Midnight: Letter From Home

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Operator Record
Letter From Home
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Maybe looking back isn't all that bad, every now and then.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Midnight to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Midnight.
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Customer A
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Customer B
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Young Citizen A
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Young Citizen B
Exhausted Female Voice
RI Room
Lungmen Back Alley
RI Corridor
Midnight receives a message from Higashi. Galvanized by his teammates, he finds the courage to listen to it in its entirety.
<Background black>
11:18 P.M. \ Overcast
Rhodes Island Landship, Operator Dorms
<Background 1>
[Spot knocks the bathroom's door.]
Spot If you don't hurry up already, Midnight, I'm going by myself.
Midnight Give me just another minute. I'm almost done. If you have to burn the midnight oil, wouldn't you rather share the time with the finest Midnight?
Spot I'd rather get a new partner.
[Midnight's phone rings.]
Spot Hey, your terminal's ringing.
Midnight Looks like Orchid is too eager to see me. Mind taking it for me?
Spot Hell no. My hands are full of comics.
Midnight Well, then, prepare yourself for the majestic sight of my soaking wet body. Aren't you delighted you get to enjoy it for free?
Spot ......
[Spot answers the call to Midnight's phone.]
Rhodes Island Messenger Midnight, this is a private voice message for you. Transfer complete. The message will begin automatically in three seconds–
[A voice message is played through the phone.]
Exhausted Female Voice Yoru-kun... did you get the letter I sent you? I... We don't know where you are right now, but it's been more than six months...
They said they found a way to contact you, so I thought I would give it another try. I only hope it reaches you in time...
Ever since I sent my last letter, your father's health has worsened, day by day. Now it's hard for him to even get out of bed...
He... He's been staring out at the garden a lot. I think he might be waiting for a Messenger to come... He keeps telling me not to contact you, but I think it might be his last wish...
Please, Yoru-kun, could you...
[The voice message ends. Midnight leaves the bathroom.]
Midnight ...*cough*, *cough*.
Spot You're getting all your hair water on my comic.
Midnight I let my hair air-dry once in a while. It really brings out my charm.
Spot You sure about that?
Midnight Of course. I know how to take care of looks.
Spot What I'm saying is, you sure you don't want to hear the rest of the message?
I don't understand a lick of Higashinese, but still...
Midnight I thought you were waiting for me to head out? I couldn't bear to take another minute, as soon as I realized I was keeping my beloved partner waiting outside in the cold.
Spot That's not what you said just now when you took your shower.
Whatever, we have a long night ahead of us and we aren't getting out of it. If you're ready, then let's get going.
[Spot called Orchid through Midnight's phone.]
Orchid I thought you would be on the road by now.
Spot Who do you think slowed us down?
Midnight Good evening, Orchid. It may be late, but your makeup is perfect as always. Even the moonlight out the window looks all the more alluring, much thanks to you.
Orchid You haven't forgotten what I told you last time, have you?
I'll be deducting any time you spend talking nonsense instead of working from your overtime pay. In other words, if you want to see your paycheck for tonight's mission, you'd better stop talking now.
Midnight Oh, Orchid, why so serious? The only thing that has ever been on my mind is helping lift the weight off your shoulders. Money means nothing to me.
Orchid Have you read the mission briefing?
Spot There's a young man missing nearby. Our job's to find him.
Orchid You, Midnight?
Midnight Understood. We're chasing a young man lost in the shades of evening.
Worry not, Orchid. No one escapes my charm. With me on the job, I am sure he too will...
Orchid His parents suspect he was kidnapped by local gangsters.
Midnight Oh?
Spot If it's a kidnapping case on our hands, that's easy.
Orchid Remember not to make a ruckus. I already have enough reports to take care of.
If the boy's parents didn't have dealings with Rhodes Island, this wouldn't have been our mess at all.
Midnight Very well, my dear leader. We need only keep a low profile, right?
Although my aura can hardly be shrouded by any environment or circumstance, I accept this challenge. I am not one to give you a tough time.
Orchid As long as you get the gist. Now go. Be quick about it.
Right, Midnight–
Midnight Yes?
Orchid I saw a Messenger just now with an urgent message for you from Higashi. Did you get it?
Midnight ......
Orchid If you have something more urgent, I can ask Catapult to take the mission.
Midnight Oh, Orchid, how moving. You are as considerate as a saint, and your thoughts alone are enough to move me to tears...
Orchid Get to the point. Do you need Catapult to take this or not?
Midnight ...But I am not planning to let some trivial matters from back home affect our important work.
Orchid Good. Stay in contact, then.
[Midnight hangs up.]
Spot Ugh, you sure you're fine?
Midnight My, even you are concerned about me tonight. Looks like my sincere smile has finally melted your hearts!
Spot Yeah, sure. I'm just disappointed. I almost got a different partner.
<Background 2>
Young Citizen A Jeremy? Is that you? What are you doing here? Didn't you say you wouldn't be coming back for the foresee–
Midnight Oh lovely lady, don't move. Please.
Young Citizen A W-Who are you people?
Midnight We are looking for the "Jeremy" you speak of.
Young Citizen A I... I don't know where he is. I already told the cops as much this afternoon...
Midnight We are no mere police.
Young Citizen A What?! Then... Who are you?
Midnight My lady, your friend was kidnapped by a few menacing-looking gangsters. That's what you told his parents, am I correct?
Young Citizen A Erm... yes.
Midnight In that case, please take a look at the Reproba man off to the side behind you.
Spot ......
Midnight Have you noticed his gaze? Does he seem fearsome to you?
Young Citizen A D-Dear God! No way, you don't mean... you are...
Midnight Shh.
That's right. We are exactly who you think we are.
Those in our line of work will always own up to what we have done, but I'm afraid if someone tries to pin on us something we haven't done–
Young Citizen A Jeremy is at the Iron Mine pub down on the corner of 18th Street!!!
I... I told you everything... I should never have lied for him... Please, I'm so sorry. Please don't hurt me... *sobs*...
<Background fades out and in>
Midnight And that's settled.
The target's hanging at the pub unharmed. No one kidnapped him; he ran away from home. Aren't you absolutely stunned? I have a fine pair of eyes that never fails to see right through a girl.
Spot And what was that hand signal or whatever? Were you trying to tell me to get ready to fight?
Midnight Look at you. How am I to do harm to a lovely lady like her? You need only to leave these matters to me and my fabulous acting.
Spot And here I thought it was my weapon that did the trick.
Midnight Oh, my darling partner. After my countless demonstrations, how do you still fail to understand?
More often than not, words are more effective than violence.
<Background 3>
Young Citizen B One more pint? No. One pint isn't enough. Give me a dozen!
Now that I've got all that weight off my shoulders, I'm drinking till I drop!
Stinking old man. He keeps making me study... What does he know?!
I wanna make music. I'll be the hottest musician in this pub, and I'll have concerts all the way over in Siesta!
[Midnight walks to the young man.]
Midnight (Claps)
Young Citizen B Who... Who are you?
Spot Hey, we're looking for...
[Midnight knocks Spot out to shut him up.]
Midnight We're searching for the most eurythmic sound there is.
Perhaps you'll grant me, a connoisseur of music, the chance to buy a drink for the man who will become the hottest musician to ever visit this pub?
Young Citizen B Ha, hahaha...! Hell yeah! You've got a good eye!
Midnight Often am I told I have a particularly fine eye for beauty, but the truth is that my ears are equally sharp.
Dear musician, care to tell me what your instrument of choice is?
Young Citizen B I... I can play everything! Especially... guitar!
Midnight My, my. Is this your guitar? Look at its exciting colors and contours. It reminds me of a fine lady.
Young Citizen B I gotta hand it to you, everything you say is like music to my ears...
Midnight Thank you for the compliment. Everyone has a talent, and it so happens mine lies in conversation.
To our talents!
Young Citizen B To... To talents!
Midnight Well, then, young musician. Would you mind giving us a taste of the music you take such pride in?
Young Citizen B O-Of course! Here... Here I go!
(Plays the guitar)
How... How's that? Sounds awesome, right?
Spot Ugh...
Midnight My... your music truly leaves an impression.
Spot (Now that's a master BSer at work.)
Midnight Please, continue.
Spot (You sure? I need to put a little more distance between me and that.)
[Midnight steps back a bit from the young man.]
Young Citizen B Hah... Haha! Need an encore? Try this on for size! I-I wrote this piece just two days ago!
(Plays the guitar)
Customer A Okay, what the fricking shit is this? Boss, this crap's terrible!
Customer B Yeah, if you're gonna keep torturing our ears, we're outta here!
Young Citizen B Hey...! What are you saying?!
My music's brilliant... What do you know? How dare you talk smack about my art!
Customer A You're the one ruining our drinks with all that noise, and you're complaining? Buzz off, kid. Go back to your room and do your homework!
Young Citizen B ......
Is my music bad?
Midnight Hm... would you like to hear the truth?
Young Citizen B Please...
Midnight My musician friend, I'm afraid you don't have much talent for music.
Young Citizen B No... That's not true!
Midnight Please calm down. Even without talent, a man has the right to chase his dreams.
And as long as you persist down this path...
Young Citizen B Enough!
If I don't have talent, then this is all meaningless... Music... guitar... Screw it all!
[Angered, the young man slams the guitar to the floor.]
Midnight This is a beauty of a guitar. You should be more gentle with her.
[Midnight picks up the guitar.]
Midnight (Strums a few chords)
Young Citizen B How'd you...
Customer A Hey, that's a good one! Now that's more like it!
Customer B Oh, new guy playing, huh? Boss, you hear this? If you're doing live music, this is the guy you should hire!
Midnight You flatter me, but I am not a musician. I merely tried my hand at guitar for a few months to entertain my customers and help them relax.
Young Citizen B What... Come on, man, you're just here to ruin my day, aren't you?
Midnight Now that's not quite right, my young musician friend.
You're the one who tried to ruin your beloved instrument, not me.
I could hand you your guitar back, but have you really put thought to how you will hold it?
There is a price to pay for fulfilling your dreams. And it costs not only sweat, but money as well... Are you sure you've made the proper preparations?
Young Citizen B Money... Right... I don't have money!
But I'll have money real soon! I hooked up with that gang already, and I'll be raking in lots of dough if I spend the next couple days away from home–
[Midnight "accidentally" threw a glass of wine to the young man.]
Young Citizen B What was that for... *cough*... How dare you throw wine in my face!
Midnight Apologies, my hand slipped.
Young Citizen B Your hand slipped...?
Midnight Perhaps that cleared your head a little?
Young Citizen B I...
Midnight There are many ways one can use a fine wine, and this is the most wasteful way there is.
However, if you keep telling me you plan to work with the gangs, I don't mind wasting a few more glasses with you, until you have a perfectly clear head.
Young Citizen B S-Stop it already!
It's just making my old man cough up some money! You're the one who told me to prepare some money. Why are you against this?
Midnight My musician friend, you never needed my support. Not anyone else's either, for that matter.
Perhaps you'll find yourself a few coins richer by doing this, but that is not what I mean by "preparation."
Otherwise, tell me this: have you ever wondered how your parents feel about this turn of events?
Young Citizen B How they feel...? I bet they're overjoyed now that they finally got rid of me!
Midnight Or perhaps... they are crying their eyes out, worried for your safety?
Young Citizen B No way... No way in hell.
Midnight You don't believe me, or perhaps you can't bring yourself to believe me?
If you haven't thought it through, how are you so sure you can bear the consequences for you and your parents?
Young Citizen B I...
What consequences... I have no idea?
Just who are you anyway?
Midnight Apologies for not introducing myself sooner. I am an operator from Rhodes Island, and this sullen-looking Reproba gentleman is my partner.
Young Citizen B Rhodes Island?! That's the company that sends my mother medicine...
Are you... Are you here to look for me? Did my mother...
Midnight If my eyes do not deceive me, it seems you are worried about your mother?
Young Citizen B No... definitely not!
Midnight It's not so bad to look back every now and then, before you set out on a journey chasing your dreams.
If you want to go home and check on your family, my partner and I will be waiting for you at the door.
[The young man leaves his seat and walks away, but stops for a bit...]
Young Citizen B ............
[...before leaving. Spot came to Midnight's side.]
Spot Oh?
Midnight Mission complete–Judging from your expression, you find yourself once again stunned by my beautiful performance.
Spot I'm just wondering... what do we do if the prick doesn't show? I don't wanna waste my strength knocking him out.
Midnight He will be here.
<Background 4>
Orchid Back already? I was expecting you to take longer.
Midnight Our speed is thanks to my brilliant performing. Now if I fail to get five hours of sleep, my handsomeness will take a hit tomorrow.
Orchid I read the brief you filed on your way back. So the boy actually ran away from home?
Midnight Orchid, my love, please do not hesitate to compliment the accuracy of my predictions.
Spot Sounds like you got all the compliments taken care of yourself...
Orchid That boy... He has the gall to work with the gangs to swindle his parents' money. Money they need for his mother's life! And they almost handed it right to them.
Maybe we should've let the cops arrest him. That'd show him what a big mistake he made.
Midnight Worry not, Orchid. Before real tragedy could unfold, the boy who wandered astray managed to find his way back to the right path.
Orchid You sure he won't act out again?
Midnight My team leader, could you give me a little more credit?
Spot It's not often I agree with this guy.
The kid was crying his eyes out in his arms. Even got my fur dirty.
Orchid Is this another one of the Devil of the Eastern Night's "special powers?"
Spot He stood outside their front door and told the kid everything he went through, and that's how the kid turned out. Decided he was some kind of mentor. Almost didn't let him go.
Orchid What he went through?
Midnight, you still haven't told us about you and your parents.
Midnight My love, I never expected you to show such a keen interest in me...
Orchid I really wish I could say I'm not showing any interest in you whatsoever, but...
Just this once, I'll listen to whatever you have to say. No, not just me. Spot too–
Spot You dragging me into this?
Orchid Normally, you would have already snuck out of the room.
Spot Alright, fine. Lay it on us, Midnight.
Midnight ......
I am moved, and I suppose it's only proper if I give you two a hug? Orchid, it's a shame you aren't here in person. I have only Spot to bring into my embrace–
Spot Just tell the story already and keep your hands to yourself. We're never doing this again.
Midnight Well... You already heard much of the story just now.
Spot You mean that thing about your old man beating you to a pulp out in the snow with a family heirloom sword? Where you still made the decision to leave home and chase your dreams, and you made it to the top of your industry after lots of hardships and obstacles?
Only the getting beaten part was new. The rest I've heard so many times, my ear fur almost froze over.
Midnight What happened after that isn't nearly as spectacular... On the contrary, it's incredibly boring.
After I found my footing, I started sending some money back home every month. My mother wrote me every so often, but my father...
Knowing him, he would never forgive me. I didn't want to stoke his ire any more, so we haven't had any contact at all.
Orchid Did you ever tell them you left Higashi, and about your disease?
Midnight Orchid, my love. You've worked away from your family all these years, but you haven't told your parents about all your worries at work, have you?
Orchid This is Oripathy we're talking about... My worries don't compare at all.
Midnight Right, it's a tad bit more worrying.
In Higashi, I left behind most of my savings and arranged someone to send them money every month. It was more than enough for them to live out their remaining years in comfort.
Spot If you were even half as amazing as you're saying you were, you wouldn't need to work for your treatment money.
Midnight Money can be earned again. Besides, my greatest asset is me myself.
Orchid But it's like you said... Do you think your parents care more about you or money? If your family still writes to you, isn't that more than enough to show that they don't just want money?
Midnight Even I have questions I can't answer, Orchid.
Orchid Honestly, it's not up to us to worry about what your parents think about.
I think both Spot and I are more worried about how you feel yourself.
Midnight *Sigh*.
If I have to have a question... I suppose it's a very simple one.
If someone hasn't been home for nearly two decades, is there really a need for him to go back?
Spot What? Are you scared?
Midnight Scared? I'm the Devil of the Eastern Night.
Perhaps there are a few problems that I'm not very willing to face.
Orchid Are you afraid to go home? Do you maybe regret the decision you made all those years ago?
Midnight What is there to regret when I have lived such a splendid life, free of control?
Orchid So you're worried they still don't accept you?
Midnight When I was in my teens, I suppose I merely wanted the approval of those dearest to me, just like the young man we met today.
But I got over that long ago.
Orchid You're starting to lose me.
Midnight I suppose... my real fear is...
Never mind. No matter what I do now, it might already be too late.
<Background 1>
Midnight Look at me rambling on and on. The sun is about to rise. Why not hit the pub for another round?
Spot Am I allowed to say no?
Midnight I would wager you don't actually want to say no.
Spot Fine. That's a bet you'd win, for once.
But let me make one thing clear. If you end up drinking too much, I'm not carrying you back to the dorm.
Midnight Oh, so heartless now? This pains me.
Spot Know what, I'll pass...
Don't say I didn't warn you. You shouldn't drink too much before you go on a long trip.
Midnight Uhh... Did I ever say I was going on a long trip?
Spot In your own words? It's not so bad to look back every now and then.
Midnight Look back, huh...
[Midnight's phone beeps...]
Spot Your terminal's still on. Looks like that message is starting to play again...
Midnight ......!
[...and he took it with him as he walks away...]
Midnight I'll see you tomorrow, my dear partner.
[...and leaves the room.]
Spot Hey, I told you already. I don't understand a lick of Higashinese!
Also, if you're going to take a break, don't forget to tell Orchid. I don't want to get any of your work.
<Background fades out and in>
Midnight Phew...
Voice message.
Yoru-kun, your father made it this long because he wants to see you again.
He would never say anything, but I know. He wants to tell you the same thing I do.
We just want to tell you...
<Background fades out>
...we're sorry.
Midnight Sorry...?
Haha... What was I so afraid of...?
If you've apologized, then... I have no reason to avoid going home?
A ticket to Higashi...
Well, I suppose I'll write back before I buy it.