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Operator Record
South Wall
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The whimpering of conscience is drowned out by the clanging of gold and silver in the bowl.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Hung to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Hung.
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Passerby A
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Passerby B
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Noodle Shop Owner
Former Boss
Sickly Man
Lungmen Alley Misty
Yan Inn
Lungmen Alley
He's a good boy, and he's stubborn to a fault. He loses face, and he loses his living over it. He refuses to bow his head, but there are some problems you can't solve by repeatedly bashing yours against them.
<Background 1>
[A passerby walks toward Hung.]
Passerby A Morning, Hung. Day off?
Hung Hehe, something came up, so I had to call out.
Passerby A Are you sick? You should go home and rest!
Hung Nah, it's not that.
[Another passerby walks toward Hung.]
Passerby A So, how's your new job going?
Passerby B (Whisper) Shh! That look on his face, I bet he got fired again.
Passerby A (Whisper) Again? How many times has that been...? Kid's too nice and doesn't know how to be flexible.
(Whisper) You've got to be clever to make it these days.
Passerby B (Whisper) Yeah, got to move with the times.
[The passerbys leave.]
Hung ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Former Boss What did I tell you when you first showed up? Don't poke your nose where it doesn't belong!
Looks like you spent so much time at the top that your brain got addled from the lack of oxygen.
You gotta be flexible if you wanna do business in Lungmen!
You have any idea how much work it took to get this batch of goods?
And you threw it all out, just because you weren't sure of the source! Thank you very much, Mister Avatar of Justice!
Hung Boss, this stuff's dangerous... what if it gets into the hands of the mafia?
Former Boss Who cares as long as they pay in gold and silver? Who do you think you are, trying to teach me how to do business?
Hung But...
Former Boss But what? No buts. Get out, and don't let me see your face again.
Hung Sorry, boss, I just...
Former Boss Get out! You're just like your dad. He deserved to be broke, and you deserve to be out on the street!
Hung Boss, this has nothing to do with my dad...
Former Boss GET LOST!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Hung (Rumble–)
(Sigh... I should get something to eat, then I can think about what to do next.)
Street Ad Grand opening! 20% off during the opening promotion! Don't miss your chance to taste authentic Shangshu home cooking!
Hung (Reaches for the wallet)
I think I have enough. Let's go.
<Background 3>
[Hung enters the noodle shop.]
Noodle Shop Owner Welcome! What can I get you?
Hung Er, let me look at the menu.
Noodle Shop Owner How about our signature item the "Full House?" A set of meat and vegetable toppings. It's really great!
Hung Thanks, but I'll just have a bowl of plain noodles.
Noodle Shop Owner Just plain noodles? No drink, no sides?
Hung No, thanks. Just plain noodles.
Noodle Shop Owner Hmph. Fine, take a number and get in line.
Hung ...Thanks.
[Mr. Lee enters the shop.]
Lee I'm looking to get a small bowl of noodles... any recommendations for a first timer?
Noodle Shop Owner That would be our signature "Full House." Everyone loves it!
Lee Sure, I'll take it.
Noodle Shop Owner Now that's what I like to hear. Here's your number, and I'll have it to you in a jiffy.
Lee Alright then, thanks.
[Mr. Lee sits on the same table as Hung.]
Lee Hey, buddy, have you eaten here before? What do you think?
Hung No, this is my first time.
Lee Ever had Shangshu food before?
Hung I had some when I was little, at a big restaurant with my dad. I loved it.
Lee Haha. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to restaurants.
[The owner returns with Mr. Lee's noodles.]
Noodle Shop Owner Here's your noodles, sir. Would love to hear your thoughts afterwards, good or bad.
Lee Sure thing.
Hung Excuse me, what about mine...?
Noodle Shop Owner You can't rush things, you know. Noodles take time.
Hung But this gentleman's are ready. Why are mine taking longer?
Noodle Shop Owner What are you talking about? You didn't order the same type.
Young people these days have no patience. Good food takes time!
Lee Ahem. Probably shouldn't keep your customers waiting, friend. You just opened, after all.
Noodle Shop Owner Huh? Oh, yeah, you're right, enjoy your meal.
[The owner leaves to prepare Hung's noodle.]
Hung (Nods in gratitude)
Lee Haha, don't mention it.
Hung Phew...
(I guess I can wait a little longer.)
(The interior of this place looks pretty nice. I guess this is the Shangshu style.)
(When I was little, dad said we would go to Shangshu and really dig into the local cuisine... bah, no use thinking about it when he's not around anymore.)
[Hung noticed Lee looking around the shop.]
Hung (Hey, why is that guy peeking left and right?)
(He took out a paper packet... Wait, did he just pinch something into the bowl?)
Hey, what are you doi–
[A hoodlum angrily calls the owner.]
Hoodlum Hey, boss, what's going on here?!
Noodle Shop Owner Is there a problem, sir?
Hoodlum There's a bug in this bowl! Look, a huge one, black and shiny.
Noodle Shop Owner That's impossible. I hold myself to the highest standard of cleanliness.
Hoodlum Talk all you want! I got proof floating right there in this bowl!
Noodle Shop Owner What are you trying to pull?! I've got cameras watching the shop, they'll prove you're just looking for trouble.
Hoodlum (Flips over the table) Huh? You want a fight?
Busy with their argument, neither party notices that the bowl of noodles, which was launched into the air with the table, is headed straight for Lee.
Lee Hm?
(No rush. I can dodge it after another bite.)
[Hung stood in the flying noodle's way, causing it to shatter and pouring hot noodle right towards Hung's face.]
Hung Ow, it burns!
Are you ok, sir? Did any of the soup hit you?
Lee I'm fine. You got a faceful of the hot noodle soup, though. Here, use this handkerchief.
(Ack, I guess I owe him one now.)
Hung Thank you.
Hung shakes off the pieces of noodles and vegetables on his face, then wipes it with the handkerchief.
He holds the soiled cloth in his hand, not sure what to do. He looks over to Lee, seeing him point to the top of his head.
Lee There's still something there.
Hung scratches his head, feels something hard in the fur, and pulls out a big, black, shiny bug.
Hung ......
<Background fades out and in>
Hoodlum You want a beating, huh?
[The hoodlum grabs the owner and chokes him.]
Noodle Shop Owner H-Hey, what are you doing?
Hoodlum I'm not playing word games with you anymore. The fist talks louder!
Noodle Shop Owner Alright, I won't charge you for the noodles. How about that?
Hoodlum Are you kidding me? You think one bowl of noodles is gonna do it?
Noodle Shop Owner Let... let me go, I can't breathe...
Hoodlum You–
Hung You heard him? Let him go!
Hoodlum And who do think you are? Go eat your noodles and stop poking your nose where it doesn't belong.
Hung Didn't you hear him? Let. Him. Go.
Hoodlum Looks like you want a beating too, eh?
[A fight ensues between Hung and the hoodlum, but the Perro easily overpowers the hoodlum.]
Hoodlum I... I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I won't do it again... please, let me go...
[Hung lets the hoodlum go.]
Hung Could you stop crying? You make it sound like I'm bullying you.
(I hit him harder than I meant to. I hope he's okay...)
Are you gonna be alright? Do you need a doctor?
Hoodlum (No way he really cares! He's making sure that I won't spill the beans on him!)
Hung Are... you alright?
Hoodlum I-I'm fine, I just fell down on my own, nothing to do with you at all, not a thing!
Hung Er... fell down? I thought I...
Hoodlum No, you weren't even there, don't worry, it's all my fault for being so clumsy, haha...
I-I gotta go, bye!
[The hoodlum runs off the shop, limping.]
Hung You're limping... just be careful, don't try to run too fast.
[The owner thanked hung.]
Noodle Shop Owner Thank you very much! Small businesses like ours always have a hard time.
Hung You're not hurt, are you?
Noodle Shop Owner Not at all, thanks to you.
Hung (Rumble–)
Er, sorry, but... are my noodles ready yet?
Noodle Shop Owner Oh, how silly of me! Take a seat, and I'll be right up with your order.
[The owner rushes to prepare Hung's noodle as Mr. Lee walks toward him.]
Lee Thanks, kid. A certain little girl would've chewed my head off if I went home with soiled clothes.
Hung You have a daughter, sir?
Lee Not exactly... well, I guess daughter's the best way to put it.
Hung Oh? What do you mean?
Lee It's a long story... say, you have some good moves. Who did you study with?
Hung I'm nothing special, just learned a couple things from my dad.
Lee I remember there was a guy who owned a security firm who used the same grappling technique. His surname escapes me at the moment...
Hung Ko. That's my father.
Lee Yeah, that's it! How is he?
Hung He passed away last year.
Lee Ah... I'm sorry to hear that.
Hung It's all in the past now, but thanks for the kind words.
Noodle Shop Owner Here's your noodles, sir. I added a bit of meat broth for you, a touch of extra flavor.
Hung Oh... thank you.
(Picks up chopsticks)
Noodle Shop Owner Now...
Hung (Puts down chopsticks) Is there something you wanted to say, sir?
Noodle Shop Owner Well, you know, rent around here is high, and businesses are always barely scraping by.
Hung Yes, I know...
Noodle Shop Owner Sure, chasing away that hoodlum was a big help, but you also made a mess of the place while you were at it.
We ought to keep it separate, no? The noodles are for helping me out, which is one thing.
Hung And the other?
Noodle Shop Owner About the mess you made... surely it's fair to ask that you pay for repairs?
Hung (Tightens fist) I was only trying to help you...
Noodle Shop Owner Hey now, what's with the fist?
You're gonna punch me? Looks like you're no better than that hoodlum, pushing people around just because you know kung fu.
Hung No... I didn't mean to...
Noodle Shop Owner Then pay up!
Hung Sir, you shouldn't do this... it's not right...
Noodle Shop Owner What do you mean not right? Break something, pay for it. It's the proper way to do things.
Hung I...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Hung You only took a couple of bites, dad... you're not gonna get better like this.
Sickly Man Oh, don't you worry. The guy in the next bed over already laughs at me for how over-protective my son is... *cough*, *cough*.
Hung Well, you shouldn't laugh with him, the way your lungs are. Anything else you want to eat? I can slice another apple for you. Hard to sleep on an empty stomach, after all.
Sickly Man It's been a long time since I've had fried rice.
Hung Not sure that's a good idea. It'll give you indigestion and keep you up all night.
Sickly Man Worrying again. I was just kidding, Fine, fine, slice me up an apple.
Hung Alright...
Sickly Man How's working coming along? Has Old Li been yelling at you?
Hung It's going great. Uncle Li says I've got a great attitude.
Sickly Man Who do you think you're fooling? That long look on your face, I bet you got a good chewing out. No need to hide things from your dad, tell me the truth.
Hung Well... I got into an argument with Uncle Li. It's just not fair for him to mistreat his customers like that over a few coins.
Sickly Man Sigh, you're just like me, always so stubborn about doing the right thing. I paid my price; don't be like me.
Hung Why do you say that? You've always taught me right and wrong.
Sickly Man And look where it got me! You're barely twenty, with your whole life ahead of you. No need to get yourself bruised and battered like me.
Hung What are you talking about, dad?!
Sickly Man Listen to your father, Hei-sing. Sometimes, you have to let it go rather than banging your head against it forever.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Noodle Shop Owner Daydreaming, kid? Like I said, the bill's fifteen thousand. How do you want to pay?
Hung (Loosens fist)
...I don't have a lot of money on me. Can I pay it by helping out around the shop?
Noodle Shop Owner Ha, sure, wouldn't hurt to have some free labor. I'm sure you can put those muscles to use washing dishes. Meals and bed not included, just to be clear.
Lee I'm done eating. I'll leave the cash here.
Noodle Shop Owner Thank you! Have a pleasant day, sir.
Lee Oh, you said you wanted my thoughts, didn't you? Actually, I just found a big problem that I'd better share.
Noodle Shop Owner Appreciate it, sir, but I'm a little busy right now.
Lee Sure, I can wait. Not sure if you can though.
Noodle Shop Owner Er... well, what is it, sir?
Lee I was counting your fire extinguishers here while I was eating. I saw three.
But if I'm not mistaken, we got some new regs last month that require a minimum of six for an establishment of this size, with a five thousand dollar fine per missing piece.
Let me run the numbers here real quick... comes out to fifteen thousand.
The fire department's really cracking down on this stuff lately. One call, and the fire marshal's here in minutes. I do wonder if you'd have the time to sort things out.
That sure is a pickle, isn't it?
Noodle Shop Owner No need to beat around the bush, sir.
Lee Given that you just opened, I think you should probably let it go. Trouble's bad for business.
Noodle Shop Owner So you're here to play nice guy, eh? Don't you have better things to do than stick your nose where it doesn't belong?
Lee Oh, but I think my nose very much belongs here. Fire safety is the responsibility of each and every Lungmen citizen, after all.
Noodle Shop Owner You... how dare you...?
Fine, fine, whatever! Forget it, just get out, both of you!
Hung ......
Lee You heard the man. Let's go.
[Hung and Mr. Lee leaves the shop.]
<Background 5>
[Hung follows Mr. Lee as he walks through the alleys.]
Hung Thank you so much for helping me out, sir. I'm not sure how to repay your kindness, but if you ever need a pair of strong hands, I'm happy to help.
Lee Ha, don't mention it. All I did was say a few words.
Hung S-Sir!
Lee Really, there's no need to thank me.
[Hung rushes towards Mr. Lee.]
Hung N-No, it's not that.
Lee Is there something else?
Hung Could you... could you teach me?
Lee Teach you? What could I possibly teach you?
Hung I used to believe that right and wrong were as clear as black and white.
But now, thinking back on things, I see only gray; where white ends and black starts, I just can't tell.
Lee Oh? And why is that?
Hung There are so many people here in Lungmen. People looking for money, for justice, for life, for fun, for fame, for the truth... they all gather here.
Everyone has a different story, and everyone has their own ideas of right and wrong.
When one person's right is another's wrong, they resort to violence and force their ideas on each other.
What's right and wrong? Where's justice and fairness?
Teach me what you know, sir. I don't want to keep banging my head until I bleed, but I also don't want to bow down to anyone.
Lee You're still young. It's natural you feel lost.
But I can't teach you what you want to know...
I'm just one of the many people here in Lungmen, after all.
Hung Sir, I...
Lee ...But maybe I can teach you something else. Like how to make fried rice that tastes just right.
Hung Fried rice?
Lee Yeah. How about it?
Hung I... Yes. Thank you, sir.
Lee Let's go, then. We can get some spring onions and eggs from the market on the way.