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Clues are an element of the Reception Room, part of the Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex, in Arknights.

Basically a valuable piece of intelligence relating to a faction, clues can be acquired by assigning Operators to the Reception Room, who will acquire one after a certain time has passed, which can be sped up if the assigned Operator(s) have base skills related to the Reception Room. Additionally, a clue is given every 24 hours (04:00 AM UTC-7), but this one cannot be stacked and the player must have assigned at least one Operator in the Reception Room to receive it. The player can have up to 10 clues at a time; once this limit is reached, the clue generation will be paused until any of the clues are removed.

Normally the received clue is selected at random, but certain Operators' base skills can increase the odds of receiving the clue from a specific faction. Receiving a clue awards 20 Credit icon.png and they can be placed on the Reception Room; once the seven different clues are placed, the player can initiate a Clue Exchange for the next 24 hours, during which friends who visited the player's Reception Room will receive 30 Credit icon.png and the player themselves will receive 210 Credit icon.png at the end of a Clue Exchange.

Excess clues can be given to friends, awarding 20 Credit icon.png for the player and up to 30 Credit icon.png every day for the receiver (15 Credit icon.png for the first, 10 Credit icon.png for the second, and 5 Credit icon.png for the third). Clues received this way are not counted towards the clue limit, but will expire if not used after 10 days and cannot be given to other friends.

The player's own clues (i.e. those not received from friends) can also be recycled for 5 Credit icon.png.

Below is the list of clues and which Operators are capable of improving the likelihood of their discovery:

# Clue Operator(s)
1 Rhine Lab
Mountain icon.png
Saria icon.png
2 Penguin Logistics
May icon.png
Mostima icon.png
3 Blacksteel Worldwide
Franka icon.png
Jessica icon.png
Mountain icon.png
4 Ursus Student Self-Governing Group
Absinthe icon.png
Istina icon.png
5 Glasgow
Breeze icon.png
Heidi icon.png
Indra icon.png
Quercus icon.png
6 Karlan Trade
Courier icon.png
Kjera icon.png
7 Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals
Angelina icon.png
Elysium icon.png

Clue search speed is influenced by the following:

  • Operators that are not distracted (have >0 morale): +5%
  • Total Ambience of Dormitories
    • 2000 ~ 2999: +5%
    • 3000 ~ 3999: +10%
    • 4000 ~ 20000: +15%
  • Reception Room Level
    • 1: +7%
    • 2: +9%
    • 3: +11%
  • Operator rarity
  • Operator promotion
    • Elite 1: +8%
    • Elite 2: +16%

This means that 12F (whose total clue search rate increase is +25%) has the same searching speed as an Elite 2 5★ Operator and 1% less than an Elite 2 6★ Operator without base skills related to the Reception Room.


  • For unknown reasons, Clue No. 7 is the most commonly-received one by default when searching in the Reception Room. This results in many players having and giving each other Clue 7 and only Clue 7, since that's all they've got, while others are a relative rarity by comparison.
    • The meme "Clue 7" has been acknowledged in the 12th episode of Closure's Secret Files, where Closure and the Doctor look through the clues collected in the Reception Room, only to find that all of them are Clue 7.