tear down the entire system?
Leontuzzo Good question. Even I, his own son, was shocked when I found out.
This idea took root in my father's heart decades ago. And it only just now bore fruit.
Keen Famiglia Juror Leontuzzo, drop the act already. Your father's dead, but you're still here. That's why you're trying to clear your name with all this nonsense.
Composed Famiglia Juror After all, we know exactly who the new city belongs to.
Leontuzzo I can handle accusations from some famiglie associates or soldiers, if that makes you happy.
Composed Famiglia Juror ......
Skeptical Civilian If he was the mastermind behind all this, then why did he end up dead?
Leontuzzo ......
Il Signore dei Lupi.
Leontuzzo almost blurts the words, but finally suppresses them within his heart.
Because, everything about that existence is utterly absurd.
Leontuzzo My father believed that if famiglie should not exist, then he should be eliminated too.
So, after setting everything in motion, he chose to commit suicide.
Irascible Famiglia Juror Pretty damned good joke there, kid!
You're telling me he was such a selfless saint? He really did all this for the common Siracusan?
Leontuzzo The exact opposite, actually.
My father was solipsistic, if anything. Everything he did was for the sake of the painting in his memory he called Siracusa.
Which is why he failed.
Irascible Famiglia Juror Alright... I get it now.
Hah, no wonder. That's why Bernardo's dead, and you're still alive.
I dunno what kind of stunt you pulled, but you somehow stopped your papa, and then went to Signora Sicilia and took credit for it.
That's how you got yourself the right to manage the new city. And now, you're up here spinning a magical tale for us, trying to win some sympathy for yourself.
Isn't that right, you patricide?
Lavinia ......
Leontuzzo ......
Leontuzzo lets out a deep sigh, but in the end, looks away without refuting the accusation.
Deep down, he cannot deny it.
Irascible Famiglia Juror Look at that, see the guilt on his face!
Calm Civilian Juror I have a question.
Even if we did believe all that garbage, Your Honor, what does it have to do with the trial?
It's not like you want us passing judgment on a dead man and handing down a sentence for his crimes?
Lavinia Because Leontuzzo is not here as a witness to tell you about his father or opine about his actions.
The case being heard today concerns the ownership of the new city.
Leontuzzo arbitrarily determined what is to come in this new city, and in Siracusa as a whole.
Leontuzzo, please explain to us why Signora Sicilia chose you.
Leontuzzo ......
I was both my father's accomplice in everything that happened, as well as the one who stopped him.
I became the latter after I learned the truth.
I believe that my father was misguided, and that his actions would not bring a new era to Siracusa.
Even if dragging all the famiglie into a war would somehow see them erase each other in the end, it does not necessarily mean that the people would choose a new way of life.
But beyond that, I saw a real opportunity in all this.
So, at the end of everything, I went to Signora Sicilia and asked to borrow a city from Siracusa.
"A city without famiglie."
[The audience was surprised again.]
Irascible Famiglia Juror Another joke? Why would Signora Sicilia ever agree to that?
Leontuzzo Because it wasn't actually a request. It was a challenge to Siracusa.
In Signora Sicilia's eyes, my father's methods violated her order, and she couldn't tolerate that.
But the method I chose... Though I don't want to put it this way, was something she found permissible. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be standing here speaking to all of you.
Leontuzzo looks in a certain direction, to where a Sankta priest is standing.
The blindfolded priest does not seem to be paying attention to the ongoing trial.
Keen Famiglia Juror Alright. If what you say is true, then Signora Sicilia's order does make more sense...
Or I guess, this is the only explanation for why Signora Sicilia would've decided that.
Composed Famiglia Juror If this really is true, Leontuzzo, then everything you're doing today is just for show.
Call this a trial? You might be standing here, this is all just announcing you as owner of the new city. Isn't that right?
Leontuzzo No, this city does not belong to me.
The new city will have everything you'd expect it to, with one exception–famiglie.
Composed Famiglia Juror You really think you can keep them out?
Leontuzzo What a stupid question. It's just as if I asked you, has the boundary between famiglie and ordinary civilians ever been respected?
Famiglie are only willing to abide by Signora Sicilia's rules because she's strong enough to dominate them.
And this gentleman's agreement among famiglie only exists because they don't have what it takes to wipe each other out.
Of course you'll come to the city. I know that, obviously.
But this time, you'll see what it is you've always underestimated.
Of course, I will welcome any famiglie looking to bring change as partners in the new city.
Calm Civilian Juror I don't think there's any difference between "a city without famiglie" and "Siracusa without famiglie." They're both crazy.
Leontuzzo Do you say that because it's unrealistic, or because it's hard?
Calm Civilian Juror Because it's unrealistic, of course.
Leontuzzo My father was definitely misguided, but I don't think either of these ideas are unrealistic.
You're just too used to letting your eyes decide what is and is not realistic.
Calm Civilian Juror The famiglia are deeply ingrained into this land. You can't hope to uproot them. Nobody can.
Leontuzzo But famiglie can be changed, and they can become more civilized.
Even if they can't be wiped out, they should be changed into something else. And as long as that something else is what we want, then that's fine too.
Calm Civilian Juror And you really think you can make that work?
Leontuzzo I might fail, but don't you think it's worth a shot?
Calm Civilian Juror ......
Serious Government Observer The only thing you've won for yourself is a handout from Signora Sicilia.
The famiglia system still exists. Though it may appear shaky right now, it is by no means so easy to topple.
No matter if this business today is serious or just for show, it's only possible because you have Signora Sicilia's permission.
Is there actually any point to all of this?
Leontuzzo Unfortunately, if things don't pan out the way I want them to, then I'm afraid we'll simply be replaced like a tablecloth.
Plus, I've never considered my success inevitable. That day, I was honestly ready to die.
But that doesn't mean I won't take an opportunity that presents itself, handout or not.
Maybe in some other place, given the same set of circumstances, someone in my position could've been a better person and turned down the handout.
But in Siracusa, at this very moment, if this is the only way to move things forward, then that is the pill I will swallow.
Would Ministero Rubio have done what he did, if there was another option?
Lavinia ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Lavinia Are you aware of the consequences?
Leontuzzo No.
What we're doing is unprecedented. How am I supposed to guess what the consequences will be?
But, this is what I believe.
Lavinia, I owe an answer not only to all of Volsinii, but to you and everyone around you. Right?
Lavinia ......
Leontuzzo After that day, we didn't get a chance to talk things through, and only had a vague idea of what the other was thinking.
Are we really walking down the same path?
Is the new city that I want the same as the one you want?
We don't really know how the other thinks, do we?
Lavinia ...I trust you.
Leontuzzo If you trust me, that's all the more reason to pass judgment on me.
Not just for your sake, but for all the officials who've rallied around you because of Rubio.
Otherwise, what reason would they have to trust me, a man who was mafia royalty?
Lavinia This isn't a burden you have to carry alone.
I ought to shoulder the responsibility with you.
Leontuzzo No... I've finally come to understand the words you said to me, Lavinia.
Our world views are fundamentally different.
As the former heir to a famiglia, there's no way I can empathize with your perspectives and experiences.
What I have to suffer now... is just dealing with whatever's left over after unloading that identity.
Also, from a utilitarian perspective, the people trust you, and this is a real chance for you to lock in that image.
Lavinia If you put it like that, I'm afraid a lot of people will see this trial as nothing more than a show.
Leontuzzo Let them think that then. It doesn't matter.
Even if they do think it's a show, sometimes, the willingness to put on a show is already a gesture in its own right. Don't you think?
Lavinia ......
Leontuzzo Anyway, Lavinia, that's what I think.
We haven't accomplished anything big just yet.
One day, we'll end up mistrusting each other.
One day, when we come to our senses, we might realize that we've been misguided all along.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Lavinia Leontuzzo Bellone, what is it that makes you stand here so resolutely?
You were born into a famiglia, yet now, you've become the famiglie's worst enemy. Why?
Leontuzzo Why, huh... I ask myself the same question a lot.
Is it my idea of chasing efficiency?
Was I raised on ideals of justice?
Is it because of the actions of an admirable government official?
Is it a conclusion from a minor observation of changes in the famiglie?
Maybe all of the above.
If we put all these reasons together, we might be able to come up with an answer––
The time has come.
Maybe Carracci avoided assassination and became a successful Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici, working hard towards a similar goal.
Maybe Ministero Rubio chose to show restraint and continued to occupy his position, secretly winning people over with his lofty ideals and striving to bring change to Siracusa.
This wasn't some elaborate plan I've been hatching my whole life. It suddenly dawned on me at some point, and I only made it this far on luck.
If I die, there'll be someone who comes after me, and another man after that.
And none of this is a testament to how hard I work or how unique I am. It just means that––
The time has come for Siracusa to change.
One question after another is thrown at Leontuzzo, the entire court filled with voices interrogative and vitriolic.
He stands in the center of the courtroom, earnestly and tirelessly answering every question he deems worthwhile.
Slowly but surely, more and more people begin to think that this young man is actually quite thoughtful, and that––
He's serious.
In the end, the courtroom's entire atmosphere seems to cower before him.
Leontuzzo All the jurors present, all the civilians watching, and all the people tuning in through various media.
Until now, my heart has been filled with uneasiness.
I borrowed this city from Signora Sicilia, but never saw it as something that belonged to me.
I borrowed this city from Signora Sicilia so we could work together to build something completely new, for all of you to work towards a Siracusa free from the famiglie.
Because I made that decision on everyone's behalf, I must also face everyone's judgment.
But, if you'll let me make a single grand statement–
At this moment, Siracusa doesn't have the right to judge me.
And so, I can only be judged... by all of you.
You will receive this right, just as if you had won the power to build an entirely new city.
Maybe one day, at one point in the future, the power to determine Siracusa's future will also lie in your hands.
This new city welcomes all of those dissatisfied living under the yoke of the famiglie and those who have their doubts, including doubts about me.
That's all I wanted to say.
The trial, believed to be Leontuzzo's first public speech as Nuovo Volsinii's mayoral candidate, sparked widespread discussion as well as heated resistance from some famiglie.
But without a doubt, this one-man show of a trial at long last laid the foundations for Nuovo Volsinii to truly come into fruition.
It is but a new beginning.


  1. "Minister of Public Works" in Italian