Operator gallery: Blue Poison

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Blue Poison.png
An outfit commonly worn by Operators.
While not as practical as a uniform, it's what they find most comfortable.
Elite 2
Blue Poison Elite 2.png
An outfit that has been improved after the Operator's Promotion.
Custom-made to suit each Operator's experiences and needs, these outfits are designed to provide them maximum flexibility on any battlefield. Furthermore, this is all done without compromising the comfort that they've come to expect.
Shoal Beat
Blue Poison Skin 1.png
One of Blue Poison's exercise outfits.
It means a lot to Blue Poison, just because every punch landed feeds back.
MARTHE Sports Line New Arrivals/Shoal Beat. Fitness attire aimed first and foremost at the masses, absorbent and breathable, with strong stretchability. Preorder with full payment to immediately be gifted a random suitcase in a matching color.
Nocturne of Elysia
Blue Poison Skin 2.png
One of Blue Poison's outfits for crucial moments.
Iteration Provident Series/Nocturne of Elysia. 蓝毒在决策F/3019226中的迭代。在哀律西昂,她是唯一愿为那些剧毒的花木献上歌声的仙子。