Sora: Distance

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Operator Record
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It's an idol's job to bring hope to people, and not just on the stage.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Sora to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Sora.
Male Lungmenite icon.png
Panicked Lungmen Citizen
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Slum Infected
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Trapped Lungmen Citizen
Reunion Caster icon.png
Reunion Caster
Reunion Soldier A icon.png
Reunion Member
Slum Dweller
Lungmen Alley Misty
PL Safehouse
Lungmen City
Lungmen Slums
Lungmen Back Alley
By chance, Sora spots a former fan during an operation to fend off Reunion's assault on Lungmen. She tries to get in touch with the girl, but her only clues are a few handwritten letters.
<Background 1>
[Amidst the Reunion attack on Lungmen, a group of Reunion soldiers are spotted in the streets.]
Panicked Lungmen Citizen What's going on?! Who are these people...?
It's... it's Reunion! Why are they attacking us?!
[The Reunion soldiers are getting closer...]
Trapped Lungmen Citizen H-Huh...? What is going on–
[...and lay waste to the surroundings.]
Panicked Lungmen Citizen What... What are you people doing?
Stop it! This is our neighborhood!
Reunion Member Gah, scram if you don't want trouble!
[The Reunion soldier attacks the civilians.]
Trapped Lungmen Citizen Ughh–!
You... You can't do this...
Reunion Member Why not? You know what kind of a rotten life you've got in this pathetic place.
??? Stop it–
Reunion Member Who's there?
Trapped Lungmen Citizen I know that voice... It's her...!
[Sora, everyone's favorite idol of Penguin Logistics, made it to the scene.]
Sora I made it... *pant*...
Please don't hurt them. They are innocent!
You've already razed a few blocks' worth of streets and shops. There are the homes of innocent civilians... How are they supposed to get by now?
Reunion Member Who cares?
Like I give a crap how they live. Now scram, or you're next!
Sora I'm not going to back down. I've spent my life bringing happiness... to encourage people to stay positive and live on.
That's why... if you're going to destroy their lives... I will protect them. I am more than capable.
Besides, I've got help.
Reunion Member Stop bluffi–
[Suddenly the Reunion sholdier is shot by an unknown attacker, who reveals herself to be Exusiai.]
Exusiai (Whistles)
Reunion Member Who's there...?!
Croissant Sorry we kept ya waitin', Sora.
Sora Croissant, Exusiai, and... Texas.
Texas I don't think they're all that discouraged by anything you just said.
Exusiai In that case, it's time that we, Penguin Logistics, allies of justice, show you what for! Boink! Kapow! We'll knock you all down, just like that!
Reunion Member "Penguin Logistics?" Heh, you really think you can stop us?
Exusiai It's an emergency, so we've got no time to check with the boss, but he's not one to just stand aside while a bunch of bad guys muck up our turf! This is where we do business, after all!
Sora Watch out. We don't know what these men might do. I'll stall them here and put a stop to it.
Texas Okay, Exusiai and I will take them out. Croissant, help evacuate the residents.
Croissant On it, yeehaw!
Texas First, let's secure the path east...
Reunion Member Heyah–
[The Reunion soldier attacks Texas, but suddenly he became immobilized.]
Reunion Member ...Huh?
Sora ♪~♪~♪~
Reunion Member W-Why can't... I... move?
Texas Hmph, take this–
[Texas struck the immobilized Reunion soldier.]
Reunion Member *cough*... It's the singing girl's Arts... Stop her song. Take her out first!
Trapped Lungmen Citizen *Pant*... *pant*...
Did they... stop?
Exusiai Heh... Trying to ambush us? Let's kick this into Overloading Mode, then!
Texas Now. Run.
Reunion Caster Running away? Not so fast... Let's try... this–!
Sora ♪~♪~♪~
Reunion Caster Impossible... Not even my Arts are working...?
Exusiai Heheh, that's not all that Sora can do! Sora, rouse me up!
Sora Okay... on it!
Trapped Lungmen Citizen Miss Sora... Is it really you? But... Why are you here...?
Sora ♪~♪~♪~
Exusiai Now! Get 'em–
[Roused by Sora, Exusiai provides fire support to the rest of the P.L. crew against the Reunion forces.]
Panicked Lungmen Citizen Just who are you people...?
Exusiai Get clear first!
[Exusiai unloads her submachine gun at the Reunion soldiers.]
Croissant There ain't time to think 'bout all that... Giddy up! Get movin'!
Sora ♪~♪~♪~
(Huh? That girl over there...)
Trapped Lungmen Citizen (Ugh... I can't. I can't let anybody see me like this...!)
[The girl runs off.]
Croissant Texas, the L.G.D.'s gonna be here mighty soon!
Texas Alright. Exusiai, Sora–
Sora Yes, I got it...!
Exusiai Time to split! Buh-bye!
[The P.L. crew splits off to avoid trouble with the L.G.D..]
Sora That girl...
I think I've seen her before... No, I've definitely met her before.
Is that her...?
<Background black>
Sora She was at the front of the line to hand me a letter at my first fan meeting in Lungmen.
Then, after one last letter, she stopped coming to my events...
I'm sure of it. She's my very first fan, after all.
But... what is she doing here in the slums?
And... those Originium crystals on her arm...
Did she... become an Infected?
<Background 2>
A few days later
Penguin Logistics Office
[Exusiai walks into the P.L. office.]
Exusiai Ahh... I'm pooped.
Huh, Sora? I didn't know you were here.
Sora Oh, Exusiai, Croissant. Yeah, I'm done with practice for the day.
Exusiai That's good. We're about to head out. You wanna come with us?
We gave the L.G.D. a hand the other day, and apparently they gave Boss a call, asking us to stop by their office to get a "Lungmen Benevolent Organization" certificate.
After we've done a photoshoot in front of L.G.D. HQ, let's see if anybody dares pull me over~
Croissant If'n yer drivin', yeah, you'll get pulled over. With them pitchers, though, I reckon ain't nobody gonna come checkin' my business licenses no more...
Exusiai If you ask me, I think your little side business deserves to be inspected.
Croissant Heh, just makin' a quick buck.
So what'cha doin', Sora? Hmm... This a letter?
Sora Yeah, it's... a letter from a fan.
Croissant Boy, that brings me back. When ya first got here, there was always all kindsa presents pilin' up in front of Penguin Logistics. Mailboxes stuffed to burstin' with fan mail.
Sora Haha... Why don't you two go on ahead? I'll wait for Texas.
Exusiai Sounds good. Here's the key. I'm hitching a ride with Croissant~
Croissant Don't worry yer li'l wings, Exusiai. I'll get'cha there safe n' sound n' right on time!
Exusiai Don't be late, Sora! We don't get to be stand-up, model citizens every day!
[Croissant and Exusiai leaves.]
Sora Yeah, I won't.
(This should be the one...)
(The handwriting... I remember it very well.)
(She was there at my fan meeting... My very first fan...)
[Texas enters the office.]
Texas Oh... Have you been waiting for me?
Sora ......
Texas Sora?
Sora Hm? Oh, sorry, Texas. I spaced out.
Texas It's alright.
Did something happen...?
Sora Oh, don't worry... It's not a big deal...
Texas... Were the people we helped in the slums the other day... all Infected?
Texas That's what's on your mind?
Sora Yeah...
Texas Was there somebody you knew?
Sora I'm not sure... but I think there was a girl... who I might've met once... probably.
If that was really her, then she'd only be there because she was Infected. She wasn't... someone who lived there.
Texas ...
Did you see the letters?
Sora Letters? What letters?
Texas They came with the notice from L.G.D. this morning. Apparently they're letters of appreciation from the residents we saved.
Those letters are the reason the government is giving us that certificate.
Isn't that what you're reading right now?
Sora Oh, no... This is... a fan letter from before.
Texas A fan letter? You're reading it now, of all times...?
Sora Uh... Don't worry about it...
It really is nothing, Texas. I suddenly felt like it. That's all...
Texas ...
Are you coming with me to the L.G.D.? I'll drive.
Sora Mmhm. I'll go!
Texas Get in the car then.
<Background 3>
Sora Texas... If... Just if. If a Lungmenite becomes infected, what options do they have?
Texas I can only think of two.
They either have to leave Lungmen or go to the slums.
Sora Right... There's no other way... I know that.
Texas Hmm?
Sora In the future... will I be allowed to go on deliveries alone? I don't want to be a bother... but I am a member of Penguin Logistics, and I want to help out like everybody else.
Texas Can you protect yourself?
Sora I... I can...!
Texas Once you prove to me you can hold your own, I won't stop you.
Sora Yeah, thanks.
It kind of feels like I'm always thanking you...
<Background 4>
A week later...
Lungmen, somewhere in the slums
[Sora walks to a door in Lungmen's slums and knocks it.]
Sora Hello, is anybody home? Your package is here!
Slum Dweller Who is it...?
Sora Hello, the items you ordered on the Penguin Logistics website are here. Could you please sign for the package~?
Slum Dweller A package...? Leave it outside the door.
Sora Okay!
Umm... could you please sign for the package as well?
Slum Dweller I... I'm not sure I can step outside...
Sora Huh? Is everything okay? Do you need any help?
Slum Dweller No, that's not what I meant... I don't want to come outside... You... You're not infected, right? I have Oripathy... I could spread it to you...
I appreciate Penguin Logistics at least letting me place orders, but you could catch Oripathy from me. Please just go!
Sora Mister... Mister? Please, calm down.
We've got long, stable relationships with Infected clients. Oripathy isn't something you can catch from physical contact.
Don't worry. All Penguin Logistics staff have received Oripathy prevention training. You can't hurt me.
And if you need any assistance, we can help you out anytime. We've partnered with a pharmaceutical company on several projects...
Slum Dweller ......
Sora Mister, are you okay?
Slum Dweller Are you... not afraid of me?
Sora Of course not! Penguin Logistics aims to serve all customers with wholehearted devotion!
Slum Dweller Never mind... Leave it at the door.
Sora Okay...
Slum Dweller Right, can I count on you people to deliver a letter uptown for me next time?
Sora Of course! Penguin Logistics offers mail delivery too!
Slum Dweller Eh... fine. I need to let somebody there know how I'm doing. If they're willing to write back.
Sora Um, Mister...? If you would like, I can help you get in touch...
Slum Dweller No, never mind. Just stay away from me. My brain is a mess right now.
Sora I...
Slum Dweller Let's leave it at that. I'll use you guys again next time.
Sora It wasn't her...
I couldn't find her today either... Maybe she's already left Lungmen.
Maybe it never was her anyway...
But the handwriting in the appreciation letter to Penguin Logistics is the same as the fan letter I got.
She didn't leave an address or a name. It was just a simple thank you letter, but I know it. It was you.
...I just... want to see you once again...
Are you willing to see me? Should... I even see you?
There is something I want to tell you face to face. I want to tell you that you've got to cheer up and find hope again.
Tomorrow... I'll come again tomorrow.
<Background 5>
Two weeks later...
Lungmen slums, during a delivery
[Sora walks to a door and knocks it.]
Sora Hello, is anybody home? Your package is here!
??? ......!
Sora Hello, the items you ordered on the Penguin Logistics website are here. Could you please sign for the package~?
Is anybody home?
??? .......
(Grits teeth)
Sora Hm... this is the right delivery time...
[Sora knocks the door again.]
Sora Yeah...
Hello? Is there really nobody home?
??? (Trembles)
...It's her voice.
Sora (It's the right place... Are they not home?)
I'll leave it at the door and send them a delivery confirmation... Okay.
Sora subconsciously places her hand on the edge of her pocket. Slowly, she takes out the letter.
On the old, tattered envelope are the words "To Miss Sora."
Sora has read the letter inside and compared it with the letter of appreciation countless times. Its contents have been etched into her soul–
Not only do the words of appreciation within evoke her nostalgia, they help keep her mind at ease.
Sora How come I can't find you? I saw you around here not too long ago... Have you really gone somewhere else?
??? ......
Sora I... want to see you again.
??? ......!
The person inside grips the door handle.
Yet the door does not open.
Sora But it's no big deal... I know we'll meet again.
Okay, time for the next package... Where does this one go...?
[Sora leaves to deliver another package.]
??? She's gone... right?
[The one inside the house opens the door and walks out, who is revealed to be a woman and Sora's very first fan, now an Infected.]
Slum Infected ......
(Bends over)
(Picks up the package)
Thank you... Miss Sora.
Looks like you got my letter.
I want to see you again too, but right now... my body... my disease...
You'll be happy once I finally find the courage to face myself again, right?
I... I'll come to your concerts again, and I will be there at your fan meetings.
[Sora's first fan returns inside with the letter and closes the door.]