Heart of Surging Flame: Rap Trend

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The trends are quoted verbatim from the game and should be kept pristine. Edits and updates should be placed on other pages related to the same subject.
Rap Trend Heart of Surging Flame
Chat messages on the local tourist terminal.
#1: Yo, bro, what's up? Too hard to rhyme?
Obsidian Festival #Emperor Also known as "The King" and "Big E". Emperor is a record producer for Siren Records, the "rap god" of Columbia, and an entrepreneur to boot. Having been nominated for several music awards, Emperor is famous for his position atop West Columbia's rap scene as well as his tremendous success in commerce and investment. However, he prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to his personal life, and is extremely difficult to contact. Recently, he seems to be focusing his attention on expanding other enterprises, and does not have many new works announced.
#2: Don't take your eyes off a man with a gun. Rapping angels are a lot of fun.
Texas Why there are so many portraits of the boss plastered all over the streets?
Exusiai What, you didn't know about that?! The boss used to be a famous rap musician. I later found out that he used to be part of one of my favorite record labels~ Oh, speaking of which, the boss once personally commissioned me to send him a mixtape!
Croissant@DM me for business This is my first time hearing that... the boss is a rapper. I'm pretty sure he never mentioned anything about that to me before! What a mysterious guy.
Just an Ordinary Girl Passing By The legends are true after all... so to speak! I met him before when I was still with MSR. When I saw him again after Texas rescued me, I thought it was just someone with the same face and name...
Croissant@DM me for business If they look the same and have the same name, that's practically a guarantee that they're the same person!
Just an Ordinary Girl Passing By Idk about that. MSR has some really weird marketing strategies after all...... for example, making a mystical rock/rap band out of five really handsome Lupos......
#3: Fight your battles with words, not with blades. Criminal activity won't be tolerated in Siesta.
Mousse@Dessert Apprentice @Texas Um, are you busy right now? I have a favor I'd like to ask of you...
Texas What's up?
Mousse@Dessert Apprentice This might be presumptuous of me, but...... if Mr. Emperor really is in Siesta, could I ask him for an autograph? Hopefully it doesn't violate company regulations or anything...... T T
Texas It probably wouldn't hurt to ask......
Mousse@Dessert Apprentice He's probably my favorite artist after Miss Sora! His songs are really fun to listen to, but their lyrics are also really deep...
Vanilla Eh, Mousse...?
How do I say this... if feels kinda out of character coming from you?
Dobermann Seems pretty normal to me. I'm also a big fan.
Texas ...Maybe I need to change the way I look at you guys.
#4: A bunch of people always get arrested at the Obsidian Festival and end up permanently denied entry. Too bad for them.
Popukar@A6's biggest fan What's this hip-hop stuff anyway? It sounds super upbeat~
Catapult@Pay for my dinner pls It's when everyone gets hippity hoppity together.
Popukar@A6's biggest fan How about rap then?
Catapult@Pay for my dinner pls It's talking to a tune. Simple, right?
Popukar@A6's biggest fan Ohh~ I get it now. How about when you make a scary face and stick your tongue out to the beat? Is that also rap?
Catapult@Pay for my dinner pls That's right. Finally, you have to tack something on the end, like "Call this number right now for the low price of $4.99 a minute!" or something like that
Mousse@Dessert Apprentice Th-that's totally wrong...... T T
Orchid Catapult! Stop feeding nonsense to Popukar!
#5: Do you know how many rappers are there in Columbia?
SherlockHonks #Emperor Actually, I'm currently gathering more information about Emperor. Any good-willed people out there willing to sit down with me to tell me some more about his background?
LeaderOne Well, you should know that he's as controversial as he is popular.
While everyone knows he's a rapper, they might not be aware that he also produces his own music. As a matter of fact, a lot of rappers have to rely on selling their own beats to get off the ground. There are some talented individuals who'll make a name for themselves designing shoes or making games though.
Exusiai Of course, he was also no stranger to making diss tracks. He once wrote a really subtle takedown of Columbia's infamous rapper, 6060. Although I have no idea what kind of bad blood those two have xD
In addition, rap has become one of the most popular genres in Columbian. Outside of Emperor's circles, I hear that there are many Liberi, and even Savrans, who have become rappers.
Croissant@DM me for business Does that mean there might be a chance for Rangers to make a debut?
Rangers That would greatly trouble this old man.