Operation story: CB-4

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Lungmen City Night
Lungmen Back Alley
PL Safehouse
Lungmen Highway
Lungmen Park

Before operation

The lost Bison manages to trace a small road back to the park with Sora's help, where he finds the members of Penguin Logistics interrogating the Mafia. However, a slip of the hand results in the hostage getting blasted sky-high, and chaos erupts once more.
<Background 1>
7:59 PM \ Cloudy
Lungmen Aqueduct, Pier
Stranger Now don't go jumping onto any more boats! It's dangerous!
Bison Sorry, it's just, we were...
By the way, you didn't happen to see a Sankta lady around here, did you?
Stranger I didn't see anything. And I don't have time for this. These sweets are for the after party and are you gonna pay me if they turn up late... Oh?
A S– Sankta...
[Bison and the stranger saw someone resembling Mostima...]
Bison Ah! Mostim—
[...but it turns out to be Sora instead.]
Sora Mostima? You know Mostima?
Bison Sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
(This lady sure looks familiar.)
Stranger Ahem. Anyway, I'll let you off this time. But don't go doing anything that dangerous ever again.
Bison S– sorry. I didn't mean to trouble you.
Sora Hm... Forte kid... there was something about a Forte kid... what was it...?
[Sora takes of the candy dangling on Bison's horn.]
Bison Aaah! What are you doing?!
Sora You had some candy on your horn.
Bison Oh, really? I should probably give it back to...
Sora And looking at your horns reminded me of something! They're just like the Mountain Dash Logistics logo!
You're the little prince of MDL, aren't you?
Bison Little... prince...?
<Background 2>
Bison Sora, ma'am, is this really the way back to Texas and the others?
Sora Relax, I know what Texas is thinking at all times. I can see right into her head.
Bison Oh.
...her voice has such a familiar quality to it, but I can't put my finger on it.
Sora "Ma'am," huh? Hehe, I never thought the day would come when young Messengers would be calling me that~ So what's your impression of everybody?
Bison Impression?
<Flashback starts here>
[Bison reminiscences his time with Croissant and Texas at the Penguin Logistics safehouse, and with Emperor and Exusiai during the highway ambush.]
<Flashback ends here>
Bison They're very... um... spirited people.
Sora Ahahaha... I can guess what they must've put you through...
[A child bumps into Sora.]
Sora Oh, sorry!
Child Watch where you're going! Ptoo!
Bison That was clearly your fault—
Child Who asked you? Mind your own business!
Bison You little brat!
Sora Don't worry about it. Let him go.
Bison But he just swiped your wallet—
Sora Hehe, he sure did. But that wallet just had some pumpkin candies inside. See? This is the real one~
You familiar with the old expression "trick or treat"?
Bison He was here just to make trouble, and today's not even... why would you have something like that?
Sora You may not be able to tell at first glance, but Lungmen's been through a lot lately.
Sauin candles aren't bright enough to light up all the dark corners of this city, and those kids don't exactly have it easy.
But hey, it's just something I came up with. Not bad, huh?
Bison What if he grabbed my wallet instead...?
Sora Should be right up ahead.
<Background 5>
Bison Isn't this... the park from before? Did we just make a big circle?
Sora See? Here they are.
<Background fades out and in>
Mafioso Mmmh! Mmff mff!
Exusiai Listen, if you don't talk, I'm gonna have to light this fuse.
Croissant Yer lips better start flappin', kiddo. These fireworks'll blow ya sky high.
Texas ...You forgot to take the tape off his mouth.
Exusiai Oh, right. Haha.
[Exusiai ungags the captive mafioso.]
Mafioso ———!!
You crazy broads! Do you have any idea who we are?
Texas ...the Siracusan Mafia.
Mafioso Urk, T– Texas...? Don't think we're scared of you!
Exusiai Oh we know you're not scared. Why else would you blow up all the boss's collectibles. A bomb in a candy box, though? That's kids' stuff.
Mafioso ...what are you talking about?
Exusiai Huh?
Mafioso I don't know nothin' about no candy box. But if our capo did up a bomb, you'd all be in pieces— Mmmf! Mmmh!
Exusiai This guy sure is full of himself. Let's blast him.
Texas Patience, Exusiai. Let him talk.
Mafioso *Gasp*—Hah. Ain't you the least bit curious why Lungmen's lettin' us get away with all this?
Exusiai Not really. As long as we go down to the station once a month to pay our property damage fines, they pretty much let us do whatever too.
Mafioso Gah...
Croissant C'mon, Exu, let the feller say his piece.
Mafioso Just look at you broads...!
We got the big man's OK to do whatever we want to Penguin Logistics, right from the real power in Lungmen. You know what that means, don't you?
Exusiai We're a legitimate logistics business? And a pretty good one at that?
Texas Then why do we always end up... You know what? Forget it.
Who's "the big man" you're talking about?
Exusiai It sounds really pretentious. Super gross.
Mafioso Don't play dumb! The Rat King's
Sora Hey! Texas! And the rest!
Exusiai Oh, Sora! What's up~
Croissant How about that. She wrangled Bison too.
Sora Hehe, I ran into this lost little calf on my way over, I thought I'd bring him along.
Bison Um... what are you doing? And where's Mr. Emperor?
Exusiai The boss went somewhere to do something.
Texas You didn't run into anyone else, Sora?
Sora Hm? I don't... think... so.
Exusiai Huh? Do I have something on my face?
Sora N- no. Anyway, Bison filled me in on the whole story. Where do we go from here?
Exusiai First we get some more answers from our little buddy, then we formulate an appropriate... response.
Bison Wait, Exusiai, do you mean...
I actually ran into Mostima back there. But then I lost her.
Erm, I mean, after we shook the mobsters, she—
Exusiai ...don't worry about her. That's just how she is. Vanishing years at a time.
Bison ...years?
Croissant Tell ya the truth, I barely seen heads or tails of her since they hired me.
Sora Ahaha, let's not get Exusiai too riled up...
Bison This is all very... unorthodox.
Texas She's a special kind of Messenger.
Contractually, she works for the boss, but more often Laterano has her—
Exusiai ......
Texas —Exusiai, watch your match.
Exusiai Huh? Oops.
[The captive mafioso is gagged again.]
Mafioso MMMMH! MMF—!!
Croissant Darn it, looks like we're outta time. But that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Mafioso MMMMMNG!!!!!
[The captive mafioso turns out to be strapped into fireworks – a lot of fireworks – which sends him up high the sky, his last screams as the fireworks explode up above alerted the other mafiosi in the premises.]
Mafioso Heyo, that sounded like Fronzo! And it didn't sound good!
Let's get over there!
Exusiai So they really can send a person flying. These fireworks are something else.
Texas We've got company. Six and three o'clock.

After operation

Penguin Logistics splits off into groups but forget about Bison, who then has to chase after the others on a bicycle. Gambino and Capone get into an argument after failing again.
<Background 5>
Passerby A Woah, are they shooting a movie or something?
Passerby B Aren't those the Penguin Logistics people? They're fighting again?
Give 'em a left hook! Now right! C'mon! Yeah!
Passerby A They always win every fight. It's boring.
Passerby B Yeah. Hey, you mooks in black, don't lose too bad!
[Exusiai opens fire at the mafiosi.]
Exusiai Ugh, it's such a pain when you can't use live ammo.
Croissant How many times do we gotta tell ya, no live ammo downtown. Exusiai, behind ya!
[Croissant protects Exusiai from a mafioso attempting to attack her from the rear.]
Exusiai Eep! That was close~ Thanks, Croissant.
Bison Does this never end?! Texas!
Texas Right... Sora with me, Exusiai with Croissant, divide and conquer. To the ends of the earth.
Bison ...what?
Sora Aweso... I mean, affirmative.
Exusiai Oh~ cut 'em in two, huh? No problem. That's my specialty!
Croissant You might play it a bit safer, Exusiai. Our damage bill's gettin' mighty long...
Hold on, what does "to the ends of the earth" mean there?
Texas We regroup in an hour.
Bison What does it mean?!
Sora But how do we fight our way out?
Exusiai I've got an idea...
Mafioso Wh– what the hell are you doing?! I ain't scared of you, angel girl!
[Exusiai knocks the mafioso off their motorcycle, "borrowing" it...]
Exusiai Hop on, Croissant! This bike's pretty sweet, huh?
[...and starts the engines.]
Croissant You got it! Let's ride!
Texas Hijacking? Good idea.
Alright, you're up.
Mafioso Stay back, friggin' wolf.. You... Aieee! Not in the face! Fine, take the bike!
[Texas knocks the mafioso off the motorcycle and "borrows" it.]
Texas Get on, Sora.
Sora Y- yeah okay!
Texas Hold on tight. I can't let Exusiai outrun me.
Sora You could maybe, maybe go a little slower—
[The P.L. crew leaves with the "borrowed" motorcycles, but in their haste, Bison is left behind.]
Bison Then I guess...
Mafioso ......
Bison ......
Mafioso They left this kid behind?
Sounds good to me. Let's get him!
Bison What are these guys thinking?!
Darn it...! I need a vehicle!
Passerby A Hey, you looking for a bike? I could lend you one.
Bison A bicycle?
Well, beggars can't be choosers. Thanks!
[Bison uses the bicycle to catch up with the P.L. crew.]
Passerby A Go get 'em!
Mafioso That was a pretty bold thing you did there. Helping out Penguin Logistics...
Passerby A You guys got wheels. You should be able to catch him.
Mafioso You...
[Capone appears...]
Capone Leave it. Don't mess with the civilians. Don't wanna get us in trouble.
Mafioso S– sorry. After him! Everybody get after him!
Capone Hmph...
[...with Gambino following after the mafiosi goes to pursue Bison.]
Gambino "Kidnap Bison, split Penguin Logistics and MDL, rub out Emperor," that was your great plan.
Capone Our goal is to take their place. No need to bury those idiots. I think you can do the math on this one?
Gambino Texas, she's Texas. Then you got the Laterano girl and the MDL princeling. You think we can leave 'em breathing and still sleep at night?
We gotta salt the earth here.
Capone That's a good way to get a lot of eyes on us. We ain't the only seat at this table.
Gambino Hah! You scared?
Capone Gotta know when to fold 'em, cazzo.
Gambino Getting down on my hands and knees for the Rat King was as low as I'm ever gonna go. All this time in Lungmen's turned you coward. Scared of your own damned tail.
You done a lot for the Family, but you're lucky I ain't kicked you to the curb yet.
Capone You do what you gotta do. We can come back to that one.
Gambino Damn right. Now I gotta deal with Penguin Logistics my way.
A stiff can't come back and bite you in the ass, capiche?[note 1]
Capone ...you do it your way. But I'm just gonna warn you one last time: this ain't Siracusa. We're in Lungmen now.
Gambino And it's after we blew it in Siracusa that I realized: we don't pass up an opportunity. We're not gonna compromise, negotiate, and fall into another trap.
We're gonna use everything we got to totally wipe out the competition.
We're gonna do this the old way, like the true Sicilians we are.
[Gambino leaves.]
Capone ......
Right. The Family don't need cowards... the Family don't need rubes.
Send some guys into the slums to find the Rat King. Let him know the deal's changed.
Mafioso Mr. Capone, you know if we can't get the Rat King to see sense...
Capone Listen, if we're gonna do business in Lungmen, can we really let a rat hang over our heads the whole time?
We gotta do something about him sooner or later.
Go down this list of Lungmenites we know have some connection to the Rat King.
Mafioso Alright.
Capone We don't have a lotta time here. I need results tonight. Get going.
[The mafioso leaves.]
Capone Did I do anything with all these years in Lungmen...?
You screwed up, Gambino Ricci. Really screwed the pooch.


  1. "Understand?" in Italian