Thorns: Anniversary

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Operator Record
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To act according to your own intent, regardless of background.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Thorns to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Thorns.
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Friendly Woman
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Cautious Customer
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Curious Customer
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Old Townsfolk
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Skeptical Townsfolk
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Tense Townsfolk
Amiable Priest
Iberia Bar
Iberian Alley
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Iberia House
Iberian Streets
Thorns is invited back to Iberia to help rebuild a town. He works with a local youth to plan a celebration for a forgotten festival.
<Background 1>
[The door opens...]
Friendly Woman Welcome!
Oh, you're...
[ Thorns walk in.]
Thorns One set meal to go, please.
Here's the money.
Friendly Woman Okay, exact change... No, wait a second!
What are you doing here? And your clothes... Did another experiment go wrong?
Thorns No, it went well.
Just a bit of an accident at the end. No problem at all.
Friendly Woman You call that "no problem"... I'll never understand you outsiders.
Also, didn't I say I'd deliver meals for you and Felipe? If you just come here like this...
The eyes in the small tavern converge upon the two, most of them not exactly friendly.
All around, conversations cut themselves off as the other customers take in the presence of the unfamiliar Ægir face.
The silence is soon replaced by excited whispers.
Curious Customer Is that the one? The outsider here for some sort of "cooperation."
Looks like a normal guy to me.
Cautious Customer Shh, he's Ægir.
Curious Customer Didn't the Inquisition agree to allow their return?
Cautious Customer You can't trust everything you hear.
I don't want to get dragged into it if he gets arrested or something.
Things may have gotten better in recent years, but don't tell me you forgot how it was a decade ago, when the Inquisition was dragging people off on the regular.
Curious Customer Of course I haven't. I was young then, but I remember being interrogated for a long time. I was almost taken away.
You're right, better safe than sorry. He's Ægir, after all...
Friendly Woman ......
Thorns Noisy.
The Ægir casually picks up the cup from the table.
Then he lets it slip from his fingers, and it shatters on the ground with a bang.
The tavern instantly quiets down.
Curious Customer He didn't hear us, did he?
Cautious Customer Shh, who knows? Best keep our mouths shut.
Friendly Woman You...
Thorns I'll pay for the cup.
Friendly Woman ...That's not what I'm concerned about.
Thorns Yeah, don't worry about it.
Friendly Woman I should be saying that... er, don't worry about it.
They're not bad people. It's just that...
Thorns Not a problem. Just a matter of getting used to it.
Friendly Woman But isn't it hard to take?
I heard from the mayor that you and your friends are here to help us.
We're the ones asking for help, yet we're treating you like this...
Thorns Huh? You misunderstand me.
I don't care what other people think of me. What I meant was that the rest of you Iberians have to get used to it.
Friendly Woman Huh?
Thorns The Inquisition has made its choice.
A window has opened. Ægirs who were once forced to leave are now returning. There will only be more of us in the future.
If you've decided to accept our help, then you need to get used to seeing us on the streets.
Friendly Woman ...Is that why you go out for a walk in town every day?
Thorns I'm not just walking, I'm measuring. I need to know how wide the roads are.
Friendly Woman It's the same thing... walking on the streets like you own the place. All the customers have been talking about you.
Thorns Doesn't matter to me.
Friendly Woman Ha... alright, as long as you're okay with it.
So how are preparations going with you and Felipe?
Are you planning a surprise? Felipe said it was a celebration... but I don't remember any festive dates this time of year.
Thorns I'm just helping out. Felipe has a good idea; we just need to hammer out the details.
You'll know more soon enough.
Friendly Woman You're not about to do anything crazy, are you?
I heard there were festivals that last for days, with flowers and cheering crowds everyday, and fireworks in broad daylight... I can't even imagine.
We haven't had anything like that for a long time.
Thorns It's not too late.
Felipe wants everyone to be able to participate, like in the Iberia of yore.
Friendly Woman Is he still reading those books? The Adventures of Captain Alfonso, The Pirate King and the Golden Kingdom... he hasn't outgrown them?
Thorns Nothing wrong with that.
Iberia in its Golden Age may have been arrogant, but at least there was something to be proud of, compared to the shambled state it's in today.
Friendly Woman ......
Thorns Felipe has a knack for working with machines. He really should go out into the world and broaden his horizons, if the opportunity presents itself.
Friendly Woman Go out and see the world...
That would be really nice.
Here's your set meal.
And this one's for Felipe.
Thorns How much?
Friendly Woman Don't worry about it.
Treat it as a token of appreciation on behalf of the others. To tell the truth, I'm kind of looking forward to the surprise you and Felipe are planning.
I hope it'll be like in the books.
Thorns ......
[Thorns leave.]
Friendly Woman Okay? What do you mean–
He's gone.
Weird guy...
<Background 2>
Tense Townsfolk Hold it, Felipe.
Didn't you hear us?
[A man named Felipe turned back and walks toward the townsfolk.]
Felipe ...Did you need something?
I'm in a hurry. If you don't have anything important–
Tense Townsfolk Where do you think you're going?
You're not fiddling around with that Ægir again, are you?
Felipe That's none of your business.
Besides, Mr. Thorns is here by invitation. You should show some respect.
Tense Townsfolk Respect is one thing, keeping your distance is another.
Besides, he won't even tell you his real name, just a code name. Who's to say he didn't used to be a bandit or something?
Felipe Mr. Thorns said he's an employee of Rhodes Island!
He's an Iberian expatriate, forced to leave after certain events...
Tense Townsfolk Rhodes what? Never heard of it.
And what events, exactly? How do we know for sure he's not the same as those crazy Ægir?
Maybe he's one that the Inquisition is after, just good at hiding things–
Felipe Shut up!
Tense Townsfolk Er–
Felipe This is all baseless accusation, pure speculation!
Don't any of you remember that tomorrow is–
Tense Townsfolk Tomorrow is what?
Felipe ...You'll find out tomorrow.
I trust the Inquisition's judgment. And I know that Mr. Thorns isn't like that.
Tense Townsfolk ...Alright, Felipe, I guess I went too far. That Ægir–the one who calls himself Thorns–may be useful.
As for tomorrow, I'm not sure what you're planning... but we'll be waiting.
Just remember that we're really worried about you. You should open your eyes and stay away from the Ægir!
[The townsfolk leaves.]
Felipe ......
Was that my fault?
??? People like you may be a minority among the Iberians.
[Thorns walk towards Felipe.]
Felipe Mr. Thorns?!
When did you...?
Thorns From "fiddling around with that Ægir again."
Here, this is from Martín's Tavern.
Felipe Ah, thank you...
Wait a second! I'm so sorry about just now.
They aren't bad people. Please don't take it personally.
They're just concerned... We don't see a lot of outsiders here.
Thorns ......
Felipe What's the matter?
Thorns My head hurts.
I don't like being apologized to over and over again.
Felipe S-Sorry!
Thorns ......
The Ægir who has returned to his homeland in a manner he never expected sighs.
The past is buried deep in his heart. He can overlook a lot of things, but there is something different about this place and the people who live here.
That is why he stands here now, as an Ægir.
Because he has the ability to do so. Following his heart, he came back to the place that he never thought he would come back to.
Thorns There's nothing to apologize for.
Felipe But...
Thorns Have you finished calibrating the... what was it, "Automatic Perpetual Sugar Sprayer"?
It fell quite a bit short of "perpetual" in the last test.
Felipe Ah, yes! I was just about to tell you. I think I'm about to make some real progress in efficiency and endurance!
It's all thanks to that manuscript from Weedy you brought.
Thorns Thank her yourself if you have the chance.
Felipe I will!
Along with the concoction that you prepared, everyone will be so surprised tomorrow!
Thorns Mm.
Oh, by the way, I want to make some improvements to what I brewed up.
...Have you ever seen the "Midday Flame"?
<Background 3>
[While Thorns is working on a concoction, it suddenly explodes, prompting Felipe to run towards him...]
Felipe M-Mr. Thorns!
*cough*, *cough* *cough*...
A-Are you okay?
[ Thorns turned back.]
Thorns I'm fine.
Just got the ratios wrong.
Felipe Things don't look fine to me...
Look, your hair got burnt!
Thorns Hm? Oh...
Just shave it off.
[Thorns pulled out a knife.]
Felipe What are you doing with the knife? Wait! Don't cut it like that–!
For heaven's sake, at least let me do it for you!
Thorns ......
Alright then.
Felipe Er, haha, it's nothing...
[Felipe puts out the fire on Thorns' hair.]
Felipe Alright, that should do it.
Thorns Thanks.
You should keep your distance, to be safe.
Felipe Are your experiments always so dangerous?
They invited you here, but then put you out in the middle of nowhere, without proper facilities...
Thorns It's fine, this is a good place.
I have all the basics here. Anything more complex probably needs an application anyway.
Felipe Application?
Thorns To the Inquisition.
Years ago, they arrested a lot of people, confiscating everything that the Islanders brought. Technology that has been lost to modern-day Iberia may still be found within the Inquisition.
And now it's time to put it to use.
Felipe ......
There are no Ægir left in this town.
There used to be some, years ago. I heard that when my parents were young, everyone was treated the same way, whether they were Liberi or Ægir.
Thorns Until the Penal Battalion arrived.
Felipe ...Yes, until they arrived.
Many people were taken, mostly Ægir, but also people of other races who were close to them.
The rest of the Ægir left one by one. People say they left of their own accord, but...
Thorns But you don't agree.
Felipe I... I don't know. I wasn't there.
You seem to know a lot about these things.
Thorns ......
Thorns knew a lot about these things.

The fate of the Ægir in this country was sealed the moment Iberia realized the threat from the ocean, when the Inquisition began using force to deal with its tentacles stretching out from the sea.
They had breathing room in some places; in others, they were not so lucky.
This town happened to be one of the "others."

Thorns The fear of suppression has always hung over Iberia. Whether they left of their own accord or were forced to leave doesn't matter in the end.
A worse fate awaited those who stayed than those who went into the barrenlands, or returned to the ocean.
Felipe ...Did you leave because of that too?
Thorns Yes.
Felipe So... why did you come back now?
Even I can see that life out there is good.
Thorns A strange question.
Do I need a reason?
Felipe ...What?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
Amiable Priest Have you decided where you want to go?
Thorns Anywhere.
Maybe outside, away from this country.


Amiable Priest Your eyes are calm, my child.
You're the only one who didn't try to persuade me to leave together.
Thorns You won't leave.
...You're not innocent.
Amiable Priest Ha, perhaps.
Go, child. Your will has always been strong. Follow it.
Never stop thinking. We have the right to follow our thoughts, no matter where they lead us.
Thorns ......
I'll remember that.
Farewell, teacher.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Thorns Don't overthink it.
Iberia provided an opportunity, and the other Ægir and I accepted its offer. There was something in it for both of us.
Felipe I see.
Thorns ...I knew a fool who believed that Iberia would change.
But I don't care how it changes; I just want to do what I want to do.
Felipe You always seem so calm.
Thorns ......
Felipe The Ægir who left, the ones who should have been our brethren...
Will they come back someday?
Thorns Maybe, if you wish it.
Aren't you doing all this in preparation for that day?
<Background 5>
[Felipe made preparations for something.]
Felipe ......
Mayor What are you doing, Felipe?!
Why have you blocked the roads? What's with these strange machines?
Stop this absurdity at once and go home!
Felipe Of course I know what day it is, Uncle Pablo.
Once, friends from a faraway land took our hands, and together we built the Golden Age.
And this was the day that our hands first came together.
Mayor What are you babbling about...?
Felipe Am I really babbling, Uncle Pablo?
Mayor ......
T-That was ages ago...
[Thorns join in.]
Thorns People don't bring it up anymore. Many don't even dare to.
But the Iberians should have remembered.
Today is a day to remember.
Skeptical Townsfolk A day to remember?
I've never heard of it...
Old Townsfolk You're too young to.
We used to celebrate it when I was little. There were people frolicking in the square, day and night. We would call each other brothers.
The Ægir built new things. Ships that traveled on dry land, automatic fireworks, lighthouses that changed color on their own...
Skeptical Townsfolk Then why have I never heard about any of this?
Old Townsfolk ...We stopped celebrating them.
After... all those terrible things.
Skeptical Townsfolk ......
So... they're telling the truth?
We used to celebrate this day?
Felipe Of course we did!
Let's do it, Mr. Thorns!
Thorns Okay.
A Liberi and an Ægir stand side-by-side in the crowd.
Tears gather in the eyes of the older townsfolk at the sight of it. Memories have faded with time and wordless oppression. Have they seen a scene like this in the past?
All eyes are on the Ægir as he lights the fuse.
They were happier times, better times.
[Thorns and Felipe launch fireworks to the sky, which attracted the townsfolk's attention.]
Friendly Woman ...Fireworks?
Fireworks in bright daylight...
The books were telling the truth...
Thorns Maybe they'll write about this, someday.
Felipe You mean they'll write about me, just like they write about Captain Alfonso? Haha, I find that hard to believe.
Oh, Mr. Thorns, Mr. Thorns!
Thorns Hm?
Felipe You've got powder from the fireworks on your face!
Thorns Oh...
Consider it part of the celebration.