Operator dialogue: Exusiai

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Appointed as Assistant Leader! Give us something to do~
Talk 1 Leader! Let's throw a party! We can play some hip-hop and eat apple pie! The best life is the party life! No party, no life!
Talk 2 Locked and loaded, ready for action! What's the objective today, Leader?
Talk 3 Some people believe that money can buy everything. But this saying doesn't apply to me! If I want someone to rest in pieces, no amount of money can save them~
Talk after Promotion 1 My first wish: for eight new guns! We angels all have a special gun we grow up with, but owning just one gun is so lame, right?
Talk after Promotion 2 My second wish... find someone to help me turn off this light over my head!
Talk after Trust Increase 1 The only reason Texas lives so carefree and swagged out is that she's got me watching over her. That's the obvious truth, right?
Talk after Trust Increase 2 If you ever run into an angel with black horns oozing ominous vibes, please tell her for me: I've never forgotten her.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Us Penguin Logistics girls ain't so bad, right? Wanna come be our boss? Ehehe, just kidding.
Idle ...Lord, is this someone we gotta save too?
Onboard Our slogan is "Long live the Penguin Empire". Are you our client? You can call me Exusiai. I'm nothing like that Lupo ice queen. I'm always down for some fun!
Watching Battle Record I'm lovin' this feeling!
Promotion 1 Thanks for promoting me!
Promotion 2 Leader... No, savior, I pledge to this gun in my hand to protect you until the very end of this world.
Added to Squad Squad combat? I'm very familiar with that.
Appointed as Squad Leader No one makes a better leader than me! You've got a good eye.
Depart Let's go! Take them all by storm!
Begin Operation I already called dibs on the most lucrative real estate in Hell, and you guys all get a share. Rest easy!
Selecting Operator 1 All right!
Selecting Operator 2 Is it my turn?
Deployment 1 Follow me!
Deployment 2 Let me create a diversion.
In Battle 1 Heaven's will![note 1]
In Battle 2 Rock n' roll!
In Battle 3 Barrage!
In Battle 4 Apple pie!
4-star Result Wonderful! This is the chance of a lifetime. Charge on!
3-star Result May my hail of bullets bring you eternal peace.
Sub 3-star Result The sound of victory is the sweetest melody. Alright, let's grab some drinks to celebrate when we get back!
Operation Failure Even a well-crafted gun will jam sometimes. Life is no different, so don't worry about it~
Assigned to Facility I like this place!
Tap Oh!
Trust Tap Leader, wanna try out my weapon?
Greeting Hey, Leader!
Title Arknights.


  1. Spoken as "Deo volente!" in the JP dialogue, which means "God willing!" in Latin