Greyy the Lightningbearer: Light, He Wrote

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Operator Record
Light, He Wrote
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By pen he notes down data, and the people he wants to thank too.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Greyy the Lightningbearer to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Greyy (the Lightningbearer).
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Engineering Operator
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Medic Operator
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Office Operator A
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His thesis is complete, but not his acknowledgements. Before he gets to writing, Greyy returns to Bolívar, but the Operators at the office there have much to think about on seeing the boy who has clearly grown taller.
<Background black>
[The sound of someone writing is heard.]
Right as I started the very first sentence of this thesis, I immediately began to think about how I would write these acknowledgements.
It has been less than twenty years since I was born. My parents both gave me life, and showed me my first ray of light. Rita, Fernando, and Pedro saved my life. The Doctor and my coworkers in Engineering guided me further down my path toward the future. This is my first step in repaying their kindness: that their names will live in this database forever.
<Background 1>
[A Rhodes Island engineering operator calls Greyy.]
Engineering Operator Greyy?
Engineering's got a new field op. Come to the department as soon as you hear this.
Greyy Acknowledged. I'm on my way!
[Greyy hangs up.]
<Background 2>
[The engineering operator briefs Greyy.]
Engineering Operator I'll give you the rundown. We're done mass producing that revamped emergency power system for disasters, as well as its lighting fixtures. Some of the larger offices have enough manpower to install it on their own, so we've already contacted Messengers to get them delivered.
All that's left now are a few of the smaller offices. In general, they only have a few operators stationed and can't handle this sort of thing.
We're currently allocating some operators from Engineering to head to those offices and help them install the upgrades. Here's the list.
You know the drill. If there's anywhere you want to go, just name it. We won't change the schedule to accommodate your plans, though. You're free to get some sightseeing done afterwards, but don't overstay your allotted time.
Greyy May I have a look at the list?
Engineering Operator Go ahead.
[Greyy reads the list.]
Greyy I would like to go here, then. The office behind the mountains in Bolívar.
Engineering Operator Okay, let me get you registered. Here's all the lighting and testing equipment. You can find the instructions for installing and upgrading the system in the Engineering Department folder on your terminal.
Oh, right. You're from Bolívar, aren't you?
Greyy Uh, yes. That's right.
Engineering Operator You don't go back often, so be careful out there. The caravan's leaving at 0700 tomorrow. Be sure to come back on time.
Greyy Thanks. I'll head back and start packing now.
<Background fades out and in>
[After Greyy prepared himself for his mission...]
Greyy Okay, I've got my bags packed like the last time we performed on-site service for a customer. I shouldn't need much else.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
Utage They said a buncha new stuff just came in today. C'mon, losers, we're going shopping!
Kazemaru I still haven't got my mission signed off yet!
Gummy Istina just passed a new test. I wanna get her a small gift.
Everyone says you pick the best gifts, so pleeease!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Greyy Come to think of it, I've never been to the shopping stalls. Where were they again...?
Go straight...? Then turn left?
Oh, they're really here.
Hawking Operator Huh, Greyy? Long time no see. The last time I saw you was when you went on a trip with the Engineering folks as an intern. Have you been keeping busy?
Greyy My internship's almost over. Lately, I've been preparing for my defense.
Hawking Operator Oh, hang in there. I pulled out so much hair when I was working on my graduation thesis that my ears were going bald. It took quite a while for it all to grow back.
Here, this is the hair growth serum I used. How about it? Want a bottle?
Greyy W-Well... I think I'll pass.
Hawking Operator Haha, in that case, I have some nutritious walnut milk here, too. Works as a great supplement. It's been selling pretty well lately. Don't go telling me you don't need any.
Greyy I'm not so sure about that either...
Hawking Operator Hehe, just giving you a hard time. It's on the house. A thesis defense is no walk in the park. Drink up and give 'em hell!
Greyy Thanks, Lily.
Hawking Operator Alright, so are you here to buy anything? Hehehe, whatever it is, just leave it to me. I guarantee you'll leave satisfied!
<Background fades out and in>
[After Greyy buys souvenirs for his journey...]
Greyy Phew... an Originium slug glass ornament, a Metal Crab flower pot, and a home beer brewing kit. Hm, did I really buy the right things...?
Looks like I'll need to repack now.
Doctor Good morning, Greyy. / Hey, Greyy. What's with all that stuff? / Greyy, are you moving?
Greyy Good morning, Doctor.
I'll be leaving for the Bolívar office tomorrow, to help them install the new emergency power system. And I'm thinking of giving these as gifts to the operators stationed there.
Doctor How's your defense coming along? / How's your thesis?
Greyy I finished writing it already.
Though... I'm still thinking about the acknowledgements in the end.
I want to give this paper a proper ending.
Once I'm back from this field operation, I will submit my final draft. I hope you don't mind supervising my defense.
Doctor Very good. Keep it up. / I'm very strict.
I'm sure that office will love to see you again. / Why don't you put those away and let's chat?
Greyy Thank you, Doctor.
But I need to get going now. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and I'm still not done packing my luggage and supplies.
Please don't worry, though, I'll be fine.
Doctor Have a safe trip.
Greyy Thanks, Doctor. See you!
<Background black>
[The sound of someone writing is heard.]
Electrical engineering is far more complicated and profound than I imagined. Every time I touched upon a small piece of its tapestry, behind was a wealth of wisdom from those who came before me. Through literature, I can borrow their strength and explore the frontiers of technology. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to reach boundaries that would have been untouchable with only my own brain and hands, and I hope that I will be able to spur their advance, if only a little.
<Background 3>
A few weeks later...
Greyy So... do you guys actually like these?
Medic Operator We'll put the glass ornament here. The flower pot looks lovely, too. And what's this, equipment for homebrewing?!
Where did you get this, Greyy? How did you even know *where* to get this? You're not even that old yet! How could you be an alcoholic already?!
Greyy No, I–
Office Operator A *Sigh*... You even know to bring back gifts. You've really grown up, Greyy...
Office Operator B It's always the same old here, though, hahaha! Everyone else comes and goes, but the three of us are forever!
Medic Operator But, Greyy, are you really sure you want to start working right away? You just got here. I think you should get some rest first.
The landship doesn't expect you guys to work to the bone, does it?
Office Operator A All I know is that when we sent you there, they'd just got a new leader called the 'Doctor,' who apparently accomplished quite a bit these past few years.
But I thought you went to get treatment? Why'd they give you such back-breaking field work? Is this Doctor fella really so heartless to exploit you guys like that?
You're a patient. You spent so many days just getting here, and now you have to start working the moment you arrive, without even stopping for a sip of water?
Office Operator B Greyy already told us in his message that this is something he wants to do himself, Fernando.
Greyy Please, the Doctor isn't that kind of person. The landship is a great place, too. I'm only here because I chose to come.
I've been interning at the Engineering Department, and I'm even getting ready for my thesis defense now. Besides, don't you think I've gotten taller, and my body sturdier?
I'll just be inspecting the electrical circuits to compare with the model we drew up. That way, it'll go much smoother when I start working tomorrow. It's not too much effort.
Office Operator A Really?
Office Operator B Why are you so paranoid? Why would he lie to you?
Greyy Fernando, the Doctor even told me before I left that you guys would be happy to see me again.
Office Operator A So they even know about our connection, huh?
Alright... Not the worst leader, at least.
Office Operator B Greyy, why don't you come down from the ladder and try some of the local Bolívarian dishes I made. You're still growing, so you gotta eat up.
[Greyy descends from the ladder.]
Office Operator B Oh, look at you. You're almost as tall as me. And you were so small when we first brought you back...
Greyy Ah, um...
Medic Operator Embarrassed?
Hahaha. Let's not talk about that right now. Actually, we were discussing amongst ourselves earlier, and there's something we wanted to talk to you about.
You mentioned in your letter that you're studying at the Engineering Department and that you're an electrical engineer now. That's good. You've got ambition.
It's just... As a doctor, I...
Office Operator B Rita, let me tell him.
Greyy, all the things you said. That you're making equipment, writing a thesis, preparing your defense, and that you're going to keep studying. Even that "touching upon the boundaries of modern technology" stuff.
Medic Operator All that is your decision to make, and it's not our place to say anything. However, we really didn't want to bring this up, but you're still sick...
Greyy Don't worry, Rita. The medicine they have on the landship is very effective.
Besides, there are a lot of patients like me there. Some of them are even worse off, yet still much stronger than I am.
I'm not saying this to make light of my condition. It's just when I see them all working so hard every day, it makes me feel much better too.
Office Operator B Alright, as long as you know the score. It's important to think these things through before doing anything. We just wanted to let you know that.
Office Operator A You two done?
Greyy, stand up and let me take a look at you.
[The office operator takes a look at Greyy's body.]
Office Operator A Not bad. Your physique's pretty good for a Perro boy your age.
But you do know you're Infected, right?
Office Operator B *Cough*... Watch your mouth, Fernando.
Why you gotta be so sarcastic in front of the kid?
Greyy Of course I know that.
But this is what I chose to do.
Office Operator A I know how you feel. Kids are bound to have ideals when they're young.
But I'm more worried about you.
I'm going to send in an application tomorrow and request to have you stationed here from now on.
Greyy What?
Office Operator A I read your medical record all those years ago. 0.3u/L. That means your condition will deteriorate the moment you stop paying close attention to your health. We don't have the clearance to get your new records these days. What's your density at now?
You're writing code, making equipment, training in metalwork. I can believe that HQ is committed to its goals, but I'm worried that you might not know what you should really be doing.
Medic Operator Fernando!
He's all grown up now. That's uncalled for!
Besides, it doesn't matter how worried we are. You can't just force your wishes on him–
Office Operator B *Cough*–Let's eat first. Eat up!
Try the soup before it gets cold. Here, give it a taste.
Greyy Thanks, uncle Pedro.
Let me do the dishes later.
Office Operator A No!
You're not doing anything! Leave them there, I'll do the dishes!
<Background fades out and in>
[After Greyy finishes preparing...]
Greyy Okay...
Greyy wipes a drop of sweat from his nose and inputs the updated data into his terminal.
The light emitted by the electrical device fluctuates unsteadily before slowly stabilizing.
The rooms in the office fall into a brief darkness before lighting up even brighter than before, thanks to the new system.
Greyy runs some tests on his terminal. Even his breath is slowing down.
Office Operator B Greyy, are you that short on time? Here, let me help you. Anything you need me to do?
Greyy Yeah, it's a huge upgrade, so there's quite a lot to handle, but I can deal with it myself.
Office Operator A ......
Back when I was your age, my parents never let me touch nothing whenever I got sick. They'd just lock me inside the house, hoping I'd get better sooner.
Back then, I didn't get it. I thought they were limiting my freedom. When my friends got sick, they still got to head out with their parents for work, but I had to stay home alone.
Now, well over a decade later, I finally understand how they felt. My family's not poor. They had the means to let me rest up, instead of having to work through my illness.
If you, a patient, have to come all the way out here just to change our goddamn light bulbs, I seriously doubt that staying on the landship will really help you figure out what you want to do.
Medic Operator You're too inflexible, Fernando.
Why don't you take a few days off and try to remember why you joined Rhodes Island in the first place? Because it sounds like you've forgotten.
Not only did you insult Greyy, you insulted HQ itself.
Greyy ......
Office Operator A Are you angry?
Me too.
I'm angry that I'm so powerless. I'm acting like a rude, unreasonable parent because there's nothing I could do to give you a better future.
Office Operator B This is Greyy's decision, Fernando. HQ is just respecting his decision and providing him with more opportunities.
We can't live his life for him. The landship's a bigger platform.
Office Operator A What he's doing is choosing to die! Out of all my friends from back then, I'm the only one who's an operator here and still healthy. Everyone else is working at factories in god-knows-where, catching Oripathy and dying before they know it.
Do you know how it felt watching their ashes scattered from the nomadic cities?
And him! He should've had more choices available to him!
Even though he's Infected, he could've chosen another path, and lived out his life healthy and safe!
I'm not Infected, and neither are you or Rita. As long as a war doesn't break out, we can look forward to a long life. I don't want to watch him die before me, just like all my old friends!
I'm prepared, but I'm not *that* prepared. I'm just a normal guy who was born and raised in Bolívar, and I'm only working here to try to save a couple more Infected for the sake of those friends of mine.
I'm not rescuing people just to watch them work themselves to death!
[The office operator runs off.]
Medic Operator Fernando!
We both knew about his past, but he's always so easily offended. We could've just talked it out, but he just had to pick a fight...
Office Operator B Hm... Last time, you and I had a row with him for over two hours, but I still saw you two go fishing that weekend.
Medic Operator It's not the same.
This is about Greyy and our ideals. It's no small quarrel–
[The sound of a cable falling is heard.]
Office Operator B What just happened?
Medic Operator Greyy?
??? *Sniffles*...
Medic Operator Greyy? Are you crying?
Don't be sad. We aren't fighting. We're just...
Office Operator B Greyy, are you still up there on the ladder? Come back down!
??? (Blows nose)...
[It turns out that the one on the ladder was the office operator from before as he descends.]
Medic Operator Fernando? That was you? Where's Greyy?
Greyy I'm here, Rita! There were some problems with the power supply system. It's okay, I can fix it no problem.
Office Operator A *Sobs*... If I'd known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have told you that you helped us, and that we'd wait for you to come back to help us again...
Look at those clothes... It must've been exhausting to travel all this way from the landship, but you didn't even mention it... How could you be like this?
I spend every day thinking that it's all because I went along with them, and told you we needed you to light up the place. That I made you choose to walk such a difficult path...
It's my fault. It's all my fault! You're in such a hurry to get working... You aren't going to leave right away too, are you?
When's the next time we'll see you? In another few years?
Greyy Fernando, that's not it...
Really, this isn't that onerous. The reason I'm not complaining isn't because I'm trying to hide anything from you, it's because it's really not difficult.
Please don't cry. Here, one sec.
[Greyy shows something to the office operator.]
Greyy Take a look. This is the emergency power system I developed with the other operators at the Engineering Department.
I can make the lights here stabler and brighter than before. There won't be a moment of darkness here, even if it's pouring outside.
Before, you needed a generator just to barely light up a single tent in the mountains, but soon I'll be able to illuminate every home here, even the entire mountain, forever.
This is my technology, and it's what I'm working on now.
You're right. It might be taxing on my body and my health, and I may not have that much time left.
But please also try to see what I'm getting out of it.
It's not just a couple lanterns in the slums, or a few houses. I have the ability to bring light to even more places. What I'm doing now will pay off over the next dozen years, perhaps even decades to come.
And if I can do this much, why not do even more?
If, back then... my house had been this bright, I wouldn't have turned out like this.
And since I can do this now, I hope to keep anyone who finds themselves where I was from retracing the path that I took.
Office Operator A ......
Greyy So no one will follow the path your friends took, either.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
[Greyy turns out to have watched the argument earlier.]
Greyy (So they still ended up fighting...)
(Trying to stop them isn't going to help. Fernando isn't going to change his mind, either.)
(I need to prove myself and tell him that I'll be fine. That's the only way to stop them.)
(This code... Sorry, I'll fix this for you later. Let me put a wrong value here first...)
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Medic Operator Greyy, I know what you're saying, and I'm not as hotheaded as Fernando.
But as a doctor, and the person who lied to you and made you think you helped us all those years ago, I have to ask you this question.
I'm sure you realized long ago that that was a lie, and I'm not going to try to sugarcoat it as some kind of white lie.
That was something I, as an adult, blurted out without thinking it through. I even dragged them into my lie, and this definitely influenced your decision in some capacity.
What I want to ask you now is, let's say we could do this all over. Except this time, you'd know that we were lying. Would you still be using your Originium Arts to bring us a light that it turns out we never actually needed?
Greyy ......
I would.
Medic Operator Even if you'd have no idea whether it would be of any use to us?
Greyy I would, and I'll keep doing it going forward. I hate the darkness, and I don't want it to be a source of fear for anyone else.
It doesn't matter whether I'm sure that it will actually be useful.
Medic Operator *Sigh*...
Greyy, these are your own ideals and your own life. Of course we'll support you.
Office Operator A ......
<Background black>
[The sound of someone writing is heard.]
I still have doubts about a few things.
Why did Rita ask me that question in the end? Aside from repaying favors, all my actions have been shaped by my mother, and I always do what she would do. I extend a helping hand to others, and strive to bring light to even more people, yet I never think about myself. I have very little time because of my Oripathy, but I have also seen and experienced a great many things. I will not stop in my tracks.
And I will persevere even while uncertain how useful that will actually be.
My goal for the future will always be to shine light on even more people. I will cast this light from my hands and illuminate even vaster swaths of land.
<Background 2>
Greyy Good morning, Doctor.
Doctor Morning.
Greyy My thesis and equipment are ready.
I am ready for my defense.