Dur-nar: A Glass with Old Stories

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Operator Record
A Glass with Old Stories
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Have a drink after nine, and watch your worries fade into greater worries.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Dur-nar to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Dur-nar.
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Dur-nar hits the bar to unwind after a long day of training. By "chance," she reunites with a soldier she used to lead and reminisces with him.
<Background 1>
Late night
Rhodes Island Landship, "Just One More Pint" Bar
[Dur-nar enters the bar...]
Dur-nar Dario...
[...and walks into the bartender, an R.I. operator named Dario.]
Dario Yes, ma'am?
Dur-nar Can I drink yet...?
Today, I–
Dario Yes, yes. You've told me plenty of times.
You had to teach some kids who weren't listening, and you fought the reserve operators in a drill to test both their limits and yours, which led you and the other instructors into a heated, "friendly" conversation.
Would you like me to repeat your ramblings?
Dur-nar No...
Dario Very well, then.
Dur-nar I just want some booze!
Dario Ten more minutes, ma'am. We serve alcohol after 9. Those are the rules.
Dur-nar Following all those rules will kill you one day!
Dario Following rules is what gives our lives order.
If you are not happy with that, I am sure you know with whom you can file a complaint.
We are just staff members here, and we must follow the rules she made.
Dur-nar Grr...
Gimme an apple juice.
Dario Coming right up.
[Dario leaves to get Dur-nar's apple juice.]
Dur-nar Hmph...
I worked my butt off the whole day, and I can't even get a sip of booze...
If I were–
??? If you were younger, you would've flipped the table and put your electric blade to his throat.
Dur-nar Huh?
Hank?! What are you doing here?!
Hank I've been here the whole time, Instructor Makayla.
Dur-nar Don't use my real name here. I'm Dur-nar.
Hank Right.
Instructor Dur-nar.
Dur-nar Drop the "Instructor."
Hank That's a no-go, Instructor.
[Dario returns with Dur-nar's apple juice.]
Dario Ma'am, your drink.
Dur-nar Thanks...
*Sigh*, everyone's so stubborn, you're all a bunch of burdenbeasts...
Hank Thank you for the compliment, Instructor.
Dario Thank you for the compliment, ma'am.
Dur-nar That wasn't a...
Dario Would you like something to drink, sir?
Hank Ice water, please.
Dario Coming right up.
[Dario leaves to get Hank's ice water.]
Dur-nar Hah... How come I've trained up a man like this...?
(Takes a gulp of apple juice)
Go on, Hank... What are you up to now?
Hank Yes, Instructor.
I'm usually out in the field as a liaison between Blacksteel and Rhodes Island.
Our partners at Blacksteel are here for a meeting, and I'm their bodyguard. I'll be taking them back once they're done.
Dur-nar Sounds like something you'd do.
Did anyone get hurt on your way here?
Hank We had some injuries, but nothing too serious.
It's all thanks to your teaching, Instructor.
Dur-nar The stuff I taught you back then is way outdated by now. Keep using those tricks, and not even the Originium armor they're testing in the military can save you.
Hank They've already deployed that armor to a few teams.
Not the original either, mass produced ones, usually to elite soldiers like you.
Dur-nar Well, count me out. I can't wear that stuff.
Hank You can. Even Big Mark wears it fine.
Dur-nar ......
(Finishes the apple juice)
Well, you haven't changed one bit. Just a few sentences and you drive the conversation into a dead end.
Hank Sorry, Instructor.
[Dario returns with Hank's ice water.]
Dario Here's your ice water.
Hank Thanks.
Dur-nar Speaking of Big Mark, where is he?
The guy wrote in for me, and got everyone to sign off on the paperwork to let me work here, but he's too busy to come see me?
Hank Big Mark isn't a Rhodes Island employee. He's a project testing manager at Volvort Kochinski. He's a busy man, so it's only natural he hasn't had the time to leave Columbia and come visit.
Dur-nar Volvort Kochinski? Why did he send me to Rhodes Island, then?
Hank I'm not too sure myself. You should probably ask him.
He's the one you were the most proud of. I'm sure he'll be glad to tell you.
Dur-nar Now don't be like that. I'm proud of all of you.
All of you, Hank.
All of you...
Hank ......
Dario Ma'am, it's time. May I get you something?
Dur-nar Hm? Booze time?
Dario Yes, ma'am. It's 9 o'clock.
Dur-nar Hell yeah. Give me a "Raging Sands."
And give this guy a "Liberi Tears."
Hank Instructor, I–
Dur-nar Say no more. I get it.
Dario Coming right up.
[Dario leaves to get the cocktails Dur-nar ordered.]
Hank Instructor...
Dur-nar Come, tell me, how did you survive?
If my memory serves, my objections didn't change anything, right...?
Hank Yes, Instructor.
The field commander sent us to the front lines. He treated us like cannon fodder.
Thankfully, his men didn't think that way.
They saw us as a kind of symbol. They saw in us you.
It was like as long as we were there, Sergeant Major Makayla Springthunder was there fighting the battle with them.
Dur-nar I was just a sergeant. Where'd they get the major part...?
*Sigh*... And then?
Hank We finished our original objectives with the help of the surrounding units, and after getting some rest, they sent us a new mission.
To seize the enemy's HQ.
The enemy forces weren't in any shape to mount much resistance, so we split into two teams as soon as we reached their HQ.
One team stayed outside, to mop up any remaining hostiles and provide support. The other went inside.
We never thought the enemy would blow up their HQ to take everyone with them. The guys who went inside didn't make it out alive.
Dur-nar ......
Hank This apparently drove a wedge between the top brass after the war was over, and while they were busy fighting each other, we were reassigned from the front.
And a couple months after that, our team was discharged.
Just like you.
Dur-nar Yeah, I know.
Hank All of us blamed ourselves. We were lost.
We used to think that, as Columbian citizens, it was our duty to answer the president's call to join the military, to protect our homeland, to defend our borders and beliefs. That's what we were meant to do.
But actually, all we did in the service was put up with a bunch of arrogant officers.
Yelling at our teammates didn't do anything, and taking our anger out on you wasn't going to get us anywhere, but that one month, aside from our training and work, we were stuck in that cycle of negative emotion.
After we were discharged, most of us went back to Columbia. It was only once I adjusted back to civilian life that those negative emotions started to fade away.
Dur-nar I...
Hank I don't know much about strategy, but if it wasn't for you, that war would not have ended so quickly.
That victory was Columbia's, but if it wasn't for your decisive assault putting pressure on the commanders, the tug-of-war that came afterwards would've been far worse, and more men would've died on the field.
Dur-nar ......
How come you're so good at comforting people, but you're terrible at making conversation, Hank?
Hank Please stop making fun of me, Instructor...
Dur-nar Oh, don't mind me too much. It's just something I said off the top of my head.
Right, weren't you going to take over the family business and rake in the dough? What happened to that? Why are you here at Rhodes Island, serving as an operator?
Hank Report, Instructor–
Dur-nar No reporting. Just tell me like normal...
Hank Yes, Instructor.
I talked to my sister about it, and we decided that it was the best to have her take over the family business while I would be her second-in-command.
Dur-nar I thought you said you didn't get along with your sister... or at least that's what I think you told me before.
Hank Yes, Instructor.
But after I was discharged, I put some thought into it. Then, for the first time, I had a good discussion with her.
She's been smart ever since we were kids. She majored in business too. We figured she would be the better choice to expand the family business.
And when my father finally decides to retire and hand the business down to her, I'll leave Rhodes Island and go back home to help out.
Right now... I guess I'm here to earn some experience.
I wanted to expand my horizons through the lens of Rhodes Island and also make some connections, both inside and outside Columbia.
This is very important to my life in the future.
Dur-nar Mm-hmm.
I've been wondering, but what does your family do again?
Hank We're in asset management.
Dur-nar Not sure what that is.
Hank My family manages the Maylander Child Rights Protection Foundation's wealth.
Dur-nar Maylander... Child Rights Protection Foundation?
Hank It's an NGO working to improve life for Columbian children.
Dur-nar So a charity?
Hank Yes.
If it's at all possible, I would like you to–
Dur-nar Well, it really sounds like you were born for this kind of business.
Hank ......
Dur-nar Be sure to really throw yourself into that work.
Don't make a fool of yourself. Got it?
Hank Yes, Instructor.
Dur-nar Right, good.
As long as you're living well, I'm happy.
Gives me something to boast about to my coworkers, haha.
[Dario returns with the cocktails.]
Dario Ma'am, sir, your drinks.
(Lights up Dur-nar's drink with Originium Arts)
[Dario leaves.]
Dur-nar Finally.
(Downs the whole thing in one shot)
Phew–Hot hot hot!
Ah, that's the stuff.
Hank You're basically spitting fire, Instructor.
Dur-nar Easy peasy.
You drink yours too.
Hank Instructor, you know I–
Dur-nar Drink it, Private Hank.
That's an order.
Hank ......
Yes, Instructor!
(Downs the beverage in one go)
Dur-nar How is it?
Hank It's not that spicy, Instructor.
Dur-nar Well, of course.
That's just white grape juice.
Hank White grape juice?
Dur-nar Well, I can tell you don't go to bars often.
"Liberi Tears" is bartender lingo. It means a glass of white grape juice.
You think I forgot how allergic to alcohol you were?
Hank Instructor...
Dur-nar You know how exhausting it was to carry you from the base to the army hospital that night? I'd rather not try that again.
[Dur-nar looks for Dario.]
Dur-nar Dario!
[Dario responds to Dur-nar calling him.]
Dario Something else for you, ma'am?
Dur-nar An "Iceflame."
You, Hank? Another glass of Tears?
Hank Sure.
Just a moment.
[Dario leaves to get the cocktails ordered by Dur-nar.]
Hank Instructor.
Dur-nar What's up?
Hank Where did you go after that court-martial?
Dur-nar Well... I'd rather keep it to myself.
Hank I would like to know, please.
And I'm sure the others would like to know as well.
(Takes out a voice recorder)
Dur-nar Uhh...
Hold on, easy. Why the recorder?
Hank "We" would like to know, Instructor.
Dur-nar Oh, you prick. So this is why you came all the way here, why you're drinking with me?!
Hank Yes.
This is what all seventeen of us want to know.
And I'm the only one who works at Rhodes Island, so it falls on me to do this.
Dur-nar And you couldn't have found somewhere more private...?
Hank It's easier to get you to talk in this environment.
If we talked somewhere else, like the training grounds, you would definitely slip away with some work excuse.
And I certainly wouldn't have been able to stop you.
Dur-nar Well, you did your homework...
Hank All thanks to you.
Dur-nar ......
F-Fine, I'll go into it a little bit.
And I'll say this first: I don't remember everything. If I don't have an answer, pushing it isn't going to help.
Hank Thanks, Instructor.
[Dario returns with the cocktails.]
Dario Here are your drinks.
[Dario leaves.]
Dur-nar Just in time.
Let's talk and drink.
(Takes a sip of the "Iceflame")
Hah–That time–I think I went home right after they threw me out of the army.
I drowned my sorrows at the bars back home, day in and day out, then I'd go outside to make trouble.
My family was understanding, at least. Pampered me all the time. They helped me keep from ending up a total failure.
After that, my sister pulled some strings, and I got a job working riot police at the local department.
Hank ?
Dur-nar What? These days, lots of little sisters outdo their big sisters, you know?
She's much more mature than me. She always took care of everything back home when we were kids, too.
It's like I should've been the little sister instead.
(Takes a sip of the "Iceflame")
It's a peaceful little town, so there wasn't much for me to do.
After that, the city government decided to reorganize the police force and cut down on the riot police, so I got canned.
I guess they figured they could spend the money elsewhere, with how peaceful the place was.
So I became a shut-in again and mooched off my parents. I felt bad about it, so I took some of the money I saved up and moved to a nearby nomadic city to look for work.
I looked around for a few weeks, and a company wanted me to help manage their security detail. I signed up without thinking too much about it.
It wasn't until after I started that I found out their so-called security detail was just a few random bums they picked off the street to guard the place. They didn't have any training, and no equipment either.
I wanted to do something about it, but whenever I asked for a budget, the higher-ups would start making up excuses and told me not to worry about it if I knew what's good for me.
Now what's that about?!
Seriously, bunch of douchebags!
(Takes a gulp of the "Iceflame")
I had nothing to say to those stupid suits and their fancy business, those jackwads!
Well, it so happens that there was a convoy heading out to resupply pioneers hiring bodyguards.
So I took a few of the kids who were willing to come with me and joined them as mercenaries.
Hank Is that why when we first contacted your parents–
Dur-nar You see, out in the frontier, it's not all that uncommon for a letter to take a whole month to not even get delivered.
Have you been out there?
Hank No.
Dur-nar You should see it for yourself, if you ever find the time.
I never thought I'd get to see places like that in Columbia.
The food was terrible, and so was everything we had to use, but everyone held out hope for a good life.
But then? Bandits, wild beasts, Catastrophes, you name it. You'll find them out there.
Those days were intense.
Rusthammers, beasts, gangs.
And the goddamned scouts.
New Manfist's a helluva shithole.
(Finishes the "Iceflame")
None of the folks I brought with me made it out alive.
It was just me, a disgraced old vet, cast out by the explorers, with nowhere to go except back to the city.
I went back home to find my old man had kicked the bucket. My little sister took over his work, while her big sister was as much a failure as she'd always been.
Really, when I got the letter, I was wondering if a schlub like me really deserved an invite to this place.
And clearly I didn't need to worry about that.
Thanks to all of you.
And you too, Corporal Mark Green.
I'm proud of all of you.
(Turns off the recorder)
That's all I have to say.
Let's leave it there.
Hank Yes, Instructor.
(Puts his recorder away)
Dur-nar Life here isn't bad. There's a bunch of cute kids to teach, a bunch of loyal, dependable coworkers to talk to, even a commander with a pretty good head.
Plus, I met an old friend here.
Not you. A Vulpo.
She's an Infected girl. I fought her before with my electric blade. These days, though? We hang out and talk to each other.
It's nice.
Makes me wonder how long this is going to last...
Hank ......
Dur-nar Hmph...
[Dario responds to Dur-nar calling him.]
Dario Yes, ma'am?
Dur-nar Any special cocktails you got in you? I'll take one.
You, Hank?
Hank "Liberi Tears," thanks.
Dur-nar Heh, okay.
There you go, Dario. His drinks are on me.
And bring some snacks.
I gotta talk to my student some more.
Dario Understood. Just a moment, please.
[Dario leaves to get the cocktails and snacks ordered by Dur-nar.]
Dur-nar Alright, punk, the night is still young.
We're drinking till we drop!