Firewatch: On My Way

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Operator Record
On My Way
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The one who survived walks the road of revenge.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Firewatch to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Firewatch.
RI Operator icon.png
Field Operator
Male Kuranta B icon.png
Kazimierz Ruffian
Male Old Kuranta A icon.png
Kazimierz Villager
Cold Forest
A survivor walks alone on the path of revenge. To find the traitors hiding in the shadows, she requires strength even more formidable.
<Background black>
They told me it was all over.
My homeland, my companions, everything buried now.
But I knew, it had only just begun.
...And I'm on my way.
<Background 1>
04:50 PM \ Overcast
A town in northern Kazimierz
[Firewatch is together with a Kuranta villager after she completed a certain task for the village.]
Firewatch ......
Kazimierz Villager Here you go. Bread and clean water, all in here.
Incredible, you are! Fought 'em off, no, wiped 'em out alone, all those gloompincers... Didn't expect one young lady like you'd finish up that job in half an afternoon.
Even going out all together, the young'uns couldn't handle it.
Frankly, it gave me a scare, our town being so small. And I've never seen someone fight as ferocious as you.
Firewatch ...I'll be fine without.
Kazimierz Villager Don't want any bread or water? Well... alright, we've got some medicine here too.
It's from the caravan that passed through last time. We had to trade them a good amount for it. They were worth plenty, I'll tell you.
By the sights of it, you've been hurt bad, haven't you? You could probably use it.
Firewatch I don't need it.
Kazimierz Villager Th-Then what do you need? Gold coins? That'll be tough. We're only a little town, and rabble comes by shaking us down every few days, plus all the beasts making trouble out there...
Our pockets are all emptied out by the end of the year. Barely a penny we've got.
The day before. People sighted a Kuranta the day before, black clothing and a crossbow, heading this way.
Firewatch Tell me where they are.
Kazimierz Villager Crossbow? The kind you use for hunting?
Firewatch The kind to murder.
Kazimierz Villager M-Murder?
You've got to be joking... no, the look in your eyes says you aren't joking one bit... how frightful... *cough* How could someone like that show up in a little place like ours?
Firewatch Don't screw with me.
Kazimierz Villager I-I-I-I-Is that a weapon? Don't, erm, please don't shoot! I swear, I haven't seen anyone like the person you describe—
Firewatch The ones in the last village saw. And told me. They went this way.
Kazimierz Villager Per... perhaps they already passed through here, went south? There's an even bigger town that way, more food, cleaner water...
Oh, god, Heaven above! Miss, god, believe me, please, I've got no reason to lie to you at all.
Look, please, here, this is the last of my family's money, we were saving it for the year-end tax, this is all we've got, have it, have it all...
Firewatch ......
I said, I don't need it.
Forget it. You can go.
[The Kuranta villager runs away in fear.]
Firewatch Another day, empty-handed.
But no matter. You can't hide much longer.
I'll be following you. All the way—until I find you, one, by one, all of you.
<Background 2>
[Firewatch opens the gift from the Kuranta villager earlier.]
Firewatch What's this?
Bread, and water. And medicine.
He was scared so bad, he ran off without a trace, and yet he still deliberately came back in after.
Is he trying to show thanks? But it was only a few gloompincers, nothing more. It took no effort on my part.
People like him... do remind me... of back then.
<Background fades out>
Grandpa, who are they? Are they the nice knights everyone talks about?
They aren't...?
Are the things they're carrying like the ones the bad people use to pick on us?
I... I'm sort of scared.
But they're good people, right? They helped us fight off the bad people.
I want to say thank you to them.
I don't really have any good stuff to give them. Would this half of my scone be okay? I can play a harmonica song for them too.
Mm-hm, I hope they can stay with.
With all of us, forever.
<Background fades in>
[Firewatch pulls out an old harmonica.]
Firewatch Now all that's left is this harmonica.
Nice knights? *sigh*...
Whether then, or now... it's all the same.
If they're still around... if...
It's too bad—there is no "if."
Kazimierz Ruffian Hey, someone's here!
Whoa, and a bunch of food—not much good, but good enough to eat tonight.
Firewatch Leave.
Kazimierz Ruffian Did you just tell me to leave? Who do you think you are?
It's just sitting here. Is there a name on it? I don't see you eating it. I found it now, so it's mine.
Firewatch Then just take it and get lost.
Kazimierz Ruffian Wait up, what's that you're holding? A harmonica? Heh, some tacky toy. Whatever. Take it to the city, you might find some boring old guy who thinks it's worth something.
Firewatch This is not for you to touch.
Kazimierz Ruffian Oh, you talk pretty tough, don't you?
Who do you even think I am, brat?
Just look at you. How long has it been since you ate something?
Firewatch I'm warning you—*cough*, *cough* *cough*.
Kazimierz Ruffian Jeez. You seem pretty sick at that. You'd best believe I could knock you over with a single poke.
What'cha playing at? Don't spook me now, it's dark out here. You think you can threaten anyone with a bare tree branch?
Firewatch I gave you plenty of warning. You didn't listen.
[Firewatch bashes the ruffian with her crossbow and points it at him.]
Kazimierz Ruffian Ow, ff-ow-ow-ow—that's a crossbow! That's the kind that kills people, isn't it?!
Firewatch Get. Lost.
I don't want to kill anyone tonight. At the very least, not you.
Kazimierz Ruffian Spare me... bud, just spare me! You can have this, have it all back.
I'm outta here, I promise!
[The ruffian runs away in fear as Firewatch is losing her balance...]
Firewatch Mm... *cough* *cough*, *cough* *cough* *cough*.
[...and someone in tactical attire approaches her...]
Firewatch Who's there?
*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*...
I have to stay up... stay awake.
I still haven't... I...
<Background fades out>
I still haven't found those traitors yet.
So long as that day doesn't come, they can never rest in peace—
And I can never, ever stop.
[The one in tactical attire from before can be heard speaking to Firewatch as she is losing her consciousness.]
??? Hello? Are you okay?
Seems she hasn't passed out completely... though she's at the point she can't stand.
Identity confirmation... yes, just like in the mission description. This should be the target, no mistake.
Serious wounds, fever temperatures, and gravely malnourished... she hasn't eaten properly in forever, and hasn't slept, either.
Nutritional supplements... and some emergency meds... Lucky I packed enough for the road. Dr. Kal'tsit really sees every last thing coming.
[Firewatch eventually passes out, but the one in tactical attire catches her. The Elafia's vision comes in and out, until...]
<Background fades in>
[...she regains her consciousness and seeing the one in tactical attire treating Firewatch's injuries.]
??? You're up.
Firewatch Who are you?!
Field Operator Don't be alarmed, I mean you no harm. I'm employed by a pharmaceutical company named Rhodes Island. I'm responsible for field work in this area. Here, this is my work ID.
Firewatch That doesn't prove anything. IDs and papers and whatever can all be forged.
Field Operator Fair enough, they can. Haha, you're just like I heard. An extremely cautious youngster.
Firewatch Heard? From who?
Field Operator Oh, jeez, don't get all tense again.
Look, I'm serious, I'm not anyone bad. I don't even have any weapons that big or lethal on me. At best, I've got a couple of tools for defending myself from beasts.
I've got nothing on you. I see that crossbow of yours... look, it's still right there. You could reach out and grab it.
Can we have a real talk now?
Firewatch If you're up to something, you'll regret having stepped into this forest.
Field Operator Yes. I believe you. The crossbow in your hands has already told me that much.
Firewatch Right now, you need to tell me. Who was it that told you anything about me?
Field Operator That's... er...
There's been reports of a very young Elafia girl who's been all around the northern villages of Kazimierz lately, looking for any leads on a specific group. Plenty of people have been picking up on it, actually.
Firewatch The footprints left behind when tracking prey.
I wouldn't have made a mistake like that in the past... but I don't care that I have.
Who told you to look for me?
Field Operator That'd be Rhodes Island. Just like I introduced earlier, Rhodes Island is a pharmaceutical company, doing business in all areas. They've been seeking all sorts of suitable talent, too, and they'd like to invite you to join.
Firewatch A pharmaceutical company?
Did you drug me just now?
Field Operator Only some nutritional supplements and a simple first-aid medication. I'm no Medic Operator. I personally can't give you any better of an examination, nor further treatment.
You look a good bit better now, luckily. Your injuries should be holding decently. If we want any further diagnosis, you'll need to come back to Rhodes Island with me.
Firewatch To treat me. And you want to hire me.
Seeing as you've investigated, you should already know. I don't understand the first thing about medicine. The only thing I can do is fight.
So, what would a pharmaceutical company want a hired bow for?
Field Operator Er... oh, boy, that one... er, like I said earlier, Rhodes Island does a lot of business, and frequently comes into contact with a lot of different people in a lot of different areas.
And during those contacts, we unavoidably run into some emergencies.
At times like that, we need people with special skills like yours, to help give Rhodes Island a fighting chance.
Firewatch Whether person or organization, you have to have strength if you want to survive.
Field Operator Right. I'm sure you can understand.
Firewatch But my strength has other uses.
Field Operator Do you mean those people you're looking for?
Firewatch Yes.
Every day I haven't found them is one more day my footsteps will not cease.
Field Operator I understand... I'm not too clear about your past, but it's a very common thing, isn't it? Just like us inside Rhodes Island. We've got scores of operators, all with their own differing and individual attachments.
Firewatch Is that so?
Field Operator We won't ever interfere in an operator's private affairs, and outside of missions, everyone has freedom.
Beyond that, when an operator needs it, providing aid doesn't go against our standards, Rhodes Island will provide whatever you want—medical service, crucial information, or necessary strength.
Field Operator It's why a good few Operators chose to join Rhodes Island, really.
Firewatch Then the people I need to find...
Can Rhodes Island help me there?
Field Operator It's not my place to say anything else. Just, us helping you look for someone—that'd be more effective than you going it alone around Kazimierz, or even areas beyond, right?
Firewatch ......
Field Operator Alone, you probably wouldn't hold out for too long. You're short on supplies, and you don't have any help.
I'll be honest, you're not in the best of shape right now. If you need to find someone, accomplish some goal, then first you need to ensure your survival, right?
How do I put it? In our world, if you want to get something done, even if it's as bare and simple as staying alive, a bunch of heads all together always beats one.
Firewatch (Days with no help, only able to rely on myself to live... It's not like I've never gone through times like these.)
(The feeling of someone there to help... I can't deny... day in, day out, I miss it.)
(In that case, this should go a little quicker now.)
You're right.
Rhodes Island... a pharmaceutical company. Not out to do anything bad, right?
Field Operator On that point, you can rest assured.
Firewatch Alright. So long as you're willing to lend me more strength—
I can lend my strength to you.
I'll join.
Field Operator That's wonderful, then! I won't ask for much more information. Once we get back to Rhodes Island, there'll be HR operators who'll check with you separately.
After all the red tape's done with, you can officially become a Rhodes Island Operator.
I think I can say it'll be a delight to work together with, er...? Um, what should I call you?
Firewatch ...Firewatch.
<Background black>
Firewatch Past, present, future... no matter where I am.
Until I find every last traitor, until I fulfil my revenge—
This will be the only name I possess.