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Operator Record
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Giving a few useless directions to the lost.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Gitano to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Gitano.
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Young Studying Operator
RI Cafeteria
Gitano finishes her lesson with the young Operators when she meets Croissant, who's coming to teach the next. Croissant seems to have run into some issues with her business, and after receiving compensation, Gitano divines Croissant's fortune for her.
Rhodes Island Cafeteria
<Background 1>
[Gitano demonstrates her skill with tarot cards before a young R.I. operator.]
Gitano And so, just like that–
And your cards naturally fall like water from one hand–
Into the other.
Young Studying Operator Wow!
Gitano Do you know how?
Young Studying Operator I still don't!!
Do it again, Gitano!
Gitano *clears throat* Now, watch carefully.
Young Studying Operator Okay–
Gitano Do you understand now?
Young Studying Operator Nooope–
Gitano Really?
Regrettably, however, that's the end of today's cardistry lesson.
Young Studying Operator Awww–
How about one more time?
Gitano Then the person teaching here in a short while will be quite angry with me.
You wouldn't want to see me get castigated, would you?
Young Studying Operator Just one more, one little bit more? It'll be okay, right?
Gitano Rules are very important. You cannot let your desires lead you to willingly abandon them.
Such as it is, I'll give you all some homework.
If anyone can show us the fruits of their practice by next week's lesson...
You may draw one reward from the teacher's Treasure Chest.
Young Studying Operator The Treasure Chest?
Gitano Really and truly. Just two days ago, your teacher even added something quite fun to it.
As long as you can summon the courage to give us all a display, everyone will get a share.
Young Studying Operator Yay!
Gitano Alright, class dismissed. Don't forget, keep your cards and toys safe with you.
We'll meet next week.
Young Studying Operator Bye, Miss!
[The young R.I. operators leave.]
Gitano Phew...
[Croissant shows up.]
Croissant Phewie and a half. Breathe easy, miss. Lessons still runnin' slick?
Gitano You might get the impression they're lessons, but it's really just entertaining the children.
You have the greater burden.
It takes quite a lot of brainpower and effort, teaching children the rules of arithmetic.
Croissant Ain't no nightmare, really. Play numbers long 'nuff 'n they get it.
'n what I teach ain't no mathematics. Umm, what was that name I picked it?
"Business Fanatics Class?" Somethin' like that.
Aw, shucks, I'm just the same as you. Three cheers fer fun 'n none fer learnin'.
Gitano And that's quite good.
After all, it's a very cruel thing, doing business.
Croissant You get me, ma'am.
Gitano Though it was never originally intended as such, divination is also fundamentally a sort of business.
Croissant So it goes.
Gitano I'll let you set up the classroom in peace, then. Farewell.
[Gitano leaves.]
Croissant Hrmmm–
[Croissant thinks of something.]
Croissant Hm?
Oh, right!
Gitano, one second, please!
[Gitano returns.]
Gitano Do you need anything?
Croissant It's like this, see. Doctor seems fixin' ta head out far with Gavial, makin' fer a corner of Sargon.
Gitano Mm-hm.
Croissant And me, I'm gettin' ready to visit with, see if I can't do a li'l dealin' while I'm there.
Gitano Yes, I follow.
Croissant So I thought, uh. Y'see, uh. If you could juuuuust do me a li'l favor, gimme a tellin'?
Gitano You ought to know–
Croissant I know there is, yep, just, urm, how do I break this–
Spent all my money on gettin' stock in, ha, and now I ain't got a red cent on me.
Gitano *Sigh*.
I won't take any money as compensation.
Croissant Ya serious? That's mighty fine!
Gitano But I will need you to promise something.
You must promise me this–
You will not sell anything to the children during class.
Croissant ?!
Gitano Not even if it's "just snacks."
Croissant Uh, haha.
Aw, heck, what makes you think I'd do somethin' like that?
Class might be a circus, but I still teach 'em proper.
Gitano You might, you might not. Neither has any bearing on me.
I simply need your promise, and that will be my price.
Croissant 'n if I go back on it?
Gitano Who knows?
Croissant Hm...
Gitano What do you think?
Croissant Sold!
Gitano I have accepted your payment.
Croissant No need fer a... contract or somesuch?
Gitano Hmm?
Our agreement is built upon our trust in each other. We need no contract.
Croissant Huh.
Gitano In that case, let us begin.
Considering class is about to start, we'll employ a more simple divination method.
(Pulls out tarot deck)
Croissant Whoa, that's... some crafts, ain't it!
Feels like every card in there'd fetch big money.
Gitano ......
Croissant Way you spread out 'n spin' 'em on the table, is that shufflin'?
Gitano Yes. Please wait a moment.
Croissant Could just shuffle 'em fancy in one shot, like you were teachin'.
Gitano Some diviners will do it like that, true.
But it's too harmful to the cards.
Just like the voyager pushing stubbornly through a blizzard: no matter how healthy, or how warm the clothes, their warmth is pulled away trace by trace in the end.
The moment warmth is lost, all remedy will be of avail no more.
Croissant Ahaha...
Gitano Just a comparison Sami tend to use fairly often. I imagine you comprehend it.
Croissant Yup, yup, I getcha.
Gitano ......
Croissant All ready now?
Gitano Mm. They're ready. They should be able to shine a light for you on some of your conundrums.
Gather them together, cut them once, and starting from where you've cut them, lay down three cards.
Remember, do not turn them over yet.
Croissant So ya don't actually do a darn thing, Gitano?
Gitano I'm merely your guide in understanding. Shouldn't you uncover your own fate?
Or, perhaps, you're easily willing to lay your fate in others' hands?
Croissant Alrght, I get it now. Lemme at 'em!
Stack 'em up... cut... lay three cards face down in front.
That oughta be good, right?
Gitano Your movements are very direct. It seems you are not adrift.
Croissant Darn tootin'.
Gitano Well, then. Please.
Turn a card however you wish.
Croissant Ya been so dead serious all this time. Got some pressure on me.
Gitano There's nothing to be scared of. Come.
Reveal your first card.
Croissant (Flips card)
Gitano The Knight of Cups, Reversed.
Croissant Ya gotta fill me in. Does forward or backward matter anythin'?
Gitano To put it simply, reversed cards symbolize that you are currently hindered by something.
Croissant Huh?!
Gitano Relax. These hindrances are not necessarily bad in meaning.
They simply mean that right now, you are unable to successfully proceed.
Breakthrough, and success, perhaps aren't too far away.
Croissant Gotcha.
Gitano Let me look carefully.
Have you run into any problems doing business?
Croissant Uh, suppose I have.
That's how it goes more or less every month. Sometimes I blunder decidin', 'n then I don't earn nothin'. Pain in my keister.
Gitano You've probably seen an opportunity, but failed to grasp it.
Croissant That's the story of anyone doin' business any day of the week.
Gitano So this time, you've prepared to stake it all?
Croissant I trust my intuition. Headin' to Gavial's ol' place is gonna pay off big!
Gitano I see.
By my understanding, Rhodes Island's procurement services have always been short of hands. As long as you're willing to help them with some work, money won't be a problem, and most risk will be shouldered by Rhodes Island instead.
Gitano Why choose to go it alone?
Croissant That, huh.
Used to workin' by myself.
Gitano It seems your decisions are not wholly profit-seeking.
Croissant Ain't as grand as ya put it, neither. Just seein' the world fer myself, makin' some money on the side to patch up expenses.
Always gotta spend money fer the good stuff, after all.
Gitano I understand.
Croissant So this, uh, this here card, basically, it ain't no good sign.
Gitano Coming events will not be smooth.
Croissant So can I just–Gitano–ya gotta teach me!
Gitano Don't rush. This is merely a beginning.
Come. Reveal your second card.
Croissant D'awwwgh, alright...
(Shakes as she flips a card)
Gitano The Ace of Wands, Upright.
Croissant Wh... what's this one mean...?
Gitano You have seized an opportunity, and are about to receive an advantage in life from it.
Though there may be great danger, you have issued your challenge to life with full conviction.
Croissant Sounds like a good thing.
Gitano When I divined for myself, I once came to this one too.
Croissant Whoa–y'all can even do divination fer yerselves?
Gitano When a flash of miraculous light strikes, diviners are utterly capable of peering into their own paths.
Croissant 'n here I thought diviners only took money 'n did stuff fer other folk.
Gitano Ultimately, currency cannot settle all questions.
Moreover, there are some paths outsiders have no recourse to interfere in. Only by conversing with themselves, feeling through things, pursuing, can they grasp a chance at a clue.
Croissant Gets pretty darn complicated, then.
Gitano It's just like how you choose to conduct business by yourself, Croissant. All your decisions, any of your choices, they're all crystallizations of your years of business experience, aren't they?
Others can only give suggestions. The power to decide lies eternally in your own hand–just as it does now.
Even if all three cards portended the worst outcome, would you really change your decisions?
Croissant Money's spent...
Gitano So you've only come seeking a comfort of sorts, hoping I might give you reassuring results.
Ah–no need to answer me. Many are like that. I understand it very well.
All of us will tend to hope for something unrealistic in uncertain times, something that'll resolve it all.
Unfortunately, I'm not what you've all been hoping for.
All I can do is peer shallow into the road ahead, and offer all the help I can.
You've paid my terms, and so I have a responsibility to spare no effort for you.
Only this, and nothing more.
Croissant Gitano...
Gitano Let us continue.
Croissant Al... Alrighty.
Gitano You will have an adventure, but it seems your journey won't be serene.
As for the outcome, we may look to the last card to show our answer.
I can't say whether there'll even be a single note of LMD at the end.
Croissant It just keeps gettin' more dangerous...
Gitano I only bring up a poorer kind of possibility.
Returning with overflowing riches is not out of possibility's realm, either.
Croissant Gosh, could ya imagine?
Gitano I'll be visiting Perfumer's sometime for a complete course of aromatic sleep therapy, then.
I'll leave the bill to you.
Croissant I make some cash 'n I'll cover ya!
Gitano Hm-hmm. It's a done deal.
Now, then, let us explore your destination in this journey.
Your final card, please.
Croissant (Flips tarot card with a swish)
Gitano The Moons, Upright.
Croissant So it's upright. 'kay, good start.
Gitano This is... certainly hard to say.
Have... you ever looked into Gavial's hometown situation before?
Croissant I've surveyed Sargon markets before. This stuff'll sell like hotcakes!
Gitano If so, that'll be the best outcome.
(Is there any possibility it won't be an ordinary Sargon market, I wonder...)
(The Moons upright...)
Your journey will not be serene. The fore cards tell of that much.
Be wary of deception, and wary of being cheated.
In my view, if possible, do proceed cautiously.
Do you like the moons?
Croissant Like? Can't say I do fer sure? But when I'm moody out on the deck 'n look up 'n see the moons, that makes me feel alright some.
Gitano And the moonshadow?
Croissant Umm. Do folk specifically go lookin' fer the shadow?
Gitano Under the radiance of the moon, things often come to be ignored.
The things this card shows are also as such.
There is always that which is hidden by radiance, painstakingly concealed.
Whether it is fortune or sorrow requires your own careful consideration.
Croissant Noted. I'll be watchin' out.
Gitano And this should be what these cards have shown.
[Gitano picks up the cards she revealed before.]
Gitano What these three cards together make known to you.
Croissant, your future will not be relaxed.
At the least, accompanying the Doctor on this journey out, there will be many hindrances.
Do you have any such feeling of your own? For example, a vague unease or confusion in your heart.
Croissant Kinda a li'l bit...
But push past, 'n I should be able to get over it.
Do the, uh, cards say I'm gonna lose my investment?
Gitano Not at all. Besides, the tarot never speaks in certainties of futures.
Croissant So, still a chance I'm saved.
If I can't hold out, I oughta last 'nother couple days knockin' on my savin's jar.
Gitano Here's hoping.
As for divining, things would wrap up here.
Is there anything else you need me for?
Croissant Hmm...
Gitano, you pull a card too!
Gitano Oh?
Croissant Didn'tcha just say diviners can divine themselves too?
I wanna see how yer luck is.
Gitano But that requires me to prepare–
Croissant C'mon, lessee.
Gitano The tarot is not–
Croissant Aw, potayto potahto, c'mon. Draw.
(Draws a card "for" Gitano.)
Gitano !
Croissant Come on. Flip it.
Gitano Wait. Let me prepare a moment.

(Flips tarot card)
Ten of Cups... Reversed...
Croissant This mean somethin' bad?
Gitano ......
Croissant Then lemme just turn it round–
Gitano Stay your hand and do not touch the card!
Croissant Oh, alright...
Sorry, Gitano.
Gitano No.
Croissant ?
Gitano That's not it.
The card's position is in relation to the revealer.
So this card.
Is Upright.
Croissant Hmm?
Right! Yer sittin' opposite me!!
So this card mean somethin' good, then?
Gitano In regards to my occupation and personal relations, it's not bad at all.
Croissant Then–
(Grabs Gitano's hand and rubs it a few times)
Gitano Eh?
Croissant Lemme borrow a li'l bit of yer good luck, a'ight? This way I can pay ya back.
Gitano If you so insist...
As you wish, then...
Croissant Hoooo boy, yer gonna let me pay you back sure as sweeeeeet heck.
Gitano What's wrong?
Croissant I just thoughta somethin'!
If I'm borrowin' yer good luck, don't that mean the whole divination we just did don't count fer nothin' now?
Gitano Who knows?
Croissant So there ain't no rule like that, huh.
Gitano If you want another divination, you will have to make a payment to me again.
Croissant Uh, yup. Pass, then.
Lemme rub a few more times. That oughta be free, right?
Gitano Hm-hmm~
I'll give you a discount on this one. Free it is.
Croissant Aw, thanks!
<Background fades out and in>
[Five minutes later...]
[The young R.I. operators return to Gitano's side.]
Young Studying Operator Hi, Croissant!!
It's nice to meet you too, Gitano!
Croissant Oooh.
Gitano Good day, all.
Well, then. I'll be leaving now.
I pray the LMD you earn will be enough to cram Rhodes Island full.
Croissant You got it.
Next time ya got stuff to buy, remember, you find me. I'll give ya some deep discounts!
Gitano Fate is a thing of constant change. We'll talk details when the time is right.
(Waves and leaves)
<Background black>
Gitano (I hope my fortune can truly be of help to you, Croissant.)