Episode 01

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The first episode of Arknights' Main Theme is titled Evil Time Part 2.


Episode 01: Evil Time Part 2

Wrathful Calamity

The Catastrophe destroying the city of Chernobog

As Rhodes Island passes through the Reunion-occupied Chernobog, they notice something strange with their surroundings. They could sense a metallic smell in the air, and the sky getting abnormally darker—signs of an imminent Catastrophe. Not only does it bring terror to the rescue team and the refugees, it destroys much of the city. It also spreads Oripathy, an incurable disease caused by the mineral that these disasters leave behind. Chernobog has now become a living hell.

For the R.I. rescue team, however, there is something worse than the Catastrophe. Standing in front of them are numerous skilled fighters and their leader: Talulah of Reunion. As a fierce Draco, her blazing Flame Arts could easily melt the surrounding buildings. As she pours her wrath onto the rescue team, she haughtily proclaims that their goal was fulfilled the moment the Catastrophe struck the city. All she wants to see is the common folks suffer the disease that the Infected have been bearing for ages.

Ends Justify the Means

The wrath of Reunion burning down the city mercilessly

Even though Nearl charges forward to deal with the Draco, it's futile. Her flame easily suppresses the light of the Radiant Knight. If Amiya had not unleashed her Arts, Talulah's flame would have consumed Nearl. When everything seems hopeless, Ace steps out to buy some time for the team. Their separation is tearful as Amiya watches the Pythia man stand firm with his shield to block Talulah's flames. In the end, only Ace and Guard survive the wrath. After binding Guard's wound and dealing with his own broken arm, Ace carries on to face Talulah alone. He hasn't returned since.

When the rescue team arrives at the outskirts of Chernobog to wait for their eponymous landship, they encounter a band of Sarkaz mercenaries led by the enigmatic W. She recognizes both the Doctor and Amiya, though she allows them to leave her past with them. While the rescue team is puzzled by her actions, they immediately leave Chernobog and finally return to base. Though their sacrifice was immeasurable, the rescue operation was a success.


Harder operations are in orange-red; operations with fixed squads are in dark gray.

All operations are worth 25 Originite Prime icon.png.