Jaye: Roll With Your Mistakes

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Roll With Your Mistakes
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Jaye's fearsome appearance often brings trouble, but it comes in handy from time to time.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Jaye to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Jaye.
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Char Siu Member
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Female Tourist
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Lou Seoi Member
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Uncle Wong
Lungmen Park
Slums B
Lungmen Back Alley
Lungmen Streets
Lungmen City Night
Because of a simple misunderstanding, Jaye finds himself in the center of a Lungmen gang battle.
<Background black>
There is a legend in Lungmen.
The dark slums are a turbulent place where different factions cross paths. There, one must tread extremely carefully, lest one find oneself swept away by the roiling waves.
Yet there is one man who stands at the pinnacle, above all these different factions, and maintains order from the shadows. It could even be said that the entire slums move to his will alone.
There are many rumors about him, though few have actually seen him in person.
During his day-to-day life, he is no different from any other local. You could walk right past him without realizing his true identity.
You will never know if the random passerby you happen to lay eyes on is one of his informants. You will also never know if, in some dark corner, he is obliterating those foolish enough to stand up to him.
He is Lungmen's shadow, the embodiment of the slums.
And there are many who believe that this is no mere legend...
<Background 1>
??? That's him? You absolutely sure? You're pulling my leg.
??? I've been watching him for a while now. Fits the leaked description to a T. It's gotta be him.
??? Man... He doesn't look like no pushover...
What do we do? Are we really jumping him?
??? The goods we lost are too important. We don't have a choice... What was the password again?
??? I remember it. It's...
[The Rat King shows up in front of Jaye and his stall.]
Rat King Well, look at you. Business is going well. Not taking any time off for New Year's?
Jaye There's a lot of foot traffic at night. Figured I'd make a bit of money.
Here you go, Miss. Your spicy finballs.
Female Tourist Whoa, that smells so great! Here's the cash.
Mmm... Delish! Just what you'd expect from a finball stall that comes highly recommended in the Great Foodie Guide!
Jaye Hold on!
Female Tourist Huh?!
W-What's the matter?
Jaye You paid too much. Here's your change.
Female Tourist T-Thank you...
Um... May I go now?
Jaye What, you need something else?
Female Tourist N-Not at all! See you!
[The female tourist runs away in fear.]
Jaye Looks like I scared off another customer...
Did I say something wrong?
Rat King Hohoh... You've been tending to the stall for a couple of days now. What's going on with Old Tung?
Jaye The weather's been cold, and he says that hurts his legs, so I'm helping him out more often.
Do you know Uncle Tung, Master Lin?
Rat King He's the finest finball chef in town. Of course I know him.
Since I'm here, I might as well give him a bit of business too. I'll have an order of finballs. Let's see how much you've learned from him.
Jaye Got it. One sec.
[Two Char Siu gangsters walks to Jaye's stall.]
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Four orders of finballs. Three curries and one mushroom soup.
Jaye Yeah, got it. I'll start yours after I finish the last guy's order.
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Ahem. I said. Four orders of finballs. Three curries and one mushroom soup.
Jaye Yeah, got it. Three curries, one mushroom soup.
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member ......
(What's going on?! Didn't you say that was the password?)
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (It's gotta be! You know that Feline assassin? That's what she tells him every time!)
Jaye Master, your finballs.
Rat King Very good. Here's the money.
Jaye No need. You're Uncle Tung's friend, I can't take your money.
Rat King That won't do. Debts must be paid, and what must be done, must be done.
Isn't that right?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (What's going on? Did that old fart just glance at us?)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (Tsk... What a pain.)
Jaye Sir...?
You still want your finballs?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member I... I...
Jaye If you don't know which flavor you want, I can give you two to try out—
[The Char Siu gangsters attacked Jaye, knocking him down.]
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member What're you getting all feisty for?!
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member If we don't get the drop on him now, then when? After he wastes us?!
Now cut the crap! Let's drag him off!
Leave a message for the Lou Seois. We have their boss, and they gotta bring the goods tonight if they want him alive!
Rat King Now, now, young men. Don't overdo it. There are certain rules here in Lungmen that you don't break.
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Shut up, Grandpa! This is business! Sit down and eat your finballs!
[The Char Siu gangsters leave with Jaye in tow.]
Rat King Interesting.
<Background 2>
[Jaye regains consciousness.]
Jaye ......
My head hurts...
What's this...? Where am I?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Yo, you're finally awake. Here, have some water.
Jaye Thanks—What's going on? Who are you people... and why am I tied up...?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Sorry, but we had no choice but to go to these lengths for someone of your stature. We didn't know the Lou Seois were working for you. Please forgive us.
That said, the Lou Seois started this. They're the ones who took our goods first. Not very reasonable, don't you think?
Jaye What goods? Fins? The boat was there at the docks, and I got there first. Of course I got all the freshest fins. What makes them yours?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (Did he just say, "the docks"? Didn't our goods get lifted at the docks?)
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (Right, I get it. "Fins" is an euphemism. What he's saying is finders keepers. The goods belong to whoever gets their hands on them first.)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member *Cough*... Alright, you have a point.
But there are rules in this business. We Char Sius have been dealing in this stuff the whole time. Don't you think you should at least give us a heads-up if you were going to edge into our business?
Jaye I've been running my seafood stall for years now. How come I've never seen you people around then?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (Is "seafood stall" an euphemism too?)
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (What he's saying is he's been in this business longer than us. We got here after him.)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Right... We know that. You're known far and wide all across Lungmen. We respect someone of your stature. That's why we're taking the time to discuss this all friendly-like.
If you want to get in on this business, we can talk, but the goods you stole are very important to us Char Sius. Please give them back, and this'll be easier on the both of us.
Jaye Known... all across Lungmen?
Um... I think you got the wrong person. Can I go now...?
[The fierce-looking Char Siu gangster throws a bottle into the floor, shattering it.]
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Don't push it! That how you wanna play this?!
If it weren't for the respect we have for you, we wouldn't be here talking. We Char Sius ain't just gonna let you push us around!
Jaye I really don't know what you're talking about...
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Still playing dumb, huh? Bring me the thing.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Take a look at this picture. Ring a bell?
Jaye Is this... Waai Fu?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Don't think we don't know. She's a hitman who works for you Lou Seois, and your bodyguard.
Jaye What...?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Late last month, she stopped by your stall for finballs. The very next day, the Lou Seois' biggest rivals got their crib trashed. They say it was a Feline with some weird kung fu skills.
And you're saying you didn't order it?
Jaye Why did she have to pick that time of all times to play hero...?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member And what about this one?
Jaye Madame Oni from the L.G.D.?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Looks like it's not just us. The L.G.D. has had eyes on you for a long time.
Our guys have seen that Madame Oni hanging out next to your finball shack more than once.
Now why don't you tell me why an Inspector from the L.G.D.'s Special Ops Team be interested in some finball hawker?
Jaye This is all just a misunderstanding...
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Hmph, don't you think you can fool us with your little switcheroo.
Admit it. That dude you guys call the boss is just a decoy, and you're the real boss of the Lou Seois!
Jaye ......
(I should probably just shut up for now.)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Nothing more to say, huh?
Alright, no more talking. Let's see how much your goons care about their boss.
<Background 3>
??? Yo, Second Bro, we finally have news about the boss!
??? Where is he?!
??? The Char Sius just sent us a message. Apparently they took him hostage.
They sent us an address, and told us to bring the goods if we want the boss alive.
??? Dammit, I knew it was them! Get the whole gang! We're settling the score with the Char Sius tonight!
??? So are we bringing the goods or...?
??? 'Course not! They think we're pushovers, huh? Get your weapons! Those punks are going down!
<Background 2>
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Thought it through yet, "Boss"?
Your lackeys got the message already. Hand over the goods, and no one has to get hurt. Wouldn't want your pretty face getting messed up in a struggle, would you?
Jaye Why'd you send them a message? What if they actually send people here to fight you guys?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member You got balls, punk, still trying to threaten us!
Jaye That's not what I was—*Sigh*... never mind.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (What do we do? He's got a point. If it comes to a fight, we're way outnumbered here.)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (Well, why didn't you bring more guys then?!)
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (You're the one who wanted to keep this on the down low!)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (Well, I didn't expect him to not talk!)
(Whatever, just keep an eye on him... If you can convince him to cough up the goods, all the better. I'll go get the others.)
[The fierce-looking Char Siu gangster leaves.]
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member *Cough*...
Thought it through yet, "Boss"?
If you know what's good for you, you'll hand over the goods now, and we can still do this peacefully.
Jaye Mind if I ask what "goods" we're talking about here?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Cut the crap! Your gang beat up our guys at the port just to get your hands on them! You know what they are!
Heh, only you freaks would try to take a dangerous job like this from us.
Jaye Did you just say "dangerous"?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Stop playing dumb! If you guys had the balls to snatch this job from right under the L.G.D.'s nose, you knew what you were getting into! You knew it was gonna be a big payday!
Jaye Um... It's just you and me here right now, right?
Fine, I'll tell you where they are.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Oh? Now that's more like it. Talk.
Jaye Come closer, you never know who's listening.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Alright, now spit it out.
Jaye Closer.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member Enough chit-chat. Just—
[Jaye headbutts the shrewd-looking Char Siu gangster with such force that he is knocked out.]
Jaye Uncle Tung was right. Better to use your head than your fists.
You guys really tied me up good, huh... Sorry, I'm borrowing this knife. I'll give it back if we ever see each other again.
I don't know who you're looking for or what you want, but you've got the wrong guy. I ain't anybody's boss.
*Sigh*... But listening's not your strong point, is it? Anyway, I'mma split here.
Ugh, my head hurts...
<Background 4>
??? This is the place. Now where are the Char Sius?
??? Look over there. Some guy just came out of that building with a knife. I bet that's our contact with them.
??? Hold up, doesn't that guy look kind of familiar?
Now I remember! He's that top assassin who's always disguised as a seafood hawker! Last time he skinned twenty people alive with a scaling knife! I saw it with my own eyes!
??? I didn't know he was with the Char Sius! What do we do now...?
??? Calm down. Let's try talking to him first.
[Jaye stops after running through the alleys...]
Jaye No one came after me. Guess I lost them...
*Sigh*... It's New Year's. I haven't even closed the stall yet. What is going on...?
[...as a man approaches him.]
??? Hey, you.
Jaye Huh? Me?
??? This the Char Sius' hideout?
Jaye (The guys from before said they're from the Char Sius, didn't they?)
Yeah, that's right.
??? ......
Jaye ......
Vicious-Looking Lou Seoi Member Get him!
Jaye ?!
Vicious-Looking Lou Seoi Member Where's our boss?!
Jaye How would I know?!
Vicious-Looking Lou Seoi Member Heh, I know you Char Sius got numbers, but that doesn't mean jack against us!
Jaye You got the wrong guy—
[The man, who turned out to be a Lou Seoi gangster, attacks Jaye, but he easily took him down.]
Angry Lou Seoi Member He took down Second Bro in just one hit! I knew it! That's their top assassin!
Jaye Not another version of this...
Angry Lou Seoi Member Don't worry! We got the numbers! Even he can't take on all of us at once!
With me, guys! We're saving the boss!
Jaye Well... Guess I better make a run for it first...
[Jaye runs away...]
Angry Lou Seoi Member Don't let him get away! After him!
[...with the Lou Seoi gangsters going after him.]
<Background 5>
[Jaye runs through the streets to escape the Lou Seoi gangsters...]
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Alright, they brought their people with them.
Let's go, boys! Get 'em!
[...but the Char Siu gangsters show up before them.]
Angry Lou Seoi Member Heh, an ambush, huh?
Don't be afraid, boys! Let's show 'em who's boss!
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Hand over the goods!
Angry Lou Seoi Member Hand over the boss!
[The two gangs entered a brawl...]
Jaye Uh, how come you guys are fighting? Take it easy. There's no need for violence.
[...which continues despite Jaye's words.]
Jaye Uh... *Sigh*... I guess I'll go back and close the stall.
What're these "goods" I keep hearing about, anyway...?
<Background 6>
[Jaye approaches an old man.]
Jaye Good evening, Uncle Wong.
Uncle Wong Well, hello there, Jaye. What's up? I don't have any fresh fins for you at this hour.
Jaye No, I just have a question.
Have you seen any big fights here lately?
Uncle Wong Oh, don't make me laugh. There are more fights here on the docks than we have fins for sale. What kinda fight are we talking about here?
Jaye I don't mean a normal street fight. I mean like two gangs of mean-looking people fighting each other.
Eh, that's probably not the best way to describe it... Uncle, have you seen any new faces at the docks lately?
Uncle Wong The docks are huge. How am I supposed to remember every single person I see?
*Sigh*... Now that you mention it, though, this is starting to ring a bell.
For a while last month, there was a group of people hauling crates here every night.
Normally I wouldn't give it a second thought, but all their crates were wrapped up in black. It all looked very shady.
Jaye Do you remember what those people looked like? Where did they take the crates?
Uncle Wong I was busy closing up. You think I'd remember something like that? Not everyone's got a good memory like you.
Jaye (So those must be the goods the Char Sius kept talking about.)
(What are they planning...?)
Uncle Wong Ai-yah, I didn't even notice, but look at those bruises. You were fighting again, weren't you?
Here, put some ice on it.
Jaye Thanks...
Uncle Wong You know, you seem like the honest sort, but how come you always have all these scrapes and bruises?
Jaye Uh... I didn't really mean to—
Uncle Wong I've known you for a long time now. You're a good kid. You're patient, and you can't stand injustice. That's why you always end up fighting those punks.
Jaye No, it's actually all just a mis—
Uncle Wong I know your heart's in the right place, but you need to protect yourself too. If something happens, let somebody else take care of it. Don't go looking for trouble with people you shouldn't mess with. Got it?
Jaye Yeah, I got it. Thanks. I have something to take care of tonight though, and I know how to handle it.
Oh, right, is it okay if I borrow your phone?
<Background 4>
Injured Lou Seoi Member Goddamned Char Sius. They sure put up a good fight...
Now where is everyone...? So quick to run. Where'd they go...?
??? Oh, good. There's still one of you left.
[Jaye shows up before the injured Lou Seoi gangsters.]
Injured Lou Seoi Member I-It's you!
Jaye Right, it's me.
The Char Sius' top assassin.
Injured Lou Seoi Member Yeek!
Please... Please don't hurt me!
Jaye I can overlook everything you just did, for now.
But listen up. I'll only ask this once. And if I don't like your answer...
[Jaye presses a can with such force that it bends in.]
Jaye Well, you'll see.
Injured Lou Seoi Member I'll talk! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything that I know!
Jaye Where are the goods the Lou Seois stole from us last week?
Injured Lou Seoi Member I don't know!
Jaye Why did you steal them? Who's the buyer?
Injured Lou Seoi Member I don't know...
Jaye Again you don't know?!
Injured Lou Seoi Member I really don't know!
I-I've only been with the gang for two months... I really don't know any of our big secrets!
Jaye Then what DO you know?!
Injured Lou Seoi Member It was last week! Our members stole something from the Char Sius at the port. The boss was real happy, but he went missing just a few days later.
We looked everywhere, but couldn't find a thing.
Jaye (So their boss really is missing.)
And then?
Injured Lou Seoi Member Then, we got your guys' message today. I figured there was going to be a fight, so I tagged along. Seriously, that's all I know!
Jaye (Hm... Looks like that's all I'm getting from this guy.)
*Cough*. I'll tell you this much. Your boss? We Char Sius kidnapped him.
Go home and tell your boss. Uh... tell whoever's calling the shots without him.
I'll give you one last chance to settle this peacefully. Meet us at the docks with what you stole. Midnight.
And I'd better see some sincerity, or your boss is dead meat.
Now scram.
Injured Lou Seoi Member Okay!
[The injured Lou Seoi gangster runs off.]
Jaye Phew...
Looks like he bought it.
It's not easy playing the villain.
Calm down. Calm down... Next up...
<Background 2>
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member You idiot! Imbecile!
We had the guy tied up. How'd you let him get away? Now how are we supposed to negotiate with the Lou Seois?
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member What're you yelling at me for? You brought all those guys and still couldn't catch him!
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member Why you—
??? I heard somebody's looking for me.
[Jaye reveals himself before the Char Siu gangsters capturing him earlier.]
Char Siu Members It's you!
Jaye Yep, it's me.
Heh, I gotta hand it to you two. You've got keen eyes, being able to see through my act.
That's right. I'm the boss of the Lou Seois.
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member I knew it... W-What do you want?
Jaye It's very simple. The things we took from you? You can have them back. But we'll need an explanation for why you kidnapped me.
We'll be waiting for you at the docks with the goods, tonight at midnight. I want all of the Char Sius there.
I'll let you have what's yours, but I won't tolerate this disrespect.
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member (What should we do? Do we still want it...?)
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member (W-Wait... He's all by himself. We managed to knock him out earlier, maybe we can...)
[Suddenly Waai Fu joins in.]
Waai Fu Hold it right there!
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member T-That's the Feline hitman! It's her!
Jaye Heh, I let my guard down and got ambushed once, but did you really think I'd let it happen again?!
Sounds to me you don't know who you're dealing with.
Waai Fu (What do I do now?)
Jaye (The wall. The wall!)
Waai Fu (Oh, right.)
[Waai Fu punches a nearby wall with such force that it breaks apart.]
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member She knocked the wall down... in one strike!
Jaye I'll be waiting at the docks in two hours. You better show up if you know what's good for you!
[Jaye and Waai Fu leaves.]
Shrewd-looking Char Siu Member What do we do now...?
Fierce-looking Char Siu Member What do you mean, what do we do? There's no running from it. We just have to go!
<Background fades out and in>
[Jaye and Waai Fu runs through the alley.]
Waai Fu Wait, wait! Hold on! Why are we running so fast?
You still haven't told me what this charade's all about.
Jaye Phew... This should be far enough.
*Sigh* To tell you the truth, I don't really know what's going on myself.
Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll treat you to some finballs next time.
Waai Fu No worries. It's no big deal.
You really looked like some mafia boss just now, though. I nearly fell for it myself.
Jaye Do I really look like such a bad guy?
Waai Fu You're not hiding any secret identities from me, are you?
Jaye Come on, stop teasing me.
Eh, I'll head to the docks first. All of this should start to make sense come midnight.
<Background 6>
[The Char Siu and Lou Seoi gangsters have gathered in the docks.]
Char Siu Member Good. Right on time.
Lou Seoi Member Heh, I could say the same to you.
Char Siu Member Where're the goods?
Lou Seoi Member Slow down. Where's our boss?
Char Siu Member Don't make me laugh. You think you can just keep screwing with us like this?
Now cut the crap and give us what's ours!
Lou Seoi Member In your dreams! Let us see the boss first!
Char Siu Member Taking us for a ride, are you? You want to go again?
Lou Seoi Member Let's do it! I ain't afraid of you!
Hoshiguma Okay, let's drop the weapons. If you got anything to say, say it at the station.
[Hoshiguma joins in followed by a group of L.G.D. officers.]
Char Sius & Lou Seois Shit! It's a set-up!
Hoshiguma All of you, come with me.
<Background fades out and in>
Hoshiguma You're the one who called this in, right?
Jaye Yeah, that's me...
Hoshiguma Mind telling me how you found out a deal was going down between these two gangs?
Jaye Uh... It's a long story...
<Background fades out and in>
Jaye I'm still wrapping my head around it, but that's about the size of it... Do you believe me?
Hoshiguma Hahaha, don't be so nervous. The L.G.D.'s actually been following this case for a while now.
Guess there's no harm in telling you. Most of their weapon cache actually got strewn all over the streets after their last rumble. The L.G.D. tried to retrieve as much as we could, but the Char Sius still managed to get their hands on a decent chunk of what's left.
Jaye I-Isn't that dangerous?
Hoshiguma Yeah, though they didn't have the guts to smuggle the weapons themselves.
They were thinking of taking out the brand new Originium Devices on the weapons, and selling those instead. Of course, that's illegal too.
The L.G.D. apprehended the Lou Seois' boss the other day. He was looking for a buyer for the stolen goods, you see.
He's pretty tight-lipped. Couldn't get much out of him. We owe you a great deal tonight. It's all thanks to your plan that we managed to apprehend all these people.
Though come to think of it, you really shouldn't do anything so dangerous again.
Jaye I see, so that's how it is...
Um, ma'am? If there's nothing else, is it okay if I go now?
Hoshiguma Hold on.
Truth be told, I've actually been keeping an eye on you too. With your skills, I think you're a bit overqualified to be a mere street hawker.
I know a much better gig for you. How about it?
Jaye Well... I appreciate the offer, ma'am.
Though just as Lungmen needs police officers like you, it needs seafood hawkers like me too. It's not about qualifications.
Anyway, I don't think what I'm doing right now is so bad...
Hoshiguma Haha, I get you. Of course, I'll respect your decision. If you ever have a change of heart, though, you know where to find me.
Jaye Thanks for your work. I'm gonna head back now.
Hoshiguma Oh, and be sure to pay the L.G.D. a visit after the holidays for your certificate!
Jaye Oh, sure, when I have time.
[Jaye leaves as the Rat King watches from afar.]
Rat King Good kid. As expected from one of Tung's students. I knew I was right about him.
<Background 1>
Several months later...
??? Hey, you see that finball stall there?
They're getting quite a lot of customers. Why don't we give it a try?
??? Hah, that's no normal finball stall. The stall's owner is actually the patriarch of the Lungmen Docks triads!
On New Year's Eve, he took on both the Char Sius and the Lou Seois all by himself, and you know what happened? He took down every last one! Also—
??? Shh! Quiet down. I think he heard that!
[Jaye approaches the patrons.]
Jaye Yo, boss, how about some finballs?

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