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The Terminal, formerly known as Combat, is one of the interface menus in Arknights.

Before A Walk in the Dust, the Combat menu displayed the Main Theme episodes along with daily/chip operations, Annihilation, the current active event, and Contingency Contract in a rather simplistic way.

From WD onwards, the Combat menu has been reworked into the Terminal, which first shows the active event, Main Theme progress, current/total weekly Orundum.png Orundum from Annihilation, and other incomplete tasks that the player should be interested in, such as Contingency Contract dailies. It also divides the Main Theme episodes into story arcs to simplify and future-proof navigation of the episodes as they are added (see the Main Theme article for more information). Other changes include daily and chip operations being merged into a single Supply operations menu and a button to quickly return to the most recent operation completed.

The Terminal also allows operations from past major events, grouped into Intermezzi and Side Stories, to be replayed, though with some differences (see Operation/Event for more information). An event's operations will only be added into the Terminal provided that the event has been released after the rework (WD onwards) or the event was before the rework and has already received a rerun (Who is Real and prior). The event operations are unlocked by participating in the event, whether during the original run or rerun, or spending Event Crystal.png Event Crystal if the player has not participated in the event whatsoever.

As of Dossoles Holiday, the terminal received another update, which changes the current event to overtake the left side of the Terminal when it is running, replacing the empty space with the event's key art and more visual flair. The Record Restoration feature for major events has also been integrated to the Terminal.