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Operator Record
Hardcore Drink
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You want to down the stuff in one? You won't need a hardy liver–you'll need a heart that's considerate of your friends.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Indigo to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Indigo.
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Medic Operator
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Blue Poison and Glaucus bring along some sweet treats while Indigo is getting a haircut. However, Indigo mistakenly drinks a beverage that Blue Poison made for Glaucus. To protect her friends' image, she makes a bold decision.
<Background black>
*snip* *snip*...
*snip* *snip* *snip*...
<Background 1>
[Goldenglow is styling Indigo's hair.]
Goldenglow I'm really jealous of you, Indigo. You've got such long, wonderful hair. You look amazing no matter how we style it.
Indigo You think so? Why, I've never really thought of it that way.
Goldenglow What do you mean?
Indigo When I still lived by the seaside, my hair often got pretty damp because of how humid the air there is.
Goldenglow Tilt your head a little to the left, please–Okay, just like that. Don't move.
*snip* *snip*...
Indigo ...That stopped happening after I came to Rhodes Island.
But the air has gotten a lot drier the last couple days, and it's gotten more difficult to take care of my hair.
Goldenglow We've probably driven into a more arid area.
*snip* *snip*...
Indigo Is that so...?
Right... I suppose that's probably why.
Because of how dry the air is, I've started having static electricity build up in my hair.
Goldenglow Even hair as pretty as yours? Is it serious?
Indigo Let me think... When I comb my hair in the morning, it's like...
Goldenglow Like...?
Indigo How do I describe this...?
Like D32 Steel.
And sometimes, the shorter strands stand up like RMA70-12.
Indigo Did static build up in my hair again?
Goldenglow Uh, no, that's not what it was...
–But I never knew you had such serious problems with static!
Static can really hurt your hair. I've had a lot of trouble with it myself! You can't just leave it alone. You have to take care of it!
Indigo Hm... Is it really so scary?
Goldenglow It's not a huge problem if it's only for a short while, but if it lasts, your hair will start to get dryer. You'll have to worry about breakage and hair loss, too.
Besides, Indigo, you're an Iberian. You just said you used to live by the sea, and your hair was often damp, right?
Indigo Oh, yes.
Goldenglow Then that's all the more reason not to ignore this. Your hair is used to humid environments, but you suddenly moved to a dry area. It'll upset your hair more than it does others'.
I suggest you try these anti-static hair masks. They work really well keeping moisture in, and they're a great fit for your hair since it's on the dry side.
[Goldenglow gives Indigo the hair mask.]
Indigo Why, this smells wonderful.
How much?
Goldenglow No need to pay me.
This is only a trial-size pack, so feel free to take it. If you think it works for you, you'll just need to file an application with the Logistics Department and they'll issue you regular ones for free.
[Blue Poison and Glaucus enters the room.]
Indigo Blue Poison? Glaucus? Why, hello there.
Blue Poison Hello, Indigo and Goldenglow.
Goldenglow Oh, Blue Poison... and Glaucus. Hello.
Blue Poison I figured it might take you a little longer to cut Indigo's hair, so we brought you something to eat.
Indigo Thanks, you two. She just finished, actually. Let's have something to eat before the treatment.
Glaucus Do you want some, Goldenglow? Blue Poison's really good at making desserts.
Goldenglow I... I would love to try some, but this... this cake is colored lake blue... What exactly...?
Blue Poison Don't worry, it's nothing difficult to make. It gets its color from only one ingredient.
Goldenglow One ingredient...? But what could possibly make your batter... um... this color?
Glaucus It's not a very common ingredient, probably. The kind that you don't want to eat too much of in one go.
Goldenglow Eh–? Eh?! D-Does that mean–No, that can't be this color...
Is this that thing that I keep hearing about...?
Glaucus Sorry, sorry. We're just pulling your leg.
It's nothing as scary as you're thinking. Actually, it's quite normal.
Goldenglow But what exactly gave it this color...?
Indigo It's food coloring.
Goldenglow –Coloring?
Indigo Naturally.
Blue Poison is very particular about the color of her desserts. If normal ingredients can't bring her ideas to life, she has no choice but to rely on food coloring.
Goldenglow Phew...
And here I was thinking if anything could've given it this color... it'd have to be something poisonous.
So, um, is it okay I give this cake a try?
Blue Poison Of course.
Goldenglow Okay... Here I go.
Goldenglow ......
(Eyes glitter in a golden glow)
Can I have another?
Blue Poison Of course. Help yourself.
We have some drinks here, too. Right, try some of this rose-colored one. It goes really well with desserts–
[Suddenly the lights went out.]
Goldenglow Huh? What just happened?!
Blue Poison It looks like the power went out.
Glaucus I'll head outside and check out the circuits. You guys stay here. I'll be right back.
[Glaucus leaves.]
Goldenglow Why did the power go out all of a sudden? I-Is it because I didn't keep my static under control?
Indigo I don't think you're the reason.
Goldenglow I'm not?
Indigo When you cut my hair just now, I didn't get shocked even once. That's why I don't think it was you.
Goldenglow Um... Actually, I did get shocked once...
Indigo Really?
Blue Poison Speaking of static electricity, maybe some appliance in here short-circuited?
Indigo Why, that might just be–Oh, right!
[Indigo uses her Arts to illuminate the room.]
Goldenglow Is the power back?
Blue Poison That's Indigo's Originium Arts.
Goldenglow You're right. It doesn't look much like the lights we usually have here. The colors are so much warmer.
But wouldn't this take a toll on your body?
Indigo It's no problem.
Blue Poison If you start feeling tired from casting your Arts, be sure to rehydrate and have something sweet.
Indigo You don't have to worry. I used to be a lighthouse keeper. Even without any equipment, this much is nothing to write home about.
I'll light up our surroundings. You should go back to your rooms and see if your appliances are still working.
Goldenglow Thanks, Indigo!
[Indigo keep the lights up as Goldenglow and Blue Poison checks the room.]
Goldenglow Let's see. Hairdryer, hair clippers, heater...
Blue Poison There's a water kettle and a TV here...
Indigo Blue Poison, can I have something to drink? I'm a little thirsty.
Blue Poison Help yourself. Remember, it's the rose one.
Indigo Why, thank you.
[Goldenglow finishes checking the appliances.]
Goldenglow The perm machine... Okay, that's all the appliances I have. They're all working fine.
Blue Poison Everything looks okay over here, too. It might be an external issue. We'll figure out what to do after Glau gets back.
Indigo, you can stop casting now. Come take a break.
Indigo ......
Blue Poison Indigo?
Indigo I'm more used to places with at least some light.
Light can give us hope. That's what my teacher always told me.
Why, when I used to be a lighthouse keeper, my teacher and I would try to keep the lights up for as long as we could.
Blue Poison As long as you don't tire yourself out.
Indigo It's not a big deal, like I said.
Goldenglow This power cut reminds me... We used to have ones at night back when I was still in school in Victoria.
Indigo That must have been inconvenient.
Goldenglow I'm sure that's what my more zealous classmates thought. That's why they always lit candles to keep studying.
Though, to most of my classmates, the power cuts were basically just bonus holidays. Everyone would start chatting or do something else.
We would chat by the candlelight and eat the snacks we snuck into the classrooms... Kind of like what we're doing right now, actually.
Indigo Then... should I put out the light?
Goldenglow Oh, you don't have to. Without the candles, the classroom would have been pitch black. No one likes it that dark.
Indigo I suppose you're right.
[Glaucus returns...]
Glaucus I just asked. The power's not very stable right now. That's all. It'll be back very–
[...right as the power is back online.]
Glaucus –And there we go.
Indigo Phew.
Blue Poison We'd better get going now. Keep the cake.
Goldenglow Thanks, you two! And remember to come to me if you ever need a haircut!
Blue Poison Glau will gladly take you up on the offer.
But I'll have to pass. It's not very likely, but it's still somewhat dangerous to make physical contact with me. I have to be extra careful.
Goldenglow Is that so...
Blue Poison Alright, off we go now.
Goldenglow Okay! I'll wash the cups and bring them back to you when we're done.
Glaucus Thanks. Just leave them in front of my dorm room.
[Glaucus and Blue Poison leaves.]
<Background fades out and in>
Goldenglow I knew that Blue Poison was a master of poisons, but I never knew she was such a friendly person too.
Indigo Yeah, she really is.
But when we first met, she held a crossbow bolt to my neck because she didn't know if I was a friend or a foe.
Goldenglow Huh?!
Indigo Oh, it's nothing, really. She pulled it back after we cleared our misunderstanding.
She figured out I'm an Iberian from just a few questions, and then explained how somebody else must have mistook me for a bounty hunter.
Goldenglow (Sounds kinda weird...)
Indigo Okay, I'm finished with the cake.
Goldenglow Yep, that was tasty!
Let's move on to the next step. Let me put on some hair protector–
Indigo ......
Goldenglow Indigo?
Indigo I-I have a question.
Goldenglow Okay...?
Indigo W-What color was the drink you just drank?
Goldenglow Hm, let me think... Blue Poison said it was "rose."
Oh, yours is light purple.
What does it taste like? Can I try?
Indigo D-Don't touch it.
Goldenglow Huh?
Indigo That one's...
(No, I can't. I can't tell her about it.)
(It took so much work just to improve her impression of Blue Poison.)
Why, that's... Glaucus's drink. It was pretty dark earlier, so I couldn't see the color.
Goldenglow So you two drank each other's drinks?
Indigo Right, that's it...
Goldenglow You seem kind of giddy... Did hers have alcohol in it perhaps?
Indigo No, but... that's pretty close.
Goldenglow You don't seem too well. Do you want to rest a little first?
Indigo Right, okay. I'll go get some rest...
Goldenglow Alright. I'll take care of the tray and the cups–
Indigo N-No, don't! Don't touch Glaucus's drink.
Goldenglow Huh? Why not?
Indigo (Well...)
I-I'll wash the cups. T-That's my own cup... so I-I'll wash it myself.
Goldenglow Are you sure you're feeling up to it?
You don't have to force yourself. I can do the dishes; you just go get some rest.
[Goldenglow leaves...]
Indigo W-Wait!
[...but walks back after Indigo calls her.]
Goldenglow Huh? Indigo?
*chugs the drink*
Goldenglow Did you just drink the rest...?
Indigo I... Sorry, but I... I need to pay a visit to Medical.
Goldenglow Medical?
Indigo Why, yes. I... I'm going... to Medical.
P-Please don't touch the cup. Wait... Wait till I'm back...
Goldenglow You really don't look very well at all to me. How about I come with you?
Indigo N-No need. I'm fine, really... P-Please just wait... wait here... After I get back, we... we need to work... on... um... my hair...
Indigo stands up and stumbles out of the room like she is absolutely inebriated.
Goldenglow What is it with her...?
Maybe she's having an allergic reaction to something in Glaucus's drink?
I need to go check on her–
[Blue Poison and Glaucus rushes into the room.]
Blue Poison Goldenglow? Where's Indigo?
Goldenglow Blue Poison?
She said she was going to pay Medical a visit and stumbled outside. I'm really worried about her. Is she okay?
Blue Poison You said she left on her own, unsteadily? She didn't pass out, did she?
Goldenglow No, she didn't... but I'm worried she might on her way there. She looked pretty smashed.
Glaucus (Relaxed sigh)
Where's the rest of her drink? I'll take care of it.
Goldenglow You mean the light purple one?
Glaucus Yeah, that one.
Goldenglow She drank half of it, then she looked like she was a little sick. I was going to pour it out and wash the cup, but she wouldn't let me. In the end, she even drank the rest of it.
Blue Poison and Glaucus ?!
Blue Poison She drank the entire cup, and she could still trudge herself out of the room?
Goldenglow More or less...
Blue Poison ......
What should I say... She's really growing fast.
The stuff in that drink isn't very strong. As long as she can make it out the door and to the Medical Department, there is nothing to worry about.
But just to be safe, Glaucus, you should go to Medical and check on her–
??? Excuse me, are Operators Blue Poison and Glaucus here?
<Background 2>
[An R.I. medic tends to Indigo.]
Medic Operator Are you feeling better?
Indigo Why, yes, much better.
Medic Operator Blue Poison's antidote works fast, huh.
Of course, you've gotten yourself poisoned way too many times now. It's no wonder you're building up a resistance against it.
Indigo Haha...
Medic Operator Come to think of it, Blue Poison's usually pretty good at keeping her toxins under control, but you ingested a lot more this time than usual. What happened?
Indigo That's because I made a mistake and drank Glaucus's drink.
Medic Operator Glaucus? From what I remember, she's practically immune to just about any kind of toxin.
Indigo Right, that's why when Blue Poison makes drinks for Glaucus, she often adds ingredients that would normally be toxic. To Glaucus, they're nothing more than quirky seasonings to spice things up.
Medic Operator Like how coffee's poisonous to some animals?
Indigo Yeah, that one.
Why, if someone else had drank it, their symptoms would have been much worse.
Medic Operator Most people wouldn't.
Do you want some more water?
Indigo No thanks.
Hm... I vaguely remember running into somebody on my way to the Medical Department, and they brought me here...
Medic Operator It was Operator Irene. She brought you in and left just as quickly.
Indigo Irene. Irene...
The Inquisitor?!
Medic Operator Right, it's the young–
Indigo Excuse me for a moment!
[Indigo runs off.]
Medic Operator Hey, you just got up! You should take it easy–Where are you even going?!
<Background 3>
[Indigo starts to wobble as she runs...]
Indigo P-Phew... I'm still feeling a little dizzy...
No, I have to hurry–
[...while Irene stands in front of her.]
Indigo Irene?
Irene You're quick to recover.
Indigo It's true that I am more resistant to toxins–No, that's not what I wanted to talk about!
Irene, please don't blame Blue Poison and Glaucus. They didn't do it on purpose!
Irene (Sighs)
Indigo I was the one who drank Glaucus's drink by mistake. I'm the one to blame!
Irene (Sighs even more heavily)
Operator Indigo... I suggest you go back to Medical to rest a little longer.
Indigo Huh...? Why?
Irene It seems your head isn't quite clear yet. You're obviously conflating me with whatever distorted image you have of the Inquisitors.
Indigo Huh...?
Irene They already told me how you drank something meant for Operator Glaucus.
While it might perk her up because of her resistance to toxins, most people would be poisoned just by coming into contact with it.
Besides, there was that hair stylist who was sparking nonstop the whole time as witness. I have no doubt that this was nothing but an unfortunate little accident.
Indigo So... they're safe, right?
Irene What do I do with you...?
I'm an operator of Rhodes Island now. Even if you were intentionally poisoned, I don't have the authority to judge them on my own.
As both a Rhodes Island operator and an Iberian, I'm sure you know this, don't you?
Indigo Ugh...
Irene It's okay. As long as you understand.
Now, you were just poisoned. You really should go back and get some rest.
Indigo Okay...
Irene Anything else?
Indigo There are some lake blue cake crumbs on your lips.
Irene !
This... It was my duty to investigate the truth. I had to make sure...
Indigo Really?
Irene Ugh.
(Quietly) At least... that's what I was thinking for the first slice.
(Quietly) Of course, the stylist was on the verge of tears when she recommended it to me. That played a role, too.
Indigo I see.
You may not like it when I put it like this, but you are... rather different from most other Inquisitors I've met.
Irene Really?
Indigo Most Iberian Inquisitors I'm familiar with try their best to avoid contact with the Ægir, even if they know they're innocent.
Irene I admit I may be a bit of a special case in this regard.
However, if I ever uncover any evil lurking here, I will personally see it eradicated.
What about you, Operator Indigo?
Indigo Me?
Irene I want to hear what you think about all this. As a Rhodes Island operator or as an Iberian. Doesn't matter.
Indigo Why, not much at all, really. All I know is that both of them are my friends, and I don't want to see them wrongfully accused because of me.
Irene ......
I like your answer.
Goodbye, Operator Indigo. I enjoyed our conversation.
Indigo Goodbye, Irene–
Hold on, that fragrance...
Did Goldenglow recommend you the same hair mask?