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Credit is a currency in Arknights.

Item description
A token of friendship. Can be used to exchange items from the Store.

Credit holds communities together and stands as a symbol of social stability. Sometimes it's even more valuable than money, so do please cherish it.


A symbol of cooperation between Arknights players, Credit are used for purchasing items in the Credit Store, including the Operators Courier, Dur-nar, and Gavial.

Note: Every day, the player's Credit will be reset to 300 if they have more than that amount; any excess Credit will be lost. Be sure to spend Credits to keep it at 300 or lower before the day ends.


Support Unit

30 Credit icon.png will be awarded when the player uses any of their friends' Support Unit. If the player's Support Unit is used by someone else, 20 Credit icon.png will be awarded. Both are only given once in a day.


The player can claim Credits daily from the Credit Store with the amount based on the Ambience of Dormitories they have, up to 50 Credit icon.png for each Dormitory (so with all four Dormitories build, fully upgraded, and at maximum Ambience, the player can claim 200 Credit icon.png every day).

Reception Room

  • Whenever a new clue is found or the player delivers one to their friend, the player will be awarded with 20 Credit icon.png for each.
  • Receiving clues delivered by friends award 15 Credit icon.png for the first, 10 Credit icon.png for the second, and 5 Credit icon.png for the third (maximum 30 Credit icon.png per day).
  • Visiting a friend who have a Clue Exchange session active awards 30 Credit icon.png, up to 10 visits per day (maximum 300 Credit icon.png per day).
  • When the player's Clue Exchange session ends, they will receive 210 Credit icon.png regardless of the number of friends visiting them.
  • Recycling clues award 5 Credit icon.png each.


For new players, it is recommended to prioritize buying Operators whenever possible so that the 10th slot could be materials for Operator's development. After that, it is best to spend Credits on items that are on discount to save some of the Credits for other items.