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Operator Record
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How much can time really change?

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Catapult to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have 200% Trust with Catapult.
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Rhodes Island Field Personnel
Abandoned Building
Kazimierz Bar
Kazimierz Arena
Kazimierz Alley
Taking advantage of Rhodes Island's course toward the Grand Knight Territory, Catapult decides to take some time off to pay her hometown a visit. She wants to know how her hometown is doing, only to find herself disappointed in the end.
<Background 1>
Kazimierz Outskirts
Catapult's Hometown
Rhodes Island Field Personnel This is the place, right?
Catapult Right, this is it.
I scattered gold coins all over this street, you know?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Come on, enough of that. This street looks no different than all the other ones.
Catapult I'm telling the truth.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel The truth? You?
Catapult Oh, come on. I'm being serious.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel For real?
Catapult For real.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Alright, alright, I'll believe you, just this once.
When are you heading back to Rhodes Island?
Catapult Tonight.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel You sure that's enough time?
Catapult I'm just here to take a look around. Half a day's plenty of time.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Mm-hm.
It's 7 A.M. right now.
I'll be waiting for you around... 7 P.M. here tonight.
Catapult Sounds good.
I'll bring you lots of souvenirs.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel You better make sure you don't get caught first.
Keep your terminal on you and keep the channel clear. If anything comes up, let me know right away.
Catapult Oh, stop treating me like a kid. Off you go.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel And here I'm trying to be nice. Fine.
[The R.I. personnel enters his cars and starts it up.]
Rhodes Island Field Personnel I'm not giving you a ride back if I don't see any souvenirs.
Catapult No problem, I'll make sure you get to try the dates!
Alright, let's see how this hellhole's changed.
The edge of town looks pretty much the same, but the town center...
Oh, looks like they spent a lot of money here.
I bet that old fart wouldn't have spent even half a coin on this place.
Looks like the li'l knight who's running the joint might just be a decent fella.
[Someone passes by Catapult.]
??? The young master's alright. We've been living a much more comfortable life than before.
Catapult Hey, long time no see. Looks like you've been holding up pretty well the last couple years, Filon.
Filon You got that letter, and you still came back, huh?
Look at you. You look like you're doing pretty well yourself, Arleta.
[Catapult and Filon bumped fists with each other.]
Catapult What's the deal? You never called me by my real name before.
Did you forget my nickname? Or are you looking down on me? Hm?
Filon Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Catapult Now that's more like it.
Filon You haven't changed a whole lot since the last time I saw you.
What have you been up to out there?
Catapult After I got out, I found myself a gruntwork gig. It pays pretty well, though, and I get to travel everywhere.
What about you? How's everything been after that whole thing?
Filon *Sigh*...
You wouldn't know, but not long after you left, the old bastard had the whole town searched. He didn't manage to get even a fourth of his treasures back, though.
He was so pissed that he jacked up the tax rate.
Catapult Oh, uhh...
So, what about now? That's still going on?
Filon Nope. It lasted maybe two or three months.
I'm not entirely sure what happened after that, but an investigation team from the big city paid us a visit.
I don't really know what they talked about, but we never saw the old fart again. Word is he retired and went back home to rest.
Then the young master came. First, he changed the tax rate back. Then he spent a huge amount of money on the town. That's why the place looks the way it does now.
Catapult Mm-hmm, sounds like he's got a bright future as a leader.
Filon Right, you've been away for so long, I bet you hardly recognize the town. Let me show you around.
Catapult Hey, ehhh, wait!
Filon What's wrong?
Catapult I'm still wanted. I probably shouldn't just walk on in there.
Filon Come on, didn't I tell you in the letter? The young master canceled all the arrest warrants that had to do with the incident.
Catapult For real?
Filon What, you don't trust your old buddy Filon?
Catapult Of course I do! How could I not?
Now hurry and lead the way! I can tell from here the whole town's a maze now. I can't imagine making my way around alone.
Filon Right, how long are you staying?
Catapult My company's landship happens to be sailing through the area, so I took a little time off. I'll be gone by the end of the day.
Filon Well, look at you. Keeping yourself busy even on vacation.
Catapult Come on, I actually came back to check the place out after I read your letter. Sheesh.
Now hurry. Show me around.
Filon Alright, alright. Let's go.
<Background fades out and in>
Filon Here, does this place look familiar? This is the factory I used to work at. It's been fully renovated.
They even have air conditioning now. It's much more comfortable inside now.
Catapult Hm...
Filon, I got a question.
Filon Sup?
Catapult They used to grow food in that patch of land all the way out of town, didn't they?
Filon That's right.
Catapult How come it's all grapes now?
Filon It's not just that one spot. The young master's planning to turn all the farmland here into a huge vineyard.
We have good soil here, and we can grow some top quality grapes. They make pretty good money.
Catapult But what about food?
You don't eat grapes for all three meals, right?
Filon Hah, of course not.
With the grapes, we have the money to buy food from other places.
Catapult It's all imported?
Filon That's right.
You really got to hand it to those big shots from the cities. Thanks to them, our markets are lined with stuff that we never got to eat back in the day.
Catapult Oh yeah? Sounds nice.
(Sounds like the young master's much more reliable than the old fart.)
(But if they don't grow any food here, what will they do if the big shots in the cities raise their prices?)
Filon There used to be factories all around town. The young master's planning to merge their operations, and once the big factory's open, we'll all be raking in big bucks with him.
Catapult (Oh well, sounds like I'd be raining on his parade. I'll just keep it to myself.)
Filon Speaking of, how about I show you the factory?
Catapult Sure. The last time I was here, they didn't even have a single brick laid yet.
<Background 2>
Catapult Wow, it's huge. I bet not even the old man's mansion back home is this big.
Filon Damn right.
And it isn't even done yet. We're working on one side of the factory, while the other side's still being built.
Once the factory's completed, I reckon the whole town will work here.
Catapult The whole town...? No way.
Filon "If you want work, then it's work you'll get."
That's what the young master said.
You remember the old man who used to feed us radishes?
Catapult The bald grandpa?
Filon Yep.
He had a huge family, so he didn't have to work the fields himself. He had lots of free time.
Now, the young master gave him a job as a security guard.
He's got something to do, and he can help out with his family's expenses. You should've seen how happy he was.
Catapult That sounds pretty nice.
(But... looking around... this doesn't seem like a place you could work with an easy mind...)
Has the young master thought about cleaning up the area around the factory, though?
On our way here, the entire place smelled like acid.
Filon He told us to bear with it, and that he'll take care of it once the factory's done.
Catapult He's the old jerk's son, though. Do you really believe every word he says?
Filon Well, we've all had it pretty nice the last couple years, thanks to him.
Catapult Yeah, looks like you've had it better than anyone.
Filon Haha, that's right. Much better than before.
Catapult Maybe he'll put you up for sale, and you'll even help him count his money.
Filon Heh, I wouldn't go that far.
Catapult Then why don't you tell me what you actually got from that young master of yours?
Filon Well, it's a long story. Why don't we find a restaurant somewhere and we'll talk there?
Catapult A restaurant? We've got fancy stuff like that here?
Filon Yeah, and it's cheap, filling, and delicious.
Catapult Sounds like a plan. Lead the way. I'm starting to get hungry.
<Background 3>
Filon *Burp*.
How's that? Tastes great, doesn't it?
Catapult Uhh, yeah.
(Here I thought it was going to be some five star restaurant.)
(This is just a fast food restaurant and a pub!)
(But this is much better than the scraps the old man used to give us. We sometimes had to skip meals, too.)
(I guess fast food... is kind of a luxury in a way.)
(The servings are big, it's filling, and it doesn't cost that much.)
(But everything outside... has changed so much.)
That young master isn't trying to tear down the entire town, right?
Filon Oh, yeah, that's pretty much what he's done.
Take a guess. What do you think this fast food joint used to be?
Catapult Hmmm...
The fountain square?
Filon Nope.
Catapult The square is still there, at least, right?
Filon It's gone.
Catapult Damn, that's my only landmark.
Let's see...
The courthouse?
Filon Getting warmer.
Catapult That's still not it?
You don't mean–
(Imitates an explosion)
Filon Bingo.
Catapult Well, the young master is really trying to erase all traces of the old man.
He even rebuilt this place.
So where's the young master? Where does he live?
Filon Right there. On the top.
You'll know what I mean once you step outside and take a look. There isn't another building here that tall.
All the rich and famous people in town live there.
Catapult I thought you raked in a lot of money. How come you didn't move in?
Filon Heh, I still have a ways to go compared to those who really made it big.
I have a bit of savings, much thanks to you.
And I hid it pretty well when the old bastard was still running things.
But as soon as the young master came along, I thought I'd use the money to start a business.
Catapult Nice. You've always had pretty good luck ever since we were kids, and you're smart. You probably raked in tons of money, didn't you?
Filon Ehh? Nope... It's not that easy...
The young master had a huge area plotted out when he started working on his factory, so I figured I would open a small shop right next to it.
But as soon as I signed my lease, he decided to start building his factory from the other end.
Since I'd paid up already, I had no choice but to open the shop.
Only the few families in the neighborhood come visit.
I've been in the red all these years, even now.
And I have no idea when they'll start building the factory on my side either...
Catapult But you've been tooting his horn all day long.
Filon You don't get it.
We've had knight competitions here ever since that knightess lass paid the old man a visit.
But it only got this popular thanks to the young master.
Now, not only do we get some decent games to watch...
(Whisper) We get to earn some cash too.
Catapult You watch the games... and you make money from that? That sounds too good to be true.
Filon I'm not kidding.
(Checks wristwatch)
Perfect. This afternoon's games are about to begin.
I'll pay for your ticket. Come on.
Catapult Alright.
(Sounds good up front.)
(But how come it feels like something's not quite right?)
<Background 4>
Catapult Should be this row.
(Sits down)
This is a sofa?! Whoa, it's so comfy!
This young master really spares no expense huh.
Filon This indoor arena's even bigger than that tower he lives in.
It's our town's landmark, at least until the factory's all built.
It's big, it's got style, and it's comfortable.
We get to enjoy all this, so of course we've got a few nice things to say about him.
Catapult Heh, sounds right.
How come there's a terminal on the seat?
Filon Oh, that?
Listen up, Catapult. This is how I make money.
Catapult What do you mean?
Commentator Welcome one, welcome all to the arena! I am your commentator for today's game.
First off, let us welcome the rising star of our town, the independent knight Raz!
[The crowd cheers as a knight whom Catapult knew of enters the arena.]
Catapult Raz?!
Didn't he used to be a cop for the old fart?
What's going on here?!
Filon A lot of people lost their jobs that day, thanks to you. Raz's one of them.
At first, he said he was going back home to work the fields, but ever since he met that high-class knightess, suddenly all he'd say is "I'm going to become a professional knight" and stuff.
I thought it was just talk.
But he was serious.
And he was one of the first to sign up when they started running competitions here.
The guy always had decent looks, and he's not half bad too. He's pretty popular all over town.
And of course, the most important thing is that...
He wins.
Catapult ?
Filon I'm not so sure about today's match, though...
Commentator And his opponent–former Glorious Shield equipment tester and independent knight–Mr. Stone!
Catapult Equipment tester...?
Hey, hey. This guy's definitely no pushover!
Filon Yeah, I know. Calm down.
Commentator Your terminals are now active.
Care for a little wager? Or maybe buy some chips to drop in supplies to help them out?
The fate of the knights lies in their hands–and yours!
Catapult The terminal's on...
Filon (Taps the terminal for a while)
Catapult What are you doing?
Filon Quiet. Give me a minute.
The odds are stacked against Raz... but...
The payout, though...
Alright, I'm betting on Raz!
(Taps the terminal for a while)
Catapult You bet... 5000?
That's... not a currency, right?
Filon It is. It's just a number right now, but whatever you punch in during the competitions, you'll have to pay if you owe anything after the match.
Catapult There's bound to be people who can't pay it back, right?
Filon If you can't pay... you make it up to the young master by working for him.
Catapult Do you know what you're doing?!
Filon I'm betting on Raz!
As long as he wins, I'll be swimming in cash! Get it?!
I did my research. Raz's numbers don't look good, but he will win.
I'm sure he'll win!
Catapult But what if he loses?!
Filon ......
Right, I sometimes slip up.
But as long as I bet on Raz, he's going to win!
Just trust him, and trust me, okay?!
Commentator Let the games begin!
[The audience cheers as the match starts.]
Filon (Ignores Catapult and stares intently at the competition.)
Catapult (Filon...)
(Raz can't match that Stone in skills or equipment. Don't you know that?)
(He may be talented, but that's a country guard fighting a veteran mercenary!)
(I know you're lucky, but this...)
Filon That's it, Raz! Good one!
Catapult (He's giving it all he's got right up front. If Dobermann was here training him, he'd be getting the whip.)
Filon I'm telling you, Raz's going to win.
(Enters 1000 on the terminal's keypad)
That's what I'm talking about, Raz! Beat the living hell out of him!
Catapult ......
(How long will he last?)
<Background fades out and in>
15 minutes later...
Filon What's wrong, Raz? You can take that hick!
H-Hang in there! I'll send you some supplies!
(Taps the terminal for a while)
Catapult (His opponent is starting to fight back...)
(Hold on?!)
That outsider hick's not holding back at all!
Filon I-It's a no-limits match...
Catapult Ugh.
Filon My money... M-My money...
Catapult (Switches on the comms)
[Catapult calls the R.I. personnel from before.]
Catapult (Whispers) Hey, can you hear me?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Loud and clear. What's the matter?
Are you getting arrested?
Catapult (Whispers) Something like that. Get ready, and drive to the arena in the town center.
(Whispers) Think you'll be able to get us out alive?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Understood, and worry about yourself first.
Keep the channel open.
Catapult (Whispers) Thanks.
[Catapult hangs up.]
Catapult (Reloads ammo)
(Pressurizes weapon)
Filon Raz! Raz, you can't lose!
I don't care if you die, but what about my money?!
Catapult Out of the way!
[As Raz, the knight, is losing, Catapult aims her grenade launcher at his opponent.]
Catapult (It won't be easy to land this hit without collateral damage from this distance...)
(Argh, whatever! I'm going for it!)
(Raz, you're a good guy. You shouldn't die here.)
(After this, we'll be even, and there'll be nothing left for me here.)
(Alright, you big dummy, come closer!)
(Pulls the trigger)
[Catapult focuses as she aims at Raz's opponent, giving him an opportunity to knock down his opponent, much to the audience's cheer.]
Commentator What a beautiful shot!!!!
Just as victory was within reach, Mr. Stone suddenly turned toward the audience.
And our little fella took his chance!
He raised his sword and struck his opponent down in one hit!
A textbook comeback!
Victory goes to the independent knight–Raz!
[The audience cheers at Raz's victory.]
Filon What?
H-He won?!
He won! He won!! I won!!
What did I tell you, huh, Catapult?
Whenever I put money on Raz, he wins! Every time!
Catapult ......
(Lowers weapon)
[Catapult takes her leave.]
Filon Catapult. Catapult?
<Background 5>
[Catapult calls the R.I. personnel again.]
Catapult Hey.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel I'm here. Look to your right.
Catapult Coming.
[Catapult hangs up walks to the R.I. personnel close to her.]
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Looks like shit didn't hit the fan.
Catapult ......
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Guess nothing good came of your visit, then.
Catapult Is it like this everywhere in Kazimierz?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel The competition knights and the arenas?
Yeah, it is.
Catapult ......
What time is it?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Around 5 or 6 P.M.
Catapult Let's find some dinner, get some souvenirs, and head on back.
And get as far away from this stinking place as we can.
Skurwysyny.[note 1]
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Hmph...
Well, get in the car.
[The R.I. personnel starts the car.]
Rhodes Island Field Personnel There's a guy running toward us with a big bag of cash. Is that a friend of yours?
Catapult An acquaintance, that's all.
Now floor it.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Not necessary. His bag's got a hole.
Catapult Did he turn back to pick up his money?
Rhodes Island Field Personnel (Turns steering wheel)
Looks like he went back. You still want a look?
Catapult Nah, why would I?
Ahhh–I'm starving.
Let's get some grub, brother.
Rhodes Island Field Personnel Can't you see I'm driving?
But don't you worry, Catapult. I looked a place up.
We're almost to the restaurant.


  1. "Son of a b***h" in Polish