Hibiscus the Purifier: Nameless Flower

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Operator Record
Nameless Flower
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The prophesied devil came to The Afterglow, but took disaster away.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Hibiscus the Purifier to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Hibiscus (the Purifier).
Reserve Operator - Logistics icon.png
Kreide's Grandfather icon.png
Old Man
Male Leithanian B icon.png
Rude Infected (Schneider)
Crying Child
Feeble Patient
Injured Boy
Leithanian Noble
Panicked Infected
Patrol Officer
Private Hospital Doctor
Sick Man
Sickly Old Man
Stall Owner
Afterglow Hall Night
Leithanian Alley
Victoria Streets
Vyseheim RI Office
Leithanian Street
Leithanian Alley Night
Even as the people fear and reject her, Hibiscus has never abandoned her responsibilities as a physician. Now, when disaster strikes, the hated Sarkaz becomes the Afterglow's only hope.
<Background 1>
[Andante runs around, looking for Hibiscus...]
Andante Hibiscus!
Where are you!
[...who are tending to an injured boy.]
Injured Boy My leg... it hurts...
Hibiscus It's ok. Stay still, and let me have a look.
It's just a bruise. No bleeding or fractures. I'll rub some salve on it and you'll be fine.
Injured Boy But it hurts so much when I try to move...
Hibiscus I know how it feels. I hurt my leg once when I was little. It really hurt, and I was bleeding and scared. I couldn't stop crying.
But you're not crying. That means you're a strong boy, aren't you?
Injured Boy (Rubs eyes)
Hibiscus But it's not gonna get better by itself if you sit here like this.
Would you rather sit in the cold and the rain, or go home and get better on your warm and comfy bed?
Injured Boy I, I...
Hibiscus Come, take my hand, and stand up. Good. Can you go home by yourself?
Injured Boy Yes!
Hibiscus Good boy. Now go on home; your mum and dad are waiting.
Injured Boy Thank you!
[The boy runs off as Andante found Hibiscus.]
Andante Hibiscus!
What happened at the concert, Hibiscus? Why are you here by yourself?
Hibiscus Andante... perfect timing.
No time to explain. I just patched up a few injuries here.
But Originium levels are very high around here. Take them to the office for a closer look...
Andante What the heck are you talking about?!
What's with all those wounds on you? You're in no shape to help anybody!
Hibiscus Wounds? What are you–
<Flashback starts here>
<Background fades out and in>
[Amidst the battle between the transformed Kreide and Ebenholz earlier, Hibiscus pushed Kreide's grandfather out of Kreide's attack.]
Old Man Young lady, why do you–
Hibiscus I'll hold down the fort here, Ebenholz. Now!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Hibiscus It can't be. I thought I blocked it...
Don't worry, I learned a few things from Lava. I know some Ar–
[Hibiscus collapses.]
Andante Hibiscus!
<Background 2>
A few days ago...
[Hibiscus knocks the door of a house.]
Hibiscus Hello, this is the medical assistance center. Is this the number of Mr. Darron?
Sickly Man It's you... where's Andante?
Hibiscus Dr. Andante is out visiting patients, so I'm checking on you on her behalf. Don't worry, I received the same professional training.
May I come in to do a few checks? Just some basic tests. No blood will be drawn–
Sickly Man Stay away from my house!
Hibiscus I won't come near without your permission.
But you do not sound well. You should get yourself checked up–
Sickly Man It's none of your business!
I was feeling perfectly fine until you came to the Afterglow, Sarkaz!
The prophecies were right! You Sarkaz have brought calamity upon the Afterglow!
Hibiscus It's a complicated situation, and hard to explain... but you need help, and your health should come first.
Sickly Man Enough! I'm not gonna grovel to a Sarkaz, even on my deathbed.
Hibiscus Very well, I won't force you, if you don't want to get checked up.
Here's some medicine that may help... please don't consider it help from a Sarkaz. I'm simply delivering medicine to those in need, on behalf of Rhodes Island.
I'll leave the medicine at the door. You can pick it up at your convenience.
Sickly Man Go away... or I'll call the guards.
Hibiscus Sorry... I'll be going.
<Background fades out and in>
Hibiscus I've gone through the Afterglow. Based on the number of Infected who have recovered abnormally, we don't have enough supplies at the office to deal with a crisis.
Why hasn't the medicine we ordered come in? I hope that patient doesn't waste the doses...
??? Hibiscus–
Hibiscus ...What?
As though hearing a call from afar, Hibiscus turns around, but finds no one there.
Every door and window is closed, as though the scenes of song and dance from a few days ago were merely an illusion.
But the weathered walls and battered tiles look so familiar upon close inspection.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Food Stall Owner I asked you to carry ingredients for tomorrow into the warehouse, but I didn't expect you to carry enough to last a week. Aren't you tired?
Hibiscus Ha, don't underestimate Sarkaz strength!
Food Stall Owner Alright... still, you must be tired. Here, have two servings of fins & chips, and share it with your sister.
Hibiscus Thanks, but I think mom has dinner ready. I'll just take one serving and share it with Lava.
Fruit Stall Owner See? You shouldn't give a young lady too much fried food.
Here, take this bag of fruit. Guaranteed to be sweet and juicy.
Hibiscus Thanks!
Fruit Stall Owner You're welcome. I'm counting on you to tutor that little brat of mine!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Hibiscus Come on, Hibiscus, focus...
<Background 4>
[Hibiscus returns to R.I.'s Vyseheim office.]
Hibiscus I'm back.
Andante Why have you gone out again? Didn't I say I would take care of the investigation for a few days?
Hibiscus Things in the Afterglow are complicated. I can't just leave it all to you.
All I did was deliver some medicine to patients in need. I won't draw any attention.
Andante Did anyone bother you...?
Hibiscus (Shakes head)
Andante Dr. Kal'tsit says a medic's first duty on a field mission is to her own safety.
What happened the other day–it was their fault, but you shouldn't have charged ahead like that. It was dangerous.
Hibiscus Sorry. I realized afterwards that I should have taken another path... I was angry and anxious, and being right was all I could think of.
But thinking back now, there was really no point to an argument like that.
Andante Good that you realize your mistake. Next time you put yourself in danger like that, I'm putting it in my report.
Hibiscus I'm sure they meant nothing by it. They're just scared after all that's happened lately.
I remember being invited to dance my first day in the Afterglow.
Andante They probably just mistook you for a Caprinae...
Hibiscus I don't think so.
I used to think there wasn't much difference between the horn of a Caprinae and that of a Sarkaz, but I recently learned that the Caprinae are able to tell them apart at a glance.
Let me tell you something funny.
I found a Caprinae girl unconscious by the roadside before I arrived in Vyseheim.
I gave her some medicine and water. When she woke up, she recognized me as a Sarkaz and looked scared.
I panicked and said, "Don't worry, I'm a Caprinae too!"
She didn't believe me and ran away screaming.
It was so funny, now that I think of it. Why would a Sarkaz introduce herself like that?
Andante It's not funny at all.
Hibiscus Hm...
[Someone knocks the door.]
Hibiscus I'll get the door.
[Hibiscus opens the door as an Infected waits outside.]
Rude Infected It's you...?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Rude Infected You just left my house! Don't you remember?
I'm his son! You sucked my father's blood!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 4>
Rude Infected I'm looking for Dr. Andante. Where is she?
Andante (Gestures "pretend I'm not here")
Hibiscus She's not here right now. I can help, if you need something.
Rude Infected Er, I...
P-Please help my father!
Hibiscus What happened?
Rude Infected He was feeling well a few days ago, but things took a bad turn this morning.
He's running a high fever, and new crystals are appearing on his skin...
Please, help him!
Hibiscus Take me to him.
Rude Infected Y-You'll do it? Than–
Hibiscus No time to talk, let's go.
<Background 5>
Sickly Old Man (Anguished moaning)
Schneider Doktor, will my father–
Hibiscus I performed some basic treatment to stabilize his condition. He's out of danger for now. Let him sleep.
Schneider Will he get better?
Hibiscus I can't give you any false hope.
Schneider But why...?
Hibiscus As is the case with many others in the Afterglow, your father's condition is a type of "false recovery."
The body draws on undamaged organs to fill in for functions that have been damaged, but this is only a stop-gap measure.
Your father is now undergoing the rebound that follows a false recovery. His age only compounds the rapid onset of Oripathy symptoms.
Schneider I remember you saying something to the effect.
It's all my fault. If only I had...
Hibiscus There's no point regretting the past. The important thing is to take care of your father now.
Pay careful attention to his diet, his sleep cycle, and keep his bodily functions in balance. Care is more important than treatment right now.
Schneider Alright, I'll do it.
And Dr. Hibiscus... I, I'm sorry about–
[Andante calls Hibiscus.]
Andante Are you there, Hibiscus?
Something's not right. We need to–
Hibiscus Don't disturb the patient. We'll talk outside.
<Background 2>
Hibiscus What's going on?
Andante A dozen patients came into the office right after you left. Some had suddenly lost consciousness, while others experienced a rapid deterioration in vitals.
Other patients are also coming in with various symptoms, but we haven't been able to determine if they are Oripathy-related.
Hibiscus Mr. Schneider's father was not an isolated case. Many patients who had recovered abnormally are entering the rebound stage.
Rhodes Island alone can't take in everyone. Have you asked if the other hospitals can accept patients, or deliver the medicine that we ordered?
Andante I have, but they keep finding excuses. And they said...
They needed to ensure sufficient medical supplies for the Cliffy Patio.
Hibiscus How could they be so irresponsible!
Hang in there, Andante. I'm coming back–
Andante Calm down, Hibiscus.
People are restless right now, and there are many who believe the rumors. This is not the time to show your face.
Hibiscus But I can't–
...You're right.
Could you take care of things at the office, Andante?
Andante Of course. I haven't spent all this time in the Afterglow for nothing.
[Andante hangs up.]
Schneider I'll help!
Hibiscus But your father...
Schneider The neighbors can care for him for a while. You're short-handed, aren't you?
I can help. Anything you need.
Hibiscus Alright, this is the list of patients who recovered abnormally.
You know the Afterglow. Check the list and bring the patients who have deteriorated quickly to the office for intensive care.
Schneider Got it!
Hibiscus I'll take care of the hospitals.
I'll convince them.
<Background 4>
Panicking Infected Doktor! Help me!
Crying Child I wanna go home...
The room is packed with several times the normal number of patients.
There is a sickly smell in the air, which is filled with the sounds of crying and moaning.
Schneider Ugh, what's this smell... I have the patients, Dr. Andante.
Andante There are too many of them. It's far more than the number of abnormal recoveries we recorded.
We have our hands full with the cross-infection risk alone.
[Hibiscus calls Andante.]
Hibiscus You're right. Panic may be even more dangerous than the disease.
The patients don't know their own situations. Whether they're experiencing the rebound or not, Oripathy sufferers believe that their condition is being caused by some unknown threat.
The first priority is to identify the cause of the symptoms, and deal with it individually.
Patients in the rebound stage experience a rapid decline in bodily functions. In the absence of blood tests, body temperature is the most direct sympt–
[The call abruptly cut off for a moment.]
Andante Hibiscus! Are you alright over there?
Hibiscus I... I'm fine.
Take care of the office, Andante.
I'll get the medicine.
<Background 6>
[Several Leithanien policemen runs toward Hibiscus.]
Patrol Officer Is this the troublemaker?
Private Hospital Doctor This is private property, Fräulein. Even members of other medical institutions require permission to enter.
This is your last warning. Leave now.
Hibiscus I didn't come to interrupt the work of a fellow medical professional.
But how could you talk about not having enough supplies or beds, when a single flu patient could take up enough space for ten people?
Private Hospital Doctor We make our decisions based on each patient's unique circumstances...
Leithanian Noble S-She's the prophesied devil, isn't she?
Help! Somebody! Get this Sarkaz out of my room!
Hibiscus If I really were the prophesied devil, do you think there's anyone here who could help you?
Leithanian Noble Eeek–
Patrol Officer No sudden moves!
A dozen wands are aimed at Hibiscus.
Private Hospital Doctor Please don't threaten our patients.
Hibiscus I'm not threatening anyone. I'm just reminding you, as a fellow doctor, of your moral obligations.
The people of the Afterglow are in serious trouble. I only ask that you provide the necessary medicine to the Rhodes Island branch office and take in a number of patients, in accordance with our agreement.
Am I asking too much?
Private Hospital Doctor Why would I listen to a suspicious foreigner? Everyone knows about the prophecy.
I'm not wasting my time with her. Remove her from the premises, officer.
Hibiscus Fine, call me a devil, then.
Do you remember what the prophecy that you put so much stock in says?
"The Blood hides Plague within, slow beckons Death to creep all Ways." Where do you think things stand with the Afterglow right now?
The prophesied devil stands before you. Take me in, or chase me out. Do whatever you think will protect you.
And we'll see how high and mighty the Cliffy Patio fares, when calamity strikes.
<Background 7>
[Hibiscus is writing the patients' files.]
Hibiscus Mr. Karl–temperatures normal, small increase in blood Originium levels.
Mrs. Marta–temperatures normal, blood Originium levels normal.
Andante Too many files... too much equipment... I, I can't carry any more...
No more health food... I need meat...
Hibiscus Looks like she didn't have the time to eat today. She's dreaming about food.
Hey, Andante, you're drooling.
Schneider Dr. Hibiscus... you're still up?
Hibiscus Just filing some patient data. It's not easy for me to go out during the day, so I have to make it up at night.
Thanks for helping out today. You should go home.
Schneider I... I'll stay here. Here's some water for you.
Hibiscus Thank you.
Hibiscus reaches out to take the bottle, but it slips from her hand and rolls across the floor.
Hibiscus Sorry... I'll get it.
Schneider Are you okay?
Hibiscus I'm fine. Just careless.
Schneider Ambulances came this afternoon, not long after you left. How did you persuade them?
Hibiscus Not exactly with logic and reason, I guess.
Anyway, it's good that things have calmed down. The temporary quarantine zone should be lifted tomorrow.
Schneider Dr. Hibiscus... I have a question.
You're new here in the Afterglow. It's not like you had time to make friends, and some folk have even treated you terribly. Why are you still willing to...
Hibiscus I think this is the first time I've been treated like a doctor.
Schneider What?
Hibiscus I mostly do the work of a nurse back at HQ, caring for patients and assisting doctors. This is the first time I've been put in charge of things.
You call me doctor, so I had better do my job.
Schneider You... you'll forgive what I said to you?
Hibiscus What if I say no?
Schneider I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!
You can hit me with that flute if you want!
Hibiscus I'm just joking. No need to slap yourself.
I'm not going to pretend that it didn't bother me at all, but it's understandable.
In the face of terrible danger and an unknown threat, it's natural for people to become wary of outsiders.
Schneider Do you really think so?
Hibiscus And if I just packed up and left, I would really become the prophesied devil who brought disaster to the Afterglow and then disappeared, wouldn't I?
Hate leads only to hate, never to understanding.
I just hope I can fix people's prejudices with my actions, even just a little bit...
[Hibiscus shook her head.]
Hibiscus Sorry, I wandered off there.
Schneider You should get some rest. I'll be over there, and you can call me if you need anything.
[Schneider leaves and Hibiscus finished with the files.]
Hibiscus Whew... things are finally settling down.
I should have a sip of water and take a break–
Feeble Patient Cough... cough...
Water... I'm thirsty... water...
Hibiscus Oh, here's some water for you!
Feeble Patient Cough... cough... whew...
Hibiscus Feeling better?
Feeble Patient A-Are you a Sarkaz?
Hibiscus Er... maybe you could treat me as a Caprinae?
Feeble Patient Pah, I can tell the horns of a Sarkaz from those of a Caprinae at a sight.
Hibiscus Ah, so it's true.
Feeble Patient Seeing a Sarkaz under a full moon... am I going to die?
Hibiscus I've never heard that legend before.
Feeble Patient Ouch, my head hurts. Guess I'm starting to ramble.
Thank you for the care... let's sing a song, whether you're Sarkaz or Caprinae.
Hibiscus A song? You should rest up. Your condition has just stabilized.
Feeble Patient It's too quiet... we need some music tonight, even if I die tomorrow.
I'll sing. Accompany me with your flute.
Hibiscus Very well, if it makes you feel better...
But I'm not great at the flute.
Feeble Patient It's easy. Just follow my melody.
I'll start. One, two–
The Sky is blue and fine, the Breeze lilts by in Song♪
The River murmurs clear, my Heart is filled with Hope♪...
<Background black>
The alley is quiet, cleared to accommodate the overflow of patients.
The intermittent sounds of flute and singing echo under the moon, a lullaby for a city just emerging from chaos.