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A list of headhunting banners in Arknights.

All Operators introduced on a headhunting banner will be available from all future banners after the one they were introduced in ends, with the exception to limited Operators; see below for more information.

Rate-up Operators are those who are more likely to appear than others.

  • When a 6★ or 5★ Operator appears in a pull, there is a 50% chance that said Operator will be the rate-up one(s).
    • In regular Limited banners, the rate-up 6★ Operator(s) have a higher chance of 70% to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull. For Limited banners after the one they were introduced on, the previous limited Operators have a 30% chance to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull.
    • In crossover Limited banners:
      • The rate-up 6★ Operator have a 50% chance to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull as in regular banners, but they are guaranteed to appear in any of the first 120 pulls (i.e. if the rate-up 6★ Operator do not appear after 119 pulls, then they will appear in the 120th pull).
      • If there are two rate-up 5★ Operators, should either appears in a pull, the next (and only the next) 5★ Operator that appears are guaranteed to be the other rate-up 5★ Operator.
  • When a 4★ Operator appears in a pull, there is a 20% chance that said Operator will be the rate-up one(s).

All Standard and Limited banners feature 4★ and higher Operators introduced after Illusions of the Past,[note 1] while the Kernel banner solely features 4★ and higher Operators introduced up until and including Illusions of the Past.[note 1]


Operators available in the Store as part of the Standard Pool and Kernel banners are denoted by yellow names.


Banner/Date Rate-Up Operators
The Front That Was #3
EN The Front That Was 3 banner.png
CN: September 24, 2023–October 8, 2023
Global: April 2, 2024–April 16, 2024
The 6★ Operators that appear in a pull will always be the following:
The following 5★ and 4★ Operators have a 60% and 45% chance, respectively, to be the Operator of the respective rarity that appears in a pull:
Standard Pool #112 (Global)
EN Standard Pool 112 banner.png
April 12, 2024–April 26, 2024
Kernel #11 (Global)
EN Kernel 11 banner.png
April 9, 2024–April 23, 2024


Banner/Date Rate-Up Operators
From Gleams and Smoke I Emerge
CN From Gleams and Smoke I Emerge banner.png
CN: October 8, 2023–October 22, 2023
Global: April 16, 2024–April 30, 2024



Headhunting banners are divided into four categories: Standard, Limited, Kernel, and Newbie Pool.


Standard Pool

Standard Pool banners include the previously introduced Operators and always have two rate-up 6★ Operators and three rate-up 5★ Operators, one from each rarity is available in the Distinctions Store for 180 Distinction Certificate icon.png and 45 Distinction Certificate icon.png, respectively, who can be easily identified by looking at the banner's image: the 6★ Operator is the one who uses their base artwork while the 5★ Operator is the one in the middle of rate-up 5★ Operators. Standard Pool banners are updated every two weeks.

Initially the Global and TW server's Standard Pool rotation follows the CN server's until the third and fourth, which are switched, and differs from the fifth onwards.


Special (officially limited-time, but the Arknights Terra Wiki uses "Special" to avoid confusion with Limited banners, explained below) banners are always up alongside Side Story, most Vignette, and Main Theme episode release events, which includes the Operators introduced in the respective content, always having one new 6★ and 5★ Operator (as well as 4★ on Main Theme ones), and one previously introduced 5★ Operator as the rate-up ones.

Joint Operation

Joint Operation (JO; known as Joint Action in the CN server) banners are always up alongside most Contingency Contract seasons and includes four 6★ Operators and six 5★ Operators as the rate-up ones, all of which are previously introduced ones. Unlike in most other banners, the 6★ and 5★ Operators that appear on a pull in the JO banner will always be the rate-up ones.

The Front That Was

The Front That Was (TFTW) banners always precede Main Theme episode releases since Episode 11 Warm-Up and includes three 6★, 5★, 4★ Operators, all of which are introduced with previous Main Theme episodes with the newest ones replacing the oldest ones, as the rate-up ones. Unlike in other banners:

  • The 6★ Operators that appear on a pull in TFTW banners will always be the rate-up ones.
  • The 5★ and 4★ Operators that appear on a pull in TFTW banners have a 60% and 45% chance, respectively to be the rate-up ones.


Limited banners are named such because they introduce limited Operators and being the only way to add them into the player's Operator roster. They always feature two new 6★ Operators, one of which is the limited one, up to three old limited 6★ Operators of the same series, and one new 5★ Operator as the rate-up ones.

Under this definition, Crossover banners, part of a collaboration event with a non-Arknights media franchise, can also be included as limited headhunting banners. They always feature one new 6★ Operator and at least one new 5★ Operator as the rate-up ones.

Celebrate & Recollect banners are also classified as a limited headhunting banner, but neither introduces nor features limited Operators. Instead, the first (and only the first) 6★ Operator that appears in a pull on said banner will always be a non-limited 6★ Operator that the player do not have yet in their roster up until a certain special headhunting banner (see above); if the player have all the specified 6★ Operator in their roster, then the one that appears will be randomly chosen from the specified ones. Celebrate & Recollect banners are always live prior to Festival events in the Global server or during New Years in the CN server.

Currently limited headhunting banners are divided into three series; note that the release of limited banners in Global follow a different schedule than CN.

Series CN schedule Global schedule
Celebration #1 November Late April ~ early May
Festival February Late July ~ early August
Celebration #2 May Late October ~ early November
Carnival August Around January 16
  • An exception to the scheduling above is Cremation Last Wish, which are released during the 1st Anniversary Celebration on January 2021.

In all limited headhunting banners, the pull count and increased 6★ Operator rate for the pity system are not carried over from non-limited banners, instead tracking them separately including from other limited banners.

When a limited headhunting banner ends, the limited Operator introduced in that banner will be available from future limited banners and the Headhunting Data Contract Store of the matching series except for those on the Celebration banners who will be available from the other next Celebration banner (e.g. Rosmontis is introduced in Forget Me Not and added to Celebration banners in Path of the Radiant rather than Deep Drown Lament), with the sole exception to W.

Contrary to popular belief, once a limited Operator is no longer included in limited banners, they are not removed from the banner altogether, but are as likely as non-limited Operators to appear in a pull on the banner and remains available in the Headhunting Data Contract Store.


Introduced alongside Episode 12, the Kernel banner only feature 4★ and higher Operators that no longer appears in other headhunting banners (see above), which means pulling in this banner is only advisable if the player misses out any Operator in the Kernel banner. They also feature Headhunting Permits that can only be used in Kernel banners: Kernel Headhunting Permit.png Kernel Headhunting Permit and Ten-roll Kernel Headhunting Permit.png Ten-roll Kernel Headhunting Permit, and the pity system is independent from non-Kernel banners.

Instead of awarding Commendation and Distinction Certificates, obtaining Operators from the Kernel Banner awards Universal Certificate.png Universal Certificate, and their Operator Tokens differ from the regular one in which it is exchanged for Universal Certificates.

Like Standard Pool banners (see above), Kernel banners are rotated every two weeks and one of the rate-up 6★ and 5★ Operators (all on the left of Operators on the respective rarity shown in the banner) are available for purchase in the Universal Certificates Exchange Area, costing 2000 Universal Certificate icon.png and 500 Universal Certificate icon.png, respectively.

Kernel Locating

Every ~3 months starting from Lone Trail, which coincides with the weeks after Celebration, Festival, and Carnival events, the Kernel Locating banner will be featured in place of regular Kernel banners, where the player will be able to choose which 6★ and 5★ Operator that would appear as the rate-up ones, including in the Certificate Store. Note that once the rate-up Operators are chosen, they cannot be changed for the rest of the Kernel Locating banner's period, so make your decision wisely.

Newbie Pool

The Newbie Pool banner is always available and has a discounted price of only 380 Orundum icon.png per pull instead of 600 Orundum icon.png, but are limited to 20 pulls for each account; once this limit is reached, the banner can no longer be accessed from the Headhunting menu.

A 6★ and 5★ Operator is guaranteed to appear in the first ten pulls and any of the twenty pulls within the Newbie Pool banner, respectively, which makes it the best choice for new players.

Rate-up Operators
Newbie Pool banner new.png


  1. 1.0 1.1 In the Global server, First Snowfall, Lisa of the Valley, Misty Wild, and Quicksand Vortex are also included since all of them preceded Illusions of the Past instead of succeeding it as in the CN server.