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Extra Work
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Leisure time: inevitably interrupted by work.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Earthspirit to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Earthspirit.
RI Room
As one of the very few geology experts under Rhodes Island's employ, Earthspirit takes on quite a significant amount of work herself. It is not wise to "personally" bother her on her off time.
<Background 1>
[Earthspirit is teaching Eyjafjalla to play a piano.]
Earthspirit Your rhythm's a little uneven here.
The keys are pretty heavy. You're having a hard time once the tempo picks up, aren't you?
Eyjafjalla A little, but I think I can manage.
I just need more practice.
Earthspirit You've gotten plenty of practice today. Your form is starting to slip a bit. If you keep practicing like that, it's going to affect the way you play for the worse.
Take a break. You've already shown lots of improvement.
Eyjafjalla But we aren't even sure when our next lesson will be.
I just want to be as good at the piano as you one day!
Earthspirit You have a gift for this. That day will come in due course.
[Provence rushes into the room.]
Provence Yo, Earthspirit!
The Doctor sent me...
Hm? Hey, Eyjafjalla's here too!
Earthspirit I'm teaching Adele how to play the piano.
Provence And here I thought that's like some specialty skill you were trying to keep to yourself.
Earthspirit I see no need to do that.
Provence Why?
Leithanien's packed with music schools, but even they don't force every last person there to study music.
Besides, this is Rhodes Island. It doesn't matter if we don't know how to play any instruments, no?
Earthspirit Most of the entertainment facilities here aren't really to us Leithanians' tastes. Learning how to play an instrument is both a leisure pastime and a good way to enjoy this moment of respite in our hectic lives.
Besides, in Leithania, you are considered highly educated if you are trained in music, and this isn't something easy to achieve for the Infected in their ghettoes.
(If she learns how to play music, it will be easier for her to hide her status as an Infected when she leaves for Leithanien in the future.)
Eyjafjalla (I'm not even sure what Earthspirit is talking about anymore!)
[Earthspirit teases Eyjafjalla.]
Eyjafjalla Haha, that tickles! I got it! I got it!
Earthspirit I'm teaching Adele as a kind of experiment. This is to make it easier for me to schedule lessons when I take in other students in the future.
Provence Eyjafjalla's really picking it up quickly, though.
When was the last time I was here again? It wasn't that long ago, right?
And now she's playing like a real musician.
Earthspirit This is only our third lesson. It's still rather choppy, but she can already play the Gaulish piece, "Moonlight."
Even I am jealous of her. I didn't expect Adele to be this talented in music either.
It is things like these beautiful melodies that tell us how wonderful life can be even with what little time we have left.
Eyjafjalla I think music is really fun. My parents taught me how to play an instrument before, too, but it was a different kind of Leithanian instrument.
The keys on this piano are so heavy, though! I just can't keep up once the tempo picks up.
Provence This instrument sounds so nice. It has a really different sound compared to the traditional pianos.
It's really quite shocking every time I hear its sound.
Eyjafjalla Provence, hear this! This instrument was actually really huge.
I've never played it, but I saw it at the assembly hall of the school where my mother used to be a teacher.
It was so big, it stretched the entire length of its walls!
Earthspirit This particular one is modified from a traditional piano.
There are actually quite a few compromises made to both reproduce the original's sound and to reduce its size. That is also the reason why the keys are so heavy.
You are in for a surprise when you hear the real thing.
Provence So does that mean you will take me to your hometown one of these days?
Looking forward to it!
Earthspirit My hometown is just a small village in the countryside. You won't find a piano there.
Provence Oh, yeah! I almost forgot.
The Doctor asked me to come find you. Wanted me to hand this to you.
Earthspirit Oh? Sounds like trouble is coming my way again.
What is this...? Another geological survey report to be filled out?
Let's see. Hmm... A survey of the soil on the course that Rhodes Island is taking... as well as a Catastrophe forecast report for the surrounding areas...
Analyses of five different soil samples, and each of them requires carbon dating and analyses of their mineral composition.
Did the Doctor say when we'll need this by?
Provence The day after tomorrow.
Earthspirit That soon?
Even with a team of three professional geologists, you'd need at least two days to handle this much work.
And we don't have that many geologists at Rhodes Island.
Besides, this pharmaceutical company does not have a geological lab, nor are there any plans to add one.
In conclusion, we are severely lacking in both manpower and facilities, and this is going to continue for the foreseeable future.
Eyjafjalla Earthspirit, I can help!
Earthspirit You don't need to worry, Adele.
I'm on the job, so nothing will go wrong. You should take it easy and get some rest. Leave it to me.
Eyjafjalla I've already gotten plenty of rest today!
Earthspirit Don't you have a field operation with Barty in two days? Just get some rest. I can take care of my own work.
But I'm afraid I won't be coming with you this time. How is your hearing aid? Is it working fine?
Eyjafjalla It's working well in Rhodes Island's indoor environment.
And I'm hoping there won't be any issues outside either.
Earthspirit Very well. If you need any equipment help for your field op, perhaps you should ask your professor.
That jackass may be a workaholic, but is nonetheless a caring person.
Eyjafjalla Hmm... but Professor {nickname} seems pretty busy lately. I wouldn't want to add to that burden.
But it's okay, I'll have everything sorted out before I leave.
Earthspirit Yeah, I'm planning on getting a good sleep in today to rest up before starting on the work tomorrow myself.
Provence I thought you didn't have enough manpower. Are you sure you'll have enough time?
Earthspirit You need enough rest and adequate entertainment to make sure you can give it your hundred percent while you are on the job.
And that is especially true for research work. When you are mentally exhausted, you could pull multiple all-nighters and still not be able to solve problems that otherwise would only have taken half an hour.
That said, I'll have to work overtime for this job. As for my pay...
Provence The Doctor said the standard overtime pay will apply.
Earthspirit Very well. As long as there isn't any more work to take care of, I should be able to handle everything.
Provence Perfect, then, I have a report right here!
Earthspirit You...
Provence Hehe, take care of it for me, please? I mean, you're already working overtime anyway.
Earthspirit What is it this time?
Provence Just the usual.
Geological analysis for my Messenger work.
Earthspirit Where are the samples?
Provence In your sample box!
Earthspirit And when do you need it?
Provence ASAP!
Earthspirit That's easy for you to say...
As a Messenger, you don't spend that much time on the Rhodes Island landship to start with.
Every time you're back, you push all your work off on me.
Have you forgotten that we're friends before we're coworkers?
Provence Well, what am I supposed to do? That's how Messenger work is.
Just like right now. I'm only stopping by for a moment.
Earthspirit You're leaving already?
Provence Yeah, I'm not done with work yet. I'm back just for that report. As soon as I have it, I'm outta here.
Earthspirit Any requirements?
Provence Make sure that whoever reads it has no idea what it's trying to say, to the point they give up on trying to understand it.
Earthspirit Professionally written, then. No problem.
Eyjafjalla Why don't you want anyone to be able to read it?
Provence This is just a kind of report for us Messengers, though it's not usually us who get to read it.
Most of the time, it's for our employers or the people in charge of the place.
Catastrophe Messengers sometimes hand scientists data for their analysis, and then they will decide with the data whether there's a need to move somewhere else to avoid Catastrophes. That's one of the many ways we work.
By doing that, we transfer the risk of a forecast being incorrect to the person making the call.
That way, if it turns out there isn't a Catastrophe, the economic impact of the city's resettlement isn't on the Messenger's head.
Earthspirit Catastrophe Messengers are humans after all, and when you possess all the emotions that humans normally have, mistakes are inevitable.
You hear of Messengers who lose confidence, start doubting themselves after an incorrect forecast, and they ultimately leave the business altogether.
It's only natural for us to make mistakes, but the consequences that Catastrophe Messengers face for their mistakes are far too severe...
This method of shifting blame was created to protect the Messengers.
Of course, that also gave us more data analysis work.
It takes time for them to come and go as well, so the only Messengers that I can help are the ones in Rhodes Island's surroundings.
Provence That's not too bad. It gives you more time at Rhodes Island.
If you still ran all over the world as both a Catastrophe Messenger and a geologist like before, we probably wouldn't even get to meet once a year.
Earthspirit Is that why you waste every single chance we get to meet?
Provence Ehe?
Earthspirit Stop it with the happy smiley face!
Provence You were the one who told me to do that!
Earthspirit That's right. I just don't want anyone to repeat Professor Bachmann's tragedy.
Eyjafjalla Oh, is that the famous Professor Bachmann from the Gurk Private Academy? She's a famed geologist and musician in Leithania. So she was your mentor!
My mother knew her.
When I was young, she came to my house once during a birthday party.
Of course, she didn't know it was my birthday. She only stopped by to ask my mom about work.
But once she found out it was my birthday, she played a piece for me.
I can still remember that beautiful melody.
Earthspirit She's the person whom I look up to the most.
Eyjafjalla Did something happen to Professor Bachmann?
Earthspirit A noble from the countryside appointed her as their Catastrophe Messenger, and she gave them a professional analysis.
Eyjafjalla Professor Bachmann used to be a Catastrophe Messenger?!
Earthspirit She is of course more well known as a geologist and a musician, but she was indeed a Catastrophe Messenger.
The noble asked Professor Bachmann to give them a final, explicit answer–whether a Catastrophe was going to happen...
...and whether the citizens would need to move.
Professor Bachmann was actually a very simple-minded Leithanian scholar. She was old, but she was not a very shrewd person.
She always chose the most conservative of methods. That's also why, after she conducted an analysis of the area's geological samples, she recommended that the citizens leave right away.
In the end, the Catastrophe didn't happen.
The citizens went back to where they were, and their crops were ruined.
They had to give what little food they had left to the nobles and starve.
When the commoners handed over their food in tears, this is what the nobles told them...
"This is all Bachmann's fault. If her predictions weren't off, we would never have evacuated."
"It's all her fault that you have to go through this."
"This is all her fault."
That ignited the commoners' ire.
Professor Bachmann was attacked that very same night. They bashed her head with a rock, then tied her up and burned her to death.
Eyjafjalla –!
Not Professor Bachmann...!
Provence You don't want that to happen to anyone else.
You want to protect others with knowledge, not violence.
Eyjafjalla Is the reason you like geology so much because you can use this knowledge to protect others?
Earthspirit No, not exactly.
My motivation is actually very simple. Unlike you, I wasn't very talented in Arts.
I have gotten better at Originium Arts after my infection, but that doesn't mean I've come to have a talent for it.
I just don't have a knack for Originium Arts. I'm too clumsy.
Provence You are too humble, you know? If you're supposed to be clumsy, then I guess I'm probably the stupidest person there is.
Earthspirit You got the last part right at least.
Considering my talent, forcing myself to learn Originium Arts wouldn't get me anywhere.
I was smart when I was a kid, and my parents had high hopes for me.
I read lots of books. I was mastering certain basic Arts and their associated theories much earlier than normal.
Everyone thought I was primed to do great things. My parents hoped that I would elevate our family's status, which would give us the opportunity to move to the city.
But as I grew up and the things that I had to learn became more complicated, I found out I wasn't going to get anywhere with just my "smarts."
Even though I knew the theories like the back of my hand, I just simply didn't have the talent. I had no way to do the things I couldn't do.
Geology is different. This is where I could find myself as long as I studied hard.
This is where I can find that me my parents were hoping for me to be.
Provence So, from the get-go, you pretty much had no choice but to study geology?
Earthspirit No, I wouldn't say that, but it was Professor Bachmann and her geology lessons that rescued and accepted me when I hit the rock bottom of my depression.
It was only from that point onward that I started to study geology, and through each small achievement I made, I learned to love it.
This is the place where I belong. This is my home.
Provence Geology sounds pretty boring, though.
Earthspirit Quite the contrary. Even if you stack all the books in the world together, the stack will only go so tall.
But geology is an endless bookshelf.
Each and every field study will get you a different story and help you understand the history of that place.
Just like they are whispering to me...
Geology is a natural library that has no limits.
From that point of view, it's not boring, and it certainly doesn't make me feel lonely.
Provence So you think it's pretty fun working here?
Eyjafjalla No, Provence. Running tests and doing research inside a lab aren't geology.
Analyzing the contents of soil samples brought back by Messengers and estimating the chances of a Catastrophe happening isn't really geology either.
The equipment that Earthspirit is using is portable, and its functions are simple. It's meant to be used when she's taking samples outdoors.
Earthspirit I've been staying inside with my equipment because Rhodes Island and our Catastrophe Messengers need me.
Although it does feel like I've had a little too much on my plate lately. Why is it that even the Messengers I barely know are here asking me for reports?
Provence Well, as a Messenger, it really drags me down if I make a bad prediction.
Your reports help us make a general projection.
These reports are supposed to be written by researchers on the subject, but even though their work may be professional, they also add lots of stuff that has nothing to do with our work.
But not only are you an excellent geologist, you're a great Messenger yourself.
So even...
Earthspirit Even if you didn't need to show your employers any reports, you still wanted one to use as a reference.
Oh? No wonder I've had so much more work lately. So this is why.
Provence Heheh, thanks to me, you are like a legend among Catastrophe Messengers!
"The Master of Fraktur." That's what they call you. Doesn't that sound super cool?
Earthspirit So all those times you had me do your work...
All that overtime...
Provence Oh, right, I gotta take a shower now. I'll leave the documents here–
[Provence runs off.]
Earthspirit Stop right there!
Oh no, my legs are going numb.
Eyjafjalla I'll hunt her down for you, Earthspirit!
Earthspirit No, no need. It'll get better after I take a few steps! You should get some rest!
My leg... ugh... that hurts...
Provence, hold it right there!

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