Mountain: Sinner's Path

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Operator Record
Sinner's Path
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Though hesitant, one must still clench their fists and face the long, long walk ahead.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mountain to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Mountain.
Reserve Operator - Caster icon.png
Human Resources Operator
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Old Woman
Mansion Room
RI Room
RI Training Compound
RI Infirmary
Mountain embarks on a path of revenge, but his heart is filled with pain.
<Background 1>
Drip. Drop.
Is it raining?
He looks out the window. Lightning flashes across the sky, but the glass remains dry.
Tick, tock.
It must be the clock, then.
But he looks up at the clock, and sees that its hands have long since stopped, with only a broken wooden dummy swaying beneath.
What is going on?
His palm feels wet, as though liquid was dripping through his clenched fist and onto the ground, forming a viscous puddle.
He opens up his hand and sees that the hairs of his palm are soaked in blood.
??? Sinner.
Anthony Who's there?!
??? Hehe. You're already wearing unbreakable shackles, Anthony.
Another flash of lightning illuminates the corner of the dark room. A severed head lies on the ground, blood still gushing out from where it was separated from its body, leaving it lying in a pool of blood. It is the head that is speaking to him.
He remembers that face. It is a familiar one.
Anthony Val Hyde... where is your brother?
Severed Head Where is he? Right by your feet.
He looks down to see a corpse lying on the ground. Its torso is turned away, yet its head has swiveled around to face him. The broken neck vertebrae protrude from the skin.
Broken Corpse Why are you trembling, Anthony? You should be happy.
You've waited so long for this day. To kill your hated enemies with your own hands, and let their blood soak every inch of earth here.
Anthony Did... did I do all this?
Broken Corpse Yes. Smile, Anthony. What a day. What a lovely day.
Severed Head You've exacted your revenge, so why the long face? Hehehe.
Anthony No... it's too late.
Severed Head Oh, my child, you came too late. Boo-hoo. Your mom and I didn't live to see the day you walked free again.
Broken Corpse It's all too late. Our little Tony. Boo-hoo.
Anthony Shut up. Shut up!
Murderer! How dare you pretend to talk like my parents!
Broken Corpse Murderer? Is he taking about us?
Severed Head Yes, brother. He's talking about us.
Broken Corpse But look around, Anthony. There's only one person in this room with blood on their hands.
Severed Head It's you. You're the murderer.
Anthony You deserved it! You deserved to die by my hands!
Broken Corpse Such brave words, such unwavering resolve. Everything is as you wanted, then. Why not smile, Anthony?
Severed Head Why are your lips pursed like that? Come on, turn that frown upside down. Smile. Laugh. Do as I do.
Anthony Enough! Shut up!
Severed Head Such terrifying eyes, brother. There's murder in them.
Broken Corpse The eyes of a murderer! The eyes of a sinner!
Anthony Shut! Up!
Broken Corpse Hahaha! We're waiting for you, Anthony. We'll see you in the flames of hell.
Anthony Is that so?
I'm already being burnt every day by the flames of revenge.
What do I care about the flames of hell, as long as I can tear you apart with my own two hands?
What does a charred corpse have to fear from the fire?
Severed Head Then come find us, Anthony. Hahahaha.
Anthony I will. I'll step into the flames.
A fire burns in his eyes.
<Background 2>
Anthony Argh–!
It's that dream again... my head...
(Covers face) What time is it...?
Communications Terminal Good morning, operator. It is currently 0424 hours. Current weather is overcast, and the temperature is 26 degrees.
Anthony Four in the morning... only three hours of sleep, then.
...Forget it, I can't get back to sleep.
[Anthony rises up from his bed.]
Anthony My sheets are soaked with sweat.
I'll need to change them... the pillow, too.


Communications Terminal You have a new message, operator.
Anthony ......
[The communicator plays a voice message:]
Communications Terminal Anthony, we found the money your dad left in Bunkerhill City. There's more than enough for us to make a comeback.
Are you still haunted by what happened to your parents?
It's not your fault. HydeBro carried out their entire plan while you were in Mansfield. By the time we heard the news, it was already too late.
The Hyde brothers are nothing if not thorough. It's a miracle that you're still alive.
We went to great lengths to get in touch with you. Their eyes and ears are everywhere.
Try to pull yourself together. We'll take back what belongs to us.
[The message ends.]
Anthony Control, Anthony... don't let violence overcome you... control...
...Damn it.
Damn it!
He picks up a chair and throws it at the wall, shattering the dressing mirror mounted there.
He sees his face reflected in the shards, twisted in anger.
Then, the fury fades.
Anthony Control, Anthony.
Anger and sorrow have never solved anything.
<Background 3>
Training Room
[While Anthony is sparring with Beehunter...]
Anthony (Gazes into distance)
Beehunter (Hm, he looks distracted...)
Snap out of it, big guy!
[Beehunter sidesteps out of Anthony's jab.]
Anthony What?!
(She's fast... I might hurt her with a hard block. I'll just protect my head.)
Beehunter Where do you think you're looking?
[Beehunter ducks out of Anthony's hook.]
Anthony (Now she's aiming for my midsection!)
Beehunter Too late. It's all too late.
Anthony Huh...?
It's all too late. Boo-hoo.
Anthony No–shut up!
[Anthony lands a strong punch on Beehunter that sends her flying a short distance away.]
Beehunter Ouch!
Anthony Oh no... I'm sorry, Shura. Are you alright?
Beehunter So that's how it is, big guy... You've never really come at me with your full strength, have you?
Anthony We're in very different weight classes. I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to fight back.
Beehunter Hmph! It wasn't that bad. Bring it on! Just... gimme a second to get up.
Ow ow ow!
Anthony Apologies, I should have been more careful. I'll take you to sickbay.
Beehunter ...Eh, these things happen in training.
[Anthony grabs Beehunter.]
Beehunter You look distracted, though. What's the matter? Didn't get much sleep last night?
Anthony Yes... Maybe I was too absorbed in the book I was reading.
Beehunter Well, nothing to worry about! Next time we're free, let's grab a few drinks together. That'll knock you right out, if you let 'em.
Anthony I'd rather not even think about drinking until we get you to a doctor.
<Background 4>
[While watching Domma checking up Beehunter's body...]
Anthony How is she, Domma?
Domma Asleep for now. We'll need to keep her a coupla days for observation, but it don't look too serious to me.
How'd she get hurt?
Anthony I accidentally injured her today.
Domma What?
Anthony Don't look at me like that.
Domma You ain't the type to lose control, though...
Anthony Don't look so surprised, Domma. You've seen me in prison.
Domma Yeah, which is why I know just how hard you been tryin' to hide that side of you.
You look awful, Anthony.
Anthony ...I've been having trouble sleeping. Seeing the same nightmare every night.
In it, I'm standing in a pool of blood, with blood on my hands, and the Hyde brothers are lying dead on the ground.
Domma That's new, never had no dreams like that before. Somethin' happen?
Anthony Bad news from Bunkerhill City.
Domma Your folks...
Anthony Educated guess?
Domma Yeah, saw that letter on your desk when I was returnin' a book. Under a pile of books, but there ain't no hidin' those tear stains.
Anthony I've submitted my resignation and will be leaving in a few days. I've been here too long. It's time I faced it. Everything.
Domma Figured this day'd come, sooner or later.
Sometimes, I can't help but think... what if you left all that behind and stayed here? Wouldn't that be swell?
Anthony I've considered it, Domma.
Once, I thought I would give up on revenge after I'd rescued my parents.
But now, my only desire is to repay blood with blood.
Domma But you ain't never killed no one, Anthony.
Anthony How does it feel? How does it feel to take a life with your own hands?
Can you tell me, Domma? How did it feel when you injected poison into a prisoner's veins? How did it feel when you sent the body to the incinerator for disposal?
Domma ...It hurt, at first. You feel sick, can't sleep, start seein' stuff that ain't there.
Then, you try to justify it. Tell yourself they deserved it, that you did the right thing.
Then, one day, when enough people have stopped breathin' on account of you, you stop feelin' anything at all. You seen enough death.
That point, whatever crimes they did in life don't much matter no more. Their deaths don't neither.
Anthony Does it take a long time?
Domma Yeah, long and painful. Had to keep remindin' myself it was just a job. But how 'bout you, Anthony?
How would you get through it?
Anthony ......
Domma Seems to me you made up your mind to face it without givin' a single thought to how.
We're goin' together, Anthony. I can help you.
Anthony No, this is my problem. I can't drag you into this.
Domma I's already in it. I helped break you outta Mansfield, 'member?
Anthony That's enough, Domma, this is not open for discussion.
Domma Anthony–
[Beehunter wakes up.]
Beehunter A-Anthony!
Domma & Anthony ......
Anthony Are you awake, Shura?
Beehunter I hearda you hadda bottle of fine whiskey... when will we getta have a taste of it?
How about next Wednesday? Ya free that day, and I'm free that day...
Anthony Huh? But you're injured. You shouldn't drink for a while.
Beehunter Injured... ya, I'm injured, can't drink...
Why... *sob* I'm so sad... *sob*
Anthony (Is she ok?)
Domma (Must be the anesthetic.)
Anthony (I see...)
Domma Anthony...
Anthony Yes?
Domma Promise me. Promise me you won't leave without sayin' goodbye.
Anthony ...Alright.
<Background 2>
Human Resources Operator Your exit papers are in order, sir. I'm sure you have plenty on your plate right now, so I took the liberty of bringing the paperwork over.
Anthony Sorry, and thank you. I should have come over to pick them up myself.
Human Resources Operator It's fine, I just happened to be passing through. Have a nice day, sir.
Anthony You too.
[The R.I. HR operator leaves the room.]
Anthony Well, that went quicker than I anticipated.
(Looks around)
I should clean up before I leave. Fortunately, there isn't much here.
[Anthony cleans up the books lying around...]
Anthony These books... they can go to the library.
[...followed by liquor...]
Anthony These bottles of liquor... I'll drop them off in the wine storage room.
[...and puts them in a cardboard box.]
Anthony ...Oh, I almost forgot, the action movies I borrowed from Robin. I should remember to return them.
A leaf bookmark from Kafka, and this doll... As I recall, a Christmas present from Pinecone.
What's with all the trinkets in this drawer? I don't even remember putting them there. No doubt the kids staying at Medical will enjoy them, though.
Well, that's about it. Now to start packing... I should only need a few changes of clothes.
[Anthony opens his locker.]
Anthony ......
He freezes.
The suit hangs in the middle of the wardrobe, clear as day. He remembers everything about it, from picking the cloth, to getting measured, to the delivery.
Everyone could see how much he liked it. Everyone thought he would wear it at every opportunity.
In fact, he has hardly ever done so.
He did not want to blemish it.
Communications Terminal You have a new message, operator.
[The communicator plays another voice message:]
Communications Terminal Got your message, Anthony. We've made arrangements to get you to Bunkerhill City. We have people waiting for you at Tkaronto.
I look forward to seeing you. Your parents, my brother... we have so many scores to settle with the Hyde brothers.
Anthony ......
He lifts a hand and touches a tiny piece of embroidery on the collar.
It is in the shape of a tower.
Eventually, reluctantly, his arm comes back down again.
Anthony What a fool I was... Why did I buy this, knowing that I would eventually leave?
Such a fool.
<Background 4>
[Anthony asks Silence,]
Anthony Dr. Silence. Is Domma here?
Silence Sorry, Anthony, you might have to wait. She's treating a patient that came in this afternoon.
Anthony May I wait for her here?
Silence Of course. Water?
Anthony No, thank you. I wouldn't want to get in your way.
Silence Alright, I'll be making my rounds.
[Silence walks away.]
Anthony (Glances at watch)
I hope there's enough time...
Old Woman Young man! Hey, young man!
Anthony Oh, sorry, were you speaking to me?
Old Woman Yeah, for a while now, but seems like you didn't hear me.
Anthony I apologize; I was checking the time. Did you need something?
Old Woman No, I just saw a hole in your shirt, so I was asking if you could come over so I could fix it.
Anthony Thank you. I suppose I didn't notice it because I was in a hurry.
But I'm afraid I have to leave soon.
Old Woman Sit down already. Just because I'm old doesn't mean my hands don't work. It'll only take a few minutes.
Anthony ...Thank you, ma'am.
Old Woman You're a friend of Dr. Domma's?
Anthony Yes.
Old Woman That's what I thought. You're always stopping by to see her.
Anthony Are you a patient of hers?
Old Woman Yeah, she's really nice. I've got bad knees, and she's been a lot of help.
Anthony She's always been kind like that.
Old Woman I guess you already know that she's leaving? She told me yesterday that I'm being handed over to Dr. Silence.
Anthony ...Is that so. What a shame.
Old Woman Must've heard some dumb patient calling her a weirdo behind her back. Silly, really! She's so patient and detailed. You don't get many doctors like her.
Anthony I completely agree.
Old Woman But I guess that's that. Dr. Silence said she tried to convince her to stay, but she wouldn't change her mind.
Anthony She may be gentle on the surface, but she's stubborn. Once she puts her mind to something, no one can change it.
Old Woman After relying on her for everything when I was stuck in a hospital bed, helping fix her friend's clothes is the least I could do.
There, how's that?
Anthony Wonderful. Thank you.
Old Woman Oh, there's no need to thank me.
Anthony (Glances at watch)
Old Woman Are you leaving?
Anthony Yes, I have to go.
[Mountain starts to walk away just as Silence returns.]
Silence You sure you don't want to wait? She'll be done in a minute.
Anthony No.
Silence Hold on, you're going by yourself? I thought she was coming with you.
Anthony No, I came to say goodbye. I'm the only one who's leaving.
Silence Oh, I must've misunderstood then. I could've sworn you were taking her with you.
Anthony No, it's better for her to stay at Rhodes Island. My revenge is my own business. I don't want to drag anyone else into it.
Speaking of which, can you do something for me, Dr. Silence?
Silence Well, you can ask.
Anthony Can you give this book to her?
Silence Just a book?
Anthony And a message. Tell her that...
Tell her I haven't finished it yet. Tell her to keep it safe.
Silence When will you be back for it? What do I tell her?
Anthony ......
Silence Silence is the crueler answer, you know.
Anthony You take care. I need to go now.
[Anthony leaves.]
Silence Anthony!
<Background black>
Silence looks down and sees that the corner of one page has been folded. She opens the book and sees an illustration.
A man stands in a prison cell, his back to the window, his face obscured by shadows and iron bars. He extends a wilted finger through the bars and out beyond the picture.
There is a single line of text beneath the illustration.
I have sinned. I have killed. I seek no sympathy, no forgiveness, no salvation. I seek only suffering, and eternal torment.

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