Heavyrain: Untimeliness

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Operator Record
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The long knife in the soldier's hand was supposed to have cut through the enemy's shield, but it was now pointed at their comrade's back.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Heavyrain to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Heavyrain.
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Male Sargonian A icon.png
Dispirited Straggler
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Old Captain (Abi)
Male Sargonian B icon.png
Sargonian Janissary
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Sargonian Veteran
Gutless Recruit
Timid Recruit
Underground Rubble
Desert Mountain
With a mutiny underway, old allies have turned their blades on each other, family and fellow have become enemies, soldiers of Sargon have become rebels, and in the midst of all this, Heavyrain is trapped in a dilemma.
<Background 1>
In the blood-red glow of the fire, each person is reduced to a vague silhouette, cast over the mottled ruins.
Once they fought side by side, through the valley of the shadow of death.
Yet now, only hatred and animosity remain in their gazes towards one another.
Heavyrain (What happened...?)
(It's like... everyone went crazy.)
<Background fades out and in>
Sargonian Veteran Allaenat![note 1]
Do you even realize the hell I went through getting back here alive? And before I get even a single hot meal, you want me rushing off to the front lines again?
Sargonian Janissary Fall back! All of you, fall back!
Is this a mutiny?!
[The veteran points his sword at the janissary.]
Sargonian Veteran Mutiny? I'm gonna kill you, ayyuha al'ahmaq.[note 2]
Grab him! Don't let him get away!
Sargonian Janissary Move it! Out of the way!
[The janissary tries to escape after pushing his way out of the veteran despite being shot.]
Sargonian Veteran Heavyrain! Quick!
Stop him! Don't let him run!
<Background fades out and in>
[Heavyrain stood in the janissary's way.]
Heavyrain (I think I know who he is...)
(What was he called again?)
Sargonian Veteran What are you spacing out for?! Kill him!
Sargonian Janissary MOVE!
[The janissary attacks Heavyrain...]
Heavyrain Urgh!
[...giving him an opening to escape.]
Sargonian Veteran Damn it!
Heavyrain, how could you let him get away?!
Heavyrain (All my comrades are staring at me. They look so hostile.) I'm sorry.
(It's like... I'm their enemy now too.) But I don't hurt my comrades.
Sargonian Veteran Comrades? Heh...
You think any of those sacks of shit on our side?
His punch hits Heavyrain square in the face.
The veteran pants insatiably, just waiting for Heavyrain to hit back, dying to vent his anger in combat.
But she doesn't. She simply picks up her shield, her expression calm.
No hesitation, nor any show of fear.
Heavyrain I'm sorry.
But I will never hurt my comrades.
Sargonian Veteran ......
*spit*! Coward.
[A captain joins in.]
Old Captain Enough! This is no time to be screwing with our own.
Sargonian Veteran Boss, we should make a break for it.
While we still have the chance.
Old Captain Run? What about our families back home?
We're all brothers from the same hometown. If the lord ameer ever feels like going after them, his job will be easy.
Sargonian Veteran Allaenat!
Those bastards were never going to let us live in the first place.
Old Captain I told you to think before you act. Do you regret it now?
Sargonian Veteran ......
I can't take this. I can't watch my brothers be thrown out to die like this.
Old Captain Enough, words won't solve this anymore. They can defend the entrance for now.
The janissaries and officers are all the children of nobles. With them as hostages, whoever's outside... won't be so quick to act.
Sargonian Veteran Right.
The years-long campaign has taken these people–far from their homes and their families–and left them with no one but their fellow troops.
It's only natural for those from the same hometown to look after one another, unable to bear their companions suffering even the slightest abuse.
But under such innately oppressive circumstances, strife still remains common.
Sargonian Veteran You cowards screwed up last time by being the first to run. I had the enemy tear at my ass for three whole days before I made it out.
Dispirited Straggler Khalas![note 3] Who are you calling a coward?!
If it wasn't for you shit for brains, I wouldn't even be trapped in here!
Sargonian Veteran Say that again, ya waghadi?
Dispirited Straggler Wanna go, huh? Bring it! Put your money where your mouth is!
Sargonian Veteran Fine, let's go!
[While Heavyrain watches the scuffle...]
Heavyrain ......
Anum Not going to help? You're just going to watch?
Heavyrain Who would I help?
Anum Who do you care about more?
Heavyrain ......
Anum Then who do you think is in the right?
Heavyrain They... none of them.
Sargonian mercenaries shouldn't be fighting each other for no reason like this.
Anum ...*sigh* I knew you weren't like the others, Heavyrain.
Heavyrain What?
Anum There's no should or shouldn't when it comes to soldiers...
Only want or don't want, obey or disobey.
<Background 2>
Anum How come you got even less food than me?
Don't vets get a little more?
Heavyrain It's fine. It's enough.
Having more or less doesn't make a difference.
Anum ......
Heavyrain (Anum sort of looks like she's in despair.)
(Is she worried for me?)
Anum Hm?
Heavyrain To tell the truth...
I knew the person who ran this afternoon.
Anum You did? But the janissaries never associate with people like us.
Heavyrain In our last battle, it was me who pulled him out from a pile of bodies.
He told me his name was Ibrahim.
We hid from the Casters pursuing us together.
Anum So he's your friend?
Heavyrain Not a friend. A comrade.
Anum What's the difference?
Heavyrain ...It's hard to put in words.
But they're not the same.
Anum Do you remember how this whole mess started?
Heavyrain The officer got the order to send everyone back to the front.
Anum And then?
Heavyrain The veterans felt they were too injured from the last battle and wanted more supplies and rest. Then it got out of hand.
Anum So, who do you think was in the right?
Heavyrain I understand what the veterans are thinking, but...
Anum Regardless, you hesitated.
And to the others, it felt like a betrayal.
Heavyrain ......
I'd never betray anyone.
I just don't understand...
We save him one moment, and then we have to kill him the next.
Anum Then what if it was someone else running toward you back there?
Someone who'd clashed with you before, even.
Would you retaliate then? Would you want to?
Heavyrain ......
If I said no, would you think I'm a coward, Anum?
Anum No... Because I knew you'd say that.
You see everyone as a comrade.
Heavyrain Because we are. Because we're Sargonian soldiers. Because we swore an oath.
"Never kneel to the enemy in the face of danger. Never abandon your comrades in times of need."
Personal grudges and desires... don't really matter to me much.
Anum Eh...?
Look at this food they gave us!
You could turn the plate upside down and it wouldn't fall off!
Heavyrain Stop messing with it. If it does fall, you'll have nothing to eat.
Anum Mm-hmm.
If that happened, would you give me yours?
Heavyrain Yes.
Anum Because I'm your comrade?
Heavyrain Because you're my friend.
Anum Friend, comrade... you keep repeating those words.
Is there really a difference?
Heavyrain ......
<Background fades out and in>
Devotion? Honor? Oaths? Is there a point?
Can you rebels inside hear me?!
Everyone here is an ordinary Sargonian! We fight to put food on the table, to support our families. That's all we want!
Drop your weapons and surrender immediately! Free the hostages!
Yes, ağa! Chorbaji on high!
You don't even care how many of our brothers died in that battle.
This is your final warning!
Fine... we're all dead either way.
This is your final warning!
<Background fades out and in>
??? Heavyrain.
Wake up.
Heavyrain (Hostiles?!)
(No!) What happened?!
Anum Lower your blade...
It's me, no need to panic.
Heavyrain (Dammit... that was too dangerous.) Oh...
(Good thing I didn't hurt Anum.) I'm sorry.
Anum It's fine. But I need your help right now.
Come with me.
Heavyrain Okay.
<Background fades out and in>
Anum Here's the situation. Neither of their fevers are breaking, and they've been shaking the whole time.
If we don't cure them ASAP, they're dead for sure.
Heavyrain (Their wounds haven't been treated at all.)
(There's so much rot.) What do you need me to do?
Anum The vets are watching all the supplies, and refuse to help in any way.
I assume you know where they keep them. Can you think of a way to bring anything back?
They're your comrades, after all.
Heavyrain (Comrades...) You don't need to convince me.
(Did she really have to stress it like that?) I'll go and try.
[The straggler from before asks Anum,]
Dispirited Straggler If you didn't stop me just now, I swear I would've taken them on.
Can we trust her?
Anum Have faith. Heavyrain's a good person.
She gave her word, so she'll do it.
Dispirited Straggler A good person?
There's no such thing as a good person in the army, only fools and idiots.
Anum ......
[Sounds of people breaking through the walls are heard.]
Anum Who's there?!
??? Shit, we've been noticed!
Deal with them! Don't make too much noise.
Anum Wait! We're in a tough spot too!
So... can we make a deal?
<Background 3>
Heavyrain (So dark...)
(I know this is where they put the medicine...)
(These are the bandages, so the disinfectant should be right next to them.)
??? Who's there?
Heavyrain (Oh, no... I can't let them find me.)
(Just hide this stuff in my clothes...)
[The veteran from before checks the storehouse...]
Sargonian Veteran What was that noise?! Who is it?!
[...as the captain turns on the lights.]
Old Captain ...Me!
I'm looking for something.
Sargonian Veteran Oh.
[The veteran leaves.]
Heavyrain ......
Old Captain ......
[The captain turns off the lights.]
Old Captain Heavyrain, was it meds you took?
All by yourself?
Heavyrain (He's turning off the lights?)
(What is he going to do?!)
Old Captain Relax, you don't want anyone else finding you here, right?
Okay, so what's going on? Who's hurt?
Heavyrain (Should I tell him?)
(If I just leave, will he stop me?)
Old Captain If you don't want to say... the door's over here. Be sure not to make any more noise.
Heavyrain ......
Two recruits have... untreated wounds. They have high fevers.
Old Captain What meds did you take?
Heavyrain These.
Old Captain Hm... disinfectant and bandages. You know how to treat wounds, then?
Heavyrain Yes. I've learned before.
Old Captain Good. Remember to remove anything that's rotting.
[The captain checks the medicine stock.]
Old Captain We're out of anesthetics... They'll just have to grin and bear it.
Take these antibiotics too, they'll be key to saving their lives. That's about all I can give you, though.
Obviously, it'd be best to get them to a hospital. But clearly that's not on the table.
Heavyrain Thank you...
See you, then.
Old Captain ......
Wait, Heavyrain.
Heavyrain Hm?
Old Captain Are you hurt? Do you feel bad anywhere?
Heavyrain No.
Old Captain *sigh*... I remember trying to reason with your mother, when she handed you over to me.
You were barely out of diapers...
Heavyrain ......
Old Captain Never mind. Hurry. Stay out of sight on your way back.
Heavyrain Can I ask something?
Old Captain Huh? What?
Where's this coming from? You haven't called me that in years.
Heavyrain We swore, before, that we'd root out all of Sargon's enemies.
But now it's Sargonian soldiers surrounding us.
It's Sargonian soldiers we're holding hostage.
Everyone here's a Sargonian soldier, and they fight each other every day.
Who is our enemy? What is an enemy?
What do I... do?
Abi Heavyrain.
Let me ask you something first.
Heavyrain Okay.
Abi If I was hurt, you would help me too, wouldn't you?
Heavyrain Definitely.
Abi Why?
Heavyrain Because we're Sargonian soldiers. We never abandon our comrades.
Abi Then suppose I wasn't your comrade, and I wasn't wearing this uniform.
I was just some stranger, begging for your aid. Would you help me?
Heavyrain Yes.
Abi Then what if I asked you to risk your life to rescue me?
Put everything on the line to help a stranger. Would you?
Heavyrain ......
I don't know.
Abi To put it frankly, serving Sargon, eh... it just means you wear these clothes. Seems like they're all that ties us together.
But even without them, you'd still be you, I'd still be me, and anyone'd still be anyone. Everyone has their own identities, their own perspectives, their own goals.
Even you. You have little ideas of your own, don't you? You'd risk your life to steal meds for your comrades.
Heavyrain I...
...was only doing it because...
Abi Hahaha, I know.
You're a good kid. You regard every soldier as an comrade.
But what about if you took off the uniform? Who are you then?
Heavyrain (If I left this uniform behind, if I wasn't a Sargonian soldier anymore...)
(What would I do?)
(Go home?)
Abi Enough, I'd better get back to checking on the lookouts.
Heavyrain... take care of yourself.
Heavyrain I will...
<Background 2>
Sargonian Janissary We can execute traitors on the spot. What matters most is we ensure the hostages are safe.
Anum Will you keep your word? That if we work with you...
Sargonian Janissary If you're willing to turn back and cease this crime of betraying the lord ameer...
Then I trust our superiors will reconsider your punishment.
Dispirited Straggler ...They... We all got dragged into this, no one asked us.
We never intended to betray the lord ameer!
Sargonian Janissary Of course.
Dispirited Straggler I swear!!!
Sargonian Janissary The only thing that matters is how you choose to act.
Timid Recruit Anum, someone's coming!
Sargonian Janissary We can't wait for you forever.
Make up your minds.
<Background fades out and in>
Heavyrain I'm back. How are they?
Anum Still running a high fever. Did you find the meds?
Heavyrain Yeah. Help me redress their wounds.
They need to tough it out. I have to cut away all the rotting parts.
Then get them to take these antibiotics.
Gutless Recruit Heavyrain...
Thank you.
Heavyrain It's nothing.
Anum, come and help me undo their old bandages.
Anum Alright.
[Anum removes the bandages from the injured.]
Anum You treat their wounds. I'll get some people to fetch things.
Heavyrain Okay.
Anum (Whisper) You, all of you, come with me.
<Background fades out and in>
Anum This is our last chance. Are you in?
Timid Recruit I...
But the veterans...
Anum You're scared, aren't you?
Timid Recruit ......
Anum Do you want to die here? With those idiots?
How about the rest of you, then?
Dispirited Straggler ...Do you really think we have a chance? It's not like we outnumber them.
And will the lord ameer really let us go?
Anum You said it yourself, didn't you? What's the difference between us, when we all make our livings as soldiers?
Or do you want to explain to the people outside how you're innocent while they have a blade against your throat?
Dispirited Straggler (Deep breath)
Khalas! Fine. Lead the way.
Your friend there, is she going to help us?
Anum Heavyrain... I'll ask her.
If it comes down to it...
Dispirited Straggler You're going to kill her? Isn't she your friend?
Anum She is, and a good person too.
But she can never figure out where she stands, or what matters. She's too nice to everyone.
Dispirited Straggler ......
Anum You said it yourself, didn't you?
There's no such thing as a good person in the army, only fools and idiots.
Dispirited Straggler You got me there.
Timid Recruit What... What are you looking at me for?!
I... I'll go with you.
<Background fades out and in>
Heavyrain Their wounds are redressed now, and they've taken the drugs.
Their foreheads aren't as hot anymore.
(Something's not right about Anum's expression.) They'll recover.
Anum Heavyrain.
If the war ends, and you leave the army, what would you want to do?
Heavyrain (Where's this coming from?)
I... haven't thought about it.
Anum You've really never considered what you want to do? Or who you care about?
Heavyrain What I want to do...
Who I care about...
And everyone else...
Anum Oh, honestly, Heavyrain.
Heavyrain (Everyone here is gauging me. They're looking to see how I react.)
(And they're packing their gear.)
Anum, if there's something you want to say...
You can just tell me.
Anum ......
Then if I asked you to help me capture the mutinying soldiers, would you say yes?
Heavyrain What?!
Anum Regardless of what you think, you're out of options. We're all enemies of Sargon at this point.
But just now, we were lucky enough to get one last chance.
We can survive this.
Heavyrain (Is that really lucky?)
(For a reason like that, and nothing else...) Is there no other way?
Anum No.
You can't avoid the problem anymore.
You treat them as comrades, but they don't see you that way.
Do you still not get it?
Heavyrain (The way they treat me...) I do.
(...doesn't really matter...) But I don't mind.
I just can't do it. Not when it's just to survive.
Anum Then I'll do it for you.
Heavyrain (Am I too weak...?) Anum!
Anum I'm sorry.
Dispirited Straggler Hyah!
Heavyrain Ugh!
<Background fades out and in>
Dispirited Straggler Are we killing her?
I'll be honest, I've been afraid of you stabbing me in the back at some point.
Anum ......
Tie her up.
Timid Recruit Right... She did save our lives, after all.
Anum Heavyrain, you were never weak. You're just shackled by that oath of yours.
The lord ameer doesn't want you to have your own desires. The officers are scared of seeing your hatred.
You're a good person.
So this time, I'll do it for you.
But you owe me one.
Because you promised you'd protect me.
Because I want to survive.
I want to survive with you.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Sargonian Veteran What's that little wench's problem?
She's been with us for half a year now and she still doesn't talk. She just stands there by herself, watching us.
Abi Children are scared of strangers.
She's a good person, once you get to know her.
Sargonian Veteran ......
Get over here, help us out.
Heavyrain (Does he mean me?)
Sargonian Veteran Go, take this roll call. You see that lost-looking bunch over there?
Them. Go fetch those recruits.
Heavyrain (It's another new batch.)
(It hasn't been a month since the last one.) Okay.
<Background fades out and in>
Anum Hey.
Are you a vet here?
Heavyrain (She's younger than me.)
Anum You see this gold star?
Heavyrain Mm.
Anum This is a spoil of war. I got it from some ruins.
I'll give this to you, so protect me if they try to bully me, okay?
Heavyrain ......
Anum Huh? Because I hear the vets always bully the new recruits here.
But from where I'm standing, you seem different.
Heavyrain No, I mean, why give this to me?
It's yours. I don't need it.
And besides, I wouldn't bully my own comrades.
Anum ......
You're a weird one.
I'm Anum.
Heavyrain ...I'm Heavyrain.
Now, back to your unit, please.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
The choking scent of smoke–and the familiar-yet-terrifying battle cries–bring Heavyrain out of her daze in a snap.
Instinctively, she tries to reach for her weapon, but quickly discovers that she has been bound fast to a pillar.
Heavyrain (Dammit... Anum, you impulsive bastard...)
(I have to find her...)
Tear gas fills the room.
Heavyrain grits her teeth and after some effort dislocates her own arm to writhe it free of the rope. Her clenched jaw manages to stop her from screaming in pain.
<Background fades out and in>
[The janissaries move in to deal with the mutineers.]
Sargonian Janissary Death to the rebels!
Heavyrain (No matter what, I need to find Anum, and Abi.) Anum!
(Anum... where is she?) Abi!
Sargonian Veteran (Heavy breathing) Huff... huff...
Hahaha, we're all comrades, huh?
[Heavyrain do nothing as the janissary strikes the veteran.]
Sargonian Veteran *spit*! You betrayed us after all.
Heavyrain (Betrayed?) You...
(I didn't...) I'll treat your wounds.
[The veteran points his sword at Heavyrain.]
Sargonian Veteran Stay back!
Haram alayk,[note 4] trying to trick me like the hypocrite you are.
You think I'm your path to glory?
Bring it!
Heavyrain (We lived and died as comrades...)
(Now we fight to the end as enemies?)
Sargonian Veteran Allaenat, I'll go out with honor!
And you? Selling out your own comrades to survive?
Heavyrain (I was never going to sell anyone out...)
(Everyone's treating me as an enemy...)
Sargonian Veteran Honor? Oaths? You're nothing but a coward!
You're just scared to do wrong, scared of being blamed, scared to be a bad person.
And for what? Even if my brothers choose wrong, I'd still give everything I have for them! I don't fear it!
There's no true right or wrong when you're a soldier, anyway.
Heavyrain (I...)
Sargonian Veteran Come. Aren't you going to kill me?
Even if I die, I have my brothers with me. Lucky me!
What about you? What's waiting for you, even if you survive?
Heavyrain ...You're right.
<Background fades out>
Anum Heavyrain, you were never weak. You're just shackled by that oath of yours.
So this time, I'll do it for you.
<Background fades in>
Heavyrain (My parents always told me to obey, to listen.) I never did wrong at home. I tried hard to show them I was a good kid, but in the end I was still kicked out.
Because our harvest was bad, and we couldn't survive. No other reason.
(Oaths, virtue, honor...) I think of everyone as a comrade, and try to help them, and I'm scared of doing the wrong thing.
(...are they really just lies here?) But even so, this is how it all turned out...
If it's like you say... there's no should or shouldn't, no right or wrong...
(Just like Anum said.) Then I'm willing to bear it... to bear all of the consequences for Anum.
I'll protect her.
(Forgive me.)
[Heavyrain bashes the veteran with her shield...]
Sargonian Veteran Agh!!
[...knocking him down.]
Heavyrain (I can just use my shield...) Huff...
(I don't need to actually kill him.)
Where are you?
[Heavyrain rushes outside.]
<Background 1>
[Anum is fighting Abi the captain...]
Anum Once we have you, this entire clown show will be over.
We'll all still have a chance to survive.
[...who fights back.]
Old Captain Survive? Aren't you a greedy one...
You're not fit to be a soldier of Sargon.
Anum A soldier?
You really think anyone gives a damn?
Old Captain Drop dead.
[Abi fires at Anum just as Heavyrain arrives.]
Heavyrain (Dammit...) Anum!
(Why did it have to be Abi...) Abi?
Anum Heavyrain!
Help me.
Heavyrain ......
Abi Made up your mind?
Heavyrain (I'm sorry...) Abi, I didn't want it to be this way.
(If there was any other choice...) But Anum's my friend, so...
I can't let you hurt her.
Abi Friend...
Hahahaha! Come on! Show me then!
Heavyrain What?!
[Abi fires at Heavyrain...]
Heavyrain Urgh!
Anum Heavyrain! Watch out!
I'm coming!
Abi Move it!
[...before firing at Anum who tries to save her.]
Anum Argh!
Heavyrain Anum!
[Heavyrain protects Anum...]
Abi For your friend's sake, eh! Good on you!
Now again, Heavyrain!
Heavyrain Urgh!
[and withstood Abi's attacks.]
Abi You're not going to defeat me just by defending. You know.
You're still wavering?
You need to protect your friend, and right now, I'm your enemy.
Heavyrain (The worst outcome...)
Anum Heavyrain! Dammit... ufff...
Guys! Help us!
Seize the traitor!
Abi *sigh*... Looks like we're out of time.
You'll have to forgive me for taking the reins, then.
Heavyrain What?
Abi Hyah!
[Abi strikes at Heavyrain...]
Heavyrain Agh!!
[...disarming her.]
Anum Heavyrain!
Abi The finishing blow!
[Abi prepares to attack as Heavyrain held tight to her shield.]
Heavyrain (We're going to die...)
(No!) Aaaaarrgh!
Abi Come!!!
Abi slashed at Heavyrain. Heavyrain lifts her shield with all she has, every drop of strength poured into her charge against him.
Yet in the single moment her view is blocked...
The old vet...
Turns his blade...
And plunges it into his own body.
[Abi collapses after stabbing himself.]
Heavyrain WHY?!?!?!
WHY?! Abi!!!
Why are you doing this?!
Abi Take my blade.
Heavyrain No...
Abi Take it! Quick!
While they still haven't noticed.
Heavyrain No! I won't!
The warehouse! There's still meds there!
Abi Astamaʿa li!
Al-'aan! I'm telling you to take it!
Heavyrain Abi...
Abi Heavyrain, you're a good child.
You protect your comrades, care for your friends, even watch out for my useless old ass.
I'm so... very happy.
Heavyrain Stop it...
Abi *cough* *cough*... If you're willing to see everyone as a comrade, to help them, to lay your personal grudges to rest...
Then you're so much stronger than us elderly morons... but still... *cough* *cough*...
Never let yourself be so easily bound. Be firm in your own steps.
You're a good child, I trust that.
But there are times, when kindness is a little inappropriate, that's all.
Heavyrain I know.
I know...
Abi Don't let it weigh you down. Whatever else, we need someone left to bring our letters back.
After so long away, it's about time we old men... went home.
These tags––these comrades... you protect them well. I believe in you...
Bring... *cough* *cough*... everyone...
Heavyrain (Abi!!!!) !!!
No! Abi!
Anum Dammit... Heavyrain...
<Background 5>
Sargonian Janissary Move aside! Everyone move aside!
Any more fighting, and you'll all be executed on the spot!
Heavyrain Stay away from Anum, or I'll take you on myself!
Don't be scared, Anum!
Anum Mm...
Sargonian Janissary Enough! Do you not think your crimes are sufficiently grave yet?
Unit 0374! You have betrayed the lord ameer, and spurned your soldier's oath.
This is your last chance to wash yourselves of guilt!
We hope for you to prove your loyalty through your actions in this assignment.
Anum *sigh*... And here I thought we might have a chance to live.
I should have expected that the lord ameer was never going to let us go.
Now what?
Heavyrain Don't be afraid.
Nobody is allowed to hurt you, no matter who it is.
Anum ......
Heavyrain (Abi...)
(I'll bring everyone home, together.)


  1. اللعنة; "Damn it" in Arabic
  2. أيها الأحمق; "Imbecile" in Arabic
  3. خلص; "Enough" in Arabic, but in this context means "Asshole"
  4. حرام عليك; "Shame on you" or "Curse you" in Arabic