Iteration Provident

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Iteration Provident
Two Paths, One Goal
So-called "fate" has been recursive from the start, a harmonious reconstruction, a mirror with limitless reflections. And then came you.
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Iteration Provident
Texas the Omertosa Skin 1.png
Model: Texas the Omertosa
Illustrator: 幻象黑兔
Has dynamic artwork
One of Texas the Omertosa's iteration points.
"But Wingbreaker, did you know that behind the seven layers of golden gates remain only shepherds of demons, and nothing more of your old friends?"
Iteration Provident Series/Wingbreaker. Texas the Omertosa's iteration from decision point F/3019226. The hunter shot down the great demon Vermithrax, but was betrayed by the Lone Wolf Emperor and banished to the barrens.
Available from: Outfit Store (21 Originite Prime icon.png) (cannot be acquired with Outfit Voucher)
Release: Zwillingstürme im Herbst
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Iteration Provident/II
Nocturne of Elysia
Blue Poison Skin 2.png
Model: Blue Poison
Illustrator: YUJI
One of Blue Poison's iteration points.
Iteration Provident Series/Nocturne of Elysia. 蓝毒在决策F/3019226中的迭代。在哀律西昂,她是唯一愿为那些剧毒的花木献上歌声的仙子。
Available from: Outfit Store (18 Originite Prime icon.png)
Release (CN): 5th Anniversary Celebration
Red Countess
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Skin 2.png
Has dynamic artwork
Has a special acquisition animation
Changes Skadi the Corrupting Heart's dialogues to special ones
One of Skadi the Corrupting Heart's iteration points.
Iteration Provident Series/Red Countess. 浊心斯卡蒂在决策F/3019226中的迭代。混沌与冲动带来了赤红原野独一的主人。借着这样的情感,她创造出了心爱的造物。
Available from: Outfit Store (24 Originite Prime icon.png) (cannot be acquired with Outfit Voucher)
Release (CN): 5th Anniversary Celebration