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Operator Record
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Chiave insists that his next work will be his magnum opus, but his two friends still think that "she" was the peak of his car repairing career.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Chiave to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Chiave.
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Excited Civilian
Siracusan Mafioso A icon.png
Mafioso icon.png
Layton's Henchman
Reporter A
Reporter B
Reporter C
Reporter D
Dossoles Warehouse
Siracusa Streets
Siracusa Alley
Layton, the boss of a gang in Vite City, goes to Chiave to get his car fixed. He gives the three guys there a herculean task: repair a smashed-up luxury vehicle in the shortest time possible.
Somewhere over the rainbow, fowlbeasts fly ♪
Why then, oh, why can't I ♪
Away above the cars and the noisy rooftops ♪
Beyond where the pedestrians stop ♪
Flying past the city's shops ♪
<Background 1>
Layton I'll have someone send over my car in a bit. You fix her up as quick as you can, got it?
Chiave Yessir!
Layton And you two–Aosta, Broca, keep an eye on this madman.
Aosta By "keep an eye on"...
You mean...?
Layton Did you really think I wouldn't know? Some of my men already informed me.
"Chiave fixed my car, but he turned the dashboard into a pinball machine!"
"Chiave turned my sound system into external speakers! That's right–now everyone can hear what I'm playing inside the car! They could even hear every word of my phone call with my wife!"
In other words, don't let him make any modifications. I want her as good as new, and only that!
Aosta Got it.
Broca Mm.
Layton If there's even a single thing wrong, mark my words–I'll have the lady bury the lot of you, along with this entire garage. You got that through your thick skulls?
Chiave Loud and clear, Boss.
Layton Hmph.
Chiave But, uh, who's "the lady"? Don't think you've mentioned her before.
Layton ...
The car, dumbass! The car is my lady!
Should've known someone like you would never understand the depth of the feelings between a man and his car.
Especially when she's led me through life and death alike, charging into danger for my sake...
Chiave Uhh, okay, I get it.
Layton Like hell you do, coglione![note 1]
In any case, when I come pick her up, there better not be a scratch on her–
[Layton walks off.]
Layton I want to see her in perfect condition!
Aosta Signor[note 2] Layton, would you care to stay for a while?
Layton I'll pass.
Why would I subject myself to sitting in the same room as that madman, when I have two capable guys to do it for me?
Aosta Alright, I think you've made your position abundantly clear by now, Boss.
Layton Tch.
Since you're so determined to cozy up to Chiave, you should be figuring out how to fix that head of his instead of wasting time with me. Or you might catch some of the crazy.
[Layton leaves.]
Chiave Aosta, Broca, we're gonna make a huge name for ourselves! We're about to fix up the only luxury car in all of Vite City!
Broca ...Do you think there's an ulterior motive for this?
Aosta You're overthinking it. Layton just needs someone trusty to fix up his car.
He was ambushed a few days ago, and it got riddled with holes.
Still, you never see this kind of top-of-the-line luxury car in Siracusa. Its exceptional bulletproofing is what saved his life.
Broca But... why give the job to us?
Aosta Because Chiave is, without a doubt, the most skilled mechanic in the city.
Chiave Hmph. Praise me all you want, Aosta, I'm not letting you take it out on a joyride.
Aosta You're not letting me? Since when did the car belong to you?
Chiave Broca, go grab everything on this list of parts for me. If you make it back in half an hour, I might consider letting you take it out for a spin.
Broca Sure.
Let me drive and we're even.
[Broca leaves.]
Aosta Chiave, you'd better not get any itchy fingers after you finish fixing it up.
The moment you take that car out onto the streets, someone's gonna snitch to Layton and our garage is gonna be flattened within an hour.
Chiave Fine, whatever.
Aosta Appreciate it.
Chiave Though, if Layton's gonna be the only one driving it, nobody else'll get to appreciate my mods. And that's a damn shame.
Aosta You're still planning on messing with it?!
Chiave You said it yourself–"you never see this kind of top-of-the-line luxury car in Siracusa"!
An ultra-light chassis, a crazy-powerful engine, a perfectly aerodynamic design...
I've got a hunch that only this car here can fulfill my dream! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Aosta ...So what exactly are you planning to do to it?
Chiave Why spoil the surprise?
When Layton comes back to pick up the car, all your jaws are gonna be–
[A car is heard outside and the door opens.]
Chiave Whoa, back already, Broca?
C'mon, let's see those hot rod parts you got there–
[Aosta shuts Chiave's mouth...]
Chiave Mmmmmrfgh!!
The hell, Aosta?! What are you covering my mouth for!
[ a henchman walks in.]
Layton's Henchman I brought over the boss's car.
Aosta Okay, we'll take it into the garage right away.
Layton's Henchman One more thing, Chiave. The boss wanted me to remind you of something.
Chiave Sure, sure. What is it?
Layton's Henchman If he finds even the slightest trace of modifications to his car, he's gonna plaster you into the wall of your basement.
[Chiave nods.]
Aosta Uhh, anything else?
Layton's Henchman Also, I'll be staying here the next few days. He asked me to keep an eye on your repairs the entire time, just in case you get any funny ideas.
Aosta About that...
[Broca returns.]
Aosta Oh, Broca, great timing.
Here, show our friend to the garage's living quarters. He's going to be staying with us for a few days.
This is Signor Layton's confidant. Just... try to keep your old habits in check and don't lay a finger on him.
Hurting him won't do us a bit of good.
Broca Sure.
Layton's Henchman What old habits are you–
[Broca grabs the henchman.]
Layton's Henchman Wait, what are you up to?
Broca Showing you around.
Layton's Henchman Y-You... don't mess with me! I was sent here by Signor Layton! If you even touch me–
Broca Let's go.
[Broca drags the henchman with him...]
Layton's Henchman S-Stop dragging me! I can walk on my own!
[ Aosta and Chiave watches.]
Aosta (Wipes off sweat)
So, you heard the man. If you mess with Layton's car, he's gonna plaster you into the basement wall.
So just fix it nice and proper, and don't even think about souping it up. I'll owe you one after this, okay?
Chiave Why would I need a favor from you though?
Aosta ...And who else would you want one from? Layton? For modding his car when he specifically told you not to?
Chiave You betcha.
Aosta Ah, I get it now.
I'll go tell him you got brain damage from the oil fumes and won't be able to work again for half a year.
Chiave W-Wait! Aosta, listen to me!
Aosta ...What now?
Chiave I'm serious here!
Aosta Yes, I get it, you're serious about becoming one with the wall.
Chiave Just hear me out! I might never get another chance to work on a car like this! It really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
The two of you can skip town before I finish, and I'll deal with Layton myself. Then you can come back after I win him over! There's no way he won't be blown away by my creativity!
And if he really is a complete pleb with no taste, and still decides to stick me in the wall after seeing my magnum opus, I'll accept my fate!
I'm telling you, this is the greatest work I could ever hope to achieve!
You're my bro, bro. Don't make me resent you for the rest of my life!
Aosta ...
Not like I could stop you anyway, when you're this excited.
Just remember that Layton's got eyes on us. You should play it safe during the day, and wait for him to go to sleep before doing any mods. Broca and I will do our best to cover for you.
<Background fades out and in>
Chiave So how about it? Not too shabby, right?
Layton's Henchman I gotta admit, you got an awful lot done in just a few days.
Chiave, Aosta, and Broca ...
Layton's Henchman And... it doesn't look like you've added anything weird either.
Mind if I get inside and take a look?
Aosta Chiave?
Chiave No problem, go for it.
[The henchman enters the car.]
Layton's Henchman The seat... upholstery... dashboard... all check out...
Now how about the speakers?
...Chiave, what the hell's up with this play button? There's no red button on the picture the boss gave me!
Chiave That's, umm...
Layton's Henchman I already warned you–if you've got the nerve to screw around with the boss's car, I ain't gonna play nice!
I'm gonna push it, so if you've got a good excuse, let's hear it before things get messy.
Chiave Go ahead.
Layton's Henchman ...Huh?
[The henchman presses the red button and the car's stero plays a song,]
The Famiglia will find you no matter where you go, oh oh ♪[1]
No matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow, oh oh ♪[1]
[The henchman turns off the radio.]
Layton's Henchman So you just replaced the normal play button on the stereo with a red one?
Chiave Basically.
Layton's Henchman (Shakes his head)
You and the boss got the same exact taste...
Anyway, it's getting late. The boss will come around tomorrow morning to pick up the car. I'm heading off for now.
[The henchman leaves.]
Aosta Chiave, about your mod...
Chiave Don't worry about it.
Aosta You're sure you can keep it hidden? That guy could tell right away that something was wrong with the play button.
Chiave Hidden? Who said anything about hiding it?
That guy had no idea what he was looking at anyway. I only put up with hiding it at all 'cause you told me to.
But since Layton's the one who bought the car in the first place, I'm sure he'll understand the heart and soul I've put into it!
Aosta ...So you're saying you won't be able to hide it from him.
Chiave C'mon, don't put it like that.
It's more like, he'll understand the greatness of my work at a single glance!
Aosta (Sighs deeply)
Deep breaths, Aosta, deep breaths.
Alright, Chiave. I need you to tell me–what kind of "surprise" do you have in mind?
Chiave Didn't we agree to keep it a secret?
Aosta I need to know so I can start thinking of ways to minimize Layton's anger.
Chiave Just let it be, man. You'll spoil tomorrow's grand reveal–
Aosta If you don't tell me now, we're all done for when he comes over to give us our surprise!
Chiave ...
If it's really that big of a deal, get over here and I'll whisper it into your ear.
Broca, you don't care as much as Aosta does, right?
Broca Mm.
[Chiave whispers something to Aosta and Broca.]
Aosta ...
Broca, grab all our valuables, and find the fastest car you can get your hands on.
Broca Are we making a run for it?
Aosta The sooner the better!
[Broca rushes off.]
Aosta And you, Chiave, stop standing there like an idiot! Pack up anything important to you so we can get the hell out of Vite City before Layton catches on!
Chiave Me?
I thought I told you I wouldn't be leaving? I'm sure Layton will understand me.
Aosta Like hell he'd–
Damnit, Chiave. Even if he does "understand" you, that won't make him any less pissed! If you don't want to spend the rest of your very short life inside that wall, grab your stuff and run!
Broca and I might get a pass, but you're seriously gonna get yourself killed!
Chiave Then you two leave without me.
Aosta What about you?!
Chiave I can't.
If I run away now, nobody will ever know of my work. I can't accept that.
Besides, this is the fastest car we can get our hands on. And Layton might have a nasty streak, but he's never done us wrong so far.
I'm sure he'd rather get a pleasant surprise from my mod than pass out from high blood pressure when he finds his beloved car stolen.
Aosta You–
Hey, Broca!
Tie Chiave up and drag him away if you have to! I've got the rope!
Chiave Didn't you just tell him to go pack his stuff? Want me to call him back for you?
Aosta Let's... think this through again.
<Background fades out and in>
Chiave (Snores rhythmically)
[Broca enters.]
Broca Aosta, it's ten o'clock.
Aosta It sure is. Amazing how this bastard can sleep so soundly.
Not only is he not afraid of Layton, he's also not worried about us dragging him off in his sleep.
If we can't come up with something before sunrise–
Wait, hold on a sec...
I've got it! I know just what to do!
<Background Aosta rushes off.>
Aosta Broca, once he wakes up, tell him we'll do everything as planned.
Also tell him to dial that surprise up to twelve... No, to twenty!
<Background 2>
[Chiave enters the car and starts it...]
Chiave Boss, I'm bringing the car out!
[...and drives it to Layton.]
Layton Chiave, you truly are the best mechanic in town. I sure came to the right guy, at least when it comes to fixing her up.
Once I get back to the office, I'll figure out how much I owe you.
Chiave Don't worry about the money.
Layton What do you mean?
Chiave Just let me take her for a spin before I hand you back the keys. That's all the payment I need.
Layton You're not going to charge me anything? You sure?
Chiave (Nods)
Layton Fantastic. If taking her out of the garage wasn't enough for you, you can drive her back to my office for me.
[Chiave whistles.]
<Background fades out and in>
[Layton enters the car as Chiave drives it.]
Layton By the way, I don't see Aosta today.
Chiave Me neither.
Layton I heard he drove away from your place in a hurry last night. A little while later, Broca left as well.
Tsk, tsk. You could use better friends.
But at least they're smart.
Layton's gaze fixes on the red button placed between them.
Layton Maybe you can fool my idiot henchman, but you can't pull a fast one on me.
Mind explaining why the play button on my stereo is red now, and why there's a ring of non-slip lines around it?
Chiave About that...
Layton Because it's a knob!
A damn knob!
So tell me, what the hell is this new knob for? Because it sure ain't a volume dial, is it? That just wouldn't be you, Chiave!
Am I right?
Chiave Boss, instead of explaining it, it's better to see it in action.
Layton So you admit it?
When my man reported back to me, I thought maybe you had a change of heart. But looks like old habits truly die hard.
Drive us back to my office first. I'll deal with you later.
And don't try anything smart. You'd especially better not touch that knob. I will be keeping an eye on you.
Chiave But then we won't have any music to listen to.
Layton I'd be more worried about what you'll put on your suicide note, kid!
Make a right up ahead.
[Chiave turns the car right.]
Chiave Boss, your car really is something else. Otherwise, I wouldn't have–
Layton It's too late to try buttering me up now.
[Assailants attack the car as Chiave tries to dodge them.]
Layton What the hell?!
[The car is fired upon.]
Layton Madonna santa...[note 3] Again with this shit?!
Chiave, don't tell me you sent these guys–
Chiave Pezzo di merda![note 4] I just fixed up this car! Are they insane?!
Layton (Muttering) Guess it wasn't you after all...
Chiave If I didn't have better things to do with my life, I'd run all of you stronzi[note 5] over right this instant!
[Chiave drives through the attackers.]
Layton Watch out for those oil drums over there!
Chiave I see 'em!
[Chiave narrowly dodges the oil drums as they are fired upon and explodes behind the car.]
Chiave (Pats the steering wheel)
Haha, get a taste of your own medicine!
Layton Don't let your guard down! They still have cars on our tail!
Chiave I know! I see 'em nice and clear!
[Chiave tries to shake off the attackers.]
<Background 3>
Layton Not too far now! We're almost there!
Chiave Boss, before that, I have a favor to ask of you.
Layton Save it for later.
Chiave No, I need your word now.
Layton If you're talking about messing with my car, we'll settle the score... line by line!
Chiave That's not what I'm talking about!
Layton Then what is it?
Chiave Before you stick me inside that wall, I want you to round these guys up and bring 'em before me!
I'm gonna make 'em cry and apologize to your lady!
Layton "My lady"?
Chiave Yes, the car!
I worked on her day and night for an entire week!
[The pursuers continue firing at the car.]
Layton Wait...
Wait, what the hell?!
They're seriously trying to block the intersection with a truck?!
Slow down, you idiot! We're gonna ram straight into it! If you keep accelerating, we're gonna crash!
However, Chiave's hands clench tightly onto the steering wheel, his foot not easing off the accelerator in the slightest.
They draw closer and closer to the truck.
In a panic, Layton tries to grab the steering wheel from Chiave, while Chiave reaches for the stereo dial.
Layton What are you–
And turns the knob all the way.
The Famiglia will find you no matter where you go, oh oh ♪[1]
No matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow, oh oh ♪[1]
Layton You're still in the mood... for...
As the music picks up, the roar of the car's engine quickly overwhelms the pop song coming from the luxury car's speakers.
At the same time, Layton feels a jolt he'd never experienced before, the sudden acceleration pressing him deathly-tight into his seat.
<Background black>
People outside see a short hang glider protrude from both sides of the car, and a plume of black smoke shoots from the underside as the sunroof flies open to reveal a pair of drones whose wingspans expand to unimaginable size.
The whole car shudders before taking to the air.
La Cittanova.png
It soars over the truck, over the noisy streets, over the ambushers, over the awestruck onlookers, even over an entire low-rise block.
Other than fowlbeasts, this is the first time something bigger than a crossbow bolt or a satchel of explosives has flown across the sky above Vite City.
A mob boss, a mechanic, and a flying car belching black smoke.
Flame and fury's roar over the cry in the morn, oh oh ♪[1]
You're fine for a while but you start to lose control~oh-oh-oh-oh-oh~[1]
Chiave So are these the kinda songs you like, Boss?
I cut to one that suits the occasion better. Whaddya think?
Layton's face turns pale. He remains frozen in his seat, motionless.
[The speakers play a song,]
Elena, my name is Elena ♪
I'm just a Lupo
Just like any other Lupo ♪
Chiave Actually, this one's a bit too vulgar.
[Chiave changes the song,]
Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma ♪[2]
Tu pure, o, principessa ♪[2]
Nella tua fredda stanza ♪[2]
Guardi le stelle che tremano d'amore ♪[2]
Chiave I guess this one's passable.
Layton ...You.
Chiave What was that, Boss?
Layton You... You...
(Teeth chattering)
Just... you wait.
Chiave Mm, sure.
Though, I never expected these modded drones to be able to carry us this far–
[The drones carrying the car starts to break apart.]
Chiave I'd say they lasted about ten seconds longer than I planned for.
We're about to begin our descent, Boss.
Layton ...Descent?
Chiave What goes up, must come down.
Layton What did you say?!
Chiave Don't worry. I'll do my best to stick the landing.
The two drones begin to fall one after another, and the black smoke coming from the bottom of the car gradually dissipates.
It begins to dive downward, accompanied by tear-jerking music and Layton's heart-wrenching screams.
<Background black>
Tramontate, stelle ♪[2]
Tramontate, stelle ♪[2]
All'alba vinceró ♪[2]
Vinceró, vinceró ♪[2]
[The car crashes onto the ground.]
<Background 2>
Chiave We made it, Boss!
Layton W-W-W-We did?
Chiave I already told you, there was nothing to worry about! I spent most of my time making sure the shock absorbers would be able to handle the landing. It was all under control!
Layton Under.. control...
...What about her?
Chiave Her?
Layton ignores Chiave and inserts the key into the ignition, turning it with shaking hands.
[The car's engines break down.]
Chiave She...
She's left you for good.
Layton Chiave!!!
Listen here! I'm gonna have you buried in that wall faster than you can–
[Suddenly camera flashes all around the car as reporters start to ask questions.]
Reporter A Signor Layton! Signor Layton! I'm from the Vite City Post! Was this test flight your idea or Signor Chiave's?
Reporter B Excuse me, did you purchase this luxury vehicle specifically for the test?
Reporter C How did you feel before it began? What did you experience while you were soaring through the air?
Reporter D We noticed that someone was attacking your car shortly before the test flight. Do you know why?
Layton ...
[The car's doors open.]
<Background 2>
Aosta Of course this was your idea. Isn't that right?
Layton Huh? What?
[The reporters write down the talk.]
Aosta As for the car... Signor Layton reluctantly provided it for the sake of this great experiment.
Layton Ah, yeah...
Aosta In the end, you entrusted the car to Chiave to see your dreams brought into reality, am I right?
Layton ...
(Takes several deep breaths)
[The crowd cheers as the reporters write down Layton's words.]
Layton And as for how I felt... There are no words to describe the emotions. Just imagine looking down on the streets of Vite City accompanied by music from the finest singers!
The people who ambushed me were just a bunch of lowlifes who can't even lift their eyes in appreciation of the starry skies. Not worth wasting your breath on...
Reporter A Signor Chiave, what are your thoughts as the man who actually made this test flight possible?
Chiave It was freakin' amazing! I–
Broca Sorry.
[Broca punches Chiave, knocking him out cold.]
<Background 1>
[Chiave reads the newspaper.]
Chiave Aosta, this is all your fault. All the papers are dedicating their front pages to Layton's nonsense, and the only thing I've got to show for it is a black eye from Broca.
Aosta You can't say that. It was Layton's car, after all.
In the end, you completed "his" plan and made him one of Vite City's greatest innovators. It's the first time he's appeared in the news outside of the crime section. He'd be crazy to lay a finger on you at this point.
And if we're talking strictly business, you wrecked his car, but also saved his life. If you ask me, that pretty much breaks even.
Of course, it sure was convenient for the ambushers to show up right then.
When I visited that reporter that night, I was only planning on embarrassing him. But I never expected the mods you made to save his life...
Chiave I still don't like how things ended up.
There might be more luxury cars out there, but there's only one brain like mine...
Broca Agreed.
Chiave Hm? Broca, are you actually complimenting me?
Aosta Chiave, let me tell you something that'll cheer you up–I could hear the sound of his miserable howling along with the music, all the way from the front door of his office.
Chiave Hahahaha!
Aosta By the way, there's one more thing that didn't make the news.
You've already earned yourself a new nickname in Vite City, though you'll have to share it with Layton–
[Someone knocks the door.]
Aosta Come on in!
[An excited civilian enters.]
Excited Civilian Excuse me, is this the repair shop of Chiave the Skyfarer?
I wanna soup up my car too!
[Aosta and Chiave greets the visitor.]


  1. "Dickhead" in Italian
  2. "Mister/Mr." in Italian
  3. "For God's sake" in Italian
  4. "Piece of shit" in Italian
  5. "Assholes" in Italian


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