Rosa: Yesterday's Morrow

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Operator Record
Yesterday's Morrow
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"One day..." Those are the words she wishes they'd all say with courage, just like her.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Rosa to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Rosa.
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Chatty Female Patient/Sofia the Former Maid
Female Victorian icon.png
Lively Female Patient
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Village Head
Lively Student
Timid Student
RI Cafeteria
RI Infirmary
RI Room
Village Blurry
When Rosa is delivering comfort food to new patients, she encounters her former housemaid. The servant is puzzled by her current situation. Faced with the maid's confusion, Rosa chooses to explain herself through her actions.
<Background 1>
Rosa Gummy, it's just us. So, be honest with me, what do you think?
Gummy You're… you're really serious about this?
Rosa Of course, it's very important to me.
Gummy Um... Alright.
You want me to be totally honest?
Rosa I assure you, I can take it.
Gummy Well... Actually, it's not bad.
Rosa Really?
Gummy Mhm. All in all, Rosa, you stick close to the recipe when you cook, so your dishes will taste fine.
Rosa Wonderful!
Gummy But at the same time, you might be sticking to the recipe a little too close.
Rosa Oh, what's wrong with that?
Gummy Cooks usually don't follow the recipe exactly. You're doing it all so carefully, it's not gonna make the food bad, but... it won't be really good either.
Rosa I see... no wonder I always feel like my cooking could never be as good as yours.
Gummy Hehe, I've got so much experience, I've been tempered a thousand times over.
Rosa, that you can manage this much is already really good, you've definitely surpassed Zima.
Rosa This is one arena I wouldn't be too happy about besting her.
Matterhorn Gummy, Rosa, is the food ready? The patients are almost done with their treatment.
Gummy Oh, Uncle Matterhorn! It's ready. Rosa and I will bring it out now.
Matterhorn Great, thanks.
Gummy Let's hop to it.
Rosa Right, I do hope this meal will lift their spirits.
<Background 2>
[Door opening]
Gummy Hello, everyone!
Medic Hi, Gummy, what comfort food have you made the patients today?
Gummy It's not my cooking this time, it's Rosa's!
Medic Really?
Rosa Actually, I just needed an excuse to have Gummy teach me her culinary arts.
Gummy Let me tell you, Medic, Rosa worked really hard to make all these dishes extra tasty.
And Master Chef Gummy is proud to have such a good student.
Medic Sounds like Rhodes Island will soon have another chef.
Rosa There's still so much I want to learn. Let's bring the patients their food for now.
Gummy Alright.
Medic This way.
[Crowds murmuring]
Lively Female Patient Judging by your accent, you're not Victorian, are you?
Chatty Female Patient *sigh* Don't bring it up. My husband was sick, so we went from Ursus to Victoria to get him treated.
He got better, but I ended up with this damnable Oripathy.
Lively Female Patient So, your husband…
Chatty Female Patient He didn't abandon me. He asked all around to find this place, he's the one who brought me here.
Lively Female Patient Then you're one of the lucky ones.
Chatty Female Patient Lucky?! You don't know, before he got sick, I worked as a maidservant to an important household. That's what I'd call lucky.
[Door opening]
Medic The patients are here, I'll help you serve the food.
Rosa Very good.
Chatty Female Patient Huh...
Lady Natalya, is that Lady Natalya?
Rosa You… could you be Sofia?
Sofia the Former Maid Yes, Sofia, I was your maid! Sofia!
Rosa You're… That's right, I remember you left before the incident in Chernobog.
Sofia the Former Maid Yes, yes, I had to get my deadbeat Alexey treated. That meant leaving the service of your house, and use the money I'd saved to take him to Victoria.
I heard what happened in Chernobog and I was so worried about you, I'm glad to see you're all right.
But what are you doing here?
Rosa I…
Sofia the Former Maid Oh, the House of Rostov owns this company! You must be in charge here, yes?
Rosa ......
Sofia the Former Maid Lady Natalya, please show mercy to your sad, pitiful old maid.
Alexey had me running ragged. I never imagined I would catch Oripathy.
Please grant me your mercy, ask the people here to give me some more medicine. I want to live.
Rosa ......
No, I'm not in charge here, Sofia.
Sofia the Former Maid But, then, what are you doing here?
Everyone in the room is watching them, Rosa realizes, and decides it's not the place to talk.
Gummy Rosa, I'll take it from here.
Rosa Yes... Thank you, Gummy.
Come with me, Sofia.
<Background 3>
[Door opening]
Rosa Step inside.
Sofia the Former Maid ......
My lady, is this...?
Rosa This is my dorm room.
Sofia the Former Maid Dorm room? How can you live in a place like this?
Even our servants quarters were nicer than this!
Rosa I've grown used to it.
Sofia the Former Maid No, no, no, you're noble, how could you be used to this barn?
If His Serenity and the Countess knew, I can't imagine how devastated they would be!
Rosa The House of Rostov has fallen, Sofia.
Sofia the Former Maid It's... what?
Rosa The Reunion Movement destroyed Chernobog, including her wealth and the dignity of her people.
Sofia the Former Maid You don't mean the Count and Countess are...?
Rosa …No.
In the aftermath, I sought news of my mother and father.
They are not dead. They were luckier than me, and managed to escape Chernobog.
In the contrary, they thought me dead, and made for another city. As it stands, they have put down roots in some city or other.
Sofia the Former Maid I-In that case, why would you stay on this ship?
This is no place for you!
You should be looking for His Serenity and the Countess!
So long as they live, the House of Rostov can return to its former glory!
Rosa ......
If I intended to do that, I would have done it when I made it out.
But I don't intend to do that, the Natalya you knew is dead.
Here and now, I am just Rosa, the Rhodes Island operator.
Sofia the Former Maid ......
Oh dear, I see what this is. You had an argument with your parents and ran away from home, didn't you?
Rosa ......
[Door knocking]
Rosa Come in.
[Door opening]
Rosa Ah, what's this...? Istina and I were discussing this one at the book club, The Brothers Dostoyev?
What are you doing with it, Zima?
Zima Anna dug it up for you and asked me to hand it over. She's out on a mission.
Rosa Thank you.
Sofia the Former Maid Girl, who gave you permission to speak to Lady Natalya in such a manner?
Rosa No, my lady, trust me. Give an inch to these people who don't know their place and they'll gladly take mile after mile.
Girl, when presenting an item to your betters, you must offer it respectfully with both hands. What are you doing just dropping it on her?
Zima Who the hell asked you?
Sofia the Former Maid So vulgar! Looking at your clothes, you're a student of Peterheim Middle School?
Zima Got a problem with that?
Sofia the Former Maid Are you are my lady's new maid? How can you possibly not know proper etiquette?
Zima Wha? Say that again.
Sofia the Former Maid Heavens, my lady, I do recall you once said Peterheim Middle School dragged the character of Chernobog's students into the mud.
And now you're reduced to taking one of their girls into your service.
Even if you refuse to return to Ursus, we must find a place more befitting of your status!
Zima Hmph, she hasn't been a princess for a long time now.
Sofia the Former Maid Sigh, vulgar girl, you think just because you live in the same place as my lady, that makes you her equal?
Look at the book you just handed her, and the others on this shelf: opera, sheet music—
Even in such an environment, my lady has kept her refined taste.
Do honestly believe that you and she are equals?
Zima Ugh, so she's a noble, is that supposed to be badass or something?
Sofia the Former Maid I have served many nobles, I know what true nobility is.
And I say Lady Natalya is the very picture of high nobility, the embodiment of it!
Zima Wha?
Rosa (Whispers) Let it go.
Zima ...Fine.
Don't forget, you've got shit to do today.
Rosa I'm well aware.
[Door opening]
Sofia the Former Maid What's that? My lady, please do let me help you with any work you may have.
Rosa Nothing too difficult. A teacher in a nearby village was injured, leaving the children without an instructor. I will go to substitute.
Sofia the Former Maid What? My lady, how could you deign to do such a thing?!
Let me speak to the person in charge at once.
How could they possibly expect you to do anything like that?
Rosa No, Sofia, I volunteered for it.
<Background 4>
Lively Student Hi, Miss Rosa!
Rosa Barney, is your father feeling better?
Lively Student Yeah! He told me to thank the Rhodes Island doctors!
Rosa You just do well in school, that will be all the gratitude we need.
Lively Student Okay!
Timid Student Hi, M-Miss Rosa.
Rosa Ah, Taytay, you finally decided to come to school!
Timid Student Yes, Mum w-wanted me t-to give this to you to say th-ank y-you.
Rosa Herbs?
Timid Student Yes, I-I p-picked them yesterday.
Rosa Thank you—
Sofia the Former Maid Oh, my lady, let me take them for you.
This grass is filthy, you'll dirty your hands.
Little one, Lady Natalya is kind-hearted. But next time, you must bring a better gift to thank her.
Timid Student S-Sorry.
Rosa There's no need to say sorry, Taytay.
Sofia, please wait for me outside.
Sofia the Former Maid But, it's far too dirty in here. How could I let you teach in a place like this?
Rosa I'm ordering you to leave.
Sofia the Former Maid …Yes, ma'am.
Rosa ......
Rosa looks around at the simple and crude warehouse-turned-classroom. A dozen or so pairs of eyes watch her with either curiosity or surprise.
Rosa Sorry, children, that was rather embarrassing.
Let's begin today's lesson.
Now, if you would please turn to page sixty-seven in your textbooks—
<Background 5>
Sofia the Former Maid *sigh*, what happened to you, my lady?
Village Head Hey, what's wrong with you? What're you doing hanging around here?
Sofia the Former Maid I am Lady Natalya's maid.
Village Head Natalya? Oh, you mean Miss Rosa, she told me her name before.
Sofia the Former Maid Yes, her.
Village Head This is the first I've heard of her having a maid.
That can't be right. If Miss Rosa was a noblewoman with servants, why's she out working for money?
Sofia the Former Maid Huh?
What do you mean money?!
Village Head Yes, when our local teacher got hurt on a hunt and had to be treated at Rhodes Island, Miss Rosa heard we needed a substitute and took it upon herself to come.
At first, we also thought she was a noblewoman keeping herself entertained. But after a couple days of teaching, we could tell she was the real deal, a fine teacher.
So, we wanted to pay her.
She said she wanted to earn enough to buy a thing. Turned out to be something called a piano?
A few days ago, she said she'd saved up enough for the piano, but she still comes in to teach.
Sofia the Former Maid ......
Village Head If you're her maid and she really is a noblewoman, then why is she here teaching?
Are you sure you don't have the wrong person?
Sofia the Former Maid Impossible!
Lady Natalya is a noblewoman through and through!
The blood of the House of Rostov runs in her veins, she's high born!
You simple peasants couldn't fathom the life my lady used to live!
[Door opening]
Rosa That's enough, Sofia.
I could hear you talking from inside.
Sofia the Former Maid My lady, how could you? How could you debase yourself like this?!
You're the pride of the House of Rostov! You're defiling your own nobility!
Rosa Sofia!
Are desperately trying to prove my nobility because I really am noble, or because you want to prove that you're superior?!
Sofia the Former Maid ......
Am I wrong?
I had a good life in the House of Rostov!
Every day, I only needed think of how best to serve the Count, the Countess, and you. The days were busy, but oh so fulfilling. In the evenings, I still had time to go to the theater.
Those were wonderful days!
Do you know how much I've suffered since I left the household?
I've had to work my fingers to the bone just to keep me and Alexey alive. And in the end, what do I have to show for it?
Just this damned Oripathy!
I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to go back to that life!
All you have to do is go back to Ursus and you'll be a noblewoman again. All you have to do is let me go with you, and it can all go back to the way it was!
Rosa Sofia... I'm sorry.
But I didn't deserve that life.
And you're the same, what could you have possibly done to deserve all the suffering you've endured?
I don't blame you for wanting to go back, because I took everything for granted myself.
But—it's not right.
This is something that needs to change.
Sofia the Former Maid How do you say all of that so easily?
If I don't deserve any of this, If I don't think I deserve any of this, then what am I supposed to do?
I don't know, my lady, I don't know. I'm going to die.
Rosa ......
I'm sorry you had to see all of that.
Village Head I understand, she seems like a sad woman.
Rosa Could I please have my pay for today?
Village Head Of course, of course, I have it here.
Rosa ......
Rosa takes the bag from the village head and pours the coins into her own purse.
The purse bulges, it looks like she's gathered a small fortune.
Rosa hesitates for a moment, then walks up to Sofia and places the purse in her hand.
Rosa Sofia, take this, and go back.
Sofia the Former Maid What's this...?
Rosa A portion of my savings, enough to pay for your course of treatment.
This is the all I can do for you, as your former master.
For this day onward, you will not refer to me as "my lady". If I should return to Ursus one day, it will not be as a child of the House of Rostov.
I have a codename at Rhodes Island, I am—
You must also address me by this name, I'm just an operator here.
Sofia the Former Maid ......
M-My lady…
I still don't get understand.
Why do you choose to live like this?
Rosa One day... you will understand.
Sofia the Former Maid No, I will find out where the Count and Countess are. I'll send Alexey to tell them you're still alive.
Rosa ......
You can do what you think is best.
However, when the time comes, I will be the one to make the choice.
Sofia the Former Maid ......
[Rushing footsteps]
Rosa ......
Istina Are you sure about this? You could use that money.
Rosa What are you doing here?
Zima I told them what happened. Anna was worried about you, so she dragged me along with her.
Rosa Thank you.
The money is gone, but I can earn more.
Of course, there are some things that must be done.
Zima Hmph, look at you acting all mature.
Rosa It can't be helped. It's as I said, this is all I can do.
[Comms buzzing]
Rosa Hello, what is it?
Leto Hey, Your Worship, you got a delivery. Real big sucker too.
Rosa Oh?
Do you mean—
Leto Yep, your piano's here.
Rosa …!!!
Leto Better hurry back.
Rosa Alright!
[Comms buzzing]
Rosa Zima, Istina, we have to go back, now!
Zima What's the rush? It's not going anywhere!
Rosa But I can't wait!
[Rushing footsteps]
Zima Ugh, the girl's barely got anything fancy in her at all anymore.
Istina And so she's become more and more likable.
Zima Why are you taking her side too?
Istina I'm only stating facts.
I think it's working on you too, Sonya.
Zima I don't like her.
Aw, hell, that piano cost a fortune. If she's gotta move it by herself, she could drop the damned thing and then it'll cost even more money to fix.
Better head back and help her.
Istina Haha, sure.
<Background 3>
Rosa Let's put it here.
[Unwrapping sound]
Rosa Phew—
Istina Did you make space for the piano before?
Rosa Yes, after all, this is the most money I've spent since I came to Rhodes Island.
I've thought about it every day.
Zima I just don't get why the maid was so upset when she found out you bought a piano with money you made yourself.
Rosa Because if she recognized that I wasn't nobility, then she would lose someone she thought she could rely on.
Zima So she can rely on herself.
Rosa That isn't easy to accept. You know how long it took me to figure it out.
I don't blame her. It's Ursus… No, it's the aristocracy, a powerful system that made her like this.
I hope that in the future, everyone can live by your words, Zima.
So they can rely on themselves.
Zima If you did it, anyone can, right?
And if they can't, I'll go help them figure it out.
Rosa Yes... help them figure it out.
Thinking on that... I believe I've found a reason to return to Ursus.
Zima I don't get you. Always talking about the obvious stuff.
Rosa And that's why I envy you, you always know what's obvious.
…but I can't pretend I didn't hear what you said before.
So when I told you I wanted to save up for the piano, you actually thought I couldn't do it?
Zima …I never said that.
Rosa Hmph, you thought I was pamper and spoiled, that I couldn't press on.
Leto I think it works. Now if Your Worship started bouncing around like me after becoming an operator, that would be weird.
Your Worship is still a fancy girl.
Istina Mhm, in any case, you did exchange your own labor for this piano.
We all hoped you could do it.
Gummy Yep yep, isn't that right, Zima?
Zima What are you looking at me for?
Gummy A valued member of our team just fulfilled her wish! You're our leader, so of course you've gotta congratulate her!
Zima ......
Uh, congrats.
Rosa Thank you.
Now then, fellow members of the Ursus Student Self-government Group, you will be my first audience.
Gummy Hooray, I've always wanted hear Rosa play!
Istina Yes, I'm also looking forward to it.
Rosa Uh oh, when you say that, I feel a little shy.
And it's been so long since I last played piano. You're not allowed to laugh at me if I'm not good.
Gummy We won't!
Istina Of course.
Leto I wouldn't be able to tell anyway.
Zima If you're gonna play, then play already.
Rosa Hmph, I didn't ask you two.
Rosa approaches the piano presses the keys. For a split second, she feels as if she's turned back into Natalya.
She sits in the center of an extravagant room, filled with distinguished guests attentively watching her performance. She need not worry about anything, she need only enjoy that simpler, more elegant time.
Although, this piano's tone isn't quite as good as the exquisite one she once owned—No, the one she never truly owned.
The piano's roughness drags her back to reality.
Rosa Now then, my dear friends, the piece I will be performing for you is—"Für Lorenz".
The audience is only four girls, and the room is quite simple, and she has many worries.
The sound of the piano rings out, and it's somewhat rough.
But it's for the best.
She chose this, and she loves it.