Exusiai: Constants Within Changes

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Operator Record
Constants Within Changes
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Live in the present and enjoy it.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Exusiai to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Exusiai.
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Lungmen Highway
Lungmen Streets
Lungmen Uptown Rainy
Lungmen Rooftop
Lungmen Back Alley
One day, Mostima arrives in Lungmen with a letter from Lemuen addressed to Exusiai. On the streets, she runs into Texas, and thus, a day in the life of Penguin Logistics begins––
<Background 1>
[Fiammetta – now bearing the codename "Dawn Destroyer" – calls Mostima.]
Dawn Destroyer I'm curious now. Where did you run off to in the time it took me to use the toilet?
Mostima Would you believe me if I told you my life was at risk?
Dawn Destroyer I was under the impression that Lungmen was a city of law and order.
Mostima I'm just as curious as you are as to why random pedestrians would be after my head in such a well-policed city.
Okay, I might actually have a pretty good idea of why.
Go find a milk tea place, and get me a cup. See ya.
Dawn Destroyer Hey, what the hell's up with your––
[Mostima hangs up as Texas suddenly point her sword at the fallen Sankta.]
Mostima Texas, you could say we're coworkers, right?
Texas More or less.
Mostima I don't think coworkers are supposed to draw swords on each other.
Texas But Exusiai's been looking for you this whole time.
And you're a slippery one, so I figured it'd be easier to hogtie you and haul you over to her.
Mostima Oh, Siracusans. You always get the job done clean.
I have to admit, though, I was this close to letting you do it.
But at this point, you can't catch me anymore.
Texas Emperor talked to me about you. I never planned to take you on alone.
[Exusiai joins in.]
Exusiai Hey, Texas, aren't you on delivery? Why do you need me all of a...
Mostima Hi there.
Exusiai Mostima?!
Texas Just happened to bump into her.
Exusiai Good going, Texas!
Texas Same plan as always. I'm up front, you wrap around.
Tie her to a chair. I've got all sorts of ways to make her spill what you're looking for.
Mostima Siracusan ways?
Texas Texas ways.
Mostima El, you're not really going to fight me, are you?
Exusiai ......
Why not?
The boss talks a lot about business culture. Even though his slogans change every day, I've always held onto one for myself––
Play hard!
So let's play, Mostima.
Mostima ......
[Mostima removes her hood.]
Mostima Alright, we'll play a little game of cops and robbers. If you can catch me, you win.
Exusiai Does it matter how I do it?
Mostima You can even smack me around, El. Use your gun if you'd like.
Exusiai Huh?
Mostima Don't worry, the commandments don't protect fallen angels.
Exusiai Ooh...
Wait, I can't use guns downtown! And you don't get to use your Arts!
Mostima Okay, let's dial up the difficulty a bit. You––
Texas I won't use my Arts.
Mostima But you're still going to use your swords, right?
Texas As long as you don't resist too much, you probably won't get hurt.
Exusiai Alrighty. Three–– (Winks)
Texas (Nods slightly)
Exusiai Start!
[Mostima starts running, but she suddenly gains a significant distance from Exusiai.]
Exusiai She's fast!
Distant Mostima I know all your little tricks, El.
Exusiai Of course you do...
Texas, have you eaten?
Texas Yes. How about you?
Exusiai I'll manage.
Texas Then let’s get going.
Exusiai Alrighty!
<Background 2>
Croissant Ya seem mighty busy today, Exusiai.
Exusiai Eh, I'm okay, Croissant. You're setting a stall up over here?
Croissant Sure am. Didn't have much work today, so I figured I'd do a little hawkin'.
Exusiai Oh right, have you seen a blue-haired angel? I think I saw her linger here for a little while, from off in the distance.
Croissant If'n you mean that Mostima of yers, she went that-a-way.
Exusiai Alrighty, thanks a bunch.
[Exusiai runs off...]
Croissant That about satisfy ya?
[...as Mostima reveals herself, having hid herself nearby.]
Mostima And here I was thinking you'd double-cross me halfway through.
Croissant Y'all playin' some kinda game?
Mostima How'd you know?
Croissant Well, I reckon since you've been duckin' her this long, if'n you didn't want her to find you, Exusiai'd never see heads or tails of ya.
Mostima Then why didn't you help her?
Croissant Let's just say you've piqued my curiosity.
'Course, since I helped ya, ya gotta show my enterprise here a li'l love.
Mostima Then, I'll have a smoked sausage.
Croissant Now yer talkin'.
Mostima What do you want to get out of me?
Croissant Hmm... It's less gettin' somethin' outta ya, and more somethin' I wanted to tell ya.
Since she came here lookin' for ya, n' all the time she spent waitin' for ya, Exusiai's been in Lungmen for a good number of years now.
But I'n see that her search ain't no grave matter o' life n' death. Just look at what a whallopin' good time she's havin' in Lungmen!
She talks you up as some kinda unbelievably powerful being, carryin' a buncha secrets you can't tell nobody, haulin' a big pile of yer own problems on them shoulders fer good measure.
But it's been an awful long time. Ya do kinda owe her an explanation.
Mostima ......
[Texas suddenly shows up and pointed her sword at Mostima.]
Texas Croissant, grab her.
Croissant Hey, I got a stall to run here.
Texas Fine. Good luck.
Mostima Game on, Texas.
Croissant The sausage is my treat then. When yer done with this li'l game, do remember to talk things out with her.
Mostima I'll think about it.
<Background 3>
[A light rain starts.]
Mostima It actually started to rain.
Not a bad thing for someone trying to stay hidden.
<Background fades out and in>
[Mostima sees Sora picking up a call.]
Sora Huh? A venue change?
No way...
But it's raining over here. I can't make it over right now!
Find a way to make it happen?
Hey, aren't you being a bit too unreasonable here––
[The one calling Sora hangs up.]
Sora What a jerk! Treating me like this just because I'm an up-and-comer...
Even if I hailed a cab, I wouldn't make it in time, and it's probably too late to call Texas... What should I do? Do I really have to throw in the towel?
[Mostima approaches Sora.]
Mostima You're Sora, right?
Sora Oh, um, yes, yes I am....
Wait a sec, a blue-haired Sankta with horns... Are you Mostima, the one Exusiai's always looking for?
Mostima That's me.
Sora I have to tell her...
Mostima Aren't you kind of busy?
Sora Oh, I guess so.
Mostima I'm here to help.
Sora Huh?
Mostima Don't worry, I'll go to her.
Sora Really?
Mostima Really.
Sora Then please, I'm counting on you! The address is––
[Sounds of people running are heard...]
Mostima You can tell me on the way. Hold onto my hand.
[...as Mostima grabs Sora with her and takes her somewhere else.]
Sora Oh, so you want to take the rooftops!
<Background 4>
Sora Here is good.
Mostima Right.
Sora I can't believe I'm here ten minutes early.
Thank you so much, Mostima... Um, ma'am.
Mostima No need for the ma'am now.
Sora But, why did you suddenly show up to help me?
Haven't you been hiding from Exusiai this whole time?
Mostima Uhh...
Sora Wait, if you want to say something, you should be saying it to her, not me.
Mostima Right.
Sora Oh say, this whole time, there's been something I've wanted to ask you. Do you mind?
Mostima If it's a question I can answer, fire away.
Sora I want to know, are the Sankta... all as carefree as Exusiai?
Mostima Huh?
I guess, yeah, basically, most are.
Sora Hmm... Okay.
I work as an idol. This might sound strange, but one of the most important parts of being an idol is figuring out how to read people's hearts.
I've always believed that if you can open your heart to anyone, then you probably have more than one door into your heart.
The people who seem nice to everyone must be hiding something deep inside.
But I don't think that's true for Exusiai.
Did you know, when Exusiai first joined Penguin Logistics, she was the absolute queen of troublemakers.
She would believe pretty much anything anyone told her.
I still remember that day, the day after she joined. The boss asked her to make a delivery so he could test her.
Texas had some things to do, so I ended up being her contact.
At first, I thought nothing would happen, but turns out...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 5>
Sora Basically, you got scammed!
Exusiai Huh? Is that what happened?
Sora Of course! In this line of business, it's pretty common for goods to not match up with the sheet on the clipboard, but for there to only be one thing is virtually unheard of.
There must've been a mix-up.
Exusiai Oh, I see.
Sora I'm pretty sure what's going on here is they're spotting a newbie as a mark to take the fall and pushing the blame for the inevitable conflict onto Penguin Logistics.
Exusiai You're pretty smart, huh, Sora?
Sora Texas taught me that too...
No, no, now's not the time! We need to come up with something!
Exusiai Is there a way out of this?
Sora The simplest way is to find the gang leader who set you up and have him publicly come out to resolve the situation, but that would basically mean facing down the entire gang, so it's not like it's simple.
Exusiai Then let's give it a try.
Sora I just said, it's not that simple!
[Texas shows up.]
Sora Texas, when did you...?
Texas I heard a whisper on the wind, so I rushed over.
Are you alright?
Sora Yes, but we're in kind of a pickle...
Texas You said you'd give it a try, but do you think you have a shot?
Exusiai No clue, but since I'm the one who messed up, I'll do what I can to set things right.
Texas Come with me.
Exusiai Alright.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Sora So what was supposed to be a simple delivery task turned into the two of them rushing headlong into the territory of a small gang, grabbing their leader, and resolving the incident.
From that day on, Texas usually took Exusiai with her for all sorts of assignments.
Texas taught Exusiai a lot of the rules and laws of the biz, the do's and don'ts, so on and so forth.
And now, as you can see, they're good partners.
Mostima Does it feel like she snatched away your dear friend?
Sora Maybe a little. But it's more like I'm filled with a sense of awe.
I just couldn't stop thinking to myself... Oh my gosh, how can a person like that be real?
This might sound funny, but I actually ended up spending a lot of time trying to figure out what she was hiding and expose her.
But the longer I searched, the clearer it became that Exusiai really is the same person on the inside that she is on the outside.
I'm not sure when it happened, but she became my friend too.
After talking to you today, I think the last little knot in my heart has been undone.
Oh, I need to hurry up and see the manager. If you have time later, I'll take you out for cake!
Mostima Sounds good.
[Sora leaves.]
Mostima How about you? Have you ever suspected her?
[Texas reveals herself.]
Texas Nope.
I'm not the type to guess at people like that.
Whatever side people show me, I'll believe in it until they betray me.
Mostima That makes you pretty similar to El.
[Exusiai joins in.]
Exusiai What are we gossiping about?
Texas About whether or not you're a happy-go-lucky fool.
Exusiai What's there to talk about? Do you think I'm not?
Texas Look.
Mostima Haha, that's how she's always been, from the very beginning.
Exusiai Oh.
Hold on a sec!
Mostima What is it?
Exusiai I just realized we're right by the place I'm supposed to make a delivery to.
I almost forgot I was in the middle of a delivery when Texas called me over. I'll go take care of that real quick!
So, let's take a halftime break! Wait for me!
[Exusiai runs off.]
Texas ......
Mostima So, you're not gonna come at me?
Texas No, because you're taking your game with her seriously.
Mostima The bar over there looks pretty decent. How about it?
Texas Sure.
<Background 6>
Mostima I've been thinking this whole time that you'd get along pretty well with a grumpy friend of mine.
Texas And I've realized after meeting you, that you really are the type of person she'd aspire to be.
Mostima The what?
Texas She's never said it before, but I know.
The feeling of pinning the past onto someone, or clinging to something in the past... For some unpleasant reason, I understand that all too well.
But you...
For the person she is now, you represent the past she was chasing after, one that will only disrupt her present life.
Mostima So you really were planning to kill me.
Texas Sort of. I hope you die quietly in some ditch she doesn't know about.
Or become an afterimage that she can never catch up to.
Mostima El's made some real good friends.
[Exusiai enters the bar and whistles to Mostima and Texas.]
Exusiai Hey guys!
I have good news and bad news. Which do you wanna hear first?
Texas The good news.
Exusiai Another delivery has been completed!
Texas I assume the bad news is you pissed off the recipient?
Exusiai You got it!
[A pair of hoodlums enters the bar in anger.]
Hoodlum Stupid Sankta, you're dead!
Texas I wasn't done talking.
I changed my mind.
Mostima Oh?
Texas If you were here just to play the good mentor, bending over to listen to the woes of your disciple because you happened to be in a good mood, I'd make you regret it.
But that doesn't seem to be the case.
Mostima I can tell you on that one, that's definitely not why I'm here.
Exusiai Uhh, did I happen to walk in on a heavy conversation or something?
Should I go deal with them myself?
Texas Nah, talk's over. I need some exercise anyway.
<Background fades out and in>
[Texas and Exusiai fights the hoodlums and easily beats them down.]
Hoodlum A Gah, they're too strong.
Hoodlum B L-Let's get outta here!
[The hoodlums run away.]
Exusiai Oh... I'm getting a bit tired.
Texas Want some chocolate?
Exusiai Sure do. Mostima, want some...?
Huh? Where'd Mostima go?
Texas Looks like she slipped away during the scuffle.
Exusiai Aw, she Mostima'd...?
Texas There's a letter here. Looks like it's for you.
Exusiai For me? Huh, don't tell me she...
No, hold on, it's from my sister!
El, I hope you are doing well.
I haven't written in a while. How are you?
Mostima should be handing this to you personally. If she has failed to do that, do be sure to tell me, and I will handle her appropriately.
Exusiai Oh, turns out Mostima came here to deliver this.
But I guess this counts as her having handed it to me, right?
Texas ......
Read the damned thing first.
For the longest time, I've been thinking about how to tell you what happened, as your big sister.
Not just because it has to do with Lateran secrets, but more so because neither Mostima nor I feel about this event the way others do.
We're not upset by it, but if we have no way to tell you, then how are we to quell your anger and anxiety?
In the end, I chose to hide in Laterano and avoid you, and Mostima also chose to keep an appropriate distance from you.
All we can do is hope that you find new meaning in your life on the outside.
Don't blame Mostima. If anything, blame your cowardly sister who has been hiding this whole time.
Exusiai How could I ever blame you...?
I once wished that this secret would never come to light. I wished that person would never reappear.
But now I've come to understand that was nothing but an unrealistic delusion.
I've already decided to join the Lateran, and the reason I'm telling you this is––
If you still find yourself interested in the bygone past between me and Mostima, you might get an opportunity to explore it by helping me with my work.
Just to be forthcoming, even if you agree, it may take a long time for you to gain sufficient clearance.
And without a doubt, this will affect your life in Lungmen.
You've been in Lungmen for a long time, and I imagine you've already established a stable and fulfilling life. I don't want to get in the way of that.
Last time, I made a unilateral decision about your future, on my own whim. This time, you should make your own decision.
I hope that when you've carefully thought things through, you'll be able to give me your answer.
In the future, I'd like to make time to go see you in Lungmen. I'd like to have a nice chat with you.
Your sister who loves you dearly, Lemuen
Exusiai ......
Texas Your sister's a decent person.
Exusiai Of course! She's the best!
[Emperor walks in.]
Emperor Ohhh, your big sis's comin' to Lungmen?
Exusiai Boss?! When'd you get here?
Texas He's been standing there behind the counter bartending this entire time.
Emperor I popped in right the precise moment y'all walked into this bar.
Croissant This ain't the wrong joint, is it?
Sora No, it's the right one. Look, it's them!
Exusiai What are you two doing here?
Croissant Baws called us on over.
Sora He dealt with that pesky manager, so I made my way over here.
Exusiai Boss, does that mean...
Emperor Damn right. We got a day worth celebrating, so I decided we throwin' a partaaaay!
Croissant What are we celebrating?
Emperor Exusiai's sis writin' her, what else?
Croissant Didn't you find out about that just now?!
Emperor Aaaaand, we gotta welcome back long-term expat staff, Mostima!
Sora That seems like a pretty good idea.
Exusiai But, Mostima...
Mostima You called?
Exusiai Woah! I thought you...
Mostima Just needed the washroom.
Your sister's my boss now. She told me to personally deliver that letter to you under pain of death.
Exusiai Ehh... You don't plan on quitting, do you?
Mostima Wanna guess if I've talked about it?
Exusiai There's no way she'd let you, haha!
Emperor Aight, move your asses! Booze, ambience, tunes! Everything's on the Penguin Logistics house tonight!
Penguin Logistics Staff Woohoo!
Croissant What can I get'cha?
Texas Chocolate. Coffee.
Sora Cake!
Exusiai Pizza, and BBQ!
Croissant This here's a bar, ladies! A bar!
Forget it. Askin' y'all's a waste of time. S'pose I'll look in back and see what got here. Just hafta make do.
[Croissant leaves.]
Sora Oh, right, I can sing my brand-new song here tonight! You all hyped?
Exusiai Is it the same song you asked me to hear that one time?
Sora That's right! Even Texas has never heard it before!
Exusiai Oh, that song's a bit too mushy and romantic. Not my slice of apple pie!
Sora That means I'm doing something right! Your tastes are way too flashy. If you don't like my ballad, that means I've got the right feel down!
Exusiai Ehh? Why are you singing love songs at a party? We need something to get the blood pumping!
Texas I'll go check if that gang is out for any more trouble.
Exusiai Oh... I'll go with you too, since it was my fault to begin with.
Texas Nah, that's alright. I'll be right back.
Emperor Texas, grab some booze on your way back. The piss they got here ain't fit for me.
Texas Sure.
Mostima Anything you want me to do, since I'm technically still an employee of Penguin Logistics?
Emperor Uhh... Too bad, but nah!
What if you had a talk with the old fella in your stick there and got us a li'l show, a song and dance act or somethin'.
Mostima That'd be kinda hard on me.
Exusiai Mostima.
Mostima Huh?
Exusiai Do you know what the letter said?
Mostima Nope, but I can probably guess.
In my position, I'm not exactly qualified to offer any advice, but––
You have a good group of friends here. Don't you think, El?
Exusiai Mhm.
Croissant I could use a hand 'er two back here. Anybody––
Mostima Coming.
Exusiai ......
(Look, sis. This is the kind of life we lead now.)
(Even though I should maybe blame you and Mostima for avoiding me, it's because of you two that I was able to make so many friends and find this wonderful life.)
(I really love how things are going now.)
(You're right about one thing.)
(I've lived in Lungmen for a long time. My life has gradually shifted away from chasing the past, into spending every day with my partners here at Penguin Logistics.)
(But really, that isn't quite true either.)
(My experience has taught me that I want more than just a carefree life with the people around me.)
(Texas has her past to deal with, Croissant dreams of being an entrepreneur, and Sora will also step onto a bigger stage one day.)
(And they all know that I've never given up on chasing after you two.)
(There's no such thing as an endless party. But I figure none of us are actually afraid of that.)
(After all, being the best of friends doesn't mean that we're living lives indistinguishable from each other.)
(What it means is that no matter where we go, we'll still look out for one another.)
(So by the time you come to find me, you might be in for a big surprise.)
(After all, I'm sure I'll give you a very firm answer––)
Emperor What'cha spacin' out for, Exusiai?
Get over here and help me PUMP IT UP!
Exusiai Coming!
Come one, come all. All the friends who've crossed our paths, all the unlucky fools who've crossed us. Let us all enjoy some––
Apple pie!

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