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The Headhunting Permit is a headhunting item in Arknights.

Item description
A permit issued by the Human Resource Department of Rhodes Island. Can be used to recruit an Operator through headhunting companies.

Compared to Rhodes Island, headhunting companies have more contacts and resources. They are probably more capable of finding skilled operators in all fields, which is why the Human Resource Department is willing to pay their exorbitant commissions.

Item description
A special permit from Rhodes Island's HR distribution for recruiting a single kernel talent.

Rhodes Island's expansion is inseparable from the help and support it has received from kernel personnel. This headhunting item will assist the Doctor in recruiting talent within specified bounds.

The following pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Item description
A headhunting permit issued by the Rhodes Island HR Department; Can be used at a certain time to recruit talented Operators, 1 roll at a time.

In order to ensure the available talent pool can be scaled upwards to satisfy the Doctor's emergency preparation request, this batch of headhunting items carries specificity, time-sensitivity, and of course, a degree of risk.


Issued by Rhodes Island's HR branch, this permit allows the player to do one headhunting pull as an alternative to spending 600 Orundum icon.png. Kernel Headhunting Permits can only be used in the Kernel (Locating) Banner, while the regular ones can be used in any banner.

When pulling on a headhunting banner, Headhunting Permit(s) will be used first; only if the player have no Headhunting Permits that they can spent Orundum for the pull.

The Like Ending Like Death Headhunting Permit can only be used in the namesake headhunting banner and will expire in April 25, 2024 (CN) if not used up by then.


  • Two Headhunting Permits are available in the first and second phases of the Commendations Store, each costing 240 Commendation Certificate icon.png and 450 Commendation Certificate icon.png, respectively.
  • Up to 8 Headhunting Permits are available in the Distinctions Store for a total of 68 Distinction Certificate icon.png, with the stock reset every month.
  • One Headhunting Permit is included in the Starter Pack.
  • Up to 5 Headhunting Permits are included in the Enhancement Packs.


  • Up to 8 Headhunting Permits are available in the Distinctions Store and Universal Certificates Exchange Area for a total of 56 Distinction Certificate icon.png and 680 Universal Certificate icon.png, respectively, with the stock reset every month.

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