Recruitment Permit

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The Recruitment Permit is a recruitment item in Arknights.

Item description
A permit issued by the Human Resource Department of Rhodes Island. Can be used to recruit an Operator through public channels.

Our colleagues in the Human Resource Department have to manage a deluge of information each and every day, but they always manage to dig out Rhodes Island's diamonds from the rough.


Issued by Rhodes Island's HR branch, this permit allows the player to recruit one Operator.


  • 15 and 20 Recruitment Permits are available at the first and second phases of the Commendations Store for 8 Commendation Certificate icon.png and 15 Commendation Certificate icon.png, respectively, with the stock reset every month.
  • A Recruitment Permit is sometimes available at the Credit Store for the base price of 160 Credit icon.png.
  • One Recruitment Permit is awarded for completing daily missions except in Saturday and Sunday which awards two Recruitment Permits (for a total of 9 Recruitment Permits per week).
  • Up to 10 Recruitment Permits are awarded for completing weekly missions.
  • Up to 35 Recruitment Permits are included in Enhancement Packs.