Mountain: Unexpected Annoyance

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Operator Record
Unexpected Annoyance
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Oftentimes, worries spring from little nooks and crannies.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mountain to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Mountain.
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Bounty Hunter
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Guard Operator
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Logistics Operator
Cold Forest
RI Corridor
Mountain has come to realize his formal attire is not the best choice of clothing for his frequent battles, though he remains uncertain about a change in wardrobe. A Logistics Operator has just the solution for his predicament.
<Background 1>
[Mountain is standing in a forest just as a Rhodes Island operator contacted him.]
Guard Operator A Mountain, some of the bounty hunters went your way! Quite a few of them, too!
Mountain Don't worry. I can handle this much.
[Mountain ends the call just as several bounty hunters approach him...]
Bounty Hunter Hmph, where did these guys come from? Rhodes Island, remember this! I'll be back for you, you motherf...
[...and the Feline revealed himself before them.]
Mountain Unfortunately, this is as far as you go.
Bounty Hunter Don't you think you can take us all down just because you're big!
Lads, let's go!
Mountain Hmph.
<Background fades out>
[A fight between Mountain and the bounty hunters ensued.]
<Background fades in>
[Meanwhile, an R.I. operator is about to back him up...]
Guard Operator A Looks like there are quite a few bounty hunters over there. Let's go back Mountain up.
[...only to be stopped by another R.I. operator.]
Guard Operator B Eh, sure, but I'm not too worried about him.
I doubt these guys are any match for Mountain.
Guard Operator A Huh, you think so? I mean, he looks pretty tough, but he's always so polite. He just doesn't seem like that kind of guy.
Guard Operator B This is your first time on a mission with him, huh?
That's what I used to think too. I thought maybe he just looked strong.
But it didn't take long for me to realize I got the wrong idea about him. This new guy's something else.
I mean...
Guard Operator A Mean what?
Mountain *Howls*!!!
Guard Operator B Yeah...
Guard Operator A What was that?
Guard Operator B We'll talk about this later. Let's go around to his twelve and see if we can catch a few guys that slipped past him.
<Background fades out and in>
Bounty Hunter What a... monster...
[The bounty hunter, being totally beaten up by Mountain, collapses.]
Mountain I'm nothing compared to others.
I suppose trying to take on this many without help is pushing myself a little too far.
[The two R.I. operators rendezvous with Mountain.]
Guard Operator B Mountain, we caught a few of these shitheads that got away.
Mountain Much appreciated.
Guard Operator A Whoa, look at them, all beaten to a pulp. Now I feel sorry for them...
And look at this tree, ripped apart right down the middle. Now I see why you said I shouldn't have worried.
Guard Operator B Right?
Mountain My apologies. I'm not very accustomed to team operations yet. I should've contacted you to come assist me.
Guard Operator B Oh, no harm done. You handled yourself pretty well.
Mountain I wouldn't say that. Our mission objective is to stop the bounty hunters from being a nuisance to the nearby villages. Had any one of them managed to escape, we would not have solved the issue at hand.
If it wasn't for you two, our mission would have been a failure.
Guard Operator A Well, look at you. What a diligent fella.
Mountain I hope that isn't a problem.
Guard Operator B No, far from it. It's been a long time since we've had a new guy as diligent as you.
Mountain I'm fine. Only a few scratches here and there. They'll heal up in no time.
Guard Operator B I'm not talking about your scratches. I'm talking about your digs.
Mountain My clothes?
Guard Operator A Mountain, your outfit is all burned up. You're basically naked right now.
Mountain Oh, uh, my apologies. This is quite embarrassing.
I tend to lose sight of these issues while I'm in a fight.
Guard Operator B Haha, no worries. The exact same thing happened last time, though. Are you sure you don't want a different uniform just for field ops?
Mountain I'm used to dressing formally. You have a point, however. I will consider it.
<Background 2>
Logistics Operator You want formal clothing that's suitable for combat... am I correct?
Mountain Yes, and naturally, if this is too unreasonable of a request, please don't trouble yourself.
Logistics Operator Hmm... First, I'm sure someone has already told you, but your uniforms need a special application.
Mountain Right. My Logistics operator told me that because there is no standard uniform suitable for my size, I'll need to apply for one.
At the time, I did not expect that I'd find myself in so many battles as an operator here, which is why I've never applied.
Logistics Operator And your outfit's been getting torn into shreds after just a few missions.
Mountain Right.
Logistics Operator Doesn't it get expensive when you need to keep paying for those fancy outfits?
Mountain To tell you the truth, I spent most of my first month's salary buying myself new clothes.
Logistics Operator Huh? No way!
Mountain I'd just broken out of... Ahem, just left home. The equipment that Rhodes Island provides is more than adequate. There's not much I have to buy at my own expense, so this isn't a huge problem.
Mountain Nonetheless, I can imagine it turning into one sooner or later.
Logistics Operator I guess you could probably just wear something else in combat... and that would solve most of the problem?
Mountain Indeed, and as I've already mentioned, I'm not actually adamant about wearing this.
However, I am rather fond of this style of attire. I've also noticed that the operators get rather personalized with the way they are dressed, so I thought I would ask if it would be possible.
If it isn't, then I will apply for a more durable combat uniform.
Logistics Operator Hmm... Well, we don't get requests like this that often.
Our operators may have pretty unique wardrobes, but their outfits don't get in the way most of the time.
Mountain In that case, forget I asked.
Logistics Operator Wait, I'm not done yet! I said we don't get these requests often, but I never said I'm turning you down.
Mountain Hm?
Logistics Operator We need to put together a new outfit for you anyway. It'll take just a bit more work. It's okay.
[Orchid walks by Mountain and the R.I. logistics operator.]
Logistics Operator Oh, right. This is perfect.
Orchid What now? I'm busy here. If you want to have tea, try somebody else.
Logistics Operator Oh, that isn't what this is about, Orchid. Actually...
<Background fades out and in>
Orchid ......
Logistics Operator Please, Orchid?
Orchid This is giving me a headache already.
Logistics Operator Oh, don't be like that. Look, you're always complaining about how boring it is to work in Logistics. This might just be a lot more fun than sitting in an office.
Orchid I basically run this place by myself. I'm exhausted.
Logistics Operator There's a bonus in it.
Orchid No kidding?
Logistics Operator Of course. You'll be helping solve our operators' problems.
Orchid That's a fairly nice motivator, and it almost worked, but I'm at most a designer, not a seamstress. If you need someone to work on clothes, I'm not the right person to ask.
Logistics Operator Eh...
Orchid Hah... Fine, it just so happens I know who to ask.
Your codename is Mountain, correct?
Mountain Yes, ma'am.
Orchid Ma'am... No need for that. My codename is Orchid, and it'll do fine. Come with me.
Logistics Operator Thank you very much, Orchid.
Orchid Be sure to save a slice of cake for me this afternoon.
Logistics Operator Okay!
[Mountain and Orchid walks through the R.I. landship's halls together.]
Mountain Orchid.
Orchid Hm?
Mountain About that conversation, is there a dedicated dressmaker at Rhodes Island?
Orchid No, I'm taking you to another operator here. She moonlights as a dressmaker.
Mountain Is that allowed?
Orchid What do you mean?
Mountain From my time here, I've always thought of Rhodes Island as something like a PMC.
I've never heard of a part-time dressmaker in these organizations.
Orchid You haven't spent much time at Rhodes Island yet, then.
Mountain What do you mean?
Orchid You have a grave misunderstanding about us here.
Okay, maybe it isn't really a misunderstanding. When I first came onboard, I felt more or less the same.
Mountain Care to elaborate?
Orchid The way you talk grates on my nerves just as much as Midnight, only in a different way...
Well, I could tell you, but you will know what I mean in a minute.
Orchid stops in front of a dorm room and knocks on the door.
Bibeak Oh, good afternoon, Orchid.
Orchid Yes, hello.
Bibeak May I ask who this is...?
Mountain I'm a new operator here, codename Mountain.
Bibeak Oh, nice to meet you. I'm codename Bibeak.
Orchid Do you have any missions today?
Bibeak Yes, but it isn't for another two hours.
Um, did you need me for something?
Orchid Two hours are plenty. Here's the thing...
<Background fades out and in>
Bibeak Oh, I see. So Mountain wants formalwear that he can fight in!
Mountain If it's too much to ask for...
Bibeak Not at all!
Actually, please let me work on it!
I need only to use fabrics suitable for combat... No, that isn't quite right. That would affect the beauty of the end product...
Orchid Bibeak, let's not stand here and talk about that. Give it a try.
Bibeak Oh, yes!
I'm sorry. I haven't tried something like this before. It might take a while.
Mountain Not a problem. If this will lead somewhere, I am willing to give it some time.
Bibeak Then please come with me.
What about you, Orchid? Will you come?
Orchid I still have a pile of documents to finish... as well as my cake... though I guess I could stay to take a look at the design.
I'm pretty curious how this outfit will turn out myself.
<Background fades out and in>
Bibeak Is there something that makes you so insistent on wearing such formal attire?
Mountain No, I wouldn't say that.
Ever since I was a child, my father has made me dress in this particular manner, and I grew accustomed to it after a while.
Bibeak Oh, if you'd rather not talk about that, you don't have to. I'm just being curious.
Mountain No, not at all. I'm merely wondering whether I truly want to myself.
I've lived far away from my family for a very long period of time.
During that time, life has been... hard to say the least. I never had the opportunity to wear anything like this.
When I was finally able to leave that place behind and come to Rhodes Island, I bought myself a set of formalwear.
I can't say for certain whether this is partly because I miss my family... my parents.
Bibeak I see... so you still can't see your parents, even now?
Mountain That's correct. One of the reasons I came to Rhodes Island is because I hope to be able to see them one day.
At the beginning of those difficult times, I very much missed my parents.
But as time went on, I also grew accustomed to life without them.
That is why I'm not certain whether this attire is something I choose to wear because I'm used to it or because I want it to serve as a reminder.
Orchid Why not both? That doesn't seem too odd.
Mountain You're right...
Speaking of which, are you a dressmaker, Bibeak?
Bibeak Oh, I'm not. I just like to do some sewing on my off time.
It's been a while since I joined Rhodes Island, and many of our operators know about this hobby of mine, so they sometimes come to me for this.
Mountain And, Orchid, you mentioned being a designer yourself?
Orchid That's right. I used to be an editor at a fashion magazine.
Most of Rhodes Island's uniforms are mass-produced, but many of the folks here have got interesting personalities and want something different.
And that's when Bibeak and I shine.
*Sigh*... I used to do this pretty willingly, but, as time went on, I started to feel like we could just keep everyone in their uniforms if they all have to come to me with their weird requests.
Compared to all the other ones, this request is probably on the normal side.
Bibeak But isn't it really fun to make clothes for others? Some of our requests may be a little weird, but it's actually pretty fun to make those designs come true.
Orchid Oh, my sweet child. Most everyone who says that ends up working themselves dead. Don't be so tolerant of others.
Bibeak I think you're pretty tolerant of everyone in A6, though...
The moment she hears that, Orchid rolls her eyes.
Mountain ......
Orchid You've been pretty quiet. Something the matter?
Mountain No. It's just your conversation has left me feeling like I'm taking a stroll down some busy street.
Orchid I'm thinking of introducing you to a certain Midnight later.
Mountain Is that an operator?
Orchid He is, and I'm looking forward to the conversations you two will have with each other.
Bibeak Oh, there we go.
<Background 3>
[Mountain, Orchid, and Bibeak enters a storeroom.]
Mountain Is this... a storeroom?
Bibeak Yes, this place is normally a storeroom, but I also use it to sew.
Now, Mountain, I'd like to take your measurements, if that is okay with you.
Mountain Okay.
<Background fades out and in>
Bibeak Right, and that takes care of it.
By the way, do you have any preferences about your outfit's design?
Mountain Not at all. Something like what I'm wearing will do.
Bibeak What about the color?
Mountain White will do.
Bibeak Okay, then. Just leave the rest to me.
I'll come get you once it's ready.
Mountain Is that it?
Orchid Yes.
Bibeak Even though you don't have any specific needs, we should probably work on a new design.
Oh, maybe I could modify the design I worked on last month!
Orchid The one you showed me?
Bibeak Right.
Orchid Nothing wrong with that design, but I'm afraid it's far too refined for Mountain.
Bibeak Hmm... You're right.
Orchid We're not in a rush with either designing or making the outfit, and the choice of the fabric is what's important.
I'll ask the Logistics operators in charge of uniforms. I'm sure they know what kind of fabrics are the right choice for combat suits.
Bibeak I'll come with you.
Formalwear needs to be pleasing to the eye. I'm not sure the fabrics they normally use for combat uniforms are good enough aesthetically.
Orchid Well, I don't mind a little company, but isn't it about time for your mission?
Bibeak Oh, shoot! I almost forgot!
I'm very sorry. Is it okay if we go together after I come back?
Orchid Of course, but you should report in for your mission.
Bibeak Right!
[Bibeak rushes off.]
Orchid Well, you heard her. Go home and wait. If Logistics get their hands on the right fabric, we should have something for you in a week.
Mountain Very well...
<Background 2>
One week later...
Bibeak Mountain, are you done yet?
Mountain One more second.
Here we go.
[Mountain walks outside with his new clothes.]
Bibeak How does it feel?
Mountain Very comfortable.
I like the design, and the fabrics you used are very sturdy.
Much appreciated.
Bibeak No, I should thank you.
The choice of fabric actually bothered me for a long time. I couldn't find anything that I'm satisfied with.
But then I remembered some of the fabrics that my father used when he worked on his industrial outfits.
I never thought of using those in my outfit designs, but I took the chance to give it a try, and it worked surprisingly well.
This has been an eye-opening experience.
Mountain I see. That's good to hear.
Orchid I suppose designers normally don't use industrial materials for their work... though Rhodes Island is not the place for common sense.
Bibeak Well, then, I still have a mission, so please excuse me now.
If there are any problems with your outfit, feel free to come to me any time.
Mountain Of course.
[Bibeak leaves.]
Mountain ......
Orchid Why are you standing there like an idiot?
Mountain No reason... It's just that when I see the two of you... it feels like I haven't fully grasped that I am free.
Mountain Thank you very much, Orchid.
Orchid No need to thank me for your uniform. I did what anyone should've done.
Mountain No, that's only part of it. You made me realize a few of the problems I still have.
Orchid I really wish it was Catapult or Midnight saying this to me instead of you.
Mountain I beg your pardon?
Orchid Nothing, just talking to myself. I don't know what you've been through, nor do I know what you came to Rhodes Island for.
There this one thing that a certain frivolous host asked me before. Maybe I should ask you the same question.
Mountain Please.
Orchid He asked me, "What kind of life do you want to lead at Rhodes Island?"
Mountain ......
Orchid Feel free to come to me if you need anything clothing-related.
Or rather, don't come to me. I'm a very busy woman. Try Bibeak if you need anything.
Mountain Okay.
[Orchid leaves.]
Mountain Well... Perhaps I should really give some thought about my life here again.

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