Operator Tokens (4★)

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A list of Operator Tokens of 4★ Operators.

Item Tier 4.png
Aciddrop's Token.png
Aciddrop's Token
A brand new skateboard that she gave you as a gift, along with some bandages and disinfectant.
Item Tier 4.png
Ambriel's Token.png
Ambriel's Token
A mirror with exquisite craftsmanship. It is easy to carry, letting you make sure that your hair isn't getting messed up in the heat of battle.
Item Tier 4.png
Arene's Token.png
Arene's Token
A rubber toy bullet. Sankta children keep their own toy guns and fill their pockets with these rubber bullets.
Item Tier 4.png
Beanstalk's Token.png
Beanstalk's Token
An exchange certificate for a pet Metal Crab. After the breeder pledges and stamps, and once the Beanstalk Breeding Company is officially established, this certificate can be exchanged for the adoption of an adorable baby Metal Crab.
Item Tier 4.png
Beehunter's Token.png
Beehunter's Token
A boxing trophy. The named carved on the base is already worn, but the trophy itself still emits a prideful light.
Item Tier 4.png
Bubble's Token.png
Bubble's Token
A stump dug up from outside the city. She doesn't know what to do with it either, but she thought you'd like it, so she dug it up for you.
Item Tier 4.png
Caper's Token.png
Caper's Token
A soft, puffy ball of white fur. She insisted that you accept it. The smug smile on her face gives you a bad feeling, but nothing has happened. Yet.
Item Tier 4.png
Chestnut's Token.png
Chestnut's Token
Due to how hard they are to grow, this cluster of fluorescent subterranean mushrooms remains miniscule. But still, it represents home.
Item Tier 4.png
Click's Token.png
Click's Token
A compact disc full of popular videos produced by Click in recent years. Contains highlights and uncut content, with some entirely unedited videos.
Item Tier 4.png
Courier's Token.png
Courier's Token
A bottle of malt liquor found somewhere far away. Under the sunlight, the golden liquid shines inside the glass bottle.
Item Tier 4.png
Cuora's Token.png
Cuora's Token
A normal baseball bat bearing the illegible autographs of several famous players on it. Maybe, perhaps, those signatures are fake, but the desire to share them is real.
Item Tier 4.png
Cutter's Token.png
Cutter's Token
A hand-carved talisman full of notch marks from when the maker accidentally applied too much force.
Item Tier 4.png
Deepcolor's Token.png
Deepcolor's Token
A freehand fairy tale storybook. The main character, after traveling between life and death, finally steps into the river at the end.
Item Tier 4.png
Dobermann's Token.png
Dobermann's Token
A red pamphlet. It records a tough battle.
Item Tier 4.png
Dur-nar's Token.png
Dur-nar's Token
An abandoned electric blade. One must first understand loss to understand what it means to treasure something.
Item Tier 4.png
Earthspirit's Token.png
Earthspirit's Token
A small piece of weirdly-shaped ore. Put it beside your ear to hear the low sounds of a liquid.
Item Tier 4.png
Estelle's Token.png
Estelle's Token
A stone comb. It feels cool and emits a slight flowery fragrance.
Item Tier 4.png
Ethan's Token.png
Ethan's Token
A metallic yo-yo. Be careful not to hit bystanders when playing with it.
Item Tier 4.png
Frostleaf's Token.png
Frostleaf's Token
A vocabulary book that looks timeworn due to overuse. Detailed marks that look like doodles fill the margins of every page.
Item Tier 4.png
Gavial's Token.png
Gavial's Token
A set of massage tools. They help manage the tiredness from those weird healing Arts.
Item Tier 4.png
Gitano's Token.png
Gitano's Token
A card from a divination deck. Although you already know its meaning, you make your own future.
Item Tier 4.png
Gravel's Token.png
Gravel's Token
A badly worn Kazimierz knight badge. No matter what happened in the past, seizing the here and now is what really matters.
Item Tier 4.png
Greyy's Token.png
Greyy's Token
A delicate LED lamp. Embed 1 Originium Shard and it will shine forever. Let it dispel the anxiety brought by darkness.
Item Tier 4.png
Gummy's Token.png
Gummy's Token
A discount coupon for Gummy's Breakfast Kitchen. Does -100% mean it's free...?
Item Tier 4.png
Haze's Token.png
Haze's Token
A serving spoon. Its companion fork has been hidden inside a book.
Item Tier 4.png
Humus's Token.png
Humus's Token
A stained self-made hammer-drill. Can be used to drill holes and tighten screws, as well as against people when left without a choice.
Item Tier 4.png
Indigo's Token.png
Indigo's Token
A beautiful glowskater. Its faint light can illuminate all throughout the night. By the next day, you're free to let it go.
Item Tier 4.png
Jackie's Token.png
Jackie's Token
A pair of brand new sneakers. She's very, VERY looking forward to working out with you.
Item Tier 4.png
Jaye's Token.png
Jaye's Token
A kitchen knife forged from stainless steel. Probably cost quite a lot of money.
Item Tier 4.png
Jessica's Token.png
Jessica's Token
A photo commemorating Jessica's entry into Blacksteel. It represents the start of a new life.
Item Tier 4.png
Lutonada's Token.png
Lutonada's Token
Item Tier 4.png
Matoimaru's Token.png
Matoimaru's Token
A pair of soft blinders. It's nice to put it on at bedtime.
Item Tier 4.png
Matterhorn's Token.png
Matterhorn's Token
A wooden statue that looks a bit rough. It is lowering its head, which gives a peaceful impression.
Item Tier 4.png
May's Token.png
May's Token
It's not clear where this taser came from. It can be grouped with May's other commonly-used weapons.
Item Tier 4.png
Meteor's Token.png
Meteor's Token
A garland made of twigs that seem to never wither. The forest of Kazimierz is asking in a low voice when its guardian will return.
Item Tier 4.png
Mousse's Token.png
Mousse's Token
An album whose cover is decorated with golden floral patterns. The photos inside record the "kitties" that played with the photographer. Kitties!
Item Tier 4.png
Myrrh's Token.png
Myrrh's Token
A pill made from multiple herbs. It will come in handy when you fall ill. Besides, every pill is carefully coated.
Item Tier 4.png
Myrtle's Token.png
Myrtle's Token
A long rod that she chose herself, but it doesn't seem any different from the stick in her hand. She looks to be pretty satisfied with this gift, even though it doesn't have any particular use.
Item Tier 4.png
Perfumer's Token.png
Perfumer's Token
A double ear vase in the style of the Minos civilization. The owner must regularly replace the old flowers with new ones.
Item Tier 4.png
Pinecone's Token.png
Pinecone's Token
A very heavy toolbag, including a back-up nailgun, many spare parts, and a small figurine she's forgotten in there.
Item Tier 4.png
Podenco's Token.png
Podenco's Token
A pack of flower seeds, capable of transforming your office into a flowery sanctuary. As long as you're not allergic to anything, anywhere can become the Convalescent Garden.
Item Tier 4.png
Pudding's Token.png
Pudding's Token
A plushie named "Pillow." An important friend to Pudding, cleaned and maintained at a frequency far beyond the norm for the average plushie.
Item Tier 4.png
Purestream's Token.png
Purestream's Token
A small bottle of fresh water taken from her hometown that can be worn as decoration. Take it with you – Purestream will be glad to share a portion of her hometown with you.
Item Tier 4.png
Quartz's Token.png
Quartz's Token
A pocket watch from her father. Stopped long ago, but in times when no one is around, you can still hear it "tick-tock, tick-tock."
Item Tier 4.png
Roberta's Token.png
Roberta's Token
A makeup brush of rough craftsmanship. Though it shows signs of age, each brown bristle is clean and very soft.
Item Tier 4.png
Rope's Token.png
Rope's Token
An expensive ornament whose price tag is still on it. Is it really okay to take it...?
Item Tier 4.png
Scavenger's Token.png
Scavenger's Token
Item Tier 4.png
Shaw's Token.png
Shaw's Token
Item Tier 4.png
Shirayuki's Token.png
Shirayuki's Token
A calligraphic work whose ink has not yet dried. It's a blessing for Rhodes Island.
Item Tier 4.png
Sussurro's Token.png
Sussurro's Token
A diary made from soft paper. Whether the words record the past or the future, it will always be there as long as it's recorded, right?
Item Tier 4.png
Totter's Token.png
Totter's Token
A chunk of firewood frozen absolutely solid. Needs a perfunctory baking to remove moisture content before it can be thrown in the furnace.
Item Tier 4.png
Utage's Token.png
Utage's Token
A black box. Inside it is another black box. Inside that is another black box. Inside that is... a manicure set?!
Item Tier 4.png
Verdant's Token.png
Verdant's Token
A stalk of grass one could mistake for a weed at first glance. Holds a special significance to him. A sharp notch has been cut in the grass's blade—don't worry, he's not trying to hurt you.
Item Tier 4.png
Vermeil's Token.png
Vermeil's Token
A pearly-white string of trophies carved from animal, including one from the beast that took her arm.
Item Tier 4.png
Vigna's Token.png
Vigna's Token
An electric guitar for daily practice. A request to take it onto the battlefield was denied.