Kirara: No-Damage Clear

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Operator Record
No-Damage Clear
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"All according to plan!"

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Kirara to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Kirara.
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Boorish Bandit
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Crumbling Bandit
Male Old Kuranta A icon.png
Irritable Infected
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Shrewd Bandit
Male Kuranta A icon.png
Tense Infected
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Towering Bandit
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Vicious Bandit
Anxious Teacher
Caustic Girl
Gossipy Student
Listless Guy
Village House
Ambushed by a large group of bandits on a mission, Captain Akafuyu is hurt, and the enemy is waiting to pounce. After a moment of hesitation, with her teammates' encouragement, Kirara takes a stand...
<Background 1>
[Two Infected villagers are having a talk.]
Tense Infected How are they?
Irritable Infected That leader girl got slashed from behind by the bandits. Still out for the moment.
That many, all sneaking up on one woman at once. Cowards!
Tense Infected S–So what now?
Irritable Infected What do you mean what now? Those thieves were after our medicine, so they want us dead!
I'll take them on if it comes to that, my life against theirs! I can use Arts myself...
Tense Infected They live by getting one over! We couldn't even light a flame if we wanted. Taking them on would never get anywhere...
Irritable Infected Even if it wouldn't, we've got to! You saying you want those bloodthirsty cutthroats to make off with our medicine, after we barely managed to buy it?
All our efforts just to buy this one cheap measly lot of suppressants! And I want you to imagine, if it wasn't for them, then you, me, the village at large, how long we'll still be alive for all these damn stones in us!
Not to mention, there's Rhodes Islanders with us...
Tense Infected But Rhodes is only here to deliver the drugs!
You get it straight. Once they put the drugs in our hands, they could go at any time. They wouldn't help us!
And even if they did stay... You've seen how badly the leader got hurt, after how easily she dealt with the beasts. Now it's just those girls left–what do you think they're going to be able to do?
Irritable Infected ......
Tense Infected The bandits aren't going to just forgive and forget after failing to steal our drugs. They might attack again at any moment!
Better we give them whatever they want. Better than dooming us all. We–We can always figure out something else!
Think carefully about this Rhodes Island or whatever. With how cheap they're selling it, who knows if the drugs are real or fake...
Irritable Infected Enough! You can shut up any day!
Tense Infected Erk.
Irritable Infected I didn't hear this lousy tune from you when those girls helped us fend off the beasts AFTER dropping off the medicine, or when that doctor girl gave you an examination!
You think the measly amount we forked over was worth them delivering it all the way out here, and bringing a doctor to do checkups free of charge?
If that's the lengths Rhodes Island will go to, then whether or not the medicine works, I'm still believing in them!
Tense Infected ......
Tell me, then... You think we can actually protect these drugs?
Irritable Infected We can only try.
Now, enough. I'm going to help the Rhodes Islanders. You find something to busy yourself with.
Tense Infected Fine. One of the girls asked me to help out this morning. Still a little work left to go. I'll fetch somebody else to come with.
<Background fades out and in>
[Kirara ponders on the current situation.]
Kirara ......
(Not good. This is totally not good, the way things are going.)
(Captain's KO'd and hurt, treatment takes time, now all we've got is a DPS and also me, a weird support character without many use cases...)
(Wait, no, nononobad. This is a really serious situation, I can't talk about it like a game.)
(But... I mean, this is hard. This is a tough one...)
[Utage speaks from behind Kirara...]
Utage What's the sigh for?
[...spooking her...]
Kirara Wgaagh!
[...but quickly regains her composure.]
Kirara Phew, uh, okay, it's you, Utage...
Utage In the flesh.
Kirara (Please don't pop up behind me without warning like that, you're going to jumpscare me to death.)
(What are you, a ninja or something?)
Utage Did I spook you? Soz.
Come on, though, I'm not some kinda ninja.
Kirara Wha? Huh?
(How did she know what I was thinking...?)
(It couldn't be... mindreading?!)
Utage I don't have superpowers or anything, you're just, like, real easy to read, girl.
Kirara (You're kidding me. Can you really tell?)
Utage Yeah, for real real.
Kirara (......)
(Well, that's convenient, now I don't need to talk.)
Utage Hey, slow down, Kirara.
It's not a conversation unless you say what you're thinking out loud.
[Kirara stares at Utage, who stares back at her...]
Utage Or, like, what, do you want me to just stare at you forever? Hmm?
Kirara ......
[...before backing off.]
Utage Okay, joke's over.
I'm gonna go check up on Akafuyu. See ya in a bit~
Kirara Uh...
Hold on, Utage!
Utage Hm?
Kirara I'm coming with you.
So, uh, Utage... what do you think about the situation we're in right now?
Utage Um... pretty messed up, I guess.
We were expecting a normal delivery mission, right? So, not like we prepared that much.
Kirara We did get a team put together...
Utage Buuut the captain was our big hitter, and she left a whole opening to get backstabbed in.
Kirara Haaa...
I have no laughs in me right now.
Utage Usually, average bandits aren't, like, a match for us at all, but they've got way too many guys. Kind of out of my league, if I had to solo them.
Our doctor's not gonna do combat, and you...
Kirara Don't look at me, I'm a Logistics techie.
Utage Oh, word? I always feel like every tech I know's pretty good in a fight.
Besides, you were good at those strategy games, weren't you? And you and the Doctor broke some kinda record one time? So, like, maybe being a commander's your thing.
What do you think? Wanna try?
Kirara Me?
You're joking, real life isn't a video game, I... I can't.
We should probably go see how Akafuyu's doing.
[Kirara leaves.]
Utage Aww... it's a bad habit to casually shoot yourself down.
Besides, you've totally got ideas going, don't you?
So hard to be honest, Kirara.
<Background 2>
[Honeyberry briefs Kirara and Utage on Akafuyu's condition.]
Honeyberry The wound won't pose much issue, and we've applied anti-inflammatory.
She still hasn't come around, but as long as she's not got a fever, then she should be out of the woods after convalescing properly.
Kirara Oh, okay...
Utage That's great to hear.
But, like, how much longer is our captain gonna sleep for?
Honeyberry That's up to Akafuyu's own constitution. We've given her all the treatment we can, but the wound was very deep...
Even if she does wake up, she can't return to combat straight away.
Utage Hmm? We can't just wave her in anyway?
Honeyberry & Kirara No!
Kirara *sigh*...
The sensors I laid out indicate those bandits have been in the area the whole time. We did get in touch with a nearby squad, but it's still gonna be a while before they get here.
If the bandits attack now, while the time is ripe, I think we might...
Utage Might be done for.
So now what? You think we take the captain and retreat?
Honeyberry Wait, if we go, what about the Infected here?
We've delivered the medication, so that's mission complete, but I can't just leave the villagers for dead.
Utage Hmm... we take the medication too?
Kirara Okay, putting aside whether or not they'd buy that as a ruse, I think the bandits are after more than the meds anyway. They can fight the people here, and they have literally no way to fight back.
Honeyberry That's true...
Kirara ......
So, uh...
Actually, I think we could–
[The irritable villager enters.]
Irritable Infected Excuse me, I've brought you all some food...
A little place like ours doesn't have much, so if you can just put up with it.
Honeyberry Thank you, it's kind to worry about us. Was anyone from the village hurt in the previous attack?
Irritable Infected We're all fine, thanks to your group.
Can I ask how your captain's doing?
Honeyberry No worries, she's not in danger now.
Irritable Infected Oh, okay, that's a massive relief!
[The villager remembers something...]
Irritable Infected Right, can't forget this too.
[...and gave a map to Kirara and Utage.]
Irritable Infected It's those topographic maps of the place you all wanted...
Utage Huh? Topographic maps? I didn't hear anything about that.
Honeyberry I didn't request any either... Did Akafuyu ask for them at some point?
Kirara ...It was me.
The voice of gratitude is near-inaudible.
Silent since the villager entered the room, the girl seems in a rush to dodge all lines of sight, dropping her gaze to the maps she now holds.
Being hand-drawn by the Infected of the wild settlement, they are rough and crude, no more than a few abstract lines drawn as hints in parts; they could hardly amount to real topographies.
Absorbing correct information from maps like these would be far from easy.
But grasping them tight, the Higashinese girl comes off like a truly experienced hand, rapidly flipping through the sheets.
Kirara Mmhuh...
(Majorly flat terrain, very disadvantageous to us.)
(But there's places here to exploit for sure... like here. If we can do a little setup here...)
(The plan works, it's feasible. But...)
Utage So? Did you work something out?
Attagirl, Kirara~ Look at you, you got something brewing in your head, don't you?
Irritable Infected What?! Really? Girl, you... no! Miss, you have an idea?!
Kirara I, I...
[Kirara looks nervous as the others stare at her.]
Kirara ...I think we...
<Background fades out>
Listless Guy What did she even wanna say? She was just stammering. Say something or get off.
Just wasting time... You can't even hear how quiet she talks!
Caustic Girl I know, right? I heard in seventh grade, she was absent, uh, so much she almost repeated. She never showed up to class. Everyone thought she did something to make the school suspend her, like literally, everyone.
*snort* Apparently she likes those little plastic figures too. What if she was just secretly doing something, like, gross at home? Wow... creepy.
Gossipy Student And her name totally doesn't fit, right? Like, you know you see it and you think Kirara, like she's gonna be this sparkly kinda pretty girl? But actually, she's just Kirara the weird downcast depresso. Such a buzzkill.
Her face? She never even lifts her head, who knows what her face is like...?
Anxious Teacher Kirara, the school has resolved that we can't tolerate you being absent from class again like last year.
If you can't adapt to school life, we may have to consider getting in touch with your parents about you repeating a year, or even withdrawing from school entirely...
...Stop looking.
Stop looking at me.
Stop looking at me like that.
<Background fades in>
Kirara No...
I, I d... I don't know...
(I can't breathe...)
(What am I doing? Just say your words, come on, you're not at school here...)
Uh, ah... I'd like to suggest–
[The tense villager enters in a rush.]
Tense Infected B–Bad news!!
The bandits! The bandits are back! They're surrounding the entrance, they've hurt some of us too...
Irritable Infected What?!
Honeyberry There's wounded? Where? I need you to take me there immediately!
[Honeyberry rushes off.]
Utage Guess that's that. I'm coming too.
[Utage looks at Kirara...]
Utage Hey, Kirara.
Kirara ......
Utage Don't keep us waiting too long.
[...before rushing off as well.]
Kirara ......
<Background fades out and in>
[Kirara thinks to herself,]
Kirara (Freaking Utage talking, it's like she understands everything.)
(What's the deal? I haven't figured this out myself yet...)
(No, I can't just stand here like an idiot, I've got to do something or other and it's simple as that!)
??? Urgh...
Kirara Eek!
??? Don't make such a fuss.
[Akafuyu wakes up.]
Akafuyu Ssss... owowow, I can feel my wound.
Kirara Akafuyu?! You're up?!
How's your wound, are you okay? D-D-D-Don't move! Quick, lie down!
Just lie back down, I'll call for Honeyberry right away–
Akafuyu Come back, you needn't call anyone!
[Akafuyu unsheathes her katana.]
Akafuyu I can hold on... I actually awoke quite a time ago, and I heard everything you talked about. No great issues press me–my body simply wouldn't heed me somewhat.
If the bandits that assaulted me have delivered themselves to me, then good! Watch me cut them down!
Kirara No, okay, great issues are extremely pressing you!
Quit moving! Aaaahh okay okay your wound's bleeding again... Stay still, put the katana down!
You're in no condition to fight right now, at all, whatsoever! You think you're some kinda fighting game protag? As long as your health bar's not empty yet you're completely unaffected, is that it, huh??
Akafuyu Tch... There, you can talk quite fine, can't you.
What do we do, then? If I cannot go, I fear Utage will buckle before long.
Are you saying you have some plan?
Kirara I–I've come up with it, kind of, but...
I don't think I can do it...
Akafuyu ......
Fool. What is it you're so afraid of?
Kirara What? I'm not...
Akafuyu You are.
Out with your ideas! I will judge as the captain whether or not they work!
On what basis do you say you can't do it? These squad members were handpicked by me. Are you saying I could not discern properly?
Kirara Wait, wait, I didn't I wasn't... You're twisting my words against me!
Akafuyu Yes, indeed. What is it? If you have objections, speak and let me hear.
Kirara (Nnnnrgghh–)
(What the hell is her deal–!)
Akafuyu I see you as quite the strategizer. I've never bested you once in that regard!
Kirara But those were games...
Akafuyu Split no hairs. I recall you also discussed tactical command with that Doctor at one point?
Kirara But that was on the topic of games too!
Akafuyu And they've taught you plenty applicable in practice, no?!
Enough tarrying! Eyes wide! It's simple as this: will you do it?
I've told you that I am the one who will judge here! I am your general in this moment, and you are my counsel. Now hasten in offering your advice!
Kirara ......
Huff... hah...
<Background fades out>
Listless Guy What... even... stammering...
......hear how quiet...
Caustic Girl ...absent......did something...
...likes those......secretly...
Gossipy Student ...totally doesn't fit......weird downcast... buzzkill...
...who knows... like...
Anxious Teacher has resolved...
Shut up.
Oh my god shut up.
I don't care what people say, I don't give a care...
Yeah. Yeah, okay. Didn't I already decide?
<Background fades in>
[Kirara calms down.]
Kirara ......
(Deep breath)
I'll talk, I'll freaking talk okay?! Stop making this scene such a big emotional deal, does it seriously not embarrass you when everything starts hitting you like lines from a visual novel?!
I'll say it, I'm totally gonna say it!
I think we can–
<Background 1>
[Honeyberry is providing medical support.]
Honeyberry Someone else is hurt! Please get the wounded over to me, faster!
Utage Sorry, but I can't hold them off for too long either. We're gonna get surrounded like this.
Seriously, are our drugs worth this much?
Honeyberry Compared to other medications on the market, we sell really cheap... and the efficacy's guaranteed.
Utage Oh, so that's why we send a whole squad on deliveries all the time.
Honeyberry Yes...
It's not just an issue of money. Medications like these are difficult to buy on the market period, so...
Utage That's why there's Infected among the people robbing too.
Honeyberry Yes.
Tense Infected Isn't there anything we can do...?
O–Oh, right! That pink-haired girl had me set up a machine earlier! Is there something we can do with that?
Utage Machine?
I didn't hear anything about that.
Honeyberry Me neither.
I think I'm getting deja vu.
Tense Infected But...!
Utage Oh, if you wanna know about that...
Why don't we just make her explain it herself?
[Kirara joins in.]
Kirara ......
Tense Infected Right, that's the Miss who asked us to do everything!
[Everyone present looks at Kirara.]
Kirara (Phew... it's okay, I can do this, I can speak, it's okay...)
–Everyone, listen to me!
I have a plan.
<Background 3>
[Kirara runs through a barracks...]
Kirara ......
[ the bandits follow her.]
<Background 4>
[After running for a while...]
Kirara *pant*... *pant*...
Boorish Bandit Found her! Over here!
She's got all the drugs in her car! After her!
Kirara (...hah, they followed.)
(If the map was right, then around here there should be...)
(No, wait!)
(I have to go further north!)
[Kirara moves on.]
<Background 5>
[Kirara made it to a desert...]
Kirara (Phew...)
[...and settles down.]
Kirara (Yep, okay, this is the area, this is some loose sand alright...!)
(We make the sand subside here, and form quicksand...)
[Kirara channels her Arts...]
Kirara (Great!)
(Thank you, Originium Arts. I think I could kinda fill a mage role like this, huh?)
[...and created a quicksand trap in the vicinity.]
Kirara (Done! Next. I just stall for time a little...)
(Need to find a place to hide myself.)
<Background fades out and in>
[The bandits do not find Kirara in the car.]
Shrewd Bandit Where'd she go?
Where's she hiding? The car's still here. Get all the drugs out!
Hey, girl, can you hear me?!
Ran out with the goods all alone, huh? Thought you could get away on a fluke, or are you just trying to lure us out?
No matter your plan, it's nothing now!
<Background fades out and in>
[While Kirara watches from hiding...]
Kirara (What's the deal with this guy? He's a trash-talker.)
(Oh, if only I could tell him how every character who talks too much before a battle usually comes out of it pretty bad.)
<Background fades out and in>
[The bandits realized that...]
Boorish Bandit Hey! The med boxes here... they're all empty!
We got tricked!
Shrewd Bandit Heh... expected that. Looks like she just wanted to string us along.
Shame for you, though. You can pretend you're on your solo adventure, but we're not as stupid as you think.
You know how many of us chased your bait? Less than half.
The rest of us probably broke through that lousy Infected village by now, I'm reckoning?
[Kirara listens to the bandits' rant...]
Kirara ......
[...before coming out of hiding.]
Kirara Uh... wow, you really can talk.
Honestly, I'm kind of starting to envy the sheer confidence you've gotta have in order to talk at your opponent like you're straight up giving a speech.
Shrewd Bandit Oh? Who knew that's where you'd be hiding... What, not gonna run?
Kirara ......
Don't care to, anymore.
<Background 1>
[Back in the village...]
Tense Infected Is it really going to work?
This is all we've got. If, just if, it doesn't do anything...
Akafuyu What's to fear?! You heard Kirara's plan yourselves! The feasibility is tremendous!
And lest we forget, I'm present too! A wounded general is hardly a rare sight... *hiss*
Honeyberry Stop showing off, Akafuyu!
Utage Kirara already led a bunch of the guys away. The numbers on the rest...
Mmhm, I think I should basically make it, even if we have issues.
Akafuyu There you have it.
I estimate she saw this too, hence why her arrangements are so?
Utage Okay, then, no time to lose.
Everyone ready? Push the switch... 'eyy!
[Utage pushes a button and the sound of Arts being channeled are heard.]
Towering Bandit What... What is that?!
Vicious Bandit That's a caster's Arts! Hey, are you suicidal? Pull out!
Towering Bandit Where did they find so many casters...?
[Suddenly an Arts attack struck some of the bandits.]
Towering Bandit Urgh!!
Utage Watch out, girl. Arts aren't the only danger on the scene.
Vicious Bandit What the hell kind of trick are you pulling?!
We've been watching the whole time! There's no way you found a caster to help–
Utage Hm? Didn'tcha know? Infected can use Arts barehanded.
You back these guys into a corner, and they can seriously do anything. You get me?
Vicious Bandit ......
Utage Oh, heyyy, lucky, everyone's actually Infected here.
Guess how many'd rather burst into dust in your face than let you get your way, huh?
Vicious Bandit Maniacs!
Crumbling Bandit These Infected are all insane! They're going to take us down with them!
Run for it!!
<Background fades out and in>
[As the bandits flee from the village...]
Irritable Infected The bandits! They're beginning to retreat!
Tense Infected Really?! Oh, thank heavens...!
Who knew this little box could be so much of a threat?
Akafuyu Good skies, didn't that work a little too well?
Honeyberry H–Honestly!
When we pressed it and the sound of Arts firing suddenly went off all around, even I was jumpy!
Akafuyu Using a preconstructed projector to intimidate the enemy! Trust her to think of it...
And arranged so perfectly in such a short span of time. How did she possibly do it?
Tense Infected Er, the pink-haired Miss asked us to install all these machines this morning.
Akafuyu Pardon? This morning?
Wait, when we'd just become aware of the bandits, before anything had even happened?!
What in the stances did the Doctor teach her...?
<Background 5>
Kirara Aaaand it's time.
[Kirara activates the quicksand trap, dragging the bandits under.]
Shrewd Bandit What did you do?!
This pit... pteuch, she's trapping us!
Boorish Bandit Help me! I'm going to get buried!
Shrewd Bandit Girl! Don't you care if they live or die?!
Even if you kill us all, the village is still–
Kirara You just keep going...
What I want is a perfect clear.
Shrewd Bandit Huh?
Kirara You wouldn't just ignore bait as obvious as me. Even if you didn't totally buy it, you'd at least send part of your people to follow, and that was enough.
We trap a portion using me, a support who doesn't affect the big picture, which lowers your numbers, and back in the village we've got Utage for high attack, so they're pretty sure to handle it.
Not to mention the projectors...
Wait, why am I explaining all this to you again?
Explaining your own plan is what antags do, and then they mess it up and they get comeback'd on. NG, NG.
Shrewd Bandit What the hell kind of craziness are you talking to yourself about?
Kirara You have a bind debuff, you don't get to interrupt!
[Kirara receives a dispatch.]
Utage Hiii, Kirara, can you hear me~
Akafuyu Oi, Utage! No nonsense from you!
Kirara, well done! We sorted things out handily on this side. How was yours?
Honeyberry Kirara, you're not hurt, are you?
[As the others wait for Kirara's reply...]
Kirara ...Heheh.
No, I'm fine, I'm untouched. All good on my end too.
...Just as planned.

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