Cuora: The Great Bagnapping Adventure

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Operator Record
The Great Bagnapping Adventure
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This is all my fault. I got mad at her when she stepped on my backpack...

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Cuora to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Cuora.
Male Tourist icon.png
Careless Youth/
Arcade Worker?
Male Lungmenite icon.png
Shrewd Youth/
Block Manager?
Yanese Villager Male icon.png
Street Stall Owner
Lungmen Alley
Slums A
Lungmen City
Yan Street Day
Lungmen Uptown
RI Room
Cuora is out to buy gifts for her friends, but ends up entangled in a "battle" over her backpack.
<Background 1>
[Cuora walks through the streets of Lungmen.]
Cuora Hm... according to the map, this should be the street market.
Wow, there's so many stalls, way more than I imagined... Uh oh, I'm starting to worry maybe I didn't bring enough money.
Wow, crystal dumplings! And lotus seed buns! So much tasty food... I'll buy some just to try, they can't cost that much, right?
[Cuora runs to the food stalls. After buying, she eats the food right away.]
Cuora Om nom... Burp! I'm so full!
Oh no! I can't eat anymore! I came to buy gifts for everybody!
Sigh, this is all my fault. I got mad at Cardi when she stepped on my backpack...
I didn't mean to, but my backpack...
I finally made friends with everybody, I can't let it stay like this!
I'll pick a good present, and then apologize to Cardi!
[Cuora continues through Lungmen.]
<Background 2>
Shrewd Youth The luster, the pattern, the weight...
No mistaking it, we're gonna be rich this time!
Hmph. That Columbian lady just looked at us funny.
Don't be so haughty! If you don't look after your stuff, somebody else will look after it for you!
Careless Youth Damn, daai goh. Barely three words and you scammed that right up...
That bitch has no clue what just happened to her!
Shrewd Youth That wasn't no scam, dumbass, I asked permission.
We do what we've gotta do to feed ourselves. Is it so wrong to ask Heaven for permission to snatch something?
Careless Youth Wow, you're right! But...
Shrewd Youth What is it, kiddo? Out with it!
Careless Youth I kinda wanna touch that pendant...
Shrewd Youth Here! Over by the window, in the sunlight, the patterns really stand out!
Careless Youth Wowza, this foreign stuff is way different from what we get in Lungmen.
Hm? This part... is it supposed to be some kind of beast? There's something on its back—
The young man's hand slips and the pendant drops out the window.
<Background 1>
Cuora Excuse me! I want one of these and one of those!
Street Stall Owner Alright, alright, girl, let me wrap them up for you.
Cuora I don't need a bag, I can put them right into my backpack!
Oh, I need to pay though... Um, my wallet should be in my jacket pocket.
The pendant falls into Cuora's open backpack without anyone noticing.
Street Stall Owner You don't look like a Lungmenite. Are you here on vacation? Let me give you a discount! Here's your change.
You're buying a lot. Is it for your parents?
Cuora No, for my friends!
Street Stall Owner The girl here has a lot of friends, huh? Here, take some freebies.
It's all the best Lungmen has to offer, handmade. Share with your friends!
Cuora Thank you, mister!
Street Stall Owner Don't mention it! I hope you have fun in Lungmen. And uh, keep an eye on your things...
There've been a lot of pickpockets around here lately. They especially like targeting foreigners.
Cuora Got it! Now I know I may not look it, but I'm really good at fighting!
If I see a pickpocket, I'll send him flying!
<Background 3>
[Cuora leaves the stall.]
Cuora I never knew the Lungmenites were so friendly! That guy gave me a ton of stuff...
I'll pick through it all when I get back and hand stuff out to everyone at Rhodes Island!
Those little animal figures would be perfect for Adnachiel and Steward...
And that Yanese silk cap would be great for May!
The music box would be good for Lava, and the scarf for Instructor Dobermann...
Sigh, but after going all over the place, I still don't have anything for Cardi.
What can I give her?
Careless Youth Wait a second there, girl!
Cuora Huh? What's wrong?
Careless Youth I dropped something out the window and it landed in that souvenir stall over there. A metal pendant, did you happen to see it?
Cuora Hm? No, I didn't.
Careless Youth I did. It fell right into your backpack. Would you mind opening it for me so I can take a look?
Cuora Just a sec, I'll check...
All the little souvenirs that guy gave me are metal thingies... You didn't come over to bother me just because you saw all that, did you?
Careless Youth How dare you!
Gimme that bag, I'll find it!
Cuora Hand's off! Don't touch my backpack!
[Cuora takes a swing with her baseball bat.]
Cuora Hmph! You're trying to steal from me? You'll have to ask my baseball bat first!
[Cuora runs away.]
<Background black>
Half an hour later...
<Background 2>
Careless Youth Hmm, yeah.
Good idea, ah goh, I'll start putting it together!
Shrewd Youth Don't mess it up this time!
[Both men go towards Cuora's direction.]
Shrewd Youth Dammit, that little dumbass is short on success and long on failure.
I can't believe a little girl like that put him on the ground in just a couple of moves.
If you can't use your fists, you gotta use your brain. Let's change it up.
<Background 1>
[After shaking off the man from before, Cuora continues through Lungmen.]
Cuora It's just like the souvenir shop guy said... do I look like such a clueless tourist?
I guess Lungmen's got a real problem with crime and safety...
Shrewd Youth You there, girl, hold up a second!
Cuora Who are you?
Shrewd Youth Hey, don't get the wrong idea. I just heard you talking about how Lungmen isn't safe, so I figured I'd ask what's up.
Here's my badge, these blocks are my beat here.
Cuora Lungmen... Block Manager? What do you do?
Shrewd Youth (I've got all kinds of stuff like this prepped and ready. Another badge, another bit of insurance. Let's try this one on for size.)
Block Manager? I keep order on the streets and help out the residents.
Did you encounter something that upset you?
We've gotten some reports around here of street vendors selling counterfeit goods to tourists at jacked up prices. I'm undercover investigating.
If anything like that happened to you, I might be able to help.
Cuora Well... The vendor guy over there was actually really nice. He gave me a discount and a whole bunch of freebies, actually...
I mean, I bought a whole bunch of stuff, and I don't feel like I spent that much. Definitely feels cheaper than back in Columbia...
Oh, but there was this guy back there who tried to steal my stuff!
Block Manager? Oh? Could you describe his appearance, what he was wearing maybe?
Cuora Uh... he was a man, taller than me, and well... um, I don't really remember what he looked like...
Block Manager? That's not much to go on. I don't think I'd be able to find him with just this.
Cuora Never mind. I need to focus on getting a gift for Cardi anyway. Thanks for the offer, Mr. Block Manager. I'd better get going.
Block Manager? You need to buy something for your friend? What kind of thing are you looking for?
I've been working these blocks for years. Maybe I can point you in the right direction.
I'm not sure how it is in other countries, but us Lungmen Block Managers, we work hard to help our citizens solve problems!
After all, as a Lungmen public servant, I can't let a foreigner leave with the impression that this city isn't safe.
If you've got anything troubling you, ma'am, just let me know.
Cuora Oh, okay...
Well, you see... I got into sort of a fight with a friend, and I want to get her an apology gift...
But I've been all over the place, and I still haven't found the right gift.
It's not like I haven't bought anything, it's just nothing I've bought feels right.
Block Manager? When you're giving your friend a gift, it's the thought that counts, right?
I've got a short temper and I blow up on my friends sometimes, but when it comes down to it, we're always cool after sharing a meal, a drink, and an apology.
So, did you apologize to that friend of yours yet?
Cuora Not yet... I mean, it's really hard to know how and when to start.
Block Manager? Do you know the kinds of things she likes?
Cuora Umm... what does Cardi like?
I think I remember Adnachiel saying that Cardi wants to be a skier.
And I saw some ski clothes gathering dust in her room...
Block Manager? Then you should get her a gift a skier would like, right?
Cuora Um... but I don't know anything about skiing.
Block Manager? Hah, yeah, I get the impression you're more into baseball.
Do you play? Or just watch?
Cuora I play! I love baseball!
Block Manager? Then why not get her a baseball gift? If it's something you like, that makes a good gift too.

{{sc|Cuora|Um... but I don't think Cardi is into baseball.

Cuora I put together a game on the Rhodes Island deck before, but she didn't show...
Block Manager? Yeah, speaking of baseball, I just remembered the mall on that block over there has some sort of game where you win prizes playing baseball. Want to check it out?
If you can't think of what to get her, you can just give her whatever prize you win.
A gift won by your own effort has more meaning to it than something you bought, right?
Cuora That makes sense. Lava did say that handmade gifts are better, but I don't have much talent for crafts...
Baseball is what I'm best at, so a prize won in baseball should be good.
Let's take a look! It's been a while since I played, and it'll be a nice chance to have some fun!
<Background 4>
Block Manager? The games are over there. Looks like it's pretty quiet, so head on over!
Cuora You mean the place with the funny machine?
Arcade Worker? Step right up, swing the bat, hit the ball, and win a prize! Today's the last day, hurry on over!
Block Manager? (Ugh, that idiot's dressed up as an arcade worker. Looks convincing enough.)
(Making use of this arcade that just closed, getting the girl to take the bait, it's almost too easy... I really am a genius!)
Cuora Hi there! Is this the place where you play baseball? What are your prizes?
Arcade Worker? Oh, uh... prizes, yeah...
Cuora Wow! All that stuff behind the glass there? That's all the prizes?
How about that one! Can I get the snowboard?
Arcade Worker? You want the snowboard? Well, that's the grand prize. Pretty tough to win that one...
Cuora Hmm, why do I feel like this guy is kinda familiar...?
Arcade Worker? Miss, I gotta warn you, no matter how much you saddle up to me, I'm not gonna make the challenge easier for you.
See that pitching machine? When you hit the ball back, the scoreboard there will rate you based on where the ball hits.
Cuora So, if I hit the red center, I get the grand prize?
Arcade Worker? It's not that simple! You pay 40 Lungmen Dollars for a round, you get ten balls per round, and if your score is over 475, you get the grand prize.
Wanna try?
Block Manager? 475 points means hitting the red center five times, isn't that a bit too hard? Are the other prizes easier to get?
(What are you doing, why are you making it so hard? Nobody would take a challenge that tough. She'll give up after she fails once!)
Arcade Worker? Sure, we encourage everyone to try a whole lot.
If you score less than 475, the threshold for the grand prize goes down a bit, to a minimum of 200.
(How good could the girl be? This'll definitely buy enough time.)
Cuora Hmmm... Cardi will probably like that snowboard, huh?
Now that I think about it, I really wanna see Cardi on the snow!
Okay, let's give it a try, I'll get it in one go. Bring it on!
Arcade Worker? Let's take your entry fee first, and we'll keep your bag for you in the cabinet back there.
<Background 5>
Cardigan It's true about Lungmen! We've been walking for ages and only covered two blocks. My feet are dying!
Adnachiel That's because you keep pulling us into every store, and spend hours picking and choosing without ever actually buying anything.
Cardigan That's because my wallet is already basically empty!
Adnachiel Yeah, I remember seeing that baseball glove and bat you ordered a couple of days ago.
Cardigan Those are apology gifts for Cuora! And I had to sell some old stuff to make up what I was short...
May Oh? Have you and Cuora not yet reconciled?
I remember you two quarreling something fierce in the game room... First time I've ever seen Cuora bite a person.
Cardigan Thinking back on it... it was my fault.
I can just be too carefree sometimes, assuming everyone's always out to have fun with each other, no joke that can't be made...
Adnachiel The medic operators say Cuora's obsession with protecting her backpack is subconscious. Since she's forgotten most of her past, no one knows exactly where it comes from...
May She's even forgotten her family and friends... Pretty sad, when you think about it.
But she told me that after making friends at Rhodes Island, she doesn't feel so lonely anymore.
By the way, I haven't seen her since early this morning. Where's she gone off to?
Cardigan Sigh... she's probably still avoiding me...
<Background 4>
Cuora Ha-yah!
[Cuora strikes the baseball perfectly into the red zone.]
Arcade Worker? Wh... what? You hit the red zone again? How are you that lucky?
Cuora Hah!
[Another perfect hit.]
Arcade Worker? You hit it again?!
No... is the difficulty set too low? I think I can adjust the ball direction and blocks here...
Cuora Again!
[Yet another perfect hit.]
Cuora Wow! So you can throw out balls that change direction, and put up some more blocks... Hah, alright, I'll get serious too.
<Background fades out and in>
Cuora Phew! I feel fantastic. This is the joy of baseball!
Got some more balls? Send them my way!
Arcade Worker? ......
Is... is this really happening?
I maxed out the difficulty!
Her stance, her strength, her precision...
Is this girl Ambrois Edwards?!
Cuora Hey, how many points did I get? Did I win the prize?
Arcade Worker? Um... the scoring system is overloaded or something, but just looking at it, you definitely cleared 475...
(Shit! Daai goh just left, he can't have found the pendant yet... What do I do? I have to buy him some more time.)
Cuora Then let me get that snowboard!
Arcade Worker? Err, okay... No, wait! I think you're not quite satisfied yet, miss. Would you like to hit a few more balls?
Cuora But I already won the prize... I guess I do want to play some more. Do I have to pay?
Arcade Worker? No, you got the prize, and since nobody else is around, you can keep playing until we close!
The ball flies toward Cuora, and in the split second before it passes through the corner of her vision, she swings her bat forcefully—
[Yet another perfect hit.]
To the sight of the "arcade worker"t he girl's figure seems to overlap with all the baseball stars he's ever seen.
[The machine begins beeping.]
The ball once again nails the center zone. At which point the pitching machine malfunctions, emitting sparks and giving off an uncomfortable sound.
Arcade Worker? What... what's happening?
[The machine explodes.]
<Background 1>
May Good heavens! I heard that explosion just now, I'm sure we're getting caught up in another incident here now...
Adnachiel Sounds like it came from that mall over there. Say, what's that on the ground...?
Cardigan That's Cuora's backpack!
Oh no... is Cuora in danger?!
May Over here! Cuora's here!
Cardigan Cuora! Cuora!
Adnachiel She's fine, just looks like she's sleeping. Oh? What's that she's holding...?
Cardigan It's a... snowboard?
<Background 6>
[Cuora wakes up in her room at Rhodes Island.]
Cuora Ugh...
Where... am I? Rhodes Island?
I remember... I was playing baseball, and then there was a boom...
What happened next...? Where'd those two guys go?
I was having so much fun, I didn't get a chance to thank them...
But hey, I think Lungmenites are really friendly!
Oh! Yeah! My prize! Where's the snowboard I got for Cardi?!
Phew, it's not broken.
And my gifts for the others, they're all still here.
[Someone knocks at her door.]
Cuora Come in!
Cardigan ......
Cuora Oh, Cardi...
Cardigan and Cuora Um...
Cardigan You first, Cuora.
Cuora Um, okay! This snowboard I won at the mall.. it's for you! I'm sorry about that thing before!
Cardigan So the snowboard was for me...?
Cuora I heard some of the others say you wanted to be a skier...
And I remembered you had some ski clothes, so I thought...
Cardigan Oh, those clothes...
Heh, well, I kinda ran into a little financial trouble last month and, well... I sold them...
Cuora Well, I can get you some new ski clothes next time. Or is there something else you want?
Cardigan Hmmm... let me think.
Cuora Sure! Just say the word!
Cardigan offers a new baseball bat to Cuora, then raises her other hand, waving it in front of the girl.
It is covered by a baseball glove.
Cardigan Alright... I want you to teach me to play baseball! Starting today!