Operator file: Blue Poison

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Blue Poison's real identity remains unknown and her background a mystery. She is highly skilled at neutralizing targets using toxins.
Now as a sniper with Rhodes Island, she regularly contributes her expertise in toxicology research.
Clinical Analysis
Have at least 25% Trust with Blue Poison
Imaging test for this operator showed clear outline of internal organs without unusual dark spots. No abnormal traces of Originium particles present in her system. No signs of infection, confirming her as uninfected.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%
Operator Blue Poison shows no symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.1u/L
Operator Blue Poison rarely comes into contact with Originium.
Archive File 1
Have at least 50% Trust with Blue Poison
Although her personality is quite lovely, Blue Poison's abilities are in fact as terrifying as the rumors say, which has undoubtedly become a hindrance for her when communicating with other operators. But when she finishes her combat work and quietly undertakes the medical task of curing poison, the sincere, peaceful girl behind her deadly abilities shows through.
The small crossbow she uses has proven to be a powerful long-range weapon, and the tips coated with her toxic serum make a hit even more lethal. However, Blue Poison never lets an enemy die in agony. She's not a monster.
Archive File 2
Have at least 100% Trust with Blue Poison
According to Blue Poison's personal account, she realized the truth behind "poison" when she was little, i.e., any creature, living or not, has weaknesses that can be magnified and exploited to a fatal end.
The toxin produced by her venomous abilities is monitored and sampled daily by Dr. Kal'tsit personally. Blue Poison feels better about Rhodes Island's diversity, and the group's open-mindedness to her abilities such that she she can use them to her full potential.
She is more defensive on the issue of describing herself as "toxic." The question was if would she accept her poisonous nature if the other operators accepted her and no longer kept their distance? Blue Poison didn't give a straight answer, politely deflecting the question as usual.
Does she still hate her powers? Or has she accepted them while still feeling about her relationship with other people? It's something only the Doctor can figure out with Blue Poison.
Archive File 3
Have at least 150% Trust with Blue Poison
What is certain is that Blue Poison's toxic reputation has grown due to her unique combat techniques, which will no doubt impact her daily life.
As for her so-called "poison" power, the Medic Operators have never revealed any of their test results publicly. But it has been determined that normal physical contact with her will not contract the poison. In fact, her "poison power" manifests mostly in her skill with and knowledge of poison.
In her spare time, Blue Poison is interested in much more mundane variety things, such as baking. Operator Gummy, currently assigned to kitchen duty in Logistics, has claimed that Blue Poison's desserts are so good, they could "convert someone who hates sweets!" Another unnamed Operator who has also tasted her treats echoed the sentiment that Blue Poison is proficient enough to start a bakery––if she made better choices in visual presentation.
Aside from dessert making, Blue Poison has a keen sense of and passion for fashion, having already made several suggestions about her costume to Logistics and Trade.
Archive File 4
Have 200% Trust with Blue Poison
According to a report leaked from certain secret sources, Blue Poison has been spotted in several battles against gigantic creatures. There are no images or any concrete evidence to corroborate these accounts, however.
Blue Poison has indicated no signs of involvement in such battles, nor has she mentioned them.
According to eyewitness accounts, Operator Blue Poison greeted Operator Specter by name when she saw her for the first time. But since Blue Poison is polite to every operator, it was dismissed as insignificant. All similar reports must be scrutinized to avoid unwanted speculations about specific operators.