A Flurry to the Flame

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This event has been released in the Global server of Arknights.
As such, the content of this page and the related subpages have been archived.
Until confirmed to be otherwise, the contents of this collaboration/crossover event will neither be added to Record Restoration nor the Archives and the Terminal.

A Flurry to the Flame (CF)[note 1] is the thirtieth major event and twenty-first Side Story in Arknights that also acts as a crossover with Monster Hunter.


Clear 1-10 to access CF operations.

Soubo MountainsCF-ST-1CF-1CF-TR-1CF-2CF-3CF-4CF-ST-2CF-5CF-6CF-7CF-8CF-9CF-ST-3
Commeowsion CounterCF-EX-1CF-EX-2CF-EX-3CF-EX-4CF-EX-5CF-EX-6CF-EX-7CF-EX-8CF-S-1
Additional information
  • Commeowsion Counter operations are available from the second week.
  • All CF operations are worth 31 Originite Prime icon.png.

Hunting Tools

CF operations feature four Hunting Tools: unique deployable devices based off various tools in Monster Hunter (see their respective Trivia section for more information) that can be used to immensely help the player in various ways. They are unlocked by clearing certain CF operations, but the player can only use two different Hunting Tools in each CF operation at a time, chosen before starting the operation.

Hunting Tools' count varies with the operation; refer to the respective CF operation's additional information for details.

Hunting Tool Use
Flash Grenade full.png
Throws the namesake several tiles ahead, Stunning enemies looking at the blast and causing certain enemies to be dazed and weakened. Unlocked by clearing CF-5.
High-Energy Originium Barrel Bomb full.png
Deal heavy Arts damage to the surroundings upon detonation at the player's discretion, which will also detonate other Barrel Bombs nearby. Unlocked by clearing CF-7.
High-Voltage Shock Trap full.png
Stuns the enemy that moves over it once armed. Unlocked by clearing CF-2.
Wiredrone full.png
Relocates an Operator elsewhere without needing to redeploy them. Unlocked by clearing CF-3.


[Global] Lungmen Commercial District is introduced as the new Rotating Mission in September 11, 2023.



EN CF Sharpened by Flame.png

The Sharpened by Flame limited crossover headhunting banner is featured.


Every day during the event, the player can eat one of the five following meals at the cost of 200 LMD icon.png, restoring 20 Sanity icon.png and awards additional Melding Materials upon clearing a CF operation for the first time after eating the meal.

Meal Effects
Cozy Village Cuisine.png
Cozy Village Cuisine
First event stage cleared after this meal rewards 30 Bone Fragments
Signature handrolled redfin belly sushi, plus a hearty bowl of mushroom tofu soup, sashimi and an embarrassment of fried and roasted delicacies. Even the highest-class restaurants would be hard-pressed to serve such sumptuous Higashinese cuisine.
Sizzle-Bang BBQ.png
Sizzle-Bang BBQ
First event stage cleared after this meal rewards 20 Originium Slug Shells
Piping hot dranikis stuffed with sausage and paired with an okroshka made with a secret recipe, complete with oatmeal bread and served in classic Ursus-sized portions.
Nummy & Nutritious.png
Nummy & Nutritious
First event stage cleared after this meal rewards 12 Sharp Oxmane Fangs
Juicy and tender pan-fried fowlbeast meat matched with a salad and multigrain rice for a perfectly balanced meal. Have a big swig of that cabbage juice: the healthier you eat, the healthier you'll be.
Superfine Surprise.png
Superfine Surprise
First event stage cleared after this meal rewards 6 Thick Direswine Hide
Fin tripe stewed in a clear broth with fried noodles, topped with salted fowlbeast and crystal dumplings. Please savor this five-star homecooked Lungmen cuisine made from the highest quality ingredients.
Peculiar Prosperity.png
Peculiar Prosperity
First event stage cleared after this meal rewards 3 Monster Tears
An extra-large honey biscuit emanating a burnt smell, with a dark brown liquid bubbling from the cracks and accompanied by charcoal-grilled sandworm legs. The chef did not leave their name on the recipe.

Arts Melder

Roka Village Quest Board

The Roka Village Quest Board rewards can be claimed until September 28, 2023.

Expedition Quest

Mission Reward
The Big Forest Cleanup
Client: Elderly Cleaning Enthusiast
Clear CF-1.
The beasts these days are outrageous.
I did some sweeping just yesterday, and there's already leaves everywhere.
Hey kid, just get rid of them for me, alright?
Bone Fragments
Noise Control
Client: Insomniac Writer
Clear CF-2.
They're making such a ruckus!
These basorobeasts keep knocking on the trees around my house in the middle of the night.
Get rid of them so I can hand in my manuscripts in time!
Bone Fragments
Dreams of Balloons
Client: Anxious Hobbyist Craftsman
Clear CF-4.
My balloons were punctured by the Serrant Fowlbeasts again...
I can't let them destroy my dreams of flying to the skies!
You! Surely you know what to do next!
Terra Research Commission icon.png
Originium Slug Shell
Ragged Clothes
Client: Furious Fashion Model
Clear CF-7.
Hear me out! I was trying on my new clothes over there.
But a Haribeast suddenly appeared and left my clothes in tatters!
You can get rid of those nasty beasts for me, right?
Sharp Oxmane Fangs
Courageous Valiant
Client: Village Headman Ataru Takii
Clear CF-9 with 3 stars.
The road ahead is blazing hot, but still you stand firm and ready.
With this courage, you will surely be able to overcome all your enemies.
We await your triumphant return.
Module Data Block
Sharp Oxmane Fangs
Data Disturbance
Client: Frustrated Geology Student
Clear CF-EX-1.
The tremors in the forest keep interfering with my seismic data monitoring.
I'll never finish my thesis at this rate...
Help me out! I really want to graduate!
Bone Fragments
Test Subject
Client: Tech Company Representative
Clear CF-EX-3.
Hello, this is a commission designated for you.
We hope you can survive a collision while wearing our latest equipment.
Please rest assured, for the equipment is insured.
Bone Fragments
Fear Of Heights
Client: Apprehensive Woman
Clear CF-EX-4.
Look at how high those fowlbeasts can fly...
I'm afraid they'll plummet to the ground, or maybe they're scared of heights.
Not letting them fly anymore would be a kindness.
Bone Fragments
What Is Strength For?
Client: Returnee Hunter
Clear CF-EX-6.
I admit you have some skills.
But to be strong, one must overcome even tougher challenges.
Complete this commission, and you'll have my approval.
Originium Slug Shell
A Request For Lessons
Client: Kazuya
Clear CF-EX-8 with 3 stars.
The combat skills of a hunter are too much for me...
But to become one, I mustn't give up here!
Can you show me again how a real hunter fights?
Originium Slug Shell

Hunting Quest

Mission Reward
Freshly Fried Hornbeasts
Client: Off-Duty Miner
Clear CF-3 after defeating at least 1 Hornbeast.
Ah...I really want to eat it...
That piping-hot, tender and succulent hornbeast steak.
Please, I beg you! Let me have a taste once more!
Bone Fragments
When Life Hits You Hard
Client: Sturdy Strongman
Clear CF-5 after blocking charging Direswines at least 2 times.
Oh, life has no way of stopping these sturdy muscles from colliding with each other.
I hear the Direswine is the best at this.
Quickly, you must experience its heart-thumping charge in my stead!
Module Data Block
Originium Slug Shell
No Blink Challenge
Client: Excited Livestreamer
Clear CF-6 after grounding at least 2 Serrant Fowlbeasts with Flash Grenades.
As a fan of mine, you must surely be aware of my latest series—
The No Blink Challenge! The challenger is... a Serrant Fowlbeast!
Gaze straight into that dazzling light, and I will be the last one standing!
Originium Slug Shell
Cunning Tactics
Client: Young Hardcore Gamer
Clear CF-8 after defeating at least 1 Cautelotaur.
Cautelotaurs are so good at blocking enemy attacks, how exactly do they do it?
If I can learn their tactics, I'll definitely improve at tower defense games.
Study them well, and teach it to me after.
Sharp Oxmane Fangs
A Fervent Symphony
Client: Passionate Conductor
Clear CF-EX-2 after defeating at least 30 Pyric Originium Slugs.
The notes dance in a beautiful, omni-directional, and fiery movement.
This melody... is exclusive to the Pyric Originium Slug.
Please allow me another listen.
Bone Fragments
Let's See Who Is Stronger!
Client: Hard-Headed Villager
Clear CF-EX-5 after defeating at least 4 Gravorobeasts.
Hey, you must have heard of me and my famously hard head.
People say the Gravorobeasts have a much thicker skull, but I don't believe it!
Can you figure out a way to let me fight one?
Originium Slug Shell
Military Bionicist
Client: Silent Weapon Designer
Clear CF-EX-7 after defeating at least 1 Rainer Haribeast.
The spikes of the Rainer Haribeast are uniquely shaped and extremely lethal.
Figuring out a way to use them in weapon designs will ensure a steady supply of orders.
Get me some, and I'll compensate you fairly.
Originium Slug Shell
Altitude Limit
Client: Amateur Skydiver
Use Flash Grenades to ground 10 aerial enemies in CF operations.
The highest altitude record I managed to reach after all my hard work...
was so easily smashed by those flying beasts!
They've made a mockery of me! I demand vengeance!
Bone Fragments
A Study On Weaknesses
Client: Careful Biology Student
Deal a total of 200,000 damage by attacking enemies on their respective weak spots in CF operations.
My research is solely on the beasts' weaknesses.
If you give me enough data, I'll cite you as thanks in my paper.
Damn it, I have to graduate before that geologist does!
Bone Fragments

Gathering Quest

Mission Reward
Fragments of Growth
Client: Anonymous Collector
Collect 200 Bone Fragments.
Please collect enough of Bone Fragments,
for only I understand the meaning of life contained in them.
Of course, I will let you know too.
Bone Fragments
Life-enhancing Shells
Client: Anonymous Collector
Collect 200 Originium Slug Shells.
Please collect enough of Originium Slug Shells,
for only I understand the meaning of life contained in them.
Of course, I will let you know too.
Originium Slug Shell
Fangs of Predation
Client: Anonymous Collector
Collect 200 Sharp Oxmane Fangs.
Please collect enough of Sharp Oxmane Fangs,
for only I understand the meaning of life contained in them.
Of course, I will let you know too.
Sharp Oxmane Fangs
Adaptive Hides
Client: Anonymous Collector
Collect 100 Thick Direswine Hides.
Please collect enough of Thick Direswine Hide,
for only I understand the meaning of life contained in them.
Of course, I will let you know too.
Thick Direswine Hide
Tears of Life
Client: Anonymous Collector
Collect 80 "Monster Tears".
Please collect enough of "Monster Tears",
for only I understand the meaning of life contained in them.
Of course, I will let you know too.
"Monster Tears"

Surpriseful Supplications

EN CF Surpriseful Supplications.png

Until September 21, 2023, login to Arknights to claim various rewards by flipping Prayer Plaques.

Each day, the player can flip one Plaque with a chance to get a "Lucky Flip", which is guaranteed in the next day if the player do not get it. The rewards are pre-determined by each Plaque but in random order, and once all Plaques are flipped, the player will be awarded with a Collaboration Limited Ten-roll Headhunting Permit.png Collaboration Limited Ten-roll Headhunting Permit and Soubo Impressions profile.png "Soubo Impressions".

Note that all unused flip chances do not stack, so they must be used before the daily reset!

Open Flame BBQ Spit.png
Tough Alloy Supply Box.png
Module Data Block
Data Supplement Stick
Chip Catalyst
Strategic Battle Record
Frontline Battle Record
Skill Summary - 3
Pure Gold
Expedited Plan
Recruitment Permit
Furniture Part
Emergency Sanity Concentrate
Emergency Sanity Concentrate


EN CF Packs Store.png
EN CF Sharpened by Flame Chip Pack.png

The following packs are available in the Packs Store:

Pack Content Price
Roka Voyager Memorial Pack
Roka Voyager Memorial Pack.png
Fireseeking Leaves profile.png
Sharpened by Flame Chip Pack
Sharpened by Flame Chip Pack.png
Specialist Dualchip
Specialist Chip
Skill Summary - 3
Skill Summary - 2
Skill Summary - 1
Soubo Mountains Research Pack
Soubo Mountains Research Pack.png
Originite Prime
Headhunting Permit
Keton Colloid
Crystalline Component
Village Construction Funding Box
Village Construction Funding Box.png
Originite Prime
Hunters Expedition Pack
Hunters Expedition Pack.png
Originite Prime
Ten-roll Headhunting Permit
Strategic Battle Record
Data Supplement Stick
Additional information
  • The Sharpened by Flame Chip Pack is available until September 21, 2023, while the other packs are available until September 28, 2023.
  • All packs can only be purchased once per account.


EN CF New Outfits 1.png
EN CF New Outfits 2.png
EN CF Rerun Outfits.png

The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:

Fly Into the Street cannot be obtained by using Outfit Voucher.png Outfit Voucher.


EN CF Momiji Hotel.png

The Momiji Hotel furniture theme is available; some of its parts are available at the Arts Melder while others are available at the Furniture Store.


Operator Records/Paradox Simulations

New Operator Records and Paradox Simulations added for the following Operators:

Operator Operator Record(s) Paradox Simulation
The Face of a Wall Marksmanship Mentoring
Fallen Inktrails To Write Of Sorrow
A Dilemma of Values Efficient Pest Control
An Ordinary Sunset Protection


New CVs added for the following Operators:
Operator(s) CN CV EN CV KR CV
Monica Rial
Lu Xiaotong (credited as "Thea" in EN)
Kwak Gyu-mi
Wang Xiaotong (credited as "Cheddar" in EN)
Esther Won
Cristina Vee
Paul Herzberg Si Young-jun
Ashlyn Madden
Sun Yuting (credited as "Tin" in EN)
Yuuki Luna (replaces Rebecca LaChance)
siro (credited as "Wei Chen" in EN)
Haviland Stillwell
Yeo Yoon-mi
Kim Ye-rim
Lee Sae-ah
Zhou Yihan
Lee Myung-hwa
Bang Si-woo
Ga Bin
Elizabeth Maxwell
Lee Seul
Choi Nak-yoon
Seo Da-hye
Anne Yatco
Park Ju-kwang
Zhengwu Wenjie (credited as "Javen Zheng" in EN)
Yinzi Baobao (credited as "Gin" in EN)
Park Yi-seo
Hong Su-jeong
Melissa Medina


  1. From the original title, Leaves Chasing Fire; see Trivia
  2. With the sole exception to Enforcer's, as his Module Mission requires him to be deployed in a GA-EX-1 and Guide Ahead Rerun succeeds CF in Global instead of preceding it like in CN.