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Operator Record
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In his eyes reflects the sky.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Executor the Ex Foedere to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Executor (the Ex Foedere).
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Engineering Operator
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Logistics Operator
Energetic Young Operator
Exhibition Staff
Exhibition Staff A
Exhibition Staff B
Sullen Young Operator
RI Command Center
RI Corridor
Laterano Streets
Lateran Basilica Hall
Laterano Rooftop
RI Infirmary
A casual comment by the Doctor causes Executor to begin noticing colors around him.
<Background 1>
Executor ...Target has been placed into custody and the lost medical supplies retrieved. One operator suffered a mild ankle sprain during the operation.
That is all I have to report about the mission. I have been asked to communicate my superiors' gratitude for Rhodes Island's support of Lateran citizens abroad.
The Notarial Hall would be honored to welcome you while Rhodes Island is stationed near Laterano.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor It was the right thing to do.
We'll go if we have time, Federico.
Executor I will pass on your answer. If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Doctor One moment, Federico.
Executor Do you have another task you need me to perform?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Many of our younger patients have improved.
Medical is throwing a party to celebrate.
I got a message telling me to dress up more, er, "interesting".
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor "Interesting"... that's rather vague. Are there any more details?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Maybe they think my clothes are too monotone.
Maybe I need to wear more colors.
Bibeak sent me a dozen party hats. Which do you think works best?
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor They are all conical. The only difference is the color.
Doctor True.
Executor I am afraid I cannot give you a useful opinion. I perceive all colors the same way.
Doctorr People always praise your color coordination.
You wear a lot of colors.
Executor This an official Notarial Hall uniform. I did not choose it.
Doctor What about when you're off-duty?
Executor The same.
I have seven sets of identical uniforms that I wear whether I'm on duty or off.
Doctor ......
Executor You look disappointed, Doctor.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor That's not it.
Just a bit.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
<Background 2>
Logistics Operator Executor has been sitting there for a while. Am I imagining things, or has he not moved at all?
Engineering Operator Not according to my measurements. You don't often see Sankta so quiet...
Logistics Operator You're new... you don't know...
Engineering Operator Know what?
Logistics Operator One fugitive on the run, two hidden mines, three massive holes, and... leaky evenings beyond reckoning.
??? Ahem. What are you two doing? I'll slash your pay if I catch you talking bad about a guy behind his back.
Logistics Operator C-Closure! What are you doing here?
Closure Just looking for the Doctor. There's been a question of what color hat to wear to the party. I'm curious if the Doctor's come to a decision yet.
Executor ......
Closure Is that Sankta going to sit there all day? Rhodes Island is pretty big. Can't he sit somewhere else?
Closure Hey, Sankta! You'd better move. It's going to rain, and you're gonna wanna hurry if you're going back to Laterano, unless you're gonna make the trip in a downpour.
Executor Closure the Vampire, Chief Engineer of Rhodes Island... threat level downgraded from Extreme to Low one year ago.
No special action required.
Closure (Whisper) Should I feel insulted?
Do you have to be daydreaming here, of all places, Sankta?
Executor I'm just pondering what color a party hat should be.
Closure The Doctor asked you? Hmm... rapid fire! What color am I wearing right now?
Executor Black and red.
But your question does not answer mine. It does not help me determine the proper color for the hat.
Closure Maybe you should install a color sensor and the associated algorithms to help you perceive the differences between colors.
I'll even give you a discount.
Executor The installation of mechanical parts in the human brain is impractical at current technology levels. In addition...
Closure What?
Executor Your experience with cranial surgery is unreliable.
Adjusting reliability rating of Closure the Vampire to Extremely Low.
Closure Alright, my bad, my bad, I shouldn't have made fun of you.
[Something taken out from a bag]
Executor What is this?
Closure An anonymous artist is holding an exhibition at the Lateran Basilica this weekend, and Rhodes Island got a few free tickets.
I was going to give them to the younger operators, but maybe this'll do you some good.
Executor ...Thank you.
Closure Now... can we talk about making some adjustments to my profile?
<Background 3>
Doctor Closure kept the operator coming with me a secret. Never thought it would be you.
Executor Being both an operator of Rhodes Island and a citizen of Laterano, I do not think it is a surprise that I am here.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor I'm surprised you come to an art show in your free time.
I didn't think you would be interested in an art show.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor Your doubts are justified. I prefer to spend my time testing and maintaining my weapons, and getting proper rest.
Doctor But you came anyway.
Executor I had to supplement my knowledge on colors to complete the mission you gave me yesterday. What about you, Doctor? The Notarial Hall was not notified of your visit to Laterano.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor It wasn't a mission, Federico.
This isn't an official visit.
The kids wanted me to go with them.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Energetic Young Operator Did you need art credits for your finals too, Mr. Sankta?
Executor It is not part of my annual performance analysis.
Sullen Young Operator No fair, Doctor. Why doesn't he need to take exams?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Want something to eat?
I'll buy you an ice cream so forget about it.
Sullen Young Operator Thank you, Doctor. I'd like strawberry, please.
Energetic Young Operator Pineapple!
Executor I do not need anything. I do have a membership card for the ice cream shop, though.
Doctor Thank you.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor See you at the gallery.
You go in first. I'll find you later.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
<Background 4>
Executor You have been standing in front of this painting for a long time. I assume it is appealing to you.
Doctor Yes, it is.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor I'm curious about the colors the artist used.
I'm interested in the shapes and figures on the canvas.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor The color blue comprises 71% of the painting, followed by green and white.
Other colors comprise less than one percent and can be considered negligible.
Doctor Is that all you see, Federico?
Executor The boundaries of the colors are clearly defined, indicating the artist's preference for order and principles.
I have studied the visual influence of shapes in order to understand the emotions of others. There are many cases that indicate one's subconscious preference for a shape is connected to their psychological profile.
Doctor Interesting. Elaborate.
Executor The orderly and balanced arrangement of the forms indicate that the artist was in a calm and tranquil state of mind.
Sullen Young Operator Doctor...
I think my eyes are gonna burst from all the blue.
Energetic Young Operator The artist must have been really excited when painting it.
Executor We came to opposite conclusions based on the colors and shapes used by the painting. How can one be calm and excited at the same time?
I do not understand.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor People are complex.
Anything is possible.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Apostolic Knight Your Beatitude, Saint Federico, this is such a wondrous surprise. I thought the staff were out of their minds when they said they saw you in the crowd.
Executor Good morning, Reverend Simeone. Is His Holiness here?
Apostolic Knight No, I am on my own. And who might you be?
Executor Dr. {@nickname}, from Rhodes Island.
Apostolic Knight It is an honor to meet you, Dr. {@nickname}.
Doctor The honor is all mine, Sir Simeone.
Executor Are you here on official duty?
Apostolic Knight Of course not. Today is Sunday, it's the sabbath.
Don't tell anyone, but I'm the anonymous artist behind this exhibition. I didn't want it to be a distraction while I'm still a gun-knight.
What of Your Beatitude? Are you really here to appreciate the art?
Executor Yes, Reverend Simeone.
Apostolic Knight Now, you're the last man I expected to be joking. I know, I know, Notarial Hall business, right?
Doctor I can vouch that Federico's not here for anything complicated.
Executor I came to learn more about colors.
Apostolic Knight You've come to the right person, then.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor You've piqued my interest, too.
What can you tell us?
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Apostolic Knight While there is a degree of subjectivity in individual perception of color, we have also achieved a degree of consensus over what different colors represent.
For example, red is considered stimulating, and represents excitement and passion.
As one who considers himself mild-mannered, however, I rarely use it in my artwork.
Executor Five years ago, you...
Apostolic Knight (Loudly) Now, let me talk about my favorite color.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Let's hear what he has to say.
(Whisper) Although you're not the only one who's a little skeptical.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor I noticed that you use a lot of blue in your artwork.
Apostolic Knight Very astute of you. The tranquility, reason and depth represented by blue is my life's pursuit.
In addition, it also calms the mind, helping them feel peace and tranquility... hey, was that a camera flash?
Hey, what the hell are you doing, you little runt!
Yeah, you! Who said you could use flash? Get away from my painting! Further!
Now, where were we...?
Executor Blue helps one feel peace and tranquility.
Apostolic Knight Yes, blue... the resting place of my soul, the symbol of eternity... such beauty...
Exhibition Staff Excuse me, Reverend Simeone, there is something you need to know.
Apostolic Knight Pardon me, I should look into this.
Executor His words and actions are highly contradictory. I find it hard to trust the information he provided about the color blue.
Doctor One moment, Federico.
Executor Do you find his statements credible?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Colors can have complex emotional implications. Maybe we can delve further.
There are many things affecting emotion. Color is only one of them.

There are more factors that need to be considered when thinking about the impact of color on emotion.

<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor The natural flaw of man means that I will have to spend much time to achieve this goal.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor But you're not afraid of the challenge, are you?
But you're never afraid.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor True, Doctor, I am not.
Apostolic Knight Excuse me, Your Beatitude, we have need of you.
Doctor Oh?
Apostolic Knight Closer, please. We can't be overheard...
Executor ......
Doctor What happened?
Executor Doctor, you should leave with the young operators.
Doctor What about you?
Executor I have an emergency mission.
PA Dear guests, we regret to inform you that there has been an emergency. We ask that you remain calm and proceed to the nearest exit side for evacuation.
<Background 5>
Executor Why is there a bomb here?
Exhibition Staff There was an armed altercation in the Basilica yesterday. We thought the explosives left behind by the suspect had been cleaned up.
Executor ......
Exhibtion Staff Is there anything Your Beatitude can do?
Executor I believe that casualties can be avoided even if there is an explosion.
Exhibtion Staff But the whole gallery above... all the artwork...
Executor Understood. New mission objective: protect the artwork on exhibit.
[Red alert alarm sounds]
Executor Time is short. Action must be taken quickly.
[Rushing steps]
Exhibition Staff Where are you going?
Executor Make sure no one follows me.
<Background 6>
[Rushing steps]
Executor There is sufficient distance from the crowd and the artwork, and sufficient cover on the roof to keep the blast radius to three meters.

This is an appropriate spot to move the bomb.

[Something being uncovered]
Executor Set. Countdown. Decem, novem, octo, septem...
Quinque, quattuor, tres, duo, unus.
[Something being triggered continued by an explosion]
Executor No significant difference between expected and actual blast radius. Damage to exterior buildings noted. A 1.75 square meter hole has appeared in the roof. There are no casualties, and no damage to artwork.
Bomb threat has been neutralized.
<Background 4>
Executor The bomb has been detonated on the roof. No harm has been done to personnel or the exhibit.
The danger has been eliminated. The exhibition may continue.
Exhibtion Staff Your Beatitude, er... you should leave, quickly, before...
Executor You seem to have feelings of concern, fear... and regret.
The response is unexpected based on the outcome. Please elaborate.
Exhibition Staff You left so quickly with the bomb that I didn't have the chance to tell you, but the most important work of art in the exhibition was...
[Rushing steps]
Apostolic Knight Get out of my way! Saint or not, that bastard is going to get it!
I spent an entire year painting that dome! I won't let this go unanswered!
Stop right there!
Executor I never moved.
Apostolic Knight Well, you've got nerve, at least.
Excutor I apologize for damaging your work. I shall reassess the mission completion status and compensate you for your loss.
Apostolic Knight Compensate? You think the time and effort I spent on the dome can be made up for with money?
Executor If necessary, I can restore it to the precise condition it was in.
I have carefully observed every corner of the gallery, including the dome. It will not be difficult to restore it from memory.
Apostolic Knight Are you trying to insult me?
Even if you can recreate the touch of the brush, you could never restore the passion and inspiration in my heart and mind when I painted it!
"The precise condition it was in"? You don't know what you're talking about.
Why the frown? Not happy?
Executor No, I am thinking about what else could be done.
I am trying to infer your emotions at the time through my memory of the artwork.
Apostolic Knight What's the point, even if you could do it? It's become blurred with the memories, it shattered when the dome did.
All that's left is the sky through the hole.
Executor The sky...
The executor looks up at where the dome used to be, as the sun shines down gently through the hole.
He feels a gentle warmth on his face.
Doctor It's been raining heavily these past few days. I haven't had a chance to see the blue sky.
Executor I thought you took the young operators back to the ship, Doctor.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Don't worry, they're safe at our branch office.
The young operators are safe. I came back because I was worried.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor I am sorry that I cannot ensure that your visit will be smooth... I must make new plans.
Doctor Shh... look at the sky, Federico.
<Background 7>
[Door opening]
Executor There you are, Doctor.
Doctor I came to check on the injured children.
Executor We found the children in the cellar to be in a state of malnutrition, four of them severely, with one in critical condition.
Their odds of survival would have increased greatly if we arrived one day earlier.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Are you injured?
What's with your shoulder?
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor There is a wound at the base of the shoulder.
Doctor ......
What are you holding, Federico?
Executor A drawing from a child.
Doctor Looks like we have a very talented young artist on the ship.
What did you see up there?
Executor The blue sky.
The child told me that he was imprisoned in a place of darkness, but he saw a shade of blue just as he was about to lose all hope.
It comforted him.
Doctor You didn't mention anything blue at the scene.
Executor I believe he did, in fact, see it. I broke into the cellar from above. There was a high chance that he saw the blue sky.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Yes, the blue sky is comforting.
Yes, a shade of blue like the sky is comforting.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Federico feels you pat him on the shoulder. He looks down at the blue sky on the drawing.
Exhibition Staff A It's good that the rain's finally stopped. It's been overcast for so many days that I can feel mold growing on me.
Exhibition Staff B The sun's so warm... I just want to lie down and take it in.
Exhibition Staff A It drives all the darkness and gloom away.
Apostolic Knight ......
Exhibition Staff B Look, even Reverend Simeone is entranced by the sunlight.
Apostolic Knight What a beautiful blue. I think I saw it in a dream.
It blends perfectly with my artwork. All the blue I used on the dome was only there to complement its beauty.
After a few days of heavy rain, the sky is a shade of painted blue.
The wind spreads the paint out, from far to near, from deep to light, blending and stacking colors, dyeing it a beautiful shade between blue and green.
Everyone is looking up at it with an entranced expression, their hearts filled with happiness and comfort.
The feeling spreads through the streets, as passersby slow and diners put their forks and knives down...
Doctor Looks like the danger has passed.
Executor Yes, the incident has been resolved, as you can see.
Doctor You said incident resolved, rather than mission complete.
Executor I did not complete my mission, as a work of art was damaged in the bomb disposal process.
Doctor But everyone looks happy.
Executor That is because of the sky.
Thursday, sunny, the sky a rare shade of blue.
Those who see this shade of blue exhibit enlarged pupils and lift the corners of their mouths, indicating feelings of joy.
More information is required to determine the correlation between this special shade of blue and positive emotions.
Apostolic Knight Bah, stop muttering over there.
Executor ...Understood.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor (Pat him on the shoulder)
(Look into his eyes)
(Do nothing)
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Doctor I just want you to look at the sky with me for a while.
What we really should remember is the color of the sky, here and now.
Doctor Federico? I think it's time for us to go
Executor ......
How long have we been standing here?
Doctor One and a half hours.
Executor One and a half hours... I find that hard to believe.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor All the staff have left. It's just the two of us here.
Look at your watch. A machine doesn't lie.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor Confirmed that one hour, thirty-seven minutes and sixteen seconds have passed.
This represents a significant deviation from the perceived passage of time.
I have never experienced it.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Are you alright?
You look uneasy.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor I must go with you, Doctor, and receive a full examination from the Medical Department.
Doctor What happened?
Executor There is a high probability that this rare shade of blue represents a pathological factor for me. I must ascertain if it will affect my performance on future missions.
<Background 1>
Three days later
Executor I apologize for the trouble I caused the Medical Department with my sudden request for examination.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor It's okay. No trouble at all.
Don't worry about it.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Doctor Oh, and I just got a message from Closure.
Executor ......
Doctor She says you should meet her in Engineering.
Executor Very well.
Are you picking a boutonniere?
Doctor Yes, my attendance has been requested at an important occasion.
Executor I recommend azure.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor It's a memorial service for a scholar who recently passed away.
Azure? I'm going to a funeral.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor ......
Understood, azure is not suitable for such an occasion.
Thank you, Doctor. I request my leave if there are no other missions.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor See you later, Federico.
I look forward to our next meeting.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor I've got it, Doctor.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor What?
Tell me more.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Executor Your jacket is navy-blue.
Doctor What?
Executor See you later, Doctor.
[Door opening]
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor My jacket... it's always been navy blue.
<Dialogue branch ends here>