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Operator Record
Extra Training
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Training is all about facing your fears.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Dur-nar to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Dur-nar.
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Logistics Operator
RI Training Compound
After their everyday regular training, Dur-nar takes on Reserve Op Team A1 in a combat drill. Experience is the mother of wisdom, and she is ready to make everyone sweat.
<Background 1>
Dur-nar Nice work, my A1 newbies.
That wraps up your regular training for the day!
[Dur-nar gives a speech to everyone in Op Reserve A1.]
Dur-nar You know, when you guys first got here, you'd be dead on the ground after just an hour or so.
Look at you now. None of you are even winded.
Just goes to show that the training did its job.
Beagle Hehe, thanks, Instructor.
Fang Beagle, the instructor hasn't finished yet! How could you–
Dur-nar It's fine, Fang. I'm not Dobermann. No need to follow the rules to a tee.
Everyone's exhausted after all that training. Let's take it easy. Okay?
Fang Instructor!
Dur-nar You know, you're starting to sound more and more like Dobermann.
Fang Right! –Wait, am I?
Dur-nar Look at you. If you stand up straight, put your hands on your hips, and stare straight into my eyes, it's like you're the spitting image of Dobermann.
And the way you talk... I guess I needn't say anymore.
Fang Oh...
Kroos She's right. You're exactly like her~
Dur-nar It's a good thing, though.
It's not like back when I was in the army. Rhodes Island has a decent team of instructors who provide all reserve operators adequate training, and each of them has their specialty.
Anything that I miss, they'll notice and give you guys a lesson on that, and vice versa.
That way, rather than leaving our reserve operators' lessons to the whim of some random person, you all receive fairly comprehensive training.
Grace, Fallon, Dobermann, and all the rest.
You can always count on them to teach you what you need to know, and have your back in a fight.
Fang Instructor!
Dur-nar Do your best to learn everything you can from Dobermann, okay? We wouldn't mind having a TA.
Fang Of course, Instructor. Thank you, Instructor!
Dur-nar Also, remind me to find the groundskeeper to fix this place up after we're done training.
I forgot to do it before, and Dobermann tore me a new one each and every time. *Sigh*...
Okay, Fang? Be sure to remind me.
Fang Yes, Instructor!
Dur-nar Thanks.
Okay, enough chit-chat.
[Everyone in Op Reserve A4 stand at attention.]
Dur-nar As you know, that wraps up our regular training for the day.
Though we still have some time left.
And with it, I want to have a little combat drill with everyone!
Fang *Gasps*
Beagle Eh?!
Dur-nar Some of us here haven't been in a drill before, so I'll briefly explain what we'll be doing.
Beagle (Oh no, we're so done for!)
Lava ?
Dur-nar It may sound kind of fancy, but all we are doing is simulated combat. I will evaluate your combat styles and tell you how you could improve.
Lava (Whispers) Hey, Hibiscus, look at Beagle.
Hibiscus (Whispers) Quiet down. Wait till the instructor is done.
Dur-nar Oh, of course, this is going to be a little different than your usual fights.
Mmmhm... you're all here. Let's make this a one-on-five.
I wanted to see the results of your training and check how well all of you could work with each other anyway.
Okay, let's take a break first. Relax, eat some candy or whatever. I'll get some preparations done.
[Dur-nar leaves as everyone in Op Reserve A1 became visibly nervous.]
Beagle Fang!
Fang Huh?
Beagle What should we do?!
Fang I-I don't know!
Kroos You should relax~ It's not Dobermann we're up against.
Beagle Instructor Dur-nar isn't that usually scary, b-but... it's a different story if we're going to be fighting her!
Lava What do you mean?
Beagle You know how Instructor Dur-nar does drills with the Guard, Defender, and Vanguard operators, Lava?
Lava Yeah, what about it?
Beagle Do you know what she does during those matches?
Lava How bad could it be...?
Beagle Last time, she set her shield down and bludgeoned me with two swords for a whole hour!
And she was as fast as the wind!
Fang Oh, yeah...
I used to think of her as a really friendly person. She doesn't yell at us that much, and she treats us to some really tasty food.
It wasn't until I fought her for the first time that I found out... Once she starts walloping you, Instructor Dur-nar can be much worse than Instructor Dobermann. I could barely hold my lance up.
And you've seen her shield arm, right? When she drops the shield and picks up a sword, she can really strike like lightning.
Kroos Oh, yeah, I think I know what you mean now. It's just like that time when I was in a shooting match against Meteor at the training grounds, right?
Lava Whoa, against Meteor...?
That's something, Kroos.
Kroos Hehe, she landed five training shots on me in just one minute.
Lava Wow... so lame...
Kroos Hehe.
[Everyone in Op Reserve A1 continues their discussion.]
Fang Anyway, if you don't want the living daylights beat out of you, be sure to never, ever underestimate Instructor Dur-nar.
She's a seasoned vet, and she'd still be in active service if she wasn't disillusioned with the Columbian army.
If she brings another sword, we're as good as dead–
Hey, Hibiscus? Did anyone go to Medical today to get some ointment or something for flesh wounds?
Hibiscus Hm?
We get a lot of visitors to the Medical Department every day. I guess you could say scratches and bruises are a dime a dozen there?
Fang Hibiscus, this is important. Work with me here.
Hibiscus Uhh...
[After remaining silent for a while...]
Hibiscus I was redressing a patient's wound at the ward today. I wasn't in the clinic.
But I heard this from Sussurro.
Beagle What did she say?
Hibiscus Apparently everyone from A4 paid us a visit to get their wounds treated after their training this morning.
Yeah, and it was Instructor Dur-nar who brought them there.
Does that have something to do with this?
Beagle Of course!
Fang I can't believe not even Melantha and Cardigan could stop her...
Lava She might make short work of you guys one on one, but there's five of us.
Hibiscus There's five of them in A4 too...
Lava W-What about it? We're much stronger than A4.
Right, Fang?
Fang Uh... Uhh... Right...
I believe in us...
Beagle We can do it! We can...
Lava It sounds like you guys aren't that confident. Is she really that scary?
Dur-nar Okay, everyone–
Beagle She's here!
Dur-nar Line up!
Everyone Yes, Instructor!
[The Op Reserve A1 hurriedly formed a line before Dur-nar.]
Dur-nar Yeah, looks like you're all ready. Excellent.
Kroos Instructor, may I ask a question?
Fang (Kroos!)
Dur-nar Ask away.
Kroos Why did you bring an extra practice sword?
Dur-nar Come on, isn't it obvious? It's for our training, of course.
Man, during the break, I suddenly remembered a combat technique I used back in the day. I really want to try it out on someone.
Oh, of course, I'll be using the same stuff as all of you. Regular training equipment, not those electric swords I modified.
You'd better take it serious. Just because I'm not usually that hard on you guys doesn't mean I'll go easy when we're doing this for real.
If you don't want me to wipe the floor with you, then face me.
Have you read up on the steps to intercepting the enemy? It's in your training handbook.
Everyone Of course!
Dur-nar Good.
When we start off, we'll be facing each other, but we'll use the whole field after that.
[Dur-nar noticed that Fang is not focused.]
Dur-nar Hm?
What are you spacing out for? Shouldn't you be more alert with an enemy right in front of you?
Uh, yes!
Stay alert!
[Everyone pays attention to Dur-nar.]
Dur-nar Yep, that's more like it.
Since this is our first battle, I'll let you girls attack first.
Make sure to work with each other. If you aren't careful, it's going to be no different from me taking all of you on one by one.
Is that understood?
Everyone Understood!
Dur-nar Let's get started, then.
Fang ......
Beagle, keep an eye on her...
Beagle Hm...
Fang Lava, Kroos, get ready...
Kroos Okay~
Lava Don't have to tell me twice!
Fang Hibiscus, I'm counting on you to heal us up. Beagle has more pressure, so prioritize her.
Hibiscus Understood.
Fang Ready–
[Fang enters an offensive stance...]
Fang Go!
[...and strikes with Kroos and Lava providing ranged support, but...]
Dur-nar Too slow!
[...Dur-nar withstood the attack and countered it at Beagle.]
Beagle Uagh!
Fang Oh no!
Kroos !
[Kroos fires at Dur-nar to distract her...]
Dur-nar Hmph.
[...prompting the Vulpo to step back.]
Fang Beagle, push her back!
Beagle I'm trying!
Fang Everyone, keep your eyes on her! As long as we got eyes on her, she doesn't stand a chance!
Lava Take this!
[Lava attacks Dur-nar with her Arts, but she backed off before it could hit her.]
Beagle Wah!
Fang What the–?!
Lava Ah, crap!!
[Dur-nar charges at Beagle...]
Dur-nar Hmph!
Beagle Agh!
[...and knocks her down with a single stroke.]
Fang What's the matter, Lava?!
[Dur-nar goes after Fang...]
Dur-nar Heyah!
Fang Mmph!
[...and knocks her down in one strike as well.]
Lava Eh?
[Dur-nar goes after the distracted Lava and strikes her...]
Lava Ugh...
[...knocking her down.]
Kroos I have a clear shot on her!
[Kroos fires at Dur-nar, but she side-steps to dodge them.]
Hibiscus Uhh...
[Dur-nar goes after the distracted Hibiscus and strikes her...]
Hibiscus Ugh...[note 1]
[...knocking her down too.]
Kroos Oh.
[Kroos spaces out as Dur-nar closes in on her...]
Kroos Instructor?
[...and she failed to react in time as Dur-nar lands a blow...]
Kroos Gah...
[...that knocks her out. Dur-nar then looks at everyone in Op Reserve A1, lying down on the ground after standing no chance against her.]
Dur-nar ......
Stand up, all of you. I'll go over where you went wrong.
Everyone Yes, Instructor...
[The Op Reserve A1 members recover and gather up with Dur-nar.]
Fang Lava, we actually had a shot...
Lava My bad...
But how was I supposed to know Beagle would be in the way?
Dur-nar Sounds like we found our problem.
Lava Y-Yes, Instructor!
(So scary!)
Dur-nar It's true that there's not much height difference in the terrain here, and those in the back could easily injure your teammates.
Aside from that, Lava, your Originium Arts are not very suitable for a closed environment like this.
Lava Y-Yes, of course.
Dur-nar In a situation like this, you could've cast your Arts behind me to limit my movement.
Lava Uhh–
Dur-nar Your teammates were already taking me on face to face.
So why focus your Arts on me?
Lava *Whimpers*...
[Lava looks disappointed.]
Dur-nar Beagle.
Beagle Yes!
(Guess I'm getting an earful...)
Dur-nar You still haven't solved that problem we talked about.
Beagle Right...
Dur-nar *Sigh*...
It's more stable now.
But not enough.
Cardigan really likes to rock around when she's on defense. It may create more openings, but that trick is never going to work on her.
I know you fight like that because you want to play it safe, but when you can't play it safe enough to fend off disruptions, you need to use your techniques to make up for it.
Come here.
Beagle Alright.
[Beagle stands in front of Dur-nar.]
Dur-nar Shield up.
Beagle Shield up!
Dur-nar Do you remember what I did just now?
Beagle You blocked my attack and slammed my shield, and that led me into the path of Lava's Arts.
Dur-nar If Fang had been faster, she could've pushed me back before I rammed into you.
Just like what Kroos did the first time.
Fang Sorry...
Dur-nar If you want to take my blow by yourself, however, there are three ways you can go about it.
One, come up with a way to counter the attack and dodge it.
This will expose your teammates to the enemy for a moment, but if you manage to take the chance and strike, you can quickly return to your defensive position.
Two, bear the impact with your shield.
Your shield is a weapon too. Right when you are about to be rammed, you can use your shield to attack.
Though you must also keep your eyes on your opponent. Don't stagger forward. You'd be giving the enemy a chance to attack your teammates or yourself when you have your back open.
Three, deflect the attack.
You know why I knocked you back into the path of Lava's Arts? Because you were basically begging me to do it, with your stance and your balance.
If your defense stance was like this instead...
Beagle Agh!
[Dur-nar suddenly bashes Beagle with her shield, but the Perro managed to back away before it hits her.]
Beagle Hm...
Dur-nar See?
You still stepped back, but that doesn't affect Lava or Kroos's attack path in any way.
Beagle Yeah!
Dur-nar Good. You should get this down.
Beagle Okay, Instructor!
Dur-nar Fang.
Fang Yes, Instructor!!
Dur-nar You're the team captain. Your job is to command everyone else.
Fang Yes, Instructor!!
Dur-nar Tell me. How do you confirm your teammate's situations?
Fang By feel and observation.
Dur-nar Observation? How do you observe?
Fang I-I use my eyes...
Dur-nar You look back to check on your friends. Do you think your enemies will just let this chance slip by?
Fang I... I don't think so.
Dur-nar Did you guys base your positions on your basic coursework's textbook?
Fang Yes, Instructor.
We don't follow it strictly, though.
Dur-nar The battlefield is a place of chaos. Doing everything by the book is how mistakes happen.
[Dur-nar looked at everyone in Op Reserve A1.]
Dur-nar Let's see.
Hibiscus Yes, Instructor!
Dur-nar You need to take on some of Fang's responsibilities. Is that okay?
Hibiscus Ah, yes!
But what exactly should I do?
Dur-nar Fang needs eyes in the back of her head, and that's where you come in.
If you, Lava, and Kroos change your positioning, you need to tell Fang.
If anything in the environment around you changes, you need to tell her immediately, especially if it happens behind her.
And if Fang is incapacitated, it falls on you to lead the team.
Can you do that?
Hibiscus Yes, Instructor! I'll try!
Dur-nar Okay.
Kroos My bad. I'm so sorry~
Dur-nar ......
Kroos I shouldn't have shot at Hibiscus.
Dur-nar I'm not too familiar with what exactly ranged operators do, so I'm not going to say much.
If we just look at how well you work with your teammates, you're doing pretty well.
Kroos Cheers~
Dur-nar Mind telling me how you're doing in the shooting practice matches just so I get a rough idea?
Kroos Meteor is usually my teacher there. She always takes me down in no time~
Fang Kroos, be serious...
Dur-nar Meteor–
Okay, okay, I get it.
[Dur-nar gives a speech to everyone in Op Reserve A1.]
Dur-nar Alright, people, cheer up.
It's only been a few minutes.
We'll be using the training grounds' obstacles next.
This is a battlefield, and your enemies on the battlefield won't go easy on you.
I hope all of you, maybe I, will get to live for a few seconds longer.
Let's all do our best, girls.
<Background fades out>
[The Op Reserve A1 continues their intense training with Dur-nar.]
An hour later.
<Background fades in>
Fang *Pant*... *pant*...
Dur-nar Well, looks like I still have it in me. Awesome.
Yep, and right on time. That concludes our training for today.
Congrats, everyone!
Why aren't you clapping?
Beagle S-Sorry, Instructor...
Dur-nar Alright, how about I treat all of you to something tasty?
Maybe some lap cheong?
I got some lap cheong imported straight from Yan, marinated in the finest sauces. It's got to be the sweetest and most fragrant thing ever.
Lava Oh, that sounds so tasty!
Hibiscus It sounds really greasy...
Dur-nar But before that, I need to take you to Medical.
So that we can both learn where your limits lie.
Beagle So Cardigan and the gang didn't get sent to Medical because of you. I was so scared...
Dur-nar Of course it wasn't me.
I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've got my ways to deal with you girls. I wasn't a soldier all those years for nothing.
I had it figured out a long time ago what exactly to prioritize.
That said.
Know that a lot of actual blood and sweat, even the lives of some of my friends, went into these techniques I'm teaching you.
If I find out you don't have this etched into your brains, I'll bring my electric blade the next time I spar.
Is that understood?!
Everyone Y-Yes, Instructor!
Dur-nar Okay, let's get going, then. We'll get a bite to eat once you're done with your checkups.
Everyone Okay!
[Everyone in Op Reserve A1 leaves, but Fang stays.]
Fang (I think I forgot about something...)
(What did she want me to do again?)
[Dur-nar approaches Fang.]
Dur-nar Fang, you like spicy, sour stuff?
Fang Y-Yes!
Dur-nar You see, I got these snacks–
Fang Yes, thank you, Instructor!
Dur-nar Class's over. Stop calling me "Instructor."
Fang Sorry about that, Dur-nar...
[Fang leaves together with Dur-nar.]
<Background fades out and in>
[Dobermann enters the training compound...]
Dobermann ......
[...just as an R.I. logistics operator shows up.]
Dobermann Perfect timing. You manage the training grounds here, right?
Logistics Operator Y-Yes, Instructor Dobermann. What's the matter?
Dobermann Looks like Dur-nar and her team wrecked some of the equipment and obstacles while they were using this place. My guess is they had a pretty intense sparring match.
Help me fix it up. I'll be training with some reserve operators later tonight.
Logistics Operator Yes, of course. Right away.
Dobermann Thanks.
[Dobermann leaves.]


  1. Due to an error, this like is spoken by Lava in-game; given the context, it would be more appropriately spoken by Hibiscus.