Czerny: Dämmerung und Anbruch

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Dämmerung und Anbruch
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He knew, one day, that he'd descend the mountain too.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Czerny to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Czerny.
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One day, Hibiscus goes to deliver medicine to Czerny as usual, only to discover that he plans to start piano classes. This has her extremely confused – what is his true objective?
<Background 1>
Hibiscus *sigh*...
Medic Operator Are you here to deliver meds to Mr. Czerny again?
Hibiscus Mhm.
Medic Operator Sounds rough.
Er,,[sic] not that he's a bad person or anything, but it certainly would be easier if he remembered to show up for his regular treatments.
Hibiscus Yeah, I wish he'd be a little more mindful of his health.
Medic Operator But I guess that's what makes him who he is.
I'm gonna get back to work. Want to grab lunch later?
Hibiscus Sure.
Hibiscus ...
[Door knocking]
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny, I'm coming in.
Voice from Inside Come in.
Hibiscus Huh?
Based on past experience, she wouldn't normally get any sort of response, causing her to resort to more drastic measures – such as applying for a spare key card for his room.
But Czerny doesn't seem to be his usual reclusive self today, and the dorm's automatic door slides open almost immediately after his response.
What do you need?
Somewhat suspicious, she steps inside.
<Background 2>
Strewn haphazardly across the room are leaves of sheet music, packets of various kinds of instant coffee, tomes related to Arts research, and a frowning Elafia standing in the middle of it all.
An all-too-common sight within Czerny's dorm room.
Czerny ...
Most of the time, this scene signifies that he is deep in the creative process, and that nobody may interrupt him.
—In other words, many others from the Medical Department have already made such attempts.
However, the situation seems a little different today. There are no music scores splayed in front of him, nor does he seem to be composing anything.
If anything, this makes her somewhat angry.
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny, if you're not busy composing, I do hope you can remember to come to Medical for your check-up.
We've already made a special exception for you, so please don't take it for granted.
Czerny You came at just the right time, Hibiscus.
Hibiscus Of course I did. After all, you've been like this for more than just a day or two now.
Czerny If I wanted to start a piano class here at Rhodes Island, and take on some students, how would I go about doing that?
Hibiscus Huh? Well, uh, you should go to Logistics and fill out the requisite paperwork?
Czerny Wunderbar. Thank you, I'll head over there right now.
Hibiscus Huh? What??
Umm... What's this on the table...?
His last medical report?
Wait, Mr. Czerny! You haven't had your check-up yet!
<Background 1>
[Crowds murmuring]
Hibiscus ...I had no idea so many people would show up after we announced he would be holding classes.
Opinionated Patient Excuse me, is this where I sign up for Mr. Czerny's piano class?
Hibiscus Yes. The end of the line is right over here. Please wait a moment.
Opinionated Patient Goodness, look how long the queue is! I told you to get up earlier, but you just wouldn't listen.
Repulsed Child Mom, I don't wanna learn piano!
Opinionated Patient The instructor is very famous in Leithanien. If you miss this opportunity, there won't be a next time!
This is your one chance.
Repulsed Child ...Okay.
Opinionated Patient Ma'am, I've heard that Mr. Czerny can be difficult to get along with. Is there anything I should know ahead of time?
Hibiscus Uhh, I wouldn't worry too much about that.
Since coming to Rhodes Island, he's not nearly as hot-tempered as he was before.
Opinionated Patient Oh, good to hear.
Stand up straight, be attentive, and make sure you look ready to learn. Be on your best behavior in there.
Repulsed Child I know...
Hibiscus ...
Excuse me, is Mr. Czerny well-known even in Victoria?
Opinionated Patient Hm? Aren't you his assistant? And you don't even know that much?
Hibiscus Sorry, but I'm his doctor, not his assistant. I'm only here to keep things running smoothly, just in case.
Opinionated Patient Oh, a doctor? I suppose you don't know much about music then.
His Morgen und Abend has been making waves even through Victoria's aristocratic circles.
Hibiscus Makes sense.
Opinionated Patient Though, this is quite surprising. As far as I was aware, he only came to Rhodes Island for treatment. I thought I'd be lucky to hear even a single piece from him.
I'd always heard the maestro was rather eccentric, but I never imagined he'd be willing to start teaching. Would you happen to know why?
Hibiscus I... honestly don't know.
Maybe he wanted a change of pace.
Opinionated Patient Haha, fair enough. In any case, I'll be the envy of all the housewives once I get back from this trip.
[Door opening]
Anxious Patient What's wrong, Mr. Czerny?!
Czerny Sorry, something urgent came up.
Anxious Patient Huh? Please wait a minute!
Hibiscus (*whispers*) That look on his face...
My apologies, sir. Please wait here. I'll go check on him.
[Rushing steps]
<Background 3>
Hibiscus's initial assumption is that he wasn't feeling well, so she follows closely behind him.
Unexpectedly though, Czerny does not return to his room, but instead makes a turn towards the training room.
Once he arrives inside, he plants his feet in front of a sandbag and starts pounding away at it viciously.
By the looks of things, he has a lot more vigor than she expected.
Czerny That noble, that damn noble, just wouldn't stop buzzing in my ears with his superficial grasp of music.
[Something being hit]
Czerny Does he have any idea how many misconceptions his children have been forced to accept because of his self-righteousness?
[Another hit]
Czerny Music is nothing like that! How could it be?
His child's rejection of it is due solely to his own superficiality!
[Another hit]
Czerny And the person before him! And the one before that!
Oh, that one wasn't so bad. They only wanted their child to have an appreciation for music...
Hibiscus ...
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny.
Czerny Hibiscus? What are you doing here?
Hibiscus And here I was, thinking you weren't feeling well.
Czerny It's nothing much. Just venting a little frustration, as you can see.
Even back in Leithanien I used to encounter plenty of nobles like that.
They'd send their kids to me through Gertrude, hoping I'd be able to turn them into virtuosos.
Of course, I have no objections to teaching, but the majority of them didn't even really care if their children became pianists or not.
All they really wanted was a private performance from me, or an opportunity to strike up a conversation with Gertrude.
And even for those that truly wanted their children to become successful, it was only to the extent that musical skills would benefit their status as nobles.
On top of that, most of the children had already been indoctrinated into being dull or snobbish.
Or both even, a combination that makes my blood boil.
I'm glad you recommended I start exercising. It's proven to be a great outlet.
Czerny points at the sandbag.
Hibiscus ...
Not everyone can be as pure as you.
Czerny I know that much.
In the Afterglow, I had neighbors who wanted me to teach piano to their kids too, just as a hobby.
Or rather, that was true for most people.
But at the very least, they were far more charming than the nobles, which is why I vastly preferred the atmosphere there.
I don't care if people lie to me, but they should at least be honest when it comes to music.
Hibiscus If you don't care for all the nobles who only show up for the prestige, then you probably shouldn't be holding classes.
Medical is also worried about your health–
Czerny ...
Nein, that's not an option.
I need to hold these classes. It is a challenge I must overcome.
Hibiscus ...
Well, if you really don't want to deal with the guardians, I can go talk to them myself and just ask them to send their kids in.
I can even forbid them from sitting in during the lessons.
That should make things a bit easier on your end.
Czerny Oh! That's a wonderful idea.
Let's go with that.
Hibiscus ...
<Background 1>
[Door knocking]
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny, it's time for your exam.
Mr. Czerny?
Opinionated Patient Dr. Hibiscus, are you looking for Mr. Czerny?
Hibiscus That I am.
Opinionated Patient I believe he's in class right now.
Hibiscus I thought this wasn't one of the time slots reserved for his lessons?
Opinionated Patient Oh, not his piano lessons. From what my kid's told me, he's been attending Hypatia's history lessons lately.
Hibiscus Huh. I'll go take a look.
Opinionated Patient Uh, hold on, Dr. Hibiscus.
Hibiscus What is it?
Opinionated Patient Since you're Mr. Czerny's attending physician, he's more likely to listen to you.
There are a few things I'd like to discuss.
Hibiscus Well, I can listen, but I can't make any promises.
Opinionated Patient Excellent. So this is the situation. My daughter told me she isn't able to keep up with the pace of his lessons.
As a matter of fact, this is a common sentiment I hear among the other parents.
We can understand his unwillingness to let us into the classroom, but you see, the pace of his class is—
Hibiscus ...
Opinionated Patient Oh, far be it from me to suggest the maestro change how he does things, but perhaps he could consider a few small adjustments?
Hibiscus ...Are you sure that's what the kids think?
Opinionated Patient Well, it's what my child believes, at least.
Hibiscus ...
I'll bring it up with him.
Opinionated Patient Good, good. Thank you very much.
Hibiscus ...
<Background 4>
[Bell ringing]
Istina Now then, that concludes today's class. Incidentally, this is also my last day as substitute teacher.
Hypatia will be back starting tomorrow, so please look forward to it.
Students Thank you, Miss Istina!
Czerny Thank you, Miss Istina!
Hibiscus ...
What's going on here, Istina?
Istina That's what I'd like to know.
A few days ago, Mr. Czerny suddenly showed up for history class.
Hypatia thought he was just fooling around at first, but he actually took the course seriously and even took detailed notes.
The classroom is open to everyone, of course. Anyone can attend if they want.
Hibiscus Alright, thank you.
Czerny Mm... So that's how it is.
Whenever a student asks a question, they should be guided towards the answer, rather than corrected outright.
Their immediate understanding is far less important than building the bridge to arrive there.
Excellent. It was well worth attending this class.
Hibiscus Since when were you this studious?
Czerny Studious? Nein, I'm here to learn how to teach.
It has proven to be quite troublesome.
At first, I expected it to be similar to mentoring Ebenholz and Kreide – not particularly difficult.
That as long as they could keep up with my playing, as long as they could experience the wonder of performance for themselves, their level would naturally improve—
But I was wrong.
The fact is, most people cannot achieve even that much.
Hibiscus ...I think that's perfectly normal.
Czerny I won't deny that.
But regardless, it has proven an obstacle for me.
When they ask me question after question, I don't know how to respond.
They ask things that, by all rights, should never have needed to be asked in the first place.
To me, the fact that they ask such questions means that their grasp of music is too superficial to even be considered beginners.
Hibiscus Uh, so you're here to learn how to teach?
Czerny Correct.
I now deeply understand how profound the educational process can be!
Hibiscus You... really are enthusiastic about this.
Czerny Naturally.
Hibiscus But why?
Czerny What do you mean, "why?"
Oh, my apologies, Hibiscus.
I need to head to class. Can the check-up wait until afterwards?
Hibiscus ...Sure.
<Background 5>
Medic Operator Mr. Czerny's been running his piano classes for quite some time now.
Hibiscus Mhm.
Medic Operator A lot of our patients have been sending their kids, and some have even signed up themselves. A handful of our colleagues have been attending as well.
It took a while to set in, but he really is crazy influential.
Hibiscus Mhm.
Medic Operator What's the matter, Hibiscus? You're spacing out.
Hibiscus ...I still can't figure out why he suddenly decided to hold these piano lessons.
Medic Operator I mean, when you've reached the very pinnacle of the craft the way he has, it's only natural to want to take on some students, isn't it?
Hibiscus Has he... really reached his peak?
Medic Operator You don't think so?
His music is already known far and wide.
I've heard that it's even been praised by Leithanien's Twin Empresses.
Moreover, I remember you mentioning that he personally fought the lingering echoes of the Witch King during the Afterglow incident.
And if he managed to survive even that, where else is there for him to go from there?
If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't mind starting a class myself – make some money, live a nice, cushy life.
Hibiscus I don't think he's that kind of person.
Medic Operator Then, what kind of person is he?
Hibiscus The kind who'll keep pushing the limits of music until his very last breath.
Do we not make exceptions for that sort of person precisely because of the respect we hold for them?
Medic Operator I suppose so. Otherwise, we would've strapped him to a table in Medical a long time ago.
Hibiscus But right now, someone like him is...
[Door knocking]
Hibiscus Come in.
Opinionated Patient Thank goodness you're here, Doctor.
Hibiscus What's wrong?
Opinionated Patient My daughter told me that Mr. Czerny didn't hold any classes today. Is he struggling with his health?
Hibiscus ...
Please give me a minute. I'll go see what's going on.
[Rushing steps]
<Background 1>
[Door knocking]
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny. Mr. Czerny!
Pardon me, I'm coming in.
<Background 2>
[Door open]
As soon as Hibiscus throws open the door, waves of sound wash over her. They must've been bouncing about within the room for a long time before she arrived.
Moreover, it isn't Czerny's music. Even an amateur like her can recognize that these sounds are very juvenile.
It must be his students' performance.
Their notes are interlaced with disorder, adding an extra layer of chaos to an already chaotic room.
Hibiscus has always complained about the messiness of the room, but right now, she is far more concerned about the man collapsed in the center.
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny?!
Mr. Czerny!!!
How did this happen?! All the indicators from your previous check-up were normal—
Collapsed Czerny Huh? Urgh... What time is it?
Huh? Scheiße, I won't make it in time for my class!
Hibiscus Mr. Czerny?!
[Something rustling]
Czerny Oh, Hibiscus? Sorry, I must've overslept.
Did you come to make sure I'd head to class?
Hibiscus ...No, I came to see if you were dead.
Czerny Oh. Don't you worry about that. I have no intention of dying until I've brought my students up to a satisfactory level.
Hibiscus What were you doing last night?
Czerny Ah. Do you hear the music? The students made it.
I wanted to identify the problem areas, then devise a lesson plan that would better suit their needs.
*yawns*... I suppose I've been a bit sleep-deprived as of late.
Hibiscus ...
I have a question.
Czerny Hm?
Hibiscus The Czerny I know is a musician brimming with a passion for the arts.
But now, you're suddenly pouring all your energy into teaching.
To be honest, I'm a little afraid.
Czerny Of what?
Hibiscus Of the fact that you're acting like someone who's ready to give up on life.
Like someone who no longer cares about his own future, and simply wants to find a successor.
I'm a doctor, and I understand the pain and suffering that come with Oripathy. I'm not asking you to face it with a smile on your face.
However, you've come here to Rhodes Island. You should at least place your faith in us, and confront this challenge together!
Czerny Wait, hold on. You think I've given up on life? Me?
Hibiscus Huh?
Czerny Let me get this straight. You think I've lost my will to live, and am desperately trying to find a successor before facing my own death?
Hibiscus ...Pretty much, yeah.
Czerny Is that really how I come across to you?
Hibiscus Sorry.
Czerny ...
There is one thing I won't deny though.
When I was performing for the people of the Afterglow, sometimes I got the idea that someday I'd be standing on even grander stages, surrounded by even more people, and stirring their hearts with music.
But when I saw my medical report, it became clear to me that would never happen.
I don't curse my fate. Even if I weren't wracked with Oripathy, I would still inevitably die one day.
But even before that, I'd already experienced the greatest heights a musician could aspire to. I've been luckier than most.
However, obviously that was not enough for me.
I wanted to go further. I wanted to hear more. I wanted to keep composing.
Which is why I offered these lessons.
Hibiscus In other words, you didn't start this because you lost your will to live, but rather, you see it as a continuation?
Czerny That's not entirely true either.
It's rather difficult for me to explain it to you cogently.
Czerny is deep in thought for a while. He walks over to the window, and points to a mountain in the distance.
Czerny Let's put it this way.
Just as with many other endeavors in this land, music is a distant pinnacle that can never truly be reached.
My calling is simply to keep climbing that mountain until the end of my life.
But obviously, I cannot.
Even without Oripathy, there would inevitably come a day where I would be forced to descend.
But I do not see that as a tragedy. It's simply accepting fate.
These children who've received my instruction will traverse the paths I've walked. They will reach the places I've reached, and then they will aspire to even greater heights.
I hope to do this, just as many of my teachers did, and my teacher's teachers before them.
Through the process of teaching, they... No, I, do not think that my life is over. Rather, my life is continuing through music.
Because, while we are descending the mountain with a cane, these children will be happily embarking on their own journey to conquer music–
Just as we had done.
Just like the sun itself. At any given moment, it is both rising, and setting.
Oh, right. Before I forget, I've actually been working on something the last two days. I'd appreciate it if you could look it over.
Hibiscus What?
As Czerny says this, he pulls out a stack of papers from a messy pile of documents and hands them to Hibiscus.
Hibiscus's eyes are immediately drawn to the header – "Request for Research Funding - Application Form."
Hibiscus What's this...?
Czerny For a Leithanian, and myself especially, the synthesis of music and Arts is second nature.
But this might not be such an easy thing to understand for people from other countries.
I've analyzed this extensively, and feel that it has great potential. So, I've requested research funding for that very purpose.
So, how's that? That should address some of your concerns, no?
Hibiscus ...I don't buy it.
Czerny Huh?
Hibiscus You might act like you're brimming with energy, but you haven't been taking care of your health. Just like back then.
If you really care so much about taking on good students, then you should take better care of your own body, for their sake.
Czerny ...I must say, that's the most convincing bit of medical advice I've ever heard.
Hibiscus In any case, hand me those documents.
Now then, you should head to class.
Czerny Nein, nein, Hibiscus, that won't do. Can you go tell my students that today's class will be pushed back an hour?
Hibiscus What are you going to do?
Czerny I can't let my students see me like this.
I'll need some time to wash up and take care of my hands.
Hibiscus *sigh*... Sure, whatever you say.