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Operator Record
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Of course life is precious. You, I and all of us are precious alike.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Provence to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Provence.
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Medic Operator
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Returning from a mission, Provence meets her newly joined peers. The Catastrophe Messengers detect an omen of impending Catastrophe within the changing weather, and Provence takes it upon herself to warn the people of the wilderness.
<Background 1>
1:35 PM \ Clear
Rhodes Island Landship, Cabin No. 3, Medical Bay
Medic Operator Ok, turn around.
Please try to hold still. Don't move your tail either.
61.3... Hmm, your tail has grown longer again.
Alright, that's all.
[Provence rises from the bed in joy.]
Provence Is the checkup complete?
Ahh, that tickled so bad! To be honest, I'm really not used to having my tail measured like this every time. It's really hard to keep it from moving.
Medic Operator Your reaction is still manageable, you tend to just twitch a little. The ones that are really hard to handle are those operators who suddenly try to attack you.
Provence Yeah, there are some spots that are more sensitive after all. I've heard there are some races that you can't touch at all.
Medic Operator It's true.
Ah, time's up. Here, breathe into this.
Provence (Huff——)
Medic Operator Yep, no issues.
The results for the blood test will only be out the day after tomorrow, but I'll have the preliminary diagnostic report ready in a moment.
Here, please drink this dissolving agent.
Provence Alright.
I'm so sorry for always taking up your time. I feel really bad that you have to do so many examinations.
I know my own body after all, there's really no problem...
Medic Operator Provence!
Provence Ehh, y-yes?
Medic Operator Please don't say such things again. Just look at the examination data from this check-up, all the indicators have fluctuated!
You also stayed outside longer than planned this time!
Rhodes Island is currently deep in the wilderness and there are barely any known nomadic city routes nearby. Who knows how dangerous it is out there?!
If we don't take proper precautions, it's extremely dangerous to stay in such a place!
Provence My bad, my bad. Please don't get angry at me, okay?
There are a few small villages near our route, and I'm a little worried about them...
Medic Operator You may be a professional Catastrophe Messenger, but you still have to look out for your own safety!
Provence I promise! I guarantee I'll be safe!
Look, I covered myself up all the way, just like how you taught me. Don't worry, I won't take any chances with my health!
Medic Operator Hmm...
[Someone enters the room...]
??? Save your worries. The Catastrophe Messengers have their own ways of looking after themselves.
[...who is revealed to be Warfarin.]
Warfarin Especially for Messengers independent of any state, the lone wanderers of the wilderness...
I haven't seen many Catastrophe Messengers who could avoid getting infected, but a normal person would have died many times over if thrown into such environments.
On the contrary, these Messengers are still as lively as ever.
Provence Um, was that a compliment?
Warfarin No.
Provence Sorry, what was that?
Well, you're not wrong. The environments we work in wouldn't be kind to the normal people. But, as long as you get the right training and avoid taking risks, it's actually not so bad.
A lot of my colleagues work for a single city-state a big company. Keeps them away from the riskiest work and guarantees a nice salary.
Catastrophe Messengers get paid well, with a high bar to entry. The assessment tests are extremely tough.
Medic Operator I see...
Speaking of which, the two new operators who've just arrived recently seem to have been recommended here by the Catastrophe Messenger platform. Are they your peers as well, Provence?
Provence Ah, are you talking about Leonhardt and Tsukinogi?
Those two are very well-known, actually...
I met the both of them before coming for the check-up. I'm glad that Leonhardt seems to be adjusting well.
Warfarin Oh? You know that long-eared brat?
He worked this little one over so badly she burst into tears. Just ask her about it.
Medic Operator Dr. Warfarin!
Warfarin Fine, fine. I've said enough.
[Provence bursts into laughter.]
Provence Ahahahahaha.
Warfarin Was it really that funny?
Oh, right. That brat and that heiress from Higashi haven't yet completed their check-ups. Since you know them, do help to call them over.
Provence Haha, sure, no problem!
I'll be going then~
[Provence leaves the room.]
<Background 2>
Leonhardt I'm done eating. Here's my plate, babe.
Skinny? What? Everyone my age is like this. I probably look a little skinner since I'm still growing.
Yup, I'm getting enough to eat. I'm always here eating your food, aren't I?
The fried rice cake today was delicious! And the egg rolls yesterday were really good too! Ah, I have to go. I have training next, so I'll see you later~
[Leonhardt leaves the cafeteria.]
<Background 3>
[Leonhard walks out from a toilet.]
Leonhardt Phew.
The people here are more vivacious than I expected.
*Sigh* If I keep eating like this, I'll get fat sooner or later.
??? That doesn't sound too bad. The lady in the cafeteria seems to really like you.
[Provence approaches Leonhardt.]
Provence Good afternoon, Leonhardt. Looks like you're doing well.
I figured you'd be at the cafeteria around this time, luckily you hadn't gone far. I was looking for you.
Leonhardt Good afternoon, Provence. Please don't make fun of me, I've really started to put on weight since I came here. Some of my clothes don't even fit anymore!
Why were you looking for me though?
Provence Dr. Warfarin wants you for a follow-up examination. Not just you, Tsukinogi too.
I went to the dance room earlier, but there was no one there. I don't know where Tsukinogi might be...
Leonhardt Ah, I know where she is.
Besides dancing her religious stuff, Tsukinogi also enjoys finding a quiet spot and looking at the scenery. I saw her near the outer layer just now, she might still be there.
Provence Ehh... You haven't been at Rhodes Island for long, but you already know so much.
Leonhardt Hehe, I'm always paying attention to what people like, or don't like.
Follow me!
[Leonhardt and Provence goes to where Tsukinogi are together.]
<Background 4>
[Tsukinogi is standing at the R.I. landship's bridge, observing the skies.]
Tsukinogi ......
Accumulating clouds, a light breeze and dissipating fog...
Looks like the weather is turning.
[Leonhardt approaches Tsukinogi...]
Leonhardt Ah, how lucky. Tsukinogi's still here.
Hello~ Tsukinogi.
[...followed by Provence.]
Provence Good afternoon, Tsukinogi!
Tsukinogi Oh? Good afternoon, to the both of you.
What's going on? Were you looking for me?
Provence Ah, yes. Dr. Warfarin told me to ask you to head to Medical, for a follow-up examination.
Tsukinogi Is that so? Alright, I shall head over now.
Provence Oh, it's not that urgent. I think the medics should be off for lunch now. If you take your time you'll still make it.
Leonhardt That's right! The ladies of the Medical Department need their break. Let's take the chance to relax as well.
Have you had lunch yet, Tsukinogi? The cafeteria here is really good. I highly recommend the fried rice cakes and North Sadleir vegetable stew.
Tsukinogi Hehe, I've already eaten.
However, I will have to try out those dishes next time, since you recommended them so highly.
Leonhardt They will definitely live up to your expectations!
Provence Hmm... The scenery here is really nice. I've never really paid attention to this spot before. Didn't expect there was such a place on the landship.
Tsukinogi is really amazing, the same Catastrophe Patrol of Higashi I've heard about.
Tsukinogi You flatter me. I was just looking for a quiet spot.
Dancing together with everyone is enjoyable, of course, but sitting here quietly and looking at the scenery is also quite pleasant.
As Catastrophe Messengers ourselves, we also carry the duty of monitoring the environment while we are stationed on the landship. As such, this wouldn't be considered slacking off.
Leonhardt How dedicated. I really have a lot to learn from my more experienced colleagues.
Provence It's our job after all. Ahh, I always end up unconsciously relaxing whenever I'm on the landship...
(What's going on? It feels like the weather's changed.)
(Why would the tops of the clouds look like that...? They were fine when I came back this morning...)
(And the wind marks... The wind isn't blowing strongly, yet it's leaving such distinctive marks...)
[Provence taps at Tsukinogi's shoulders.]
Provence Tsukinogi, look at the clouds over there...
This phenomenon, these traits, could it be...
Tsukinogi ......
Blazing yet imperceptible. The fog has dispersed and a gale is building.
I wasn't completely sure just now, however it seems that we are indeed unfortunate.
Provence The wind has changed——It's a Regional Catastrophe Outbreak!
[The Catastrophe Messengers are panicked upon learning a Catastrophe is imminent.]
Leonhardt I'll head out to check!
Provence Watch out! A strong wind should be picking up soon, if you head out now you might get blown away!
Leonhardt Don't worry!
[Leonhardt rushes to check out the situation...]
Leonhardt ——Such a piddling breeze won't do anything to me!
[...leaving Provence and Tsukinogi at the bridge.]
Tsukinogi Ahh... What an energetic young man.
The darker clouds further beyond have started to spread. Based on the moisture in the air and the changing of the wind... Yes, I'm not wrong.
These are the omens of an incoming Catastrophe.
Provence How unlucky. To think that we'd encounter a sudden Catastrophe like this.
When Leonhardt gets back, we need to quickly inform Amiya and the people at the bridge! Thank goodness we discovered it early. We should still have enough time to change directions.
Luckily there aren't any nomadic cities that we need to inform around here.
Tsukinogi Nomadic cities usually don't stay in regions with unstable weather like this.
After all, if they encountered an emergency situation that escalated rapidly like this, the larger nomadic cities wouldn't be able to maneuver in time. The big shots in the cities would never take a risk like that.
On the other hand, something like Rhodes Island would have no issues avoiding Catastrophes in such situations.
Provence Ehh, wait a minute... Oh no, oh no!
Around here... I remember there are a few villages in that direction!
Tsukinogi Huh... Is that true? There are people living on such desolate land?
Provence Of course it's true!
There are quite a number of villages in the wilderness. It's the same in every country.
They can't properly enter the nomadic cities, and the arable land around the cities is usually already claimed, so they have no choice but to settle somewhere further and live their lives taking one day at a time.
Since they don't really have a choice, everyone's always prepared to move at any time. All their belongings can be packed up quickly. There's not many people in each village, so they can usually escape to safety given some advance notice.
Tsukinogi Oh, now that you mention it, I've heard of similar situations in Higashi.
Provence Ah... Such things happen everywhere. Even so, no matter how much you get used to it, there is always a chance that you don't make it.
That's why I always try to make as many detours as possible, to warn these villages...
(I wonder if the villagers have noticed the changing weather.)
(If not...)
[After a moment...]
Leonhardt Sorry to keep you waiting!
[...Leonhardt returns, bearing a bad news.]
Leonhardt I had a look at it, and it doesn't bode well.
The transformation of the cloud layer is happening very quickly, even the wind has changed. I don't expect this place to remain safe much longer, it'll be a few hours to half a day at most.
Provence That fast?!
Tsukinogi At that speed, the abnormal weather effects will occur all around us soon. We can't go outside like that anymore, it's too dangerous.
Provence ......
Leonhardt Don't worry, I know. I traveled a short distance towards the Catastrophe just now and didn't see any cities nearby.
It'd have been dangerous if I continued forward even if I was adequately prepared, so we're unable to gather any more information for now.
Ah, I'll tell you the rest later. Let me report to Amiya first.
[Leonhardt rushes to report the situation to Amiya.]
Tsukinogi Well then, we'll go and make our own preparations.
Provence ......
No, I have to go to the villages! I won't be able to sleep at night if I don't!
Tsukinogi, I'll leave the preparations for the landship to you!
Tsukinogi Hey, wait! Provence, I told you it's too dangerous!
Times like this, when we don't know how quickly the Catastrophe will form, even someone of your skill will be in great danger if you go too deep!
Provence I... I will be very careful. Someone has to go and warn them!
The large nomadic cities have their own Catastrophe Messengers, they'd be fine without us.
But these small villages and settlements are different!
If we don't go, the people out there will probably get caught out.
A sudden Catastrophe like this could easily catch them off guard long before they could get clear!
Tsukinogi Even so...
Provence Isn't our job to provide early warnings and do our best to mitigate the dangers brought about by the Catastrophes?
They talk about Catastrophe Messengers like we get paid well and live nice, steady lives, but that's not me!
I've never forgotten my purpose.
"It's all about saving lives. More lives."
Maybe we all have our own ideas about that sentence.
But to me...
To me, it means that whether it's the rich nobles living in the city, or the poor farmers living in the villages, all life is equally important. There is no distinction between lives.
[A moment of silence ensues.]
Tsukinogi ......
Haha, alright. I understand you.
Equality of life does mean that one's life cannot be valued in terms of wealth or status...
That's a good philosophy.
Provence Then...!
Tsukinogi However.
What about your own life, Provence?
Provence Huh? I...
Tsukinogi To me, these equal lives also include yours.
Should I just let you put yourself in danger? Only to save more lives?
Would you then weigh the value of lives in terms of numbers, and sacrifice the few to save the many?
Provence I...
...I wouldn't say so. If something can only be done by sacrificing lives, then there must be something intrinsically wrong with it.
But that has nothing to do with our situation! It's not the time to be discussing that either!
I know people have a Catastrophe bearing down on them, I have to go and warn them. It's my duty!
Tsukinogi I won't stop you.
After understanding your viewpoint, it'd be wrong of me to stop you.
Provence That's good——
Tsukinogi Yes, I won't stop you. I will go with you.
Provence Huh?
Tsukinogi Oh, did you forget? I'm a Catastrophe Messenger too. It's only natural for me to go with you.
Provence But... It will really be dangerous...
Tsukinogi I'm aware. That's why I have a request to make of you.
If I determine that the situation is too dangerous, I will stop you even if I have to use force.
Is that acceptable?
Provence That...
Tsukinogi I only hope that you can value your own life more.
Provence Thank you.
I understand. We'll do that then. Let's go!
How should I put this... You're very different from how I imagined.
I thought that an heiress from Higashi would be more... Umm, elitist and snobbish.
Tsukinogi Oh? That's a complete misunderstanding.
I've always been trying my best to grow closer to everyone at Rhodes Island. I've even started to reach saturation lately.
Provence Saturation...? That sounds weird...
Whatever! Anyway, let's move! If we don't go now, we'll never make it in time!
[Provence and Tsukinogi rushes to warn a nearby village of the impending Catastrophe.]
<Background black>
Provence *Sigh* I'll definitely get chewed out by that girl in Medical again when I get back.
...Yeah, I'd better come up with my apology first.

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