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Operator Record
The Business
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You buy, you sell, and when it leaves your hands, it's gone like smoke.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Croissant to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Croissant.
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Lungmen Highway
Lungmen Streets
Croissant must clear out old stock to buy new machine oil, but trying to sell outdated goods is a headache.
<Background 1>
[Sora and Exusiai opens the door into a warehouse.]
Sora Exusiai, any word from Croissant?
Exusiai Yeah, she says yes.
Sora She said we could store things here for a while if we run out of room at the office, but it's best to ask first.
Exusiai The shopping festival sale completely stuffed the company warehouses. There's hardly any room to even step inside.
Sora Yeah, we haven't been so busy in ages.
Exusiai Never imagined there was so much storage space under Croissant's room.
Sora She told me she rented two floors, one for living and one for storage.
She's organized all the stuff into categories. Makes you feel better just looking at it.
Exusiai Fruit cans... let's see... crafts, toiletries, clothing, food. Here, I think.
What are these boxes over here?
Magnificent Machine Oil?
[Croissant enters.]
Croissant Exusiai! Came as soon as I heard. Didja find a place fer yer stuff?
Exusiai Yes, but... I saw a bunch of machine oil over there. How did you get the goods so quickly?
Sora You still had money left? Didn't you just borrow some from me last month to buy a bunch of cloth?
Croissant That's the old kind I had in stock. I was thinkin' about sellin' it to raise the capital to buy the new stuff.
Sora Will people really buy obsolete ones like these?
Croissant It's from early this year, but it's still good to use. And cheaper'n the new kind. I'm sure I'll have takers.
Exusiai Just from early this year? Wow, they sure release updates fast.
Croissant Two new versions in a year. Yep, they must put some juice into R&D.
Sora Croissant...
Croissant What's on yer mind, Sora?
Sora It'd be hard for me to guarantee quality if a record company wanted me to release two albums in a year, but I don't know the situation here...
Croissant S'fine, I've used this machine oil fer ages. The quality's good.
<Background 2>
[The car radio plays an ad.]
Car Radio Rusty machines? Wear and tear? Joints getting stuck?
Get the latest Magnificent Machine Oil now! Temperature and oxidation-resistant, high viscosity and high purity. It's the best option!
A new secret ingredient keeps your machinery running good-as-new. Discover brand-new experiences with five different effects.
Buy a whole set and enjoy a secret bonus. Live life to the fullest. Choose Magnificent.
Exusiai Can we turn the radio off?
Croissant Magnificent don't spare any expense on advertising, do they?
[The ad continues.]
Car Radio New limited-edition machine oil in collaboration with famous Lungmen craftsman Tsui-Tsui! Get it online or in stores now.
The first hundred orders will also get a free set of maintenance tools, autographed by Tsui-Tsui. Call our hotline now!
Low Male Voice Magnificent, the choice of a master. I am Tsui-Tsui, and I endorse this message.
Croissant Hey, ain't that the engineer who's all the rage on the video websites right now? Didn't think he'd do a collab with Magnificent. Guess he really likes the new product.
Exusiai Word of mouth is the important thing. The opinion of one master doesn't mean much.
Croissant People're linin' up to buy it. More popular'n I ever thought it could be.
Gotta stock up on a sure-seller like that!
Exusiai It's a sure-seller, sure. What about your stock, though?
Croissant Sigh... all the vendors what came to me were offerin' cents on the dollar, like they were colludin' or somethin'. Musta found out I need cash on short notice.
Exusiai So what are you thinking? Are you selling?
Croissant I'll hafta, if'n I don't get any news within the week.
Exusiai It's what it is. You win some, and you lose some.
Croissant Oh, bless your heart. Makin' me feel better, Exusiai?
Exusiai Ahem. Watch the road, not me.
[The radio plays another ad.]
Car Radio Fragrances on sale now! Great deals on everything! All the fragrance you could want at shocking discounts! Call Dainty Fragrances at xxxxxxxx if interested.
Croissant Hah, looks like I ain't the only one tryin' to clear out stock.
Exusiai That's a pretty stiff laugh, Croissant.
[The radio plays another ad.]
Car Radio Live a healthier life with oat milk and coffee. One plus one can equal more than two.
Exusiai Man, ads these days are just getting worse and worse.
Croissant What'cha mean? I thought it made a lot of sense.
Exusiai Living a better life with oat milk and coffee?
Croissant Naw, the second bit.
Exusiai One plus one can equal more than two?
Croissant That's the one.
<Background 3>
[A woman is accompanying Croissant.]
Gentle Female Voice One moment, miss. The representative of Dainty Fragrances is just inside.
[The woman knocks the door.]
Gentle Female Voice Mr. Chang, there's a young woman with an appointment here. Are you free right now?
Chang Show her in.
Gentle Female Voice Come on in, Miss.
[Croissant enters the room.]
Croissant Mornin', Mr. Chang. Sorry to show up all unannounced-like.
Chang Not a problem, Miss. How should I call you?
Croissant Croissant's the name.
Chang Very good, Croissant. May I ask why you're here?
Croissant Well, I happen to have some stock of Magnificent Machine Oil that I'm tryin' to get off my hands, but it's been mighty tough findin' a buyer.
Chang I'm afraid we don't need any machine oil. We're having headaches trying to sell our own stock as it is.
Croissant (Wags a finger)
I ain't tryin' to sell ya my goods.
Chang Then why are you here?
Croissant I'm after a little cooperation.
Chang Forgive me for being blunt, but it doesn't look like you have such great marketing channels yourself.
Croissant And I ain't offerin' a channel, neither. I'm proposin' a strategy.
Chang A strategy?
Croissant Darn tootin'. A win-win strategy.
Chang And what might that be?
Croissant We sell our stock in a package deal.
Chang Outdated machine oil and out-of-fashion fragrance. Seems like a combination doomed to fail.
Croissant My machine oil comes with a mighty strong smell. Tackin' on a fragrance helps clear that right up.
The real kicker's gonna be the variety of fragrances your company offers.
Oil plus perfume ain't nothin' special, but the variety you got makes it interesting.
We could even do up a "random fragrance" package to add to the fun.
Chang (Nods approvingly)
Croissant Now, why don'tcha tell me what yer best-sellin' smell is?
Chang Rose.
Croissant Let's toss that one out as a free gift.
Chang Why would we give away the one that sells the best?
Croissant We ain't just givin' it out. You gotta collect a couple other fragrance sets to get the free gift.
Chang I see. What if we run out, though? We don't have a lot of rose fragrance in stock.
Croissant In that case, we do a lucky draw.
Ya get one chance at the draw for every full set of fragrance you collect.
Chang I see. I can come up with something as a consolation prize, and we give out the machine oil and fragrances as the second and third prizes.
But I'll need to think about the grand prize...
Croissant I'm thinkin' I'n offer the grand prize. It pains my heart, but it's all in the name of business.
Chang What is it?
Croissant A poster autographed by Emperor himself.
Chang Are you serious?!
Croissant Sure am... I've this feller fer a mighty long time.
(Oh yeah, I get to put my Employee of the Year Award to good use. It's just takin' up space.)
Chang This discussion has been most illuminating, Croissant. Now, about the revenue share...
I believe it's only fair that my company gets a bigger cut, considering the major role that our fragrance plays.
Croissant I'd say it's too early to talk about that. Let's put our heads together on a detailed sales strategy first.
Chang Very well. Here's my card. Feel free to contact us at any time.
Croissant That'd be lovely, Mr. Chang. Here's mine.
Chang Oh–
Croissant What is it?
Chang Oh, nothing. I've just never seen a business card so... cute.
Croissant Leaves an impression, don't it?
<Background 4>
[Croissant meets Exusiai on a bar.]
Exusiai You're back. How did it go?
Croissant Mighty fine. We didn't settle on the revenue split though.
Exusiai What's your plan?
Croissant Maybe I'll call him up now.
[Croissant opens a folder with many business cards.]
Croissant Gotta find his number. Flip through my rolodex here... boutique, appliances store, farm equipment, barber... here ya are, Dainty Fragrances.
Exusiai Man, you have so many cards it's dragging on the ground. Do you have a detailed plan, though?
Croissant Detailed plan? Too early fer that.
[Croissant calls Mr. Chang.]
Croissant Howdy, Mr. Chang? I dropped by earlier today.
Yep, it's me, Croissant.
I just finished tallyin' up the goods and I'm ready to package 'em. There's just one thing...
A workshop of sorts called me up. They're mighty interested in the oil...
[After hearing Chang's response...]
Croissant And, er... well, the lady offered an awful temptin' price.
No, I ain't given 'em an answer yet. I'd love to work with a big company like yours, but...
[After hearing Chang's response...]
Croissant Sure, I understand, but business is business.
Oh no, she's comin'. Gimme a sec.
Exusiai (She's one heck of an actress...)
Croissant (Covers the receiver lightly)
What?! You really want my entire stock?
I-I couldn't do that. I promised to sell it as a bundle with a real nice pardner. I-It ain't about the money.
Yer desperate? But... I just ain't sure... alright, I'll think about it.
(Releases the receiver)
Sorry to keep you waitin', Mr. Chang. They're awful persistent... they said they just got a big project and need a whole heap of machine oil.
[After hearing Chang's response...]
Croissant Huh?
You'll increase my share? A-Are ya sure?
Aw, I do appreciate that so very much. Thank you kindly! Would you have time tomorrow mornin' to pick up our chat? That'd be lovely. See ya tomorrow, Mr. Chang.
[Croissant hangs up.]
Exusiai You have a deal?
Croissant Sure do.
Now I got the capital for new goods, and I'll also get to pay back my debt. That's some mighty fine luck.
Exusiai Have you ever thought about a career in acting, Croissant?
Croissant Nah, ain't worth it... hey, you aren't serious, are you?
Exusiai (Shrugs)
[Exusiai leaves.]
Croissant Well... that went awful good.
(Looks at her own reflection in the mirror)
Go make that money, Croissant. If you don't, somebody else will.
<Background 1>
[Croissant and Exusiai had finished packing up several boxes.]
Croissant That's the last box! Let's see... two left. Not bad! Made my money back even before I sold out.
Exusiai I didn't understand why you would stock up like that, but now I guess it makes sense.
Croissant Mom n' Dad trained my instincts up like this. They're mighty precise.
Exusiai Family of businessmen?
Croissant Guess so. I grew up helpin' out around their little shop. So their thinkin' and habits've rubbed off on me.
Exusiai Have you found someone for the remaining machine oil?
Croissant Customer feedback was good, so I'm plannin' on keepin' it for myself.
Exusiai Can I have a bottle?
Croissant You can have a whole box, if you want.
Exusiai (Checks the labels)
Croissant What'cha you lookin' for?
Exusiai The ingredients. I need to know if can be used on firearms.
Croissant Oh yeah, I was so busy procurin', I never had a chance to look at what they added to the new version.
I still got the old bottles. We could compare 'em.
[Croissant heads to pick some old oil bottles and returns to Exusiai with them.]
Croissant Here we go! Let's see... what did they add?
Exusiai 75% mineral oil.
Croissant Same. Additives?
Exusiai Viscosity improver, antioxidant, anti-corrosive...
Croissant Don't see anythin' different. What was the secret ingredient they were talkin' up in the ad?
Exusiai Wait, there's something at the end... rose oxide?
Croissant Whassat? Lemme look it up... rose oxide is a fragrance chemical found in roses and rose oil.
Exusiai So all the new version added was a fragrance?
Croissant I feel... like I got played.
Exusiai Well, you know what they say. Great minds think alike.
(Pats Croissant on the shoulder)
Let's go. We have orders to deliver tonight.
Croissant Sigh...
Exusiai Aren't you going, Croissant?
Croissant ......
<Background 5>
One month later...
[Exusiai noticed a long queue nearby.]
Exusiai Why is there always a line here? It wraps all the way around the corner.
Sora Must be some new product launch.
Screen Ad Brand-new Magnificent Machine Oil, now in stores! Elevate your experience and personalize your very own fragrance from one of a dozen options!
Order now and get a mystery gift in partnership with Dainty Fragrances!
Live life to the fullest. Choose Magnificent.
Exusiai Another new version? Didn't they just release one last month?
You think Croissant is in line?
Sora You would think so, but...
Exusiai But?
Sora I'm gonna guess she's not.
Exusiai Why?
Sora She's been pretty depressed lately. She turned down my all invitations to go shopping or eat together, and she's not even taking care of her business.
Did you know that the little warehouse she has is completely empty?
Exusiai Looks like she got a big shock. All that effort to learn you've been played by the manufacturer...
She's not gonna just give up, is she? I haven't seen her for days.
Sora No idea, but I'm beginning to miss her bounciness, whether she made or lost money the day before.
Exusiai Me too. But the name Dainty Fragrances does sound familiar.
Sora See, I was right. No Croissant.
[Croissant shows up in her motorcycle.]
Croissant Evenin', folks. Might I interest you in a new flavor of crispy meatballs after a hard day of work?
Sora Thanks.
Croissant Are you guys going back? I'll give ya a ride.
Exusiai (Turns sideways)
Ahem. Notice anything new?
Croissant Er... a new hairstyle?
Exusiai Not me. The display window behind me.
Croissant Oh, that. Yeah, I knew about it a week ago.
Exusiai Wasn't this a new product released today?
Croissant Heard it from Magnificent myself. I introduced 'em to Chang, and they gave me a chance to buy their new product ahead of time, at a discount.
Exusiai No wonder it sounded familiar... you've stocked up on the new goods, then?
Croissant No, I turned 'em down.
Exusiai Why? Isn't that a chance to make a bunch of money?
Croissant Nah, I decided not to get mixed up. I already got me a new sales plan.
Exusiai What are you planning to sell?
Sora Wow, these crispy meatbals are great!
Croissant Hehe.