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The Snowpriests (ᛊᚾᛃᛟᚹᚨᚷᛁᛞᛃᚢᚱ; Snjovagydjur) are a group of the namesake in the world of Arknights. They are a band of Samifjod shamans/shamanka who are the leading chieftains of many Sami tribes.


The tradition of the Snowpriests began from the tale of Ammatalus in which Amma, the matron ancestral spirit, taught the first humans the way of divination through natural signs. When the Cyclopes migrated to Sami, the Snowpriests learnt how to read from signs of tree barks later known as the Foldartals.

The Snowpriests' sole purpose is to keep the Andskotarnir, a.k.a. the Collapsals, at bay in the Infy Icefield through their sacrifices and altars born from their unique Arts. However, this often comes at great cost as their sanity may eventually be shattered by the demons' influence, turning them into such abominations as the Frozen Monstrosity.[1]

As religious leaders, the Snowpriests are responsible for many religious affairs from caring for the tribal sacred trees to divination for the tribesmen. By directly communicating with the "Samivilinn," the Snowpriests are able to prophesy the future, many of which are nearly accurate. Such allows the Snowpriests to quickly respond in the event of arriving Catastrophes and organize the tribesmen for quick evacuation.

When many Snowpriests receive the same oracle spontaneously, they will quickly gather together to form a Snowpriest assembly, the only event when chieftains of Sami could voice out their opinions to a body resembling a central government. Both the assembly's location and the topics of the discussion are undisclosed, but usually the result is often mass migration of many Sami tribes which usually head towards the south. Foreigners often perceive such assembly as a response to an arriving Catastrophe, but in reality, it is a response to evacuate the tribesmen from the corruption of the Andskotarnir.[2]

The Snowpriests' influences are so strong that their presence can be found in every aspect of daily lives. A tribe without a Snowpriest is even considered to be doomed to be disbanded as they are unable to foretell Catastrophes.[3] Due to their enormous role as frontline guardians of Terra's civilization, many Snowpriests are extremely hostile against foreigners, especially those who attempt to explore the furthest north of Sami.


Santalla icon.png

Eikthyrnir icon.png
Eikthyrnir has passed away due to the Collapsal corruption after the pursuit of the "Black Mark", and Santalla takes his place after that as a qualified Snowpriest candidate.


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