Schwarz: The Day We Left Home

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Operator Record
The Day We Left Home
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What is the meaning of life? That is the question.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Schwarz to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Schwarz.
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Bodyguard A (Charlie)
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Tourist A
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Tourist B
Siesta Downtown
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Siesta Beach
After the Siesta incident, Schwarz decides to accompany Ceylon as she leaves home for Rhodes Island. Before she goes, Mayor Herman gives her a task.
<Background 1>
Broadcast Attention, citizens and guests, do not be alarmed. The earthquake that occurred during the prior day's concert was an abnormal occurrence.
A thorough analysis by Catastrophe Messenger Mr. Cronin has determined that such a thing will not happen again.
Therefore, after careful consideration and consultation with the performers, the city has decided to reconvene the concert three days from today.
At the same time, the city government will continue to closely monitor the situation surrounding the volcano. Please enjoy your visit.
[The crowd cheers.]
Tourist A Whew, that was scary the other night.
Tourist B Was it really that bad? I was sleeping in the hotel and I just thought there was some fat guy playing jump rope upstairs.
Tourist A ...I really don't know whether I should call that good luck or bad.
Tourist B But after something that big, I feel like there's still a lot of people out on the street. I'd think the whole town would've gone cold.
Tourist A A lot of folks did leave, but the city government cleaned things up pretty quickly, so not too many.
After they stopped the concert, Mayor Herman came out to explain everything himself, and nothing else happened over the last couple days, so everyone's relaxed a lot.
Tourist B I'm glad. Siesta's so awesome, I want to stay at least a few more days.
[Schwarz, who were aware of the truth, stood in silence.]
Schwarz ......
Bodyguard A You wanted to see me, Chief?
Schwarz I'm not the chief anymore, Charlie. Since the other day, you're Chief of the Public Security Bureau.
Charlie Huh? You finally found a sense of humor, Chief?
Schwarz I'm not joking.
Charlie You're dropping something that big on me right here?
Schwarz I've got a seat at the bureau, but there's nothing there for me. The Master will have someone send for me.
It's enough to tell you.
Charlie Chief, don't. You've been away for a month at a time before. Why do you have to up and quit?
Schwarz It's different this time. I have to take Lady Ceylon far, far away, and I will not return for a long time. I've already sent your referral to the Master.
Charlie But to make me the chief...? I'm not up to that challenge.
Schwarz Of all the people in the bureau, half are useless morons, and the other half don't know how to adapt. You're the only one I can trust.
Charlie But I'm not nearly as tough as you, Chief.
Schwarz I've taught you enough to handle your typical gang of mercenaries.
And for the stuff you can't handle... Over all those years with the Master, the only one that comes to mind is that one elderly gentleman.
Charlie Oh, yeah, that old guy was crazy tough.
Schwarz But he's an exception. You don't have to worry much. If anything happens, you come to me.
Charlie Well, it's not like I can say no anyway. I'll do what I can.
Schwarz You'll do more than that. If the Master comes to harm, I will come for you.
Charlie Chief, seriously, you really need to learn how to talk to people.
Schwarz I'm not interested in talking to people. We don't have to talk in this business, and you talk too much.
Charlie Oh.
Schwarz Goodbye.
Charlie Huh? That's it?
Schwarz That's it. The Master is still doing that interview in the TV tower. I've packed my bags, and I'm going to meet up with him shortly.
Charlie Oh, then I'll go with you, Chief.
Schwarz Why?
Charlie Well, you're about to head off, aren't you? Before you go, I'd like to learn another thing or two for you.
And since I'm your successor and all, I should probably go visit with Master Herman for a bit.
Schwarz ......
[Schwarz leaves.]
Charlie Hey, wait up, Chief!
<Background 2>
Broadcast Mayor Herman, is it true that your personal secretary, our dear Mr. Cronin, was seriously injured while surveying the volcano the day before yesterday?
Herman Yes. It's tragic, but he'll be in hospital for quite some time, I'm afraid.
Broadcast Oh. We're all very moved by the great sacrifice Mr. Cronin has made to protect Siesta.
Herman Indeed. I am most grateful for his dedication to Siesta over the years, and I ask all concerned citizens not to worry. We are treating him with the very best, state-of-the-art technology.
Broadcast We're sure Mr. Cronin will come back to us.
Now then, it's time for a commercial break. Up next, we'll have some questions for Mayor Herman about the new city under construction.
Tourist A Who's Cronin?
Tourist B He's that one Catastrophe Messenger who was always on TV.
Tourist A Oh yeah. That good-looking guy who comes off kinda pretentious.
Tourist B That's the one. I never thought that much of him, but who would've expected him to give that much for Siesta. I had him all wrong.
Schwarz ......
Charlie I mean, I know we locked Cronin up, but it feels kinda bad how we keep talking him up to the public.
Schwarz We don't want the people to panic.
Charlie Right, but you don't like it either, do you, Chief? I don't know exactly how it went down, but I heard he did you and the Lady dirty.
Schwarz You should know better than to believe rumors.
Charlie Sure, let's talk about something else. Where exactly are you going?
Schwarz I'm taking Lady Ceylon to work for Rhodes Island.
Charlie Oh, those real, live heroes. I heard the Lady was getting along well with them. Turns out she's already signed up.
Alright, I get it. The Lady's heading out to work, of course you have to go with her.
It's a pharmaceutical company, and I guess also secretly a mercenary outfit? I guess they'll have something for you to do.
Schwarz Maybe.
Charlie Can't believe it, I turn my head and the Lady's already out getting a job.
Schwarz Don't talk like you know her.
Charlie Hey, I've been in Siesta for five years. I was with the team that took the Lady to school in Victoria.
Schwarz Hmph.
Charlie But I really don't think she's changed all that much in the years since.
Schwarz True enough.
Charlie And neither have you, Chief.
Schwarz Really?
Charlie Really. For as long as we've been working for you, all of us feel like you're pretty much the same as you ever were.
Schwarz In what way?
Charlie Well... hmm, how should I put it?
The way you're so focused on the Master and Lady Ceylon, without any regard for yourself.
Our line of work is obviously all about the paymaster, yeah, but you're clearly not in this for the money. You've got a lot more heart in this game than any of us.
Schwarz I go to the seaside and sit on the beach, I wander around the music festivals, is that not enough self care?
Charlie It's your life, at the end of the day. Live it how you want. It's just, I've been watching you all these years and I can't believe someone could actually live like that.
Schwarz Live like what?
Charlie Promise me you won't kick my ass first.
Schwarz As if I'm so petty.
Charlie We get paid, and the Master's good enough to us. I wouldn't call it love from the bottom of his heart, but the affection's been there these past few years.
When me and the wife got married, the Master even showed up to say a few words. That made us big shots in the neighborhood, and the misses reminds me every day to work hard for the Master.
And me, I appreciate him too. So if you're gonna dump this on me, I'll grit my teeth and bear it.
But I can't say I'll give everything to the Master, Chief.
If maybe someday somebody threatened my family, I can't promise I'd side with him.
Schwarz I'm not asking that much of you.
Charlie I know, it's just an example. But honestly, Chief, that's only something you could ever do, because you don't have anyone else. All you've got to worry about in the world is Lady Ceylon and the Master.
Schwarz ...They're my family.
Charlie No, they're not. You're not getting it.
What I mean is, setting aside the Master altogether, if it's my life and my wife's life on the line, I'd hesitate.
But you wouldn't.
Schwarz I wouldn't?
Charlie You wouldn't.
Schwarz ......
I'm afraid I wouldn't.
Charlie Right. As far as you're concerned, the only thing that matters is taking care of the Master and the Lady, it's the only thought in your mind.
Schwarz What goes on in my mind is none of your business.
Charlie Sure enough it isn't, and I'm in no position to say if that's right or wrong. I'm just talking here. You can tell me if my guess hit the mark or not.
Schwarz Maybe.
<Background 3>
[Someone knocks the door.]
Secretary Mr. Mayor, you have Mr. House's banquet next...
Herman Bump it. Did you forget Ms. Eva's invitation? Prioritize.
Secretary Ah, o-of course.
Herman Hm?
Schwarz, welcome.
Schwarz Master.
Charlie Master.
Herman Charlie, Schwarz has told me what good work you do.
Charlie Oh?
Herman By the way, please push my schedule thirty minutes.
Secretary What for, may I ask?
Herman I have to speak to the Chief Emeritus of my Public Security Bureau.
Secretary Th-This is... oh, I-I see.
Herman Schwarz, come.
Schwarz Oh?
Herman Charlie, since you're here, let's have you go work out some of the formalities with my secretary. He's good with these sorts of things.
Charlie Alright.
Schwarz Charlie.
Charlie What is it, Chief?
Schwarz Siesta's in your hands now.
Charlie ...Right.
<Background 4>
Herman Cronin had his rebellious streak, but he came in handy. This replacement is worse by a country mile.
Good help is hard to find, Schwarz.
Schwarz With some training, he'll prove useful.
Herman Maybe.
How old were you when you came to kill me? Do you still remember?
Schwarz Twelve-years-old, Master.
Herman Yes, right, twelve.
A twelve-year-old assassin. Hah! If you didn't give up on your own, I'm afraid you really might've gotten me.
Schwarz As I've told you, the child assassin is not an uncommon tool.
It's very effective at lowering the target's guard.
Herman I know all that. Thanks to you, I can spot a killer at a glance.
Take that fellow over there in the swimsuit. The way he's looking every which way, wearing those sunglasses, he's a killer.
Schwarz He's untrained. And I think he's just scouting the women.
Herman Oh?
Schwarz I would say so.
Herman Looks like my kill-dar could use some calibration.
Schwarz You have me for that.
Herman But aren't you leaving?
Schwarz ...Do you not want me to?
Herman Quite the opposite.
Schwarz, there's a question that's been troubling me for years now.
Schwarz What is it?
Herman Your future.
Schwarz I don't think you need to worry about me at all.
Herman That's exactly why I'm worried.
I often think of you as an extension of myself, like a third arm. There when I need, and no trouble at all when I don't.
Schwarz Charlie said something similar not too long ago.
It's my choice, Master. And I think there's nothing wrong with it.
You gave me this life, and even if you sent me away, I wouldn't leave.
Herman *Sigh*, what a stubborn girl you are.
I watched you grow. The others may not understand you, but I know you truly do believe there's nothing wrong with that life.
I always thought of you as another daughter, Schwarz.
Schwarz Yes.
Herman When I talk to the movers and shakers of society, they always complain that even after all hope for their children, they're always disappointed when they don't follow the paths they've designed for them.
And at times like this, I always think to myself: "I'm so lucky. I have a daughter who, despite our strained relationship, is in all ways the spitting image of a wealthy young girl they speak of, and a daughter who I need not worry about in the slightest."
I have no such worries.
Schwarz And so you could comfortably turn your energies to the development of Siesta.
Herman Indeed. That's how I once thought.
But I've grown tired, Schwarz.
The new city is nearly complete, and the people will be able to move in as soon as the formalities are settled.
I told that Rhodes Island Doctor that Siesta would not perish from the face of this world.
But what I didn't tell the Doctor is that the Siesta in my heart is already long gone.
The Siesta I promised to Barbara, the Siesta I built for her... I'm abandoning it, in the end.
Schwarz There's... nothing you could have done.
Herman No, that one would have had a way. That's a person who always has a way.
After Barbara passed, I made the construction of this city my one goal. I did everything to achieve it.
And now, for such a simple reason, I give it up.
I can't accept it, Schwarz.
Schwarz Master...
Herman You know, there's been a thought plaguing my mind.
The idea that if I can't do anything for this city, if I can only abandon it to its fate, then I should go down with it. That I wouldn't be able to live on anyway.
So when the migration to the new city is complete, I will bring a chair out here, by myself, and sit on this beach, where I made my promise to Barbara. I'll face this sea, where I buried her.
And that will be my end.
Schwarz No, Master. I won't let you.
Herman Haha, rest assured, if I'm telling you about it, it means I'm not actually going to do it.
Schwarz You can't... for the Lady's sake.
Herman That's where you're wrong.
If there's another reason I can't die, it's you, Schwarz.
Schwarz The Lady doesn't hate you so much.
Herman It doesn't matter. All is well at this point.
What's more, I don't worry much about the future of my girl Ceylon. I got lucky with that daughter. She'll have a good enough life. I give her what she wants, and that's enough.
But you, I worry about you.
Parents always want the best for their children.
Only the most rotten old man would keep his children chained to his side, keeping them forever under his control.
But me, I'd rather die while you're off living your own life with no time to visit me at all.
Schwarz My own life...
Herman And your life can't be Ceylon's life.
That's not the way of the world, Schwarz.
One can have a goal to strive for, but that goal can't be another person. I, as a father, don't want my daughter to suffer through that.
Do you know why I had you go with Ceylon to that Rhodes Island company?
Schwarz Not to protect her?
Herman That was one reason, yes. But you've seen how capable they are.
I spoke with their leader, and they won't have Ceylon doing anything that dangerous. More than sending you to look after her, I'm counting you to keep an eye on them, to make sure they don't do her wrong.
The reason I'm sending you, and more importantly, the reason I'm exercising my authority as a parent...
Schwarz I don't understand.
Herman I am laying a path for you that you will not like.
That is why I am sending you to Rhodes Island.
They may welcome my daughter into their fold, but you are different, Schwarz.
Do you know why?
Schwarz Because I am accompanying the Lady?
Herman Correct. No matter the company in question, they will always want someone willing to follow orders. But you? You have never served them.
You will, of course, serve Ceylon first and foremost, obeying them only secondarily.
This will be a source of some conflict.
And knowing you, you'd rather resist them and continue to follow Ceylon.
But that is not an option. I need you to solve this conflict.
You are not a bodyguard accompanying Ceylon on her work.
I've fired you.
You are now my daughter, looking for a new job.
I want you to go find your own life's work. Ceylon and myself can be involved, but your life's work can't BE Ceylon or myself.
Schwarz I...
Herman As for Ceylon, she's been living in Victoria, and judging from this past incident, she's learned to stand on her own two feet.
But you haven't, Schwarz.
On this point, you're quite different from her.
You haven't really ever really left home to do your own thing.
Schwarz I did... to get revenge...
Herman That's your past. I'm talking about your future.
So this time, you will truly leave home.
Do you understand?
Schwarz But... can I come back?
Herman ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Schwarz Master, after I've killed those enemies, can I come back?
Herman ......
Of course you can.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Herman Hahaha! Come here, Schwarz!
Schwarz slowly approaches Herman, who places his hand on her head and rubs it intensely.
Herman While I could never be so cold-blooded as to refuse my own daughter entry into my home...
If you don't take this seriously, I just might kill myself on this beach someday.
Schwarz You can't threaten me like that...
Herman But this truly is the one worry I still have weighing on my heart.
Schwarz I'll do what I can.
Herman You'll do more than that. If you fail, you won't be allowed back home.
Schwarz ...Right.
Herman Alright is right.
[Schwarz's phone rings.]
Schwarz Just a moment.
[Schwarz picks up a call from Ceylon.]
Ceylon Hello, Schwarz, where are you?
Schwarz With the Master.
Ceylon If you're not too busy, could you help me move some things?
I have too much luggage!
Schwarz Alright, I'll be there soon.
[Schwarz hangs up.]
Herman Right. You go to Ceylon then.
By the time you leave with Rhodes Island, I'll have gone to the new city. I won't be there to see you off.
Schwarz Okay.
Herman ...Schwarz.
Schwarz Master?
Herman Live well.
Schwarz ...Right.