Luo Xiaohei: Sleepwalker Sailing

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Operator Record
Sleepwalker Sailing
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There are some nights when sleepiness just doesn't come when it should, and longing takes its place.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Luo Xiaohei to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Luo Xiaohei.
Comatose Patient
Medic Operator
RI Room
RI Corridor
RI Training Compound
Living Room
Cold Forest
RI Cafeteria
RI Surgery Room
Mountain finds he's lost a copper button, but fortunately, he has his new friend Xiaohei by his side.
<Background black>
[Amidst the darkness...]
Xiaohei Master? It's so dark here... Why can't I see anything...?
Wuxian Don't worry, I'm right here.
Xiaohei Then what are we here for? Are you going to teach me a new move?!
Wuxian Xiaohei, to perceive the nature spirit, you mustn't rely on your five senses alone.
I've temporarily sealed your vision to improve your sensitivity to the presence of metal around you.
Xiaohei Ugh, I can't see anything. This is hard...
Wuxian I have a metal ball stored in my pocket. How much you can perceive?
Xiaohei Mmgh... it's really fuzzy, but I think so!
Wuxian Good. I'll carry it as I walk around you. You must determine my position by sensing it. Relax. I won't move too far from you.
Xiaohei What if I can't do it, master?
Wuxian No need to fret, we'll take it slow. Now, come and catch me.
Xiaohei ...Okay, um... on the left, I think?
[Xiaohei walks to the left.]
Xiaohei There's nothing here. It feels like you're behind me.
[Xiaohei walks to the rear.]
Xiaohei Master?! No, not there.
(I need to calm down, mmgh... there!)
[Xiaohei walks around, but can't find Wuxian.]
Xiaohei Darn, I messed up again.
Where are you, Master?! This is too hard. I don't think I can do it.
[No one answers.]
Xiaohei Master, say something...
Master, where are you...?
<Background 1>
Xiaohei Mroaaaw–!
[Xiaohei freaks out in his cat form, which wakes Xiaobai up.]
Xiaobai (Yawns) What's wrong, Xiaohei? Were you having a bad dream?
Xiaohei Meow.
Xiaobai (Rubs Xiaohei's head) I'm right here, it's okay.
Xiaohei Mew!
Xiaobai Go back to sleep.
Xiaohei (Licks Xiaobai's hand) Mreww.
Xiaobai I'm here... it's okay... *snore*...
[Xiaobai falls asleep.]
Xiaohei (Did she fall asleep?)
(Tiptoes off the bed)
(I can't get any sleep now. Might as well take a walk outside.)
<Background 2>
[As Xiaohei walks through the corridors...]
Xiaohei I keep dreaming about Master the last few days.
I don't even know when we'll be able to go back. It's been so long, he has to be looking for me.
I wonder if Ah Gen and Xiaobai miss Mom, Dad, and Grandpa too?
Mm. We've gotta find a way back as soon as we can.
And I guess I should go back and sleep... Uh, where am I, though?
Am I... lost?
[Xiaohei walks around while meowing, but he walks in circles.]
Xiaohei *huff*... *pant*... I'm beat.
And wasn't I just here?!
This ship's way too big. I'm never gonna find my way back.
And there's no one to ask for directions this late either.
[Sounds of people fighting are heard.]
Xiaohei Are people fighting?! Shoot, what if a bad guy got in?!
[Xiaohai shapeshifts into his Spirit form.]
Xiaohei I've gotta give 'em a proper greeting, then.
<Background 3>
[Xiaohei opens the door.]
Xiaohei I think the sounds were coming from this room.
Huh? Isn't this where the operators usually train? Is that... Mr. Fu?
No, he doesn't wear clothes like that.
[Mountain is shadowboxing at the compound.]
Mountain It's not sunup yet, I've still got time for four more sets of shadowboxing.
[Mountain punches...]
Mountain Hup, hup. Jab-jab, cross.
[...followed by jabs...]
Mountain Rragh!!! Again!
[...and hooks while Xiaohei watches.]
Xiaohei Wow, look at those fists... He beat a sandbag out of shape with just a few punches.
I dunno who's stronger, me or him.
Mountain (Twitches ears) Hrm...
(Stops punching) Who's there?!
[Xiaohei reveals himself before Mountain.]
Mountain A Feline kid?! Are you a patient here?
Xiaohei No, I'm an operator, like you.
Mountain They made you an operator that young? I find that hard to believe... What exactly can you do?
Xiaohei Don't underestimate me, I'm real strong. If you don't believe me, we can have a showdown.
Mountain Let's not. I'm not confident I can stop my fists before you get hurt.
Xiaohei No need to hold back, gimme all you've got!
Mountain I... No. What sort of self-respecting adult bullies a child?
Xiaohei (Assumes stance) How will you know if you don't try?
Mountain (He has a measured posture, with very stable footing. There does seem to be something to him... Fine, can't hurt to help him train.)
Well then, my young friend, stay sharp.
Xiaohei Take this!
[Xiaohei and Mountain spars, ending up in an even trade.]
Mountain Huff–
You're as quick as lightning, for someone your age. I'm confident in my jabs, but I don't see myself landing any clean hits on you.
Xiaohei (Wipes off sweat)
Your fists are incredible. I could barely dodge by a hair.
Mountain Hahahah. It seems I've only scratched the surface of what this ship's operators can really do. That reminds me, my friend–what are you doing here at this hour?
Xiaohei I couldn't get to sleep, so I went out for a walk, and... got lost. Now I don't know the way back to the dorm.
Mountain You must be new here then. I can sympathize–this place sprawls, and they don't make things simple. Learning to navigate it can be a challenge.
But aren't children your age usually getting sleepy around now?
Xiaohei I... I've got some stuff on my mind.
Mountain (Do children today really have so much weighing on them, so young?)
Never mind, let's call it here. Let me show you the way back.
Xiaohei What is it?
Mountain I've lost a button from my jacket.
Xiaohei A button? You could just go and sew a new one on.
Mountain They don't make this sort anymore. It won't be easy to come by.
Xiaohei Try a different one, then?
Mountain Unfortunately, they're special to me. I've always treasured them, since my father had a particular love for them on his own coats... It'd be a shame to lose it.
For now, let me walk you back. I'll retrace my steps tomorrow and see if I can find it.
Xiaohei Is it really important to you?
Mountain Yes. I think of my father whenever I see them.
Xiaohei Then... are they made of metal?
Mountain They are.
Xiaohei I'll help you look! I've got the ability to sense metal. A metal button like those ones, right? I can pinpoint it if it's not too far.
Mountain So you wield such Originium Arts too... But no, go back and get some rest. If I can't find it tomorrow, I'll come straight to you. How's that?
Xiaohei It's fine, I'm all pumped up right now. I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.
Mountain Then by all means, my friend. But before I forget, my name is Anthony Simon, and it's a pleasure to meet you. You can also use my codename "Mountain," if you so prefer. What's your name?
Xiaohei I'm Xiaohei!
Mountain Would you like me to carry you?
Xiaohei N–No, it's fine, I'm not a kid!
Mountain Hahahah, I understand. Stick close to me, then. Let's try not lose our way again.
<Background 4>
[Xiaohei and Mountain enters the library.]
Mountain I came here to do some reading this morning, and may well have lost the button somewhere by the bookshelves. Can you sense anything?
[Xiaohei looks around.]
Xiaohei Umm... I think there's something really small and round.
(Raises hand up and forms a fist)
It's not a button though, it's a coin. Do you want it?
Mountain I see, a game token... Can you sense any similar metals?
Xiaohei ...There's nothing else. Sorry.
Mountain That's fine, no doubt it lies elsewhere. Come to think of it though, have you had the chance to try the games here? Logistics has acquired quite a few game disks and tapes.
Xiaohei I don't really play that stuff. Do you?
Mountain Er, I can't say I do, these days. If I'm here, it's most likely only to borrow some books.
Xiaohei ...I don't really read books either. I only know a few of the shapes in them.
Mountain Would you like to, then?
Xiaohei I would! But...
[Mountain looks at the bookshelves.]
Mountain As I recall, there also have picture books here, meant for schooling children... Right, there they are. Here.
[Mountain picks up a children's picturebook and give it to Xiaohei.]
Xiaohei So this one has all pictures? Thank you...
Mountain All it takes is to be an earnest reader. Be it words or pictures, you'll find yourself reaping the rewards.
Okay, let's be on our way. Hold onto that book. I think we'll visit Miss Lena's garden next–I assisted her with moving some goods around noontime.
Xiaohei Okay.
[Xiaohei and Mountain leaves the library as Kirara reveals herself, having hid herself all the while.]
Kirara ...Are they gone? I literally play here at night so I *don't* see other people. Who'd have thought someone'd come anyway?
I mean, they are gone by now, right? Like, *gone* gone?
Alright, continue from save, I guess. Let's see... what do I equip? Bow's good for clearing trash in this stage, but melee's better for the boss fight. Choices, choices...
[Kirara plays the video game until...]
Kirara (Puts down controller)
Orrr... maybe I should've tried to say hello when they came in.
<Background 5>
[Xiaohei and Mountain enters the Convalescent Garden.]
Mountain How very lucky of us. We came just in time to find the queens of the night in bloom.
Xiaohei These flowers are so pretty! They smell so gentle, too. It's nice.
(Draws a deep breath)
Mmm... okay, we'll have to keep looking for your button, it's not here. Maybe the next place.
Mountain There's no need to rush, Xiaohei. You enjoy it here, don't you? We can look around a while longer.
Xiaohei Can we?
Mountain Of course.
Miss Lena takes excellent care of this garden, and most of the flowers here are for her own perfumes. If you ever have trouble sleeping again, have her mix some soothing fragrances for your room.
Xiaohei Miss... Lena? Then who's that man over there?
[Flamebringer is watching the flowers when he noticed Xiaohei.]
Flamebringer (Shoots a glance at Xiaohei)
Mountain Miss Lena bade an operator to help pick the flowers, I presume... After all, queens of the night don't bloom at any other time.
Xiaohei Oh, I get it, no wonder he's got such a long sword. I bet it cuts stuff real neatly.
*sniff* *sniff*
(This queen of the night thing smells really good. I wonder if you can eat it. It couldn't hurt to try a little, right?)
(Moves to bite) Ahh–
Flamebringer Weird little brat. You like how it smells, so you immediately go to give it a bite?
Xiaohei What's so weird about it? Can't you eat these?
Mountain Pardon us, sir. Children often think in peculiar ways. We mean no offense.
Flamebringer Suit yourselves. Just don't bother me.
Xiaohei It's not like we'd get in the way of your work from all the way over here.
Flamebringer Wrong. I'm not working.
I'm awaiting the unparalleled beauty revealed by the spectacle of life at the moment it verges on disappearance. It passes in the blink of an eye, so I must devote all my focus to it.
Xiaohei I... didn't get any of that.
Mountain I'd imagine he means the queen of the night only blooms for a few hours. Admire it while you can, for it will wilt before you know it.
Xiaohei It only blooms for that long? I'm not eating it, then. Just watching is enough.
Flamebringer (Shaking head) Tch. Children...
[Flamebringer leaves.]
Xiaohei I bet... that man's got amazing sword skills, right?
Mountain Hahahah, you want to spar with him too? Don't do it here, at least. Miss Lena wouldn't be happy to see people getting into fights in her garden.
Xiaohei Okay! Then let's go to the next place and find your button!
<Background 6>
[Xiaohei and Mountain enters the cafeteria.]
Xiaohei That garden was so pretty though, I wanna bring Xiaobai and Ah Gen there next time. Um, Xiaobai and Ah Gen are my friends.
Mountain Well, nothing is stopping you. Miss Lena's garden is open to all operators. Feel free to visit it at any time.
[Matterhorn walks toward Xiaohei and Mountain.]
Matterhorn Hello, Mountain, this is awfully early. I almost thought you were Ethan. And who's your friend here?
Xiaohei I'm Xiaohei. I'm helping Mountain look for his button.
Mountain I may have lost it here, you see. You wouldn't happen to have to seen it, would you Matterhorn?
Matterhorn If I find any lost items when I'm cleaning, I put them in that box over there. You're welcome to take a look.
Mountain Alright then. Thank you.
Matterhorn You're welcome.
Xiaohei Um... I tried sensing just a moment ago. There's no metal in there at all.
Mountain Really? How troublesome–this was the last place I visited yesterday. After that, I spent the whole time in the training room until you arrived.
Xiaohei How about we start again from the beginning? I'm sure we'll find it.
Mountain I'll spare you the hassle and see you back to the dorms. It's late. Children won't grow tall without enough sleep.
Xiaohei Then what about the button? Are you gonna give up?
Mountain Mm. Perhaps someone else picked it up. Tomorrow, I'll post a lost item notice and see where that gets me.
Xiaohei I'm sorry I wasn't any help...
Mountain But you wanted to, and that's more than enough for me. Thank you.
Xiaohei ......
Matterhorn What's the matter? You couldn't find it?
Mountain Indeed. The boy's more upset about it than I am, and I'm the one who lost it.
Matterhorn Here, Xiaohei, have some candy from my homeland. Don't let it get to you.
Xiaohei Thank you, Matterhorn...
[Xiaohei up picks the candy given by Matterhorn.]
Mountain (Pats Xiaohei's head) Come on then, let's be off.
<Background 2>
[Xiaohei and Mountain walks through the corridors.]
Mountain Would you like to learn how to read? I don't have much in the way of upcoming missions, so I can certainly find the time to teach you.
Xiaohei Sure...
Mountain Have you tried the candy he gave you? How does it taste?
Xiaohei Not yet...
Mountain You don't have to feel so bad, Xiaohei. It's just a tiny little button. It's alright.
Xiaohei But you said it was really important...
[Haze walks toward Xiaohei and Mountain.]
Haze Meow, we meet again, you giant boulder. And you've brought a darling Feline along to boot?
Mountain Haze. What are you doing out this late?
Haze Shh. Someone had a thirst for a stroll tonight, so I had to come out with.
Xiaohei But there's nobody with you...?
Haze It's my hat. A moment of peace is ever so elusive with this thing around. Don't you agitate it, meow.
Xiaohei (This lady... speaks weird.)
[Haze speaks to herself.]
Haze Stay, stay, I'm just giving these two operators a meow-do-you-do. I'll be right on my way. You settle down now.
Yes, I know, it was our titan here who bumped into me on the way to the training room this afternoon. But he apologized, you know. No need to be so mewdy.
Xiaohei (Whisper) Who's she talking to?
Mountain (Whisper) Her hat.
Haze Dear me. Boulder, little Feline, I need to be on my way. Even more deranged things will spill out of me if I stay any longer.
Xiaohei (Suddenly furrows brows)
(Wait, what's that... That's it, she has it on her!)
Miss, could you hold on for just for a moment?
Haze What is it, little Feline? Are you looking to prize yet more nonsense out of your friendly witch?
Xiaohei Can I, um, ask what's in your pocket?
Haze Just some loose odds and ends.
Xiaohei (Reaches out, and then suddenly forms a fist)
[Xiaohei uses his powers to draw out the metallic objects in Haze's pocket.]
Haze Oh! Is this some Originium Arts? Why are the things in my pocket flying out at you?!
Xiaohei (Opens hand) Mountain, is this your button?
Mountain Hrm. Yes. Haze, why would you have my button on you?
Haze Oh, meow... I've been caught.
Mountain I have far more valuable items on me. Why insist on stealing a single button?
Haze (Sticks out tongue) It had far too pretty a design for its own good–my heart leapt on seeing it, and it seemed not to cost so dearly. I would've given it back to you after I had my bit of fun with it.
Xiaohei It may not be valuable, but it's really important to Mountain! He was so worried when he lost it!
Mountain You have to understand, my father used to love this kind of button. Add the fact that they don't sell them anymore, and you can see why it's so significant to me.
Haze My apologies. I didn't know it was so precious to you... I had no intent to hurt you, boulder that you are.
If you ever need any assistance in future, come seek me, why don't you? Let me make up for this mishap.
Mountain No need for that. Now that we've found it, all's well that ends well.
Haze (Hugs Xiaohei) Thank you, little Feline.
Xiaohei Mmngh?! What's your deal?!
Haze If it weren't for mew, I would've broken my very own set of rules, and neither my hat nor I would be delighted about that.
Xiaohei (Struggling) I get it. Now let me go.
Haze (Releases Xiaohei)
Hah, hah, hah! So long then, little Feline. With your cuteness, we'd be remiss not to see each other plenty more in future. Meow revoir.
[Haze leaves.]
Xiaohei She's such a weirdo. I caught her stealing stuff, and she thanked me for it.
Mountain I'd have to assume she's drawn lines she doesn't want to cross, as a thief.
Xiaohei Aren't you mad at her?
Mountain I'm more grateful to you than mad at her, Xiaohei. I'd never have found it so easily without your help.
Xiaohei No problem. You're my friend.
Mountain And I'm honored to be so.
<Background fades out and in>
[Xiaohei and Mountain continues walking through the corridors.]
Xiaohei (Yawn–)
Mountain Will you be alright for tomorrow, after staying up this late?
Xiaohei It's okay, there's nothing important happening.
Mountain Then could you tell me why you're having trouble sleeping?
Xiaohei I–I miss my Master.
Mountain I see.
Xiaohei, the reason I use the same buttons my father did is because doing what he used to lets me feel closer to him.
Though he's no longer here, that feeling remains unchanged.
Perhaps you'd like to try something like that too. Do something your Master would do. It might make you feel better.
Xiaohei Something Master would do...
[An R.I. medic runs toward Xiaohei and Mountain...]
Medic Operator Mountain! Xiaohei! Excuse me, make way, please! Emergency!
[...and they makes way for her to pass through.]
Xiaohei What happened?
Mountain That's the Medical Department right up ahead. I assume something happened to a patient and they need emergency treatment.
Xiaohei Do they always work this late?
Mountain There's no day or night in Medical. So long as they're needed, they have to stay on call.
Xiaohei I can see the lights in there... It's as bright as daytime.
Mountain It seems you're aching for a look. Would you like to visit?
Xiaohei Yeah, I know one of the sick people in there, but I don't know how she's been doing lately. I wanna see her.
Mountain Then no time like the present.
<Background 7>
[Sussurro and R.I. medics are tending to a patient in critical condition.]
Sussurro Rate of originium crystal expansion is accelerated in patient's lungs, function severely impaired. Not good. Heartbeat faint. Prepare the emergency facilities!
Did the drugs make it yet?
Medic Operator A Right here, coming now!
Sussurro Lend a hand. I'll run through emergency care.
<Background 2>
Xiaohei Looks like they're really busy. I'll come back tomorrow.
Mountain Very well.
<Background 7>
Comatose Patient Hphhh–hphhh–
Medic Operator A Operator Sussurro, patient is having trouble with voluntary breathing. We have to remove their respirator and intubate.


Sussurro Anesthetist on standby, please! Emergency intubation! Scalpel!
Medic Operator B All ready. I'll hold him steady.
Sussurro ......
[The medics remove the respirator and intubate from the patient whilst Sussurro holds them.]
Comatose Patient (Breathing resumes)
Sussurro (Wipes forehead) Good. Let's move him into the theater for the next stage of treatment.
<Background 2>
Mountain What's so fascinating, Xiaohei?
Xiaohei That lady... she's amazing.
Mountain Agreed. These Medic Operators have always been the pride of Rhodes Island.
Xiaohei When they give me missions in future, will I be helping people with the stone disease like they are?
Mountain Stone disease? Do you mean Oripathy? We don't do quite what the medics do–usually, our missions are more aimed at improving conditions for sufferers.
But in some extreme cases, we need to make a stand in violent conflicts centered around the Infected.
Xiaohei That sounds like what Master does. He helps out spirits without a home, and hunts down the ones who do bad things.
Mountain Spirits...? That's a fine thing, though, wouldn't you say? You'll be doing exactly what your Master does. How do you feel about that?
Xiaohei ...Really happy, and really proud, that I can do what he did.
Mountain Precisely.
So do you feel a little better now?
Xiaohei Yep!
Mountain Then you'd better go get some sleep for real. Go on back.
<Background 4>
[Xiaohei had read all the books.]
Xiaohei I've finished all these books. I wonder if I can find Mountain again, and have him recommend more.
[Xiaohei sees Mountain nearby.]
Xiaohei Oh, isn't that him right there? Perfect, I'll go say hi.
[Xiaohei shapeshifts to his cat form and approaches Mountain.]
Xiaohei Meow!
Mountain A little black cat? Ms. Christine? Wait, no, that's not her.
Xiaohei (Who's Christine? Oh, I forgot he's never seen me transform before.)
Mountain You have Xiaohei's scent about you. Do you happen to know him?
Xiaohei (I'll just let him think so for now...)
Mountain Hm? Do you want to read this too? Hahah, come on over. Let's read together.
Xiaohei Mreww...
[Xiaohei climbs at Mountain's shoulder and looks at the book Mountain is reading.]
Xiaohei (I can't read any of these words...)
(So sleepy...)
Mountain Climbing on my shoulder just to fall asleep? You're a curious one. Oh, well, I'll be sure to turn the pages quietly.