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The Candy House
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In the world of fairy tales, children who cannot speak, adults who hide far away, the silent teapots and candlesticks can all be heard if you listen carefully.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Iris to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Iris.
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A Doctor
Ice Forest
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Manor Gate
As per the agreement, Iris returns a child's keepsake left with the Castle of Dreams, but finds herself met with an unusual request.
<Background black>
Iris Hm-hmm~♪ And this is the place?
Bena Yep.
Raymond Bernard. He left his keepsake with us 37 years ago.
Iris A fairytale collection?
Hm. It must be written by the child himself. It's very callow...
But it leaves a deep impression in parts, too.
Bena Hm?
Show me, show me.
Iris "One day, I will make everyone read the fairytales that I write."
Verbatim by him, on the first page.
Bena Fairytales...
What I'll say is, I could choke on the smell of this place. And all the hooligans we've crossed! Shameful manners.
Iris Beautiful childhood dreams, and wretched present.
Every undertaking feels just as disharmonious as this.
<Background 1>
[Someone knocks the door.]
Raymond Whoever's outside, you can come in.
[Bena and Iris enters, but the man in the room, Raymond, suddenly slams the table.]
Raymond I've told you, I've got no money! I'm flat broke!
I'm sorry... I'm not saying I won't repay...
But soon! Real soon, I'll have the money! Cross my heart!
Bena (Er... he shouldn't be in at this time.)
(Did Granny get something wrong?)
Iris (I don't know. We certainly don't tend to run into things like this.)
(But there's a chance Granny set this up on purpose.)
Bena (Why?)
Iris (Because this is a fairytale.)
(And the fairy always shows up to the right person, at the right time.)
[Iris walks toward Raymond.]
Iris I am Iris, Master of the Castle of Dreams, Keeper of the Cradle.
As per our agreement, I've come to return something once left to the castle.
Raymond Oh, you're door-to-door people... Sorry, I'm not buying, couldn't afford it anyway.
And to be deathly honest, I'm surprised your boss is sending little girls out to this lonely a place.
Iris Honestly, why can nobody just listen politely until someone is done speaking?
This is the fairytale collection you agreed to leave with the Castle of Dreams.
Raymond ...Castle of Dreams? Sorry, not a brand I've heard of.
[Iris puts the fairytale book on the table.]
Raymond Where... Where did you get this?
You're pulling my leg!
Bena Hey, what are you flustered for? The Castle of Dreams, the one from the fairytales, you know.
Iris is the heir, the fairy who gives children wonderful hopes.
Ting-a-ling! Fairytales are in fact real.
Iris Seeing as the agreement is fulfilled...
I think we'll be leaving now. We hope the fairytales you wrote stay with you forevermore.
[Bena and Iris walks away...]
Raymond The fairy... Hold on, wait!
[...but Raymond grabs them.]
Raymond Stop right there!
Bena What do you think you're up to?!
Raymond Sorry... misunderstanding.
I've no clue if you're real or not... but–you look so much like it! So much!
Your clothes... your speech, everything.
Iris What utterly rude remarks.
We're not concoctors of lies here. Do you think we're swindling you?
Bena Should we punish him?
Raymond No, no, okay.
Today is... a child's birthday, here at the orphanage.
I want you, as fairies, to come celebrate his birthday with me.
Give him... give him something as fine as a fairytale to remember.
That's... what he wishes for, and all.
Iris The wish of a child?
If what you're saying is true...
Raymond It is, true as all!
Iris Creating and safeguarding wonderful memories for each and every child...
Yes, it is a fairy's duty.
<Background 2>
Raymond Um... I need to tell you in advance, though, the boy might be a little... different.
Well, no, he's a good kid. But...
Anyway, no matter what happens, please don't get mad at him.
And most importantly, don't blow the act! I beg you!
Iris What's his name? How old is he this year?
Raymond Jurian.
He's turning... seven, no... let's say eight.
Iris You don't even remember his age?
Raymond Ugh...
Eight... eight.
[Bena and Iris whispers about Raymond's request.]
Bena (I think something's not quite normal about this man. Are you sure about going?)
(I'll be covering you, of course.)
Iris (Grown-up or child, no one can fool a fairy when they lie.)
(He's not entirely told us the truth...)
(But what I'm more concerned about is the boy.)
<Background 3>
Raymond Jurian.
Where are you hiding?
Bena He's been sneaking glances at us the whole time. Maybe something's up with him?
Iris It might be... because you've been holding onto your scissors.
Bena Hmph. Well, somebody's got to be keeping an eye on the grown-ups.
[A young adult man, who is Jurian, walks by.]
Jurian ......
Bena Careful!
Iris ......
Bena, you've scared him.
He's just a child.
[Jurian cowers in the corner...]
Jurian ......
[ he stares at Iris.]
Jurian You're... blue. Pretty.
Purple... dangerous...
Bena (Hey!)
Iris (No wonder Raymond said he was only eight.)
(He's been left to remain in that period, forever... a child.)
Good evening, Jurian.
I'm Iris, the blue one.
Just like the sky when there's no sign of Catastrophe.
Jurian Iris... sky.
Iris That's Bena, the purple one. Poisonous wisteria.
But her poison is only for bad people, who try to be sneaky.
Bena Heheh.
Raymond (You... Don't give me that!)
Jurian Baddie...
Uncle isn't baddie.
Iris (He's hiding from us on purpose, and especially Raymond.)
(Is Jurian calling himself a bad person?)
Jurian, bad people don't meet the fairy from the stories.
Your uncle told me today was your birthday.
Jurian ...Birthday.
Raymond That's right, your birthday!
Jurian Yes, birthday!
Today's my birthday! Uncle.
Raymond So the fairy from the stories is here, to celebrate your birthday.
Jurian Stories... fairy. New friend?
Iris ......
Raymond Um... yes, yes, yes!
Jurian Hello...
[Jurian looks nervous...]
Jurian Jurian, might hurt... dangerous.
Can't meet.
Raymond ......
[...and runs off.]
Raymond Oh, Jurian!
Bena He's done a runner.
You didn't frighten him, did you?
Iris It wasn't me that scared him off.
(Why haven't I seen any more of the orphanage's children?)
(Are the two of them the only ones here?)
<Background 4>
Raymond Jurian, listen now.
Open up the door, okay?
[Raymond knocks the door with Bena and Iris waiting behind him.]
Iris Leave him be for a while.
You'll only make him more nervous at this rate.
Raymond Sorry... I think it's been too long since he's seen a stranger.
He's not usually like this... he's good.
Iris Meet a fairy from the stories. Celebrate a birthday together.
Raymond, was that really Jurian's wish?
Raymond ......
Iris I'll be frank, I've noticed how he avoided you the whole time.
Keeping a distance on purpose, even denying contact.
He... fears you.
Raymond No!
No he doesn't!
Bena Snip-snip!
Raymond Agh... I'm sorry. I mean...
Jurian's just a bit...
I haven't spent time with him in a long while, too, so...
Iris (It seems I'm right.)
(The one longing for a fairytale here is Raymond, not Jurian.)
You know liars are bad people, and bad people get banished from fairytale worlds.
Raymond I'm not, I'm not!
Iris If you don't want this story to end like that...
Raymond ......
Iris Is it just the two of you here? Where are the rest of the children?
Be honest this time.
Raymond *sigh*...
If you must ask.
It was years and years ago, I only adopted a child out of a moment of softheartedness.
But after that... well, more and more children came in, and before I even knew it, my place became an orphanage.
I didn't realize... my home would get so run-down over time, though. The state it's in now...
With so many years gone by, most of the children have left. Jurian's the only one who's stayed here.
You've seen–how he is.
[People are heard walking outside.]
Raymond Oh, I think that's the cake people come to deliver.
Just hang around a while longer, just until we're done celebrating. Please, I'm begging you!
You're such professionals, honestly, I can pay you extra! You have my thanks a million times!
[Raymond rushes off.]
Bena How overboard.
What are we, actors for hire from some flimsy Victorian theater? I hardly think we have hourly rates.
They're all such lovers of the exquisite craft that makes up those stories–and yet they don't believe the fairytale happening right in their faces.
Iris The more elaborate stories are always married to reality in some form. It comes in clear indicators, like signs on emergency exits, the kinds of things that make people jump for joy as if they've been redeemed.
But fairytales are too free, freeform to the point you might want to pray for something, but wouldn't even know how to start going about it.
That's why grown-ups don't believe. What they're after is help that comes with a clear price tag, anywhere, anytime.
But children will believe, because fairytales are the friends that accompany them. Even in the gloomy vales, there's no fear they're alone.
Bena ......
Iris That said, haven't you realized?
Raymond is the one who's truly hoping for a fairy.
Bena Him? You can tell he doesn't believe in fairytales from a mile away.
Iris "Fairies" always bring miracles, after all. The fact he doesn't credit fairytales hardly matters.
As long as Jurian can believe, as long as he can have "a perfect birthday"...
He'll accept it.
Bena Sounds like he's using us.
I'll tail him.
Iris Just don't do anything rash, Bena.
Bena What about you?
Iris I'll take a look around. If we're going to construct a fairytale dreamland, we need to feel things out, think them through, know them top to bottom.
And need I say, this is quite real. The child isn't feigning it. I can't just toss this aside.
If Raymond does intend on doing anything bad...
Bena I'll be punishing him.
<Background 5>
Raymond You really can't just hang on one moment?
[A band of mercenaries walk towards Raymond.]
Greedy Mercenary We're in a hurry to get rich, us brothers.
Brutish Mercenary Fork it over. Whatcha got this time?
Raymond ......
[Raymond drops a box full of money in front of the mercs.]
Raymond Just this much.
Greedy Mercenary Oh, yeah!
Raymond Quiet!
Greedy Mercenary What? Scared your dumb boy's going to find out?
Brutish Mercenary What's it matter if he does? Just do him in, job's done.
Raymond ......
And my money?
Greedy Mercenary Here.
[The merc gave some money to Raymond...]
Raymond ......
[ Bena shows up.]
Bena You really are...
A bunch of terrible children.
Brutish Mercenary The hell are you?!
<Background 6>
[Iris walsk through the rooms.]
Iris By the looks of things, plenty of children did once live here.
Almost all the rooms have been turned into child's bedrooms, and the place is littered with child-sized odds and ends.
<Background fades out and in>
Iris It's odd though... Jurian's room is so far away from all the rest of them.
It's not even on the same floor.
But it is very close to Raymond's.
[Iris picked a photo from a table.]
Iris Is this a group photo of them all?
One... two...
Thirteen children.
And Jurian's absent?
[A bell tolls...]
Jurian Hmm, hmm~♪ Why do we always travel so far flung, out from the city, through village old and young~♪
[...prompting Iris to rush off.]
<Background 3>
[Iris catches up with Jurian...]
Jurian No soul to answer, no soul to care, the shepherds leave the beasts in the wild to fare~♪
Don't shed a tear now, don't let it hurt...
[ he arranges some inanimate objects.]
Jurian Audrey, sit here.
Peewee, next to you.
A rusted silver-gray teapot, a faded building block...
These items lacking any life are, one by one, given names by Jurian.
In Jurian's nebulous perception, they are, and have always been, his playmates.
[Iris joins in.]
Iris Good evening, Jurian.
Jurian Ah!
Iris Oh, what's wrong?
Jurian Mess! Mess!
You can't make messy!
Spoon, knife...
Fork, fork...
Iris Ah, I'm so sorry about that.
[Iris rearranges the objects.]
Iris There, now we're all in place.
Jurian Mmm... can't make messy...
Iris Do you remember me?
Jurian Mm. Blue.
Color like no Catastrophe. Friend.
Iris That's right. No Catastrophe in the sky.
Won't you introduce me to all your lovely little friends?
Jurian ...Jurian, can't touch.
Iris ......
[Jurian backs off in fear.]
Iris Really, what a way to treat a fairy who's come to visit. It's incredibly rude, you know.
If that's how it must be...
[Iris uses her Arts to create a spectacle for Jurian.]
Jurian Ah...
Iris Now come wisplight and lamplight, come light up the way~♪
Come to our little tea party to stay~♪
The eyes of the "children" are like a stage growing in all directions.
From afar comes a fairytale forest's morning breeze, wafting through the curtains.
The flames upon the candlesticks entwine like partners for the ball.
Iris Here come the guards, and they dance and sing for us~♪
Carrying scissors to snip-snip away~♪
Hops, skips, and jumps.
This is the magic that children are given.
Jurian ......
Jurian Really beautiful! Pretty!
Iris Not every child is lucky enough to witness a fairy's magic, you know.
So you must be a tremendously exceptional one.
Jurian Fairy, new friend...
Iris Of course Miss Fairy is your friend.
Jurian Jurian, scared, to hurt friend.
Iris A fairy is a friend that can't be hurt, you know. Not by anyone.
A friend who'll always be by your side.
Jurian Mmm?
Iris If you lie, you're a gloompincer.
Jurian ......
Audrey, this one. Talks a lot.
Peewee, always plays with me. Friend.
Ronnie, angry. Loud.
Iris (The teapot with no lid is the talkative Audrey.)
(The faded building block, his best friend Peewee.)
(The necklace inlaid with jewels, the tempersome Ronnie.)
(These must be the things his past friends left behind.)
Jurian, can you answer a few questions for me?
Remember, if you lie, you're a gloompincer.
Jurian ......
Mmm! If you lie, you're a gloompincer!
Iris Well, then...
Raymond. Uncle. What is he?
Jurian ...Uncle, always looking after Jurian. Looking after family.
Iris So why do you always hide from him?
Jurian Uncle, won't see me.
I'm... a bad person, hurt Uncle.
Iris Your friends, the other children. Where did they go?
Friends. Friends all gone.
Iris ......
Jurian Jurian hurt friends! Gone!
All gone!
Bena Snip-snip!
Bad child caught!
[Bena breaks into the room.]
Jurian Bad child! Jurian, bad child!
Iris She doesn't mean you.
Jurian Jurian, bad child!
Iris Bena, what's going on?
Bena I sneaked my way over, but never saw even a hint of delicious birthday cake.
Instead, I found this rotten boy selling off any valuables here to a bunch of awful silly billies.
Raymond Wait! Listen, I can explain!
Bena You're not exactly a first-timer either, are you?
Where are the other children? You can't have sold them off too, can you?
Jurian Uncle...
Raymond Jurian?! What are you doing out here?!
(Hushed) Can we please talk about this in private?
(Hushed) At least not in front of Jurian.
Bena Heheh! Not a chance.
Jurian Purple... bad.
[Jurian runs...]
Raymond Jurian!
[...and channeled Arts somehow...]
Bena Goodness!
Arts?! He doesn't even have an Arts Unit!
Raymond Jurian! No!
[...and unleashes it at Raymond...]
Iris Watch out!
[...but Iris blocks it with her own Arts.]
Iris Bena, you said Raymond was selling things off?
Bena Quite right.
Iris Jurian, wait!
Jurian Let go! Uncle can't touch!
[Jurian channeled his Arts again.]
Bena You won't hit me!
Iris Bena, no making a scene!
Really, the lot of you are incorrigible children.
Raymond, come here.
Raymond *sigh*.
Iris Were those your partners in crime?
Raymond (No!)
Jurian Baddie!
[Jurian released his Arts...]
Bena Snip-snip!
[...but Iris repelled it that the attack knocks Jurian down.]
Iris Jurian, you must listen to the fairy.
We're off to find your friends.
Jurian Friends!
Raymond (There's still children here? Where?)
Iris (Hmph. Nowhere. You did sell them all off, after all.)
(Inside every shipment of goods you sent off, I imagine.)
Raymond (No, that's ridiculous! I was only selling...)
Iris (The longing and yearning Jurian has for his friends...)
( placed within the objects that signify them.)
Raymond (Eh?)
Iris (What exactly was it that happened?)
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 5>
Raymond Well?
A Doctor Hm... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he's been infected.
Raymond How? All the other children are clearly fine.
How bad is it? Serious?
A Doctor Serious or not, that's not your concern right now. You should be worried for yourself.
If... they find you've got an Infected here, then you won't just be legally hamstrung...
You'll put the rest of the children in peril.
Raymond ......
<Background fades out and in>
Jurian Uncle, going out? Going out!
I, I'll carry stuff, this luggage.
Raymond ......
Jurian, come with me.
<Background 3>
Raymond You're moving onto this floor now. It'll be... easier, for your Uncle to look after you.
Jurian But...
Raymond And you have to tell me before you go downstairs.
If you want to go play, I'll play with you.
Jurian But...
Raymond No buts!
[Jurian attacks Raymond with his Arts.]
Bleeding... Uncle, you're bleeding.
Did I do a–do a bad thing?
Sorry... Jurian, bad child.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Iris You never realized?
How hurt, how panicked he'd be when he couldn't find his friends?
Raymond I... I thought it was just stuff he couldn't find.
I thought he just talked to those things because he was so bored.
Iris They're not things. They're friends.
His most precious friends, ever since you drove everyone away from him.
Raymond ......
Save it!
What choice did I have?
Look at the state of me, a noble... heheh, heh...
I don't think anyone else except me would have even taken him in.
But I'm threadbare... selling valuables is the only way I can get by.
Iris Raymond...
Raymond There was nothing I could do! Nothing!
I don't have the first clue about Oripathy... I was scared it'd spread to the other children.
But I... I couldn't abandon Jurian.
Jurian Hurt... friends...
If you get close, hurt.
Uncle is, good person.
Iris ......
Raymond Sorry... I know you mean well.
You're professionals through and through.
But fake, in the end, is fake.
Jurian Fake...
Can't find... friends?
Raymond ......
No need for pretenses now. You can take all the money I got selling the stuff.
I'd be lost for anything on the off-chance you got infected. You'd best go.
Jurian Fairy... blue, is fake?
Raymond Sorry, Jurian. I shouldn't be lying to you.
I just wanted to...
[Jurian runs off...]
Raymond Jurian! Come back!
[ Bena and Iris gave chase.]
<Background 5>
Iris Jurian!
Raymond Where are you going?!
Jurian Leave... Jurian wants to leave.
Then... Audrey, and Peewee, and... they'll come back.
Jurian is leaving.
[Jurian channeled his Arts to ward off the others.]
Jurian Don't, get close!
Iris Jurian, just hold it!
Jurian Blue, color like no Catastrophe.
I really like, the stories in, dining hall.
Thank you.
Jurian, can't control.
Dangerous purple, dangerous.
Iris Drastic measures it is.
It seems naughty children need to be taught a little lesson!
(Bena, drag Raymond over as well!)
<Background black>
Jurian Dark! Where is Jurian?
Where is this?
Iris Don't be afraid. I'm by your side.
Jurian ......
Iris There is a person holding onto you. Are they hurt?
Jurian Hand... blue... not like blue.
Iris Answer me, now. Are they hurt?
Jurian No... very warm.
Holding tight... Jurian can feel, pulse.
[Sounds of heartbeat are heard.]
Jurian Very fast pulse.
Iris Then you can open your eyes now.
<Background 5>
Jurian ......
Raymond ......
Iris The one holding your hand is your uncle, Raymond.
Do you see? You won't hurt anyone.
Raymond *cough* Ahem...
Well, this is a little... embarrassing.
Iris Jurian, not purple.
You're blue too. Okay?
Jurian Mmm. No Catastrophe in the sky.
Iris The purest, clearest sky.
Jurian But... Jurian's friends.
Iris Remember the wish you made to me?
That's your agreement with the fairy now.
Once made, it's never to be broken.
Raymond ......
Iris As for you. Hmph.
Raymond Me?
Iris As is perfectly clear, you built a candy house straight from a fairytale by your own two hands.
Even as it melted and crumbled bit by bit, you never chose to leave.
But somehow, you forgot the most important thing.
Raymond What... What did I forget?
Iris *sigh*... What a stubborn, blind grown-up you are.
No wonder nobody of age has found their way to the Castle of Dreams in so long.
Do you have on you, right now, the item you left with the Castle?
Raymond Eh? Oh, oh, oh.
[Raymond gave Iris the fairytale book from before.]
Iris The children hid inside their home, but with a single puff, the terrible beast blew off their roof.
The children panicked and ran outside, but with a single tap, the ferocious beast destroyed the last things they had.
With nowhere left to go, the children followed a trail of breadcrumbs, and in the forest they found a candy house.
That candy house you built for them was as sturdy as a castle.
And that is a fairytale ending.
Raymond ......
Iris But what kind of ending is it, really, to have nothing aside from a castle?
The evil witch may well gobble up everyone within.
The tyrant king would soon make slaves of them all.
Raymond What really matters is what stories take place inside the castle.
Iris What did you write on the first page?
[Raymond sifts through the book's pages.]
Raymond "One day, I will make everyone read the fairytales that I write."
Iris Yes, fairytales.
We see to it that wonderful, hopeful fairytales take place, inside those tiniest castles in the depths of every child's heart.
We use the castle to keep them safe and sound, to protect them.
Don't we?
Raymond And yet all I gave them was fear.
I'd forgotten the fairytales I wrote myself.
Iris But you still believe.
Raymond ?!
Iris How else would Bena and I be here?
And of course, it isn't just for your sake.
It's for Jurian's, too.
Jurian Blue... Iris. Blue is called Iris.
A fairy, right?
Are... you really real?
Iris Indeed I am.
<Background 7>
"Where am I?"
So thought Jurian as he woke up in the forest. He remembered how if he followed the forest trail, he would find the way to the Castle of Dreams.
Jurian walked and walked, until he found a teapot with no lid.
It was the talkative Audrey.
"Jurian, Jurian! You've got to hear this, yesterday, I saw a manglerbeast in the forest burying honey in the ground."
"And then! And then!"
"And then he walked around and around, and around and around, waiting for the honey to grow, hahahaha!"
Jurian and Audrey walked and walked, until they found a necklace inlaid with jewels.
It was the tempersome Ronnie.
"Hmph! I was waiting forever for you."
"Are you thick, Jurian? Manglers don't bury honey, they wouldn't do that."
Jurian and Audrey and Ronnie walked and walked, until they found a faded building block.
It was the faithful playmate Peewee.
"Come on, come on!"
"We're almost to the Castle of Dreams!"
Jurian and Audrey and Ronnie and Peewee walked and walked.
Until a path in the forest opened up before them.
There, the castle, every bit as dreamlike as its name, opened its grand gate wide.
Out before them came but a fairy dressed in blue, who gave an elegant greeting.
"Welcome to the Castle of Dreams."
"I am Iris, Master of the Castle of Dreams, Keeper of the Cradle."
<Background 2>
Iris I've had a talk with Granny. Jurian will be staying at the Castle of Dreams.
He'll greet and guide every child lucky enough to pay the Castle a visit.
Raymond Thank you. Really, I don't know how to thank you enough. That you'd do all this for Jurian.
Iris You needn't thank us.
It's the fairytale ending children ought to have.
Raymond Mm, mhm.
I've sold off the manor and the rest of my belongings, and found a new place in the city, and a new job.
I'll be working with orphanages for as long as I live.
I'll see that every child hears my fairytales.
Bena Once something is returned from the Castle of Dreams, the time magic loses its effect.
You'll have to take care of your fairytale collection yourself from now on.
Raymond I will.
Iris Then I believe Jurian, and the rest of the children, will very much look forward to the day they can hear of the fairytales you write.